10 Best Lawn Tractor Batteries! (Reviews 2023)

Battery plays a vital role in the performance of a tractor. By choosing the Best Lawn Tractor Battery will help you to work efficiently and aids in reducing the hassle of replacing batteries.

So, first let's look at our top 3 lawn tractor batteries of 2023;


Mighty Max

  • Weather proof
  • Rechargeable
  • SLA/AGM Proof

Expert Power Batteries EXP 12200 

  • Lightweight
  • 90 Days Assurance
  • Spill-Proof Construction

Expert Power 12180 

  • Durable Quality
  • AGM technology
  • Wide Temperate Range

Some people are confused about the lawn tractor batteries and lawn mower batteries but the major difference is you can use the mower batteries in the tractor but never use the tractor batteries in the mower.

Lawn tractor batteries come with a strong buildup and are based on the latest technologies that suit your needs to make your daily routine hassle-free.

Furthermore, the ideal batteries will combat with every weather condition and ensure durability as well.

In this article, we've picked up the top 10 Best Lawn Tractor Battery. The batteries we'll discuss below have strong buildup, excellent design, high amp, and required less maintenance

We have made our selection after reviews of each product provided by the professionals and the users as well.

Buying Guide For Best Lawn Tractor Battery:

There are excellent batteries available in the market but choosing the right one for you might put you in trouble.  

After immense research, we've compiled the factors that you must consider while choosing the best lawn tractor battery. 

i). Budget

Whether you're buying any mower, tractor, batteries, or any other product the thing that matters the most while shopping is your budget. One has to get the product that falls under your budget limit.

Going for the one that costs you more isn't a good option because it will eventually put you in burden. Multiple brands offer such affordable products with excellent features.

ii). Size

One has to check the size of the battery before purchasing it. Make sure to completely check the size of the cell to select the correct one which results in a smooth and excellent performance.

iii). Construction

Batteries based on the latest technologies and durable material will make them strong and reliable.

Furthermore, get the one that has shock and vibration proof. However, batteries containing calcium results in no corrosion.

Find the product that comes with strong construction and corrosion-free material.

iv). Voltage

Get the product that has enough voltage to support your tractor. Some batteries come with a low voltage while others have high select the one suits your tractor.

v). CCA Rating

CCA rating can be calculated by the no. of amps that batteries provide in 30 seconds at 0F.

However, more the rating excellent will be the performance. Moreover, the ideal rating of the batteries is 315. Get the one that meets the ideal rating or somewhat below it but not so much less.

View the 10 Best Lawn Tractor Batteries, Below.


1. Mighty Max

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The first product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is Mighty Max. This one is no doubt one of the incredible lawn mower batteries.


This battery comes with a sleek design and strong construction. However, due to the sleek design, you can easily move and install it without any hassle. These are the sealed lead acid batteries with the rechargeable feature. 


The battery is not working? No worries just recharge the battery and it will be ready to use. Due to this feature, you can easily charge the batteries whenever it gets low. In this way, the cost of purchasing a new item will be reduced.

Shock And Vibration

The product comes with shock and vibration resistance that means your battery will never go out of order as a result of an accident or issue in the tractor. Moreover, it comes with excellent resistance to shock and vibration. Due to this feature, you'll not need any extra maintenance of the battery.


This item is reliable and works in extreme weather conditions without any issue. Whether it is raining outside or a sunny day your battery is always ready to work.


Due to SLA/AGM proof this battery has a high discharge rate, longer lifespan along with a deep discharge recovery. Moreover, it consists of wide operating temperatures to make you able to perform the tasks hassle-free.


  • It does not require any wires or mounting accessories.
  • The product comes with spill-proof resistance.
  • This battery is based on shock and vibration proof technology.
  • It requires less or no maintenance.
  • The product has a 30 days refund policy.
  • It has excellent construction.


  • The durability is not satisfactory.
  • The battery needs to charge completely otherwise it will not work up to the mark.

It has excellent performance with strong construction and minimal Maintenance requirement. However, the batteries are rechargeable that vanishes the hassle of battery changing after every month. Moreover, it is reliable to use in extreme weather.


2. Expert Power Batteries EXP 12200

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The second incredible product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is expert power EXP 12200. This is the 12V Tractor battery with the acid lead sealed.


Due to the acid lead sealed the battery is considered as the most reliable and durable one. It does not disappoint the customers. While running the tractor the battery will never go off until the charging gets low.


Moreover, you'll just need to maintain your lawns with the tractor, not the tractor batteries because it requires less maintenance.


Furthermore, the battery is rechargeable which means you'll not need to replace them if they get out of order. Just charge the batteries to regulate the electric system of the tractor. Without a battery, the tractor will not even move. This shows how important the heavy-duty tractor batteries are.


This product is based on the absorbed glass matt technology that makes it maintenance free and the valve aids in regulating the smooth performance. However, this lawn mower battery voltage requirement is only 12v.


