10 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers! [2023 Reviews]

Zero Turn Mower is one of the equipment from the must-have list of professional and the landscapers. Every landowner wants their lawn to look adorable, and they go to the next level when it comes to the care of their land.

From smaller to huge lawn tasks, all you need is the zero-turn mowers. What is the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower? Most of the riding lawn mowers contain an engine and a steering wheel that helps the driver to move the machine quickly. But the zero-turn mowers are different from the traditional ones.

Furthermore, it has all the same parts, but instead of operating it through the steering wheel, you will move it with the help of two levers on the side of the seat. By pushing the lever, you'll go forward and vice versa. Moreover, one cannot take the traditional ones to the tighter part of the lawn, but zero turn mower is ideal for getting into the squeeze parts of the yard.

However, one can also use this machine for mowing sports fields, football fields, and soccer pitches. Are you looking for the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers? No doubt it is a reasonable yet expensive purchase for the landscaper.

There are multiple Mowers available in the market and choosing the right one could be a challenging task for all the landscapers out there. Additionally, how about making it plain sailing? Yeah, you heard it very right. Each Mower in 2020 comes with the innovative design, unique features and fantastic rate, so it is quite hard to choose the accurate one from the list. No worries we've got you covered already.

Moreover, after immense research, we made an easy to read guidelines for our valuable customers and pick the 10 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower from thousands of products available in the market. Choose the one that goes perfectly with your land requirements.

Troy-Bilt Mustang Mower

  • Comfortable Seat
  • Cutting Deck
  • Wheels & Steering

Craftsman Zero Turn Riding

  • 20 inch rear wheels
  • 24 horsepower
  • Dual Hydro Gear Drive

Snapper riding zero turn mower

  • 23 horsepower engine
  • Durability
  • Excellent Accessories

How To Choose Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower before you Buy?

If you want to get the most out of your investment, then surely you can by keeping in mind a few essential points while getting the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower. One has to consider some features to make the smartest purchase and get the best from the rest.

i). Budget

The thing that comes before all the features is your budget. Everyone purchase by keeping in mind their budget limit, right? Without considering the budget, decision making will undoubtedly be challenging. Go for the ones that suit you and fall under your budget limit

ii). Engine

Do you know what matters the most when it comes to mowing the lawn? Power. High the horsepower of the machine more quick and efficient the working will be. With the excellent engine, you will quickly be done your work with impressive speed and precise time.

iii). Cut Width

When you make a sound investment, the cutting width plays a vital role. Furthermore, having a mower with the wide cutting width will allow you to mow the open areas quickly, but still, you'll feel an issue while trimming the narrow spaces.

However, if you have a property with the multiple gardens, then mowing with the broader cut width might put you in trouble. That's why to choose the cut width of the Mower wisely.

iv). Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is another essential feature to keep in mind while buying the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower. Furthermore, if you have a large property or colossal garden area, then purchasing the Mower with the excellent fuel capacity is best rather than choosing the one with lower capacity.

Moreover, purchasing the Mower with the fuel tank that has the capability of taking care of your property instead of making you tired by continuously refilling of the tank.

v). Seat

Another essential feature that you must consider for your comfort, while getting the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is the seat of the machine. Moreover, if you have a task to mow the large lawn, then it will need you to sit on the driving seat for straight 2 hours.

Buying a product with an uncomfortable seat could lead to back pain and other issues. That's why make you get the one with the comfortable ergonomic design that aids you in sitting for hours.

View the 10 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers, Below.


1. Troy-Bilt Mustang Lawn Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Troy Bilt Mustang Lawn Mower is our first choice in the list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower. This company was founded in 1937 and serving us with unique items for years. They always come up with efficient power tools. It is a remote machine with dual EZT transmission.


The device contains a powerful yet strong 452cc engine combines with the EZT Hydrostatic transmission jacks. Due to this, the machine has enough power to run on Rough Terrian and mow the large lots. Moreover, if you have a large property, then this powerful engine is best suited for it.

Zero Turn:

With the zero-turn maneuverability, you can save time and money as well.


Moreover, the device is robust and has enough power to tackle the rough lawn efficiently. It comes with the 34-inch deck and heavy-duty frame. However, with the compact size, you can easily place it in the large parking lots. Additionally, the device requires a 36-inch gate to get enter.

