Sun Joe MJ401E Review 2023!

Are you looking for an affordable lawn mower?

Sun Joe MJ401E is one of the most budget-friendly mowers with super amazing features. This will help you to get your job done easily.

Whether you want to mow the borrowed lawn space or looking for the machine to cut the grass from tight spaces all you need is the SunJoe M401E.

Those who need a mower for their small garden would love to have this machine.  

Read the article for detailed SunJoe MJ401E Review.

Why we choose this product?

SunJoe MJ401E

  • Maintenance free
  • 3 height positions
  • 10.6 gallon capacity bag
  • 12amp powerful motor

The first question that comes to your mind is why we pick SunJoe MJ401E from thousands of items available in the market. 

Well here are the reasons:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Approved by ETL
  • 3 height positions
  • 14 inch cutting width
  • 12amp powerful motor
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 10.6 gallon capacity bag

Who Needs SunJoe MJ401E Mower?

This is the best machine that helps you to get your chore done without any hassle.

i). Small Lawn

Do you need the best mower for your small garden then this one is definitely for you? It will surely give a perfect look to your small garden.

When I say perfect that means you will not find any irregular or untidy area at the tighter spaces of lawn by using this mower.

ii). Affordable

The machine is available in the market at an affordable range. That means now you can get your job done without investing so much in the mower.

It is better to spend a few on the right machine than wasting so much on a low-quality product. This one is perfect for all those required a strong motor at a low rate.

View the SunJoe MJ401E Mower Review, Below.

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i). Summary

SunJoe M401E comes with a 14-inch cutting width, strong wheels, 3 strong height positions, and contains a bag with a 10.6-gallon capacity. However, you can easily fold it to store anywhere on the go.

ii). Features

a). Power

The mower comes with a 12amp powerful motor that helps to mow the garden in a single go. It is designed in a way to perfectly mow the garden of 1/4th acre.

However, not only smaller but you can use it for the larger yards as well. Due to the strong construction and compact machinery you can even mow the steep lines easily.

It is the electric lawn mower that can cut the grass as smoothly as a knife cutting butter. Furthermore, the machine also mows in both forward as well as backward direction accurately.

This mower appearance might be like a big toy but when you start using it this will be left you amaze with exceptional power and excellent mowing.

The best thing is in case if the mower gets out of order the manufacturer team will reach out to fix it on the go.

b). Cutting Width & Height

With the 14-inch cutting width, a user can easily mow their small garden within hours. You don't need any extra power to trim the grass just switch it on, adjust the cutting height, and give it a slight push.

The mower blades are made up of steel and sharp enough to mow the grass on a single go. With the superb cutting blades, you will be able to cut precisely as well as neatly.

Furthermore, the machine allows you to adjust the deck up to 3 height positions from 1.18 to 2.25 inches. Choose the one which you like.

While using this mower for cutting make sure to be careful with it don't run it over the hard sticks otherwise you'll end up losing it.

Using it harshly will break the plastic material underneath so make sure to use it with proper care.

c). Maneuverability

You might be thinking that how to mow with this machine by using muscle power? This no could feel hectic but buying this product will never put you in hassle.

It is easy to maneuver the garden around the obstacles. One can even lift the mower due to any reason easily.

d). Easy To Use

The mower wins the heart when it comes to usage. It comes with 29 pounds of weight and you can start eh machine with a single push button.

Tired of riding on the mower and need some break? This one is for you then. It is considered the ideal mower for small yards. Some find it fun to use because you'll not need any extension cord to run. With this mower, you can cut the grass at the speed of light.

e). Affordable

Sun Joe is considered the best seller of the electric lawn mower. One can get this mower at such an affordable rate and does not need to invest extra in battery replacing.

Moreover, power consumption is low as compared to the other mowers. This means you just need to make an on-time investment on the mower only.

f). Quiet

If you have been gas mower users then switching to the electric one will not less than bliss especially for your ears. The great difference in the noise level is incredible.

However, it is not completely silent but a lot better than gas or petrol mowers. Additionally, you won't need any ear protections to use during mowing.

g). Maintenance

It does not need any high-end maintenance just take care of few things mentioned below:

  • Tights the nuts and bolts.
  • Sharp the blades timely or replace them if required.
  • Check the safety device before starting.
  • Clean the debris timely.
  • Don't forget to unplug the machine while making adjustments.
  • During cleaning the blades wear gloves.
  • Replace the parts that get damage on time.
  • By lubricating the parts you can increase the longevity of it.

iii). Pros Vs. Cons


  • Simple to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Silent operations.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Solid construction.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Excellent quality cut.
  • Less space is needed for storage.
  • Great grass catcher.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The wheels are not satisfactory.
  • No mulching.


Q. Who is the manufacturer of sun joe MJ401E?

It is made by the SunjOE Company which was founded in 2004. They are providing an exclusive range of lawn equipment embedded with high-end features.

Q. What is the material of the deck?

The deck is made up of plastic which is not as strong as the steel is but the material is solid and corrosion-free.

Q. Which extension cord is required for this machine?

One has to get the 14AWG extension cord of length less than 100 feet.

Q. How to start this mower?

To start the mower all you need to do is to push the button and make sure to pull the levers towards you.

Q. Is this mower support mulching?

This mower is best to cut the grass but sadly it does not have mulching option.


We give a detailed SunJoe MJ401E Review and mentioned the main features of this mower. With the 14-inch cutting width, the mower works perfectly for small lawns.

Moreover, it is simple to use, requires minimal maintenance, and provides you the multiple height options.

Furthermore, the mower has a quiet operation and excellent performance. So if you are looking to buy a mower for your small garden, flat surfaces, or required affordable machine for your yard then this one is definitely for you.

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