10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers! [Reviews and Buying Guide 2023]

If you have a large lawn and don't want to deal with the cables or batteries hassle, all you need is the Best Petrol Lawn Mower. We can't ignore the fact that petrol mowers required proper maintenance and a bit noisy as well. But still, these mowers are perfect to use for the large yards. You must be thinking, why? Well, these petrol based machines aids in cutting the stubborn grass of large gardens quicker and easier as compared to the battery-powered or gas mowers.

Do most people think we can mow the large gardens with electric mowers, then why choose the petrol lawnmower with a roller? Well, petrol mowers are much more powerful than the electric ones. Moreover, they provide proper and clean grass cutting facility and aids in completing the job faster than others.

However, their performance remains the same throughout the year, no matter whatever the weather is. Additionally, petrol mowers are long-lasting and strongly build as compared to others.

No people believe in the brand marketing of the products, but they rely on reviews for sure. Before investing, we always check the customer reviews and then make a decision. Well, we make it an easier process for our valuable customers. After reading the customer's reviews, we've selected the products that people love the most.

By reading this article, you'll definitely find the best from rest. Without any doubt, petrol mowers are considered as the ideal machine for the big lawns. However, the Best Petrol Lawn Mower mainly depends on your lawn size and the requirements.

In this article, we'll discuss the Best Petrol Lawn Mower in detail. Choose the one that goes with your lawn requirement and budget limit.

Hyundai HYM430SP

  • Self Propelled
  • 139cc 4-stroke engine
  • Cutting Width & Height

Enhell GC-PM 40 

  • Cutting Width is 40cm
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

Hyundai HYM460 

  • Powerful Engine
  • 46cm cutting width
  • 3 Years Warranty

Buying Guide For Best Lawn Mowers

Finding the accurate one could be challenging, and when the product is costly, customers always check it from different aspects before making the purchase, right? We summed up the factors that you should consider before getting the Best Petrol Lawn Mower. Here are the points to check before selecting the machine.

i). Budget

The budget comes first when you go out shopping for big items or the daily use of products. No matter whatever you're going to buy, a budget is the only factor motivating you or stops you from getting your hands on expensive items. Choosing the product according to your budget limit but don't forget to check the features. Different brands offer products with advanced features at an affordable rate. Get the one that worth’s your money.

ii). Lawn Size

The most important factor to keep in mind while shopping for the mower is your lawn size. You'll surely suffer if you buy a large mower for the small garden and vice versa. First of all, check your lawn's size and then go for the Best budget or Best rated mower that suits you by all means.

iii). Terrain

Check the path of your garden to get the one that best suited the place. If your area is sloping, then get the self-propelled petrol mower. Similarly, if you have a rough garden, buy the strongest mower that clips the big wheels' grass.

iv). Quality

Check the product's quality because no one wants to get a machine that tears off the next day or can't handle the rough patches. The next main thing to keep in mind is comfort. Find the one with a comfortable handle or an ergonomic design seat that supports your back and save you from body aches.

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1. Hyundai HYM430SP

The first supreme product in the list Best Lawn Mower is Hyundai HYM4 30SP. It has excellent mulching and side discharge function. Those who required a mower with the side discharge and mulching feature, then this one is for you.


The mower comes with the 139cc 4-stroke engine that makes it powerful. If you have a large lawn, this power petrol mower will surely help you mow quickly.

Self Propelled:

Furthermore, this lawnmower is self-propelled, which means if you have a slopy garden, then this petrol mower is all you need. With this, you can comfortably cut the grass and make your lawn look smooth. Due to this feature, you can move the mower around the obstacles and corners.

Cutting Width & Height:

Moreover, the mower allows the user to cut the grass with multiple height adjustment options. Additionally, the lever adjustment is easy and strong. Furthermore, the cutting width is 43 inch, that means you can mow quickly on the go.


  • It provides effortless mowing due to the self-propelled system.
  • The mulching is up to the mark.
  • This mower has a durable construction.
  • It comes with multiple height options.
  • The grass box is up to the mark.
  • It is easy to start.