Comfortable Seat:

It has such a comfortable padded seat that aids in making the driving hours hassle-free for the user. The seat has high back composed of the dual springs and large ample room that delivers a smooth ride. Moreover, the higher the comfort easier and efficient will be the performance.

Cutting Deck:

The product comes with the 34 inches high Grade yet extra-wide cutting deck. That means this high-Grade Mower can easily cut a wide path without any issue. What else could be best than this for those who own a large property, right? Through mowing of a wide track, the work will be done smoothly.

Wheels & Steering:

It contains such durable wheels that are strong enough to run on the rough surface and mown it perfectly. Furthermore, the Mower has a lap bar steering that allows you to mow the garden quickly.


  • It is super slim.
  • The device has a compact design.
  • One can adjust the height of Mower up to height position.
  • It is affordable.
  • This mower has a robust construction.
  • It is comfortable.
  • A time-saving device with efficient working.
  • The cut width is superb.


  • It does not work correctly on some rough spaces.
  • The device is not suitable for narrow areas.

It is the ideal Mower and considers as one of the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower. This machine is perfect to get for the residential yards and one of the strong yet powerful device. The device can cover half and two acres easily.

However, due to the compact size, you can easily place it in your garage or parking lot. Furthermore, the product has a wide cut width, comfortable seat, strong wheels and efficient performance.


2. Craftsman Zero Turn Riding

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The second-best product in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is the craftsman zero turn riding. Furthermore, this company is serving us since 1927 with super amazing tools. They always come up with such high-end tools and unique features.


The product has 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine which mown the garden perfectly. Furthermore, it is based on the ready start technology that aids in starting the device smoothly. However, due to the super-strong engine, it can move for hours without any trouble.


Furthermore, the device has super strong wheels. Moreover, due to the 20 inch rear wheels, the device can provide excellent clearance. However, driving on this product is quite comfortable. It can quickly move on the rough surfaces without being worried about the tire burst issues.

Dual Hydro Gear Drive System:

Moreover, the product is based on the dual hydro gear drive system, which enables the user to get the job done efficiently. Moreover, it delivers enough power to drive through the unsmooth land easily. Furthermore, you don't need to pause your yard work while reversing the Mower.


  • It has a super fantastic value.
  • One can mow in reverse as well.
  • The device has a tow hitch.
  • It comes with the nine cutting heights.
  • With this supportive gear, you can work efficiently
  • It has a high backed seat.
  • This Mower has impressive speed.


  • The belt is not up to the mark.
  • It has an extra protective cover.
  • Downhill mowing is quite challenging.

It is on the list of top Best Commercial Zero Mowers due to the high efficiency of working. Moreover, it is a formidable tool with the ability to mown large yards. Furthermore, the device is comfortable yet easy to use.


3. Snapper riding zero turn mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Third superb product in the list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is snapper riding zero turn mower. This device was founded in 1890 and serving us over a decade. It always manufactured products that have excellent features and superb work efficiency.


The device has a 23 horsepower engine that allows you to do the most challenging work on the go. Moreover, it is best to use on the rough surfaces. However, the product can perform the heavy-duty work to do the trickiest job.


It has a fully welded frame that is strong and thick-walled. With the deck and ball bearing in caster, spindles ensure excellent durability and high cut across the board.


The device has 13 multiple device options for superb control and provides excellent versatility. One can easily lift and adjust the Mower up to the 13 height, and cut positions includes 1.5 to 4.5 inches.


Furthermore, with the double welded frame, thick-walled axle, and substantial deck, this Mower is considered as one of the durable machine in the market. One can easily mow the grass with the durable fabricated steel mower.


  • The device has high adaptability.
  • It has Excellent Accessories.
  • This Mower is tough.
  • It is durable.
  • This is a superb utility machine.
  • Briggs & Stratton is a high series engine.


  • It is necessary to choose the correct modelling.
  • The device has cleaning issues.
  • It is expensive.

The device is a massive turn mower that you can use for the home and highly versatile tool. But don't carry the passengers on back. It has a foot-operated height of cut feature and massive duty mower deck that gives you the power to mow for years without any need of maintenance.


4. Troy Bilt Zero Turn Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Fourth in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Trony Bilt Zero Turn Mower. This company was founded in 1937. From that time till now they always amaze their customers with the advanced technology machines and other items. However, this product is ideal for all those who required a bit more machine and beast for work.