The garden tractor battery is made up of shock, heat, vibrations, chemical resistance material that makes the product reliable to use anytime anywhere at any circumstances.


  • It is the rechargeable batteries containing threaded terminals.
  • The battery is user friendly.
  • This product has a space-saving capability and lightweight.
  • It comes with the 90 days money-back assurance.
  • The product has spill-proof construction and hassle-free installation.


  • Due to the tough seal finding the defective cells will be hard for you.
  • It is not suitable for the jump pack.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year. However, the overall performance of the battery is up to the mark. This product has 12.3 pounds weight which means you'll not face so much hassle while carrying it. Due to the weatherproof material and excellent vibration resistance your battery will never get out of order. Additionally, the installation is easy and does not require any extra wires. Furthermore, It works perfectly as a replacement battery.


3. Expert Power 12180

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The third amazing product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is Expert Power 12180. This is one of the excellent batteries with the highest reviews on Amazon. It is also considered as one of the best lawn mower battery.


The battery comes with rugged construction and the case is made up of plastic which is non-conductive and has excellent resistance to heat, vibration, chemicals, and shock. One can easily use it as a mower battery.


This product is durable enough to work perfectly even in a rough environment. Whether you use the tractor for an hour or more the battery will never create any trouble.


Furthermore, it is based on the AGM technology that provides excellent power to support the electrical demands of the tractor. Furthermore, it comes with multiple temperature ranges.


It is easy to install and the well-constructed battery promises to work for a longer duration.


  • It comes with a non-conductive case.
  • The battery has durable quality.
  • It is based on AGM technology.
  • This product has a wide temperate range.
  • It is surge resistant.


  • The charging time is more than other batteries.
  • It does not hold a charge for more duration.

It is a durable battery with a simple installation. However due to the plastic coverage don't worry about the shocks, heat, and vibration issues. Moreover, the product is weatherproof and comes with AGM technology. Additionally, the warranty life of this product is 1 year.


4. Might Max ML18

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Might Max ML18 is the amazon's choice battery with a sleek design and excellent functions.

Portability & Installation

The battery comes with high portability which means you'll not need so much effort to put this in the tractor or move it anywhere. Moreover, it is quite easy to install without any need for wires of special tools.


It has excellent shock, vibration, and heat absorption that makes them durable. However, due to this feature, you'll not need any maintenance of the battery. In this way, maintenance costs will be reduced.

Lifespan & Operating

This battery has a longer lifespan and can run for a year without putting you in trouble. Moreover, the product has wide operating temperatures that means it can perform well in cold or hot temperatures.

High Discharge

Furthermore, it is the SLA/AGM spill-proof battery that comes with a high discharge rate and has a deep discharge recovery.


  • It is based on the AGM technology.
  • The product required less time to charge.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • This product contains a spill-proof case.


  • The bladed terminal is irritating if using it with the alligator clips.
  • It does not contain any charging cord or plug.


One can use this battery in motors, scooters, generators, solar light systems, and many more. It is easy to install and comes with excellent portability. Furthermore, the battery has high shock and vibration absorption that manes you'll not need any extra maintenance. However, it is a durable battery at an affordable price.


5. Chrome battery Ytx5l

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The fifth product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is chrome battery YTX5L. it is the best battery with the rechargeable feature.


Due to the AGM sealed it is a maintenance-free battery. Because it will not be affected by any shock or heat. Furthermore, you'll not need to take it for repair after every use. This is an excellent battery for riding a lawnmower.

Easy To Use

This battery is quite easy to use and comes fully charged when you purchase it. So right after you received the batteries just connect it to your application and start your task on the go.


Furthermore, the battery having acid inside which is based on the AGM technology that makes it a spill-proof battery. Due to the patented seals, the product will be safe from corrosion and have a longer life.


It is a highly versatile battery that fits multiple applications on the go. You can use it in the motorcycles, jetskis, mowers, tractors, and the list goes on.


  • It is affordable.
  • The battery has excellent versatility.
  • This product is weatherproof.
  • It is durable.
  • This is a spill-proof battery.


  • The charging is not satisfactory.
  • Battery dies suddenly after a week if not charged completely.

This is a maintenance-free product with the spill-proof technology and excellent sealed the protect the battery from any damage. Furthermore, you can also use its other applications. With the AGM technology don't worry about the maintenance issues.


6. GT Power Battery 12V 35AH

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The sixth product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is GT Power Battery 12V that has the rechargeable capability.

Battery Type

It is the acid battery with the sealed lead having a T3 terminal and having a rechargeable battery.


The battery has excellently sealed and completely charged so when it comes simply put the product into the required area because this battery comes with ready to go ability. It does not require any check of filling.


Furthermore, this product is constructed with the lead-calcium alloy based on ABM technology that makes it the maintenance fee product. Furthermore, due to sturdy construction, you'll not need to be afraid of shock, vibrations, and heat.