  • It does not have a roller for the stripped lawns.
  • The instructions given are not properly explained.

The overall performance of this product is the best. It has a self-propelled system that makes the mower easy to move. However, the emission from the machine is low and foldable handles. It is easy to start with the 6 height settings. Furthermore, you can be done daily tasks within minutes due to the high width.


2. Enhell GC-PM 40

The second impressive product in the list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Enhell-GC-PM 40 due to its self-propelled system. It comes with a 40cm blade and a 50-liter collection box.

Horsepower & Engine:

The petrol mower engine has 1.6 horsepower 99cc OHV engine that aids in running the machine smoothly. Furthermore, it is powerful enough to run on the rough patches. This mower is embedded with the Briggs and Stratton four-stroke air-cooled engine. Moreover, the product has a 99cc speed. No doubt the petrol mower is best to use due to the strong and highly powerful engines.


Moreover, this mower comes with the 5 height positions from 25mm to 60mm. In this way, you'll cut the grass at the same level without any hassle.


The cutting width is 40cm, so you can easily clip the grass with few moves. However, the higher the width easier the mowing will be.


It is comfortable to move due to lightweight and handle. Moreover, the product requires only 1 liter of fuel. Due to the lightweight moving of the mower does not require so much effort.


  • It is the self-propelled mower.
  • The safety is up to the mark.
  • This mower is strong yet durable.
  • It has lightweight.
  • The product has excellent height adjustment.


  • It does not support mulching.
  • The starting is not fast and time taking.

Those who have a tight budget but required best mower with excellent features, then this one is for you. Moreover, this machine comes with a self-propelled system that aids in moving the product with ease. It is no doubt a cheap petrol lawnmower


The third superb product in the list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Hyundai HYM460. This is another self-propelled mower. You must be thinking about the benefits of a self-propelled mower? The petrol mowers are undoubtedly powerful, but the self-propelled system helps the user move the machine without putting so much effort. In this way, you can easily mow the steep path or rough patch.


The petrol lawnmowers are no doubt strong due to the powerful engine. Similarly, this machine contains an OHV-4 stroke 139cc engine that aids in mowing with the flow without hanging in between.

Cutting Width:

No matter what type of mower you're using, the mowing will be easier if the cutting width is good. However, this mower comes with the 46cm cutting width, considered the ideal width for large or medium lawns.

Self Propelled:

It is hard to run the mower when the path is steep, or you're mowing the irregular patch of the lawn. No worries, when your mower has a self-propelled system. Additionally, this mower comes with a rear-wheel-drive along and self-propelled, resulting in mowing without taking out so much effort.

Height Adjustment:

It has a 25mm to 75mm height adjustment that is quite good to provide the smooth finishing to the lawn.


  • The handles are soft yet provide excellent grip.
  • It has 3 years of warranty life.
  • The machine has easy to start the ignition system.
  • Grass box capacity is satisfactory.
  • It has low emission as well as support mulching.


  • It does not contain any roller for the striped lawn.
  • The speed control is somehow difficult.

The mower has durable construction and starts without putting so much effort. It does not require any extra tool to start. Furthermore, you can do mulching side by side, and side discharge aids in getting rid of the dead grass instead of throwing it back on the ground.


4. Mountfield SP41

Fourth in our list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Mountfield SP41. This petrol mower has an overall excellent performance. We choose it because this machine's simple yet effective features as a petrol mower are best to cut the grass instantly.

Self Propelled:

The machine contains a self-propelled system that means no external source will be required to move it. Thus, you can easily mow the garden without pulling the mower later on cause arm or back pain.

Blade Size & Weight:

Most of the customers find it hard to move the heavy mowers from one place to another. But petrol mowers mostly have lightweight. However, this machine has 20kg of weight and a 39cm blade size that is quite impressive.


It contains a 100cc Mountfield RS100 OHV engine that is quite good to mow the lawn easily. However, reliable the engine, efficient will be the working.