Additionally, it comes with the 25 horsepower Briggs and Statton Intek along with the twin-cylinder engine. Moreover, the engine of the machine contains an oil filter and hydrostatic transmission that aids in delivering excellent performance while working.


It is one of those Mowers that has four deck gauge wheels that adds stability while driving and allows you to move on the tricky garden areas without any hassle. Due to the super strong wheels, the overall performance of this product increases and loved by the users.


The product can operate efficiently at 7mph forward speed and 2.5mph reverse speed. Moreover, with the reverse mow control, you can perform safe operations.


  • With this device, you can mow your lawn quickly.
  • It works efficiently.
  • It has high-end construction.
  • This Mower has triple-blade discharge deck.
  • It has an electric power takeoff capability.


  • It does not come in any color other than red.
  • The electrical components of this machine are not up to the mark.
  • The machine sound could irritate you.


Finding the fault in this beautiful beast is not an easy task, but still, it lacks a few points. However, the overall performance of this product is impressive. Moreover, you can be done all your tasks by using it with ease and comfort.


5. Swisher Response Gen Zero Turn Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Another good product in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Swisher Response Gen Zero Turn Mower. This company was formed back in 1945 and delivering such impressive products from years.

No doubt they have an extensive following list of customers who loved their products already. Swisher Response Gen is one of their incredible machines that works amazingly for mowing the gardens or other piece of land.

Control System:

The machine comes with the patent control system that aids the user in controlling it with comfort. Furthermore, due to the efficient control system, one can quickly learn how to use the product and what tricks to use for making it work correctly.


It comes with the 24 horsepower and 2800 hydro gear transmission with the Ogura clutch. Due to such heavy machinery inside Mower, it can easily combat with the obstacles that come in between while mowing the garden.


Due to the presence of front debris shield, don't worry about the cleaning of the machine. Just use it for hours or days without any hassle of cleaning the debris. Furthermore, due to the debris shield airflow improves and grass discharge will be done automatically without putting a lot of effort.


  • It has foot assisted deck lift for user's comfort.
  • The machine has an electric start.
  • It has 8 gallons of fuel capacity.
  • This product contains front and rear hitch.
  • It comes with the high back seat along with the armrest for your ease.
  • The machine has a reliable construction.


  • The display is not appropriate.
  • The horsepower can be improved.
  • The machine's appearance is not attractive at all.

This product has good speed for the forward and reverses gear. Moreover, the control system of this machine is up to the mark. However, one can use it for the garden mowing and work for hours due to the comfortable seat and smooth working.


6. Snapper 560Z 52-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Sixth product in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Snapper 560Z 52- inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower. It is the 51-inch beast machine with some excellent capabilities.


Moreover, the product comes with the Briggs & Stratton Commercial Engine that delivers 25 horsepower. It can run with the top speed for nine miles per hour. However, the machine is built to perform high-end work on the go.


Furthermore, the product has hydro gear zt-3200 hydrostatic transaxles that help to provide the smooth grass cutting experience to the user. Additionally, the grass cutting will not be affected due to such incredible gear while changing the directions.

Fastest Mowing:

However, it has wide 52 inches to 61-inch mower decks that are made with the ten gauge steel to mow grass with the speed of light. Due to the strong welding and construction, the machine will cut the rough patch without putting any effort.


The product comes with the multiple control options, including gas filling, fuel level indication, and all others are within reach of the user. Due to the wide mouth gas filling is relatively more comfortable without any spills.


  • It has a rigid construction.
  • The machine is highly versatile.
  • The decks are up to the mark.
  • One can operate the deck lift with hands.
  • The machine has a wide mouth to avoid spilling.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The machine is quite heavy.
  • It has a high cost.
  • The seat comfort is not up to the mark.

This is our final product with such unique features. It comes with the easy to clean and hassle-free filling options as well. Moreover, the versatility is satisfactory, and due to the expansive deck, you can cut heavy grass with ease. Furthermore, the product has a rigid construction and does not require maintenance again and again.


7. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The next product in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower. It is one of the powerful machines with robust features.


The machine contains Briggs & Stratton engine with the 27 horsepower that delivers reliable performance and high speeds as well. Due to this, the professionals can easily mow the lawn within no time.


