What are Types Of Lawn Mowers?

A gardener always dreams to have a lush neat lawn with equally trimmed grass and healthy plants, right?

How to make your dream come true?

For this purpose, all you need is a good lawn mower that suits your budget and requirement.

Some people have the largest lawns while others have the mini one. But you can get the mower for every lawn size.

There are multiple mower manufactures that comes up with the high-quality machine embedded with superb feature and some are even available at affordable price.

However, a mower is the most important tool for your lawn and without it, you can't get neatly trimmed grass with a beautiful appearance.

Buying a Lawn Mower is the most exciting thing for the gardeners.

Are you looking for the Different Types Of Lawn Mowers? Well, we've compiled the different kinds of mowers in this article. So you'll find a variety of mowers in one place.

  How To Buy The Right Mower?

Nothing could be more frustrating than a wrong mower for your garden right? 

However, the right mower could boost your mood and groom your garden

We've summed up the few tips that will surely help you to find the right mower on the go.

Here are the factors to consider while buying a mower for lawn:

i). Push/Ride Mower

First of all, choose the right one whether you need a riding mower or a walk-behind mower. You must be thinking what is the difference between both? 

Well if you have a large garden based on acres then getting a walk-behind or push mower is not a wise decision.

It will put you in trouble because you can't walk this much per day to mow the garden, right?

Similarly, a large riding mower in the small garden is not the right choice. So first of all calculate the lawn area and decide whether you can mow the garden by walking behind the mower or riding on it.

Don't act fast, think realistically because no one has so much time on weekdays or even a weekend to mow the large garden by walking behind the mower.

Make a wise decision by choosing the right type according to your lawn area.

ii). Features

The next thing is to consider the features of the mower. One has to check mower capacity, features, embedded batteries and every detail before purchasing.

Choose the one that goes with your requirements.

iii). Budget

While purchasing any mower for your garden one has to check the budget.

There are some high profile as well as affordable products available in the market. Choose the one that goes with your budget and does not put you in stress.

iv). Cutting Width

Cutting width means the area a lawnmower can mow at a time. The higher the cutting width easier it will be for you to mow the large areas quickly.

Furthermore, the larger cutting width is time-saving and aids in mowing faster.

v). Cutting Height

Cutting height means how high you can mow the grass. Some mowers come with multiple cutting heights while others provide you a one or two options.

With the adjustable cutting height, you can easily move the mower blades up and down.

  Types Of Lawn Mowers:

There are two main types of mowers:

  • Walk mowers
  • Ride mowers

The walk and ride mowers further divided into the following types according to the power source and functionality:

  • Electrical lawn mower
  • Cordless lawn mower
  • Petrol lawn mower
  • Gas lawn mower
  • Walk-behind lawn mower/push lawn mower
  • Self-propelled mower
  • Mulching mowers.

1. Walk Mowers

It is one of the most versatile mowers that allows you to move the mower by putting some efforts. However, there are self-propelled mowers that make your task easier especially when mowing the hills or steep path. 

It comes with the two wheels on which all your effort and pushing of the mower depends. The front-wheel-drive is perfect to tackle ground-level obstacles.

Moreover, the front wheels help you to push the handles and leave the rest on them. The next important part is the rear wheel that helps you to mow uphill and side hill easily.

Rear wheels help you to move when you mow a garden or hill and pushing down the handle to move in an upward direction.

However, every manufacturer comes up with different blade lengths, cutting height positions, and handles comfort.

2. Ride Mowers

Riding mowers are mainly for the huge garden but if you don't like push mowers you can purchase it. But still, it will be difficult for you to adjust this big mower at the small yard. 

Moreover, these mowers are available at high prices due to the multiple functionalities, powerful engine, and comfortable seating options.

If we compare the walk mowers with the riding one then truly they have no comparison because ride mowers come up with the efficient speed that helps you to mow the garden in no time and incredible performance. 

There are multiple types of riding mower include:

3. Electrical Lawn Mowers

Mostly lawns come with an electrical source to run the engine. It is a perfect choice if you have a small or medium sized garden.

The electrical mowers are available at affordable prices, small in size and you can place them anywhere easily due to the fold-able handles.

4. Cordless lawnmower

The battery-powered cordless lawn mower is no doubt helps you to perform the tasks hassle-free. It comes with incredible performance, comfortable usage, and an affordable price range.

However, the cordless option doesn't need to worry about the cable issue. But due to the battery, these mowers are expensive than the electrical ones.

We'd suggest going for the lithium-ion batteries because they have long battery life but available in an expensive price range.

5. Petrol Lawn Mower

The next type is petrol lawn mower which is no doubt the best choice for large lawns or gardens. 

It does not have any cable issues so you can mow freely from one place to another.

However, the petrol lawnmowers come with a high price but make the mowing of large areas easier for you. 

Moreover, these mowers required the same care as a car you need to take the mower for service engines and check the oils from time to time.

6. Push Lawn Mowers

The push or walk behind lawn mowers is smaller in size and you need to push the machine by using your muscle power. 

It is the perfect choice for small gardens but not suitable for the large one. Furthermore, these mowers need less maintenance but more effort to move through the garden.

However, your fatigue level depends on the size of your lawn. Additionally, these types of mowers are budget-friendly.

7. Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Some mowers including electric and petrol ones come with the self-propelled option.

That means you don't need to put effort and push them while mowing the garden especially the hills. Just place the steering in the right direction and leave the rest on the mower.

This mower is no doubt easier and simplest to use and makes mowing hassle-free especially when you have a large garden to mow.

However, few of the self-propelled mowers come with an adjustable speed so you can easily select the required speed and mow on the go.

8. Mulch Mower

The next option we've is the mulch mower that helps you to mow and mulch the garden at the same time.

However, the other name of this machine is recycling mower.

It helps you to clip the grass perfectly, then trims it into fine pieces that dispose of the grass soil to fertilize the garden perfectly.


Q1. Which are the best lawn mower manufacturers?

Following are the best lawn mowers to buy:

Q2. How to choose a lawnmower?

One has to choose the lawnmower by keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Cutting width
  • Cutting height
  • Garden area
  • Mower source
  • Warranty

Q3. How long should a mower last?

A mower must be long-lasting with a warranty of 8 to 10 years.


In this article, we've mentioned all the details about the different types of lawnmowers.

Choose the one that goes with your requirements and budget.

However, a lawnmower is a necessity these days mainly for the large garden owners who need to keep their lawn neat and clean.

Furthermore, the lawnmower helps you to do the work in hours instead of days.

What else you need? 

We've described all the mowers with the power source to make the selection easier for you.

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