  • It has an adjustable height.
  • The machine is lightweight.
  • You can easily place it anywhere due to foldable handles.
  • It is the self-propelled mower.
  • One can easily store the dead grass inbox and empty it later.


  • This product does not support mulching.
  • Grass cutting is not satisfactory.


If you are a beginner and want to mow your large or medium-sized garden, then this one is for you. Having a petrol mower with a self-propelled feature, in the beginning, will help the user to mow land quickly without putting so much effort as required by push mower or the fatigue by gas mowers.


5. Cobra M40SPC

Fifth in our list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Cobra M40SPC. No other mower could beat this when it comes to durability and decency. A petrol mower is making people's life easier due to excellent helping features.


The mower contains a 135cc 4-stroke engine that is durable and powerful enough to support mowing of the large or medium garden.

Cutting Height:

Moreover, it offers 10 cutting heights so you can easily cut the grass perfectly every time. However, due to this feature, you can easily cut the grass according to the level required.

Cutting Width:

This mower has a 40cm cutting width that is quite suitable for the medium to large garden. Due to this, mowing will not take much time.


  • It has excellent quality.
  • The item has 2 years of warranty life.
  • It is durable.
  • This mower has different cutting heights.
  • Handlebars are easy to store.


  • It is noisy.
  • The engine takes some time to start.

This is the rotatory lawnmower with the steel deck and powerful engine that can start easily. Moreover, it has 10 height positions and a self-propelled drive system. Moreover, the grass bag is good enough to store the debris from the lawn.


6. Murray EQ700X

Sixth Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Murray EQ700X. Like other products mentioned above, this product is also self-propelled, so there are no worries about moving it from one place to another.


It contains Briggs & Stratton 750EX engine with an improved operating sound and fewer vibrations while mowing. Petrol mowers have a powerful engine that is suitable to mow the large lawns on the go.


The mower comes with the single lever height adjustments from 25mm to 75mm, which is good enough to set the cutting height.

4 in 1 Cutting:

The product comes with the 4 in 1 cutting system includes rear discharge, mulching, side discharge, and collection of slipped grass all in one. Isn't it amazing?

Cutting Width:

Moreover, this mower has a 53-inch cutting width that helps in doing the mowing tasks within minutes. When the cutting deck is wide, more patches will be mow at a time, and tasks will be done far quickly.


  • It is easy to start.
  • The engine is strong.
  • This mower contains a durable deck and wide cutting width.
  • It has a variety of height adjustments.
  • 4 in 1 cutting system makes it ideal for sure.


  • The mower does not come with roller.
  • It is expensive.

As compared to other petrol mowers, this one is easy to start and contains a powerful engine. Moreover, the cutting width is broad enough to perform tasks within a few times. Moreover, the handles are comfortable, and the machine is durable.


7. Mountfield SP53

Seventh in our list of Best Petrol Lawnmower is Mountfield SP53.
It is the single-speed self-propelled petrol mower that helps the user to work efficiently.


The Mountfield embedded 166cc 4 stroke engine in this product that is quite good when it comes to the engine. The petrol mowers are no doubt best in terms of smooth performance, and having a strong engine will help to do the tasks efficiently.

Grass Box:

The grass box has a capacity of 60L, so don't worry about the drooling of wastes from the box. You can easily store dead grass while mowing the medium garden. However, it does not require emptying the box again and again.

Cutting Height:

Furthermore, the best petrol lawn mower comes with the 5 positions, including 27mm to 90mm, that allows the user to make adjustments as required.


  • It has 2 points foldable handles.
  • The mower quality is up to the mark.
  • This machine has an easy lever adjustment.
  • The product comes with 3 in 1 cutting features.
  • Grass cutting collection is satisfactory.


  • It does not have a side discharge.
  • Cleaning hose port is not available.
  • Handles are not comfortable.


This is the self-propelled mower with a single speed, which means you can handle the machine easily. Moreover, it has 3 in1 cutting options with an excellent quality deck. Due to the excellent grass box and efficient engine, this product is worth buying. It is the best small petrol lawn mower.