Additionally, the thing that matters the most is your comfort. If the seat is not comfortable, you will not be able to concentrate on your work for sure. However, this product comes with the highly comfortable seat having high back, armrests, padded handgrips, and vibration insulation that minimize the jarring effect on the body.


Moreover, the machine can be customized as well according to your requirement. One can discharge the grass clippings, mulched or collect as well.


  • It has excellent power output.
  • The machine comes with three cutting blades.
  • It is quite comfortable.
  • This Mower is customizable.
  • It comes with the deck lifting system.


  • The engine is not satisfactory.
  • The assembling could take time.
  • Screws can get loose, which you need to tight often.


8. Husqvarna Z242F Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Eighth product in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Husqvarna Z242F Mower. Riding on the zero turn mower is more convenient and comfortable as compared to pushing the non-motorized power.


Some users have a terrible experience with the mowers due to the sliding issue, but this one comes with excellent safety. It is built with the hilly terrain instead of the rollover that's why the user will not face any slipping or sliding issues.


The tires of this machine are similar to the truck tires, which is called pneumatic tires. These have thickest teeth and can inflate as much as you required. It provides excellent stability even when you move the machine over the uneven surface.


The product comes with the 23 horsepower that is good to run the machine all over the land for mowing purpose.


  • It has three years of warranty life.
  • The machine provides excellent stability.
  • It is powerful.
  • The device has reliable tiring and machinery.


  • It has a heavyweight.
  • Oil changing required too often.
  • Blades are not up to the mark.


9. Husqvarna Z254 Riding Mower

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Ninth in the list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Husqvarna Z254 Riding Mower. It is considered as the fantastic residential Mower.


The machine can run 6.5 miles per hour that show the fastest speed of it. Furthermore, due to the excellent speed, you will not need to waste hours in mowing one piece of land.


Moreover, it has 52-inch cutting deck and 26 horsepower that makes it the incredible machine. Due to the high-end engine, the user can easily mown the rough patches.


Furthermore, the product is highly durable with the steel frame and heavy-duty flat stock steel that provides high durability and makes it reliable as well.


  • It has innovative transmission system.
  • The device has an excellent cutting method.
  • It is durable.
  • The construction is up the mark.


  • The engine could take time in starting.
  • The screws setting is challenging.
  • It does not have any headlight.


10. Craftsman Z560 V Twin Dual Hydrostatic

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Last in our list of Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower is Craftsman Z560 V Twin Dual Hydrostatic. Moreover, this is such a reliable machine with stable features.


It contains the Briggs & Stratton Engine that is based on the ready to start technology. Due to this you can start it and run with good speed without any hassle. Moreover, the machine has 24 horsepower and a dual-range hydrostatic transmission that makes it more powerful.


However, it has a 54-inch deck that means you can cut the wider area by using this machine. Moreover, with the built-in deck washing, don't worry about cleaning the parts because it will be done automatically.


  • It has superior durability.
  • The cutting is up to the mark.
  • It has 3.5 fuel gallons capacity.
  • The warranty of this product is of 3 years.
  • It comes with the dual-range hydrostatic transmission technology.


  • It is not stable deck could jump up and slings your belt off.
  • The braking mechanism is not suitable.
  • Attachments are not up to the mark.


Q1. Which are the best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers?

Following are the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers:

  • Troy-Bilt Mustang Lawn Mower.
  • Craftsman Zero Turn Riding.
  • Snapper riding zero turn mower.

Q2. What Mower do professional use?

Troy-Bilt Mustang Lawn Mower is their first choice for mowing.

Q3. Which one is better a lawn tractor or a mower?

Zero turn mowers are fastest and cut more smoothly as compared to the tractors. However, the speed of zero mower mowers is 10mph while the tractor has 4-7mph.

Q4. Are zero mowers worth your penny?

The commercial zero-turn mowers are the preferable ones among all other machines. Moreover, the professionals recommend to use them for landscaping and as Lawn Mower. However, these machines are expensive but still worth every single penny of yours.

Final Words:

In this article, we've discussed the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower in detail. Furthermore, we've mentioned the top 10 products with pros and cons so it will be easier for you to choose the one. Mowers are making the life of lawn lovers and landscapers easier yet hassle-free.

Additionally, if you want our suggestion then we'd recommend you to go for the three best products include Troy Bilt Mustang Lawn Mower, Craftsman Zero Turn Riding and Snapper Riding Zero Turn Mower.

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