How To Use A Riding Lawn Mower?

Are you looking for any tool to mow the grass?

Well, riding lawn mower is the best of all that allows you to cut the grass with ease and in good shape. 

After choosing the right mower for the garden what is the next thought hit your mind? 

How to use a riding lawn mower?


Well, no worries we've got you covered already. After huge research, we are here with all the tips that will help you to use a mower correctly.

Mowing large areas with the push mower is a BIG NO due to the hassle it creates. 

However, people choose the push mower due to the low price but they can't combat the issue that comes while mowing the large areas. One has to check the area and get the one that suits your requirements.

Using a push mower is quite easy but using a riding lawn mower will be plain sailing for you after reading this article.

The riding lawn mowers have an efficient working, sharp blades, strong body, comfortable seat, powerful engine, and what not. 

Do you need to mow? 

No worries we are here to guide you in every way possible.

  Thing To Consider Before Riding a Lawn Mower:

If you're a new bee in mowing or do not have any idea about how to use a mower then here is the main thing that you must check before starting the mower.

1. Oil/Gas Check:

When you start a car the first thing that driver noticed is the fuel level right?

The same is the case here. The main thing that you must check before starting mowing is the oil and gas levels in your machine.

Furthermore, the machinery will be damaged if you start the mower when it has no fuel.

However, nothing could be more irritating than running out of fuel in between the mowing? So it is necessary to check the essential before clipping the grass. 

2. Start Button:

One has to press the brake and then pedal down clutch plus turn the key to start the manual mowers.

But the automatic ones come with the push button offer that means just press the button, set the steering and the mower is ready.

In a manual one, you need to shift gears the same as a manual car but this is not the case in an automatic one.

3. Blade Height:

Whether you have a manual mower or an automatic the next step in both is to adjust the blade height.

Some mowers come with multiple blade height options while others have only one option. Select the cutting height that suits your lawn.

But if you're a beginner then you may go through the height offered by the mower and check which one suits your garden before selecting the permanent height level.

Furthermore, you must be thinking about how you'll get to know about the cutting height?

Simply check the manual instructions that come along with the mower to find it.

4. Shift:

If you have a manual mower then release the brake and clutch to drive the mower. 

One has to keep the mower at the lower gear while cutting grass. 

However, most of the riding mowers come with the 5 or 6 gear system one will have the lowest speed and 5 or 6 will have the highest so fine-tune the speed to select the right one.

5. Drive:

People get amazed and find it so good that how quickly the grass is cutting without putting any effort.

Some of the mowers come with the steering that you need to keep in the direction where you want to mow.

However, the other mowers have the lever to change the direction.

You can check your mower manual to get the information about them.

Moreover, while driving change the gear if required otherwise keep moving in the low gear don't put the machine of fastest speed in excitement.

For a beginner, it will be hard to control a mower at the highest speed.

  Tips That Ensure Safety:

Here are the safety tips that will help you to mow without getting injured by anything:

  • First of all, make sure to read the mower manual to get the details about each part completely. Try to learn how to use the mower by reading the manual then watch any video or go through any article for further help.
  • Find the emergency button and how to use it by reading the manual. In this way, if you speed up the mower or in any other case, an emergency stop will save you.
  • Dress properly for mowing and wear pants instead of a loose outfit. Make sure to clear the area of mowing and remove the obstacles before starting. Don't forget to take your pets and kids out of the garden before mowing.
  • Don't ever smoke by sitting nearer to the engine. Start the mower when you sit properly at the mowing seat not by standing near to the mower.
  • Never ask anyone to sit with you while mowing. Just sit alone, perform the task, and place the mower back in the storage area.
  • When you're going down hills, slow the mower.

  How To Get Stripes In Grass?

Are you a beginner?

Do you want to make your garden look beautiful by putting the stripes mostly seen in parks or stadiums?

We are here to guide you about it in detail. It is the light effect on the blades that results in making the lawn healthy yet adorable.

The blades which are bent outside having light appearance while the one with the inward direction towards you are darker.

To get this attractive look you need a striping kit that helps to bend the grass while mowing. One has to move on the straight path from one end of the garden to the other.

Don't forget to travel in a straight line to give it a neat appearance.

When you reach the end take a U-turn to make radius adjustment and then take a turn in another direction. 

Cut the grass more than the normal height because longer grass can bend quickly and easily.


In this article, we've mentioned all the details about how to use the riding lawn mower.

Moreover, we have also provided safety tips and beauty tips for your lawn in detail.

Read them to make the mowing easy and hassle-free.

Using a riding lawn mower is not a hassle just learn some tips and follow the steps properly of starting plus ending a mower.

In this way, you'll not face any hassle during grass cutting.

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