8. Frisky Fox Plus 20

Eighth in our list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is frisky fox plus 20. It is the flexible petrol mower that suits your mood and tasks due to comfortable handles, rear wheels, and whatnot.


It comes with the superb sized rear wheels that support the mower and helps to mow the uneven places of your garden without any issue. Due to the large wheels, your machine stays stable while mowing.


The mower is self-propelled with a large and efficient working motor and high cutting diameter that completely improves your lawn's look.


You can make the height adjustment from 25mm to 75mm, which is quite good to mow the grass up to the level required.


This mower is based on a comfortable ergonomic design. The handles are cushioned, so you will not feel any pain while mowing for hours.


  • It is a self-propelled mower with large wheels.
  • The mower supports mulching.
  • It has safety blades.
  • This machine is comfortable to use.
  • The grass collection box is satisfactory.


  • The striper is not effective.
  • It has a heavyweight.
  • The customer service for this product is not good.

The mower contains rear large sized wheels that help mow the irregular patch and provide stability to the machine. Petrol mowers are no doubt best to mow the large gardens due to the powerful engine and strong wheels. However, the grass collection box has good storage, and mulching is up to the mark.


9. Hyundai HYM510SPE

The second last product in our list of Best Petrol Lawn Mower is Hyundai HYM510SPE. The mower is suitable for the medium or large-sized garden.

Self Propelled & Engine:

This product comes with a self-propelled feature that means you can move through the large garden, even on slopes or banks, without any hassle. With the large wheels and 4 stroke engines, users can mow the place efficiently. However, it has 4 mowing speed so you can set the one required.

Push Button:

Mower has an electric button to start, so don't worry about pulling the cord to start the mower. However, it does have a recoil starter, but that is only used as a backup when the button stop working.


With the 6 height adjustment, you can mow the grass according to your required height limit. In this way, the grass will look smooth and at the same level.


  • It is effortless to start.
  • The mower has self-propulsion speeds.
  • This product has multiple height adjustments.
  • It has a large grass box.
  • Petrol consumption is lower, which can cut your expenses.


  • The mower is not long-lasting.
  • It is bulky.
  • The cable of the machine is on the wrong side.
  • Run time is too low.

The overall performance of this mower is good. It is a well-built machine with the good speed and less fuel consumption. However, the cutting adjustments are satisfactory, and the grass box helps store the waste without drooling issues.


10. Pakerbrand 21

The last Best Petrol Lawnmower is pakerbrand 21. This machine does not look after the grass but also provides excellent comfort to the driver.


It is embedded with the 4 strokes 173cc engine and self-propelled speed that helps the user mow at the speed of light.

Grass Box:

The mower has a large grass box, so don't worry about emptying the box after every minute. However, the mulching and side discharge are impressive.

Cutting Width:

This mower cutting width is of 21 inch that is quite impressive and helps the user mow the garden faster.


  • It has excellent speed self-propulsion.
  • The grass box is giant.
  • It contains a cup holder.
  • The side discharge is up to the mark.


  • It is not suitable for stripes.
  • The mower does not support mulching properly.

It comes with various filters, including an air filter that is washable. The lawnmower has good performance due to efficient engine, high storage grass box, self-propelled speed, and high cutting width.


Q1. Which is the most reliable lawn mower?

the most reliable petrol lawn mower is by enhell, Hyundai and husqvarna.

Q2. Is Hyundai a best lawn mower brand?

It is the best brand if you want a petrol mower for the small garden. However, their mowers support the large gardens as well but works perfectly for the small ones.

Q3. Is petrol lawn mower safe?

The mowers with the limited or less emission are best to use. However, you must wear mask to avoid your exposure to fumes.


In this article we’ve discussed about the Best Petrol Lawn Mower in detail. Choose the product that suits you by all means.

Petrol mowers are no doubt best for the efficient mowing and getting the smooth land on the go. They are easy to handle, and requires less effort due to a powerful engine.

We’d suggest our customers to go for any one of the first 3 products includes Hyundai HYM430SP/Enhell GC-PM 40/ Hyundai-HYM460SP.

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