Worx WR150 Landroid Review 2023!

Welcome to Worx WR150 Landroid Review 2022!

These days' robotic lawn mowers are in the limelight due to the excellent engineering, latest materials usage, updated software, and technology.

However, multiple robotic mowers are available in the market, but we choose the best one with a fantastic price tag.

Mowing is, no doubt, the most challenging task for a decade. But now it is not a hassle anymore with the robotic mowers based on the updated technology.

How To Install Worx WR150 Landroid?

To install the mower completely, you need to make the android running as well. One has to check the boundary wire system to track the mower and then return to the home-based charger.

You need to install the wire entirely inside and outside the home boundary and avoid the landscaping element.

Don't worry about the wiring setup. You'll get to know about the format by reading the manual. It comes with a kit, including clips, so keep the wire closer to the ground, and grass will grow over them. If you worry about the mower, embed the wire in a 2-inch depth.

However, the installation process will take 4 hours. Just charge the mower, and you'll ready to go.

With this app, you can control the mowing zones and create a mowing schedule on your android. When everything is ready, check the mower in action and start the machine.

Worx WR150 Robotic Mower

  • Mulching
  • Automatic Recharge
  • Nine Cutting Discs
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Who Needs Robotic lawn Mower?

No doubt, the robotic landroid mower is the demand of every gardener these days.

It perfectly suits those having the smart homes, hilly garden, or the lawn with the narrowed patches.

i). Homes

Those having smart homes must go for this because this mower works independently without monitoring or any extra effort made by the user.

The fantastic thing about the machine is you don't need to stress the charging of this machine. It will be charged on its own.

 When the battery gets low mower, go back to the charging dock and then recharge itself without a user's need. This mower has efficient features that make it convenient to use.

ii). Tight Patches

Do you have a low storage space? Are you looking for a mower that fits in tight space and helps you to mow efficiently?

Well, this smartest device is undoubtedly for you. It comes with the dimensions 24.8 x 20.1 x 9.8 inches, which makes it fit the small spaces easily.

One can easily park it anywhere with limited space. Moreover, the mower can easily detect obstacles and rain as well.

iii). Hilly Lawns

Do you have a lawn in the hilly area? Are you looking for a mower that works perfectly on a steep path? This is one of the best mowers for the steep hills. It provides traction and is easy to control while mowing the hilly garden. 

Furthermore, you can hold it without any hassle at the rough paths. Don't worry about the slopes. This mower works perfectly on it due to the excellent traction.

WORX WR150 Features:

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Using the mower WORX WR150, you can now mow the garden without time wastage or putting any high-end effort.

Due to new-fangled abilities, you'll be getting this mower at such a budget-friendly rate as compared to the others. It is no doubt one of the smartest mowers you'll find in the market.

Moreover, you can control this mower with the app by connecting it to the Wi-Fi. This shows that how facilitating this machine is. No, this is not the only feature it has but a lot more.

Read this article to get to know about the breathtaking features of this super fantastic machine.

a). Design

This lawnmower is mainly for the areas based on ½ acres and has a "9" cutting disc.

To start the mower, just set the charging setup, place the boundary wire and mow by measuring the lawn with the application. There are a few mowers that come with GPS, and it is one of them.

Due to the GPS, you'll get the mowers' notifications, including when it is leaving the mowing area.

However, you can also switch on the remote locking if the mower gets stolen ever. By setting the specific zones, one can mow through the narrow spaces and navigate them as well.

It is based on the patented AIA technology through which you can navigate the narrow paths. The mower contains a 20v 4Ah rechargeable battery. One can mow a half-acre of lawn with a single charge. You can auto-schedule the yard size and conditions as well.

Furthermore, the mower has a rain sensor that means the mower will detect rain and stop the charger until the lawn gets dry.

b). Performance

It does not disappoint us when it comes to performance. Using this mower, you don't need to stress yourself about charging, rain, or obstacles.

The mower has three cutting blades to choose from and two brush-less wheels to support mowing.

With the anti-collision control installed in this mower, it will find the 5 or 8 inch high obstacles.

However, don't worry about the thieves because the machine has discovered my landroid, which is the anti-theft software. The overall performance of this mower is super impressive.

c). Easy To Use

You don't need to put a lot of effort while mowing with this machine because the manufacturer already does it best to create this magnificent mower.

This robotic lawn mower is easy to use and has all the features that everyone looks for. Is it raining outside? Don't worry. Mower already has the sensor to switch off during rain. Are the obstacles coming in your way?

No need to take stress mower will navigate it without any hassle. Is the charging gets low?

Please don't rush to the mower because the machine will go back to the charging base and gets charge on its own.

d). Cutting Options

The mower features the 9-inch cutting path and has three offset blades as well.

Due to this, the mower will be precisely cut the grass closest to the trees. Moreover, it has a mulching feature that helps to make the soil fertilized.

The blades will cut the grass into tiny particles and throw them back to the garden. This will have the best effect on the lawn.

Moreover, the cutting height options offered by this mower is 1.6 inches to 3.9 inches. No doubt It is the wide range through which you can choose the required one.

e). Low Maintenance

By using this machine, you don't need to get worried about maintenance issues. It requires a lot of maintenance as compared to the other.

Moreover, the software embedded in this mower will be updated automatically. All you need to do is to set as well as maintain the boundaries, that's all.

However, you can also use the GPS app to fix them if manually doing it could put you in trouble.

Moreover, just off and on, check the underside of the machine to clear the grass clipping. Those having many trees in the yard will need to occasionally change the mower blades; otherwise, replace it once in a season.

f). Safety

Don't worry about the safety of your machine. With the "FIND MY LANDROID" app, you'll even recover the unit if it gets stolen.

Moreover, it comes with a security pin code for protection. Not only this, the machine provides operational safety through the obstacles and rain sensors.

g). Affordable

This mower comes at a great price. You don't need to spend so much on the ordinary ones when this is available for you.

It is embedded with all the high-end features, and you can enjoy them at such affordable prices—no extra maintenance or batteries required by this machine.

h). Technical Specifications

  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Worx landroid application.
  • 20v battery voltage.
  • Charging time 90 minutes.
  • Working area ½ acre.
  • Four zones.
  • Wire premier type.
  • Cutting height 1.6-3.9 inches.
  • Anti-theft
  • Three years of warranty life.
  • 10.4kg of weight.
  • Cutting motor brushless.

WORX WR150 Pros Vs. Cons:


  • It is based on special software.
  • The safety feature is breathtaking.
  • It is affordable.
  • The mower contains offset blades.
  • This machine is embedded in rain and obstacle sensors.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • The charging setup is fantastic.


  • The mower is not weatherproof.
  • Running time is not satisfactory.


Q1. Is this mower petrol-based?

No, it is the battery-powered mower that needs charging from time to time.

Q2. What are the features to consider while purchasing a mower?

You need to consider budget, cutting height, lawn area, running time, maintenance, battery life, cutting deck, and storage before buying.


In this article, we've discussed the Robotic lawn Mower Worx WR150 in detail.

We've mentioned the features, specifications, pros, and cons.

Read them buy before buying this super amazing machine.

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