User Friendly

Moreover, the battery is user friendly that means it is easy to install and does not require so much effort at all. This is such a simple yet amazing tractor supply lawn mower battery. 


  • It has an optimal performance.
  • The battery is vibration resistant.
  • This is a reliable product.
  • It comes with good durability.


  • The construction is not reliable.
  • it does not have AGM technology for protection.

These are the great batteries that have vibration resistance but does not contain AGM technology. However, this product has excellent performance and arrived in ready to use form due to the complete charge. You can use it in the scooter, tractor, mower, and any other items due to high versatility.


7. Weize 12V

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Seventh in the list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is Weize 12V. There are multiple good batteries available in the market but this one has impressive performance and makes your tractor run perfectly. This suits perfectly for the john deere battery tractor.


The battery is made up of AGM technology along with the lead-calcium alloy. Moreover, it is considered as the AGM & GEL batteries that are already charged when arrived.


This product is suitable for wheelchairs, scooters, and other items. Because it provides stable power for more hours and perfectly suited for multiple tasks.


Furthermore, the battery has a long day powered backup that means it stored charging as a backup in case if you required while mowing the lawns.


  • it has easy installation.
  • The product is long-lasting.
  • This device has good construction.
  • It is based on AGM technology for great battery protection.
  • Mowing takes less time.


  • This riding mower battery has a heavyweight.
  • It has short bolts and nuts.


This product is affordable and has excellent features. It comes with the charging backup in case of an emergency and completely charged while unboxing. Furthermore, the product has complete protection from the heat, vibrations, and shock.


8. Powerstar 12V Replacement Battery

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Eighth in the list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is Powerstar 12V. It is based on the sealed technology that restricts leakage.


The battery comes with 12V and consists of 3.3 AHPowerStar SLA. It is based on the AGM system that makes it a long lasting product.


Due to the AGM system, your battery will be protected from any kind of shock and vibrations. However, it is a spill-proof battery. Furthermore, while running the tractor don't worry about jerks that come in your way the battery will not be affected due to them.


This product contains supreme quality containers that aid in increasing their endurance and due to AGM, it has a tough exterior and is mainly used for outdoor purposes.


  • It comes with the overcharge resistant quality.
  • The product is leakage proof.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • This battery worth’s your money.
  • It is a maintenance-free battery.


  • The product is unreliable.
  • This battery will be detached and create issues if not attached adequately.


9. Universal Power Group 12V

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The second last product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is the universal power group 12V. It is the most suitable battery for a garden tractor.

AGM Technology

It is based on the AGM technology that provides excellent stability and resistance to shock as well as vibrations.


Due to excellent sealed protection and AGM technology, the battery stays safe from the unexpected spillages of acid.

Maintenance Free

This battery does not require extra maintenance that results in a low care requirement that results in smooth performance and increases the long life.


  • It comes with handles for secure placing.
  • The battery work perfectly to run the electric system of tractors.
  • You can mount it in any position.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • It has safe operations.


  • One has to fully charge it otherwise the battery will not work.
  • It does not support the older models.

The battery has a superior performance with the spill-proof operations. However, it is rechargeable and mounts in any position. Due to the stunning performance, you can use it in your vehicles including tractors, scooters, mowers. However, it is based on AGM that provides excellent protection.


10. Expert Power 12V

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The last product in our list of Best Lawn Tractor Battery is expert power 12V. It is the most trusted battery with excellent reviews by the users.


This battery comes with a 12V with 20AMP power. It is the sealed lead acid battery with B1 terminals that works perfectly for the tractors, mower, and other vehicles.


It has a smooth performance due to AGM technology that provides secure and stable working. Furthermore, the product is made up of high quality that aids in resisting shocks, vibrations, chemicals, and heat.


The product has 7.13 inches length with a 3.03 width and 6.57 inches height. However, the weight is 12.5 pounds and the warranty life is 1 year.


  • It is a rechargeable battery.
  • The product is maintenance-free.
  • This battery has an easy installation.
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty.
  • It has lightweight.


  • It will not last long if you don't recharge the battery.
  • Battery timing is low.
  • The fitment of the battery is not satisfactory.

The product comes with a lightweight and bracket to mount it inside the tractor. Furthermore, it has easy installation and considered as the AGM Lawn Mower Battery. However, all batteries have AGM but they differ from each other in terms of performance.


Q1. How long do lawn tractor batteries last?

Most of the lawn tractor batteries last for almost 3 years or less.

Q2. What is the cause of riding mower that keeps dying?

If the voltage regulator stop working then the battery will die while mowing.

Q3. Do all the tractor batteries are the same?

Most of the products come with the 12V tractor battery but they are not the same. One has to check the terminal positions and amps to match it with the mower.


In this article, we've discussed the Best Lawn Tractor Batteries in detail. 

We've mentioned the 10 best products. Choose the one that suits you by all means. 

However we'd suggest you go for anyone of them including Mighty Max, Expert Power Batteries EXP 12200 or Expert Power 12180.

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