10 Best Mulching Lawn Mowers in 2023!

The mower is not only for cutting grass it performs so many other incredible functions.

Mulching is one of the amazing features of a mower that aids in maintaining the grass and make it healthy as well.

Suppose you don't water the plant on daily basis then what will happen in the end? It will be dead right? Similarly, the grass needs extra care including nutrients that make them healthy and water as well.

Moreover, if you don't provide nutrients to the soil this will result in damage to the plants including grass.

How about clipping, mulching, and recycling the grass at the same time? Yeah, you heard it very right.

Mulching with the Best Mulching Lawn Mower is the procedure in which grass clipped and recycled. While mulching the grass cut into tiny pieces within the deck and spread over the lawn.

Are you looking for the Best Mulching Lawn Mower

Well, you've arrived at the very right place. In this article, we've compiled the 10 Best Mulching Lawnmower so you can easily get what you like the most.

However, mulching mowers are best to reduce cutting time, provide efficient soil fertilizers, aids in making your lawn healthy, and whatnot. Choose the one that suits you by all means.

Greenworks Corded Mower

  • Maintenance Free
  • Wheel Level Adjuster
  • Powerful

Greenworks 40V Mower 

  • G-MAX Li-ion battery
  • Smart Cut Technology
  • Dual Blades

Worx WG779 Cordless Mower 

  • Best Running Power
  • Mulching Plug
  • Indicator

Buying Guide For Best Mulching Lawn Mowers

Selection is always been the toughest task especially when you've so many options right?

But if you get the right guidance and shortlist the best ones then choosing the right product will surely be easier. Here are the factors that you must consider while choosing a mulching mower:

i). Cutting Width & Height

This feature helps you the most to find the accurate mulching push mower. To get the best one you need to check the cutting width provided by every mower. The cutting width will give you an idea about how much time the mower takes to cut the grass. However, most people choose the lawnmower with a high cutting width because it helps them to save time.

Additionally, one has to check the lawn size before buying the mower with a high cutting width. The higher the cutting width, the larger will be the mower and vice versa. Moreover, the mowers come with multiple cutting height options. Choose the one that provides a maximum cutting range.

ii). Budget

The budget is the factor that comes before everything. This is obvious that without money you can't get any desired item. Choosing the right product mainly depends on your requirements as well as your budget.

The higher the budget more advanced technology products you'll shortlist but there are still some affordable products with excellent features and incredible customer reviews are available in the market. However, get the one that falls under your budget limit.

iii). Power & Motor Type

Some mowers are based on electricity while others on gas, petrol and batteries. Similarly, some of the mowers have 13amps while others have 11. Choose the motor and power that suits you perfectly.

View the 10 Best Mulching Lawn Mowers, Below.


1. Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

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First in the list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is Greenworks Corded Lawnmower. This product is easy to use and has durable quality.

Supreme Cut Quality

It comes with unique blades that help you to perform the job easily. However, the mower edge has sharp that provides precise and hassle-free grass cutting. This product is simple with excellent features.

Smooth Operation

This product never disappoints you while performing any challenging tasks. It shows how strong the mower is that has spinning blades which help to cut immediately. Furthermore, to run the mower all you need to do is plug it and push the power button on the go.

Maintenance Free

Don't worries about the regular maintenance of this product because it requires minimal care due to the tough build-up.

Wheel Level Adjuster

The thing that irritates you the most is the wheel level adjuster, right? Get a mulching mower with the right lever that helps you to fit the wheels perfectly.


Furthermore, it is a powerful machine with a strong motor that helps to spin the wheels perfectly. Moreover, this sturdy machine ensures to provide the tasks correctly.


  • It has excellent engine power.
  • The mower helps you to adjust the height easily.
  • This product comes with a large cutting deck.
  • It allows flexible mulching.
  • The mower is quiet while performing any work.


  • The bags and side discharge is expensive.

This top-rated and Best Mulching Lawn Mower that has an excellent capability to perform the tasks perfectly. However, the device has an affordable price and comes with the high power to make smooth operations. Due to the strong performance mulching is easier and hassle-free with it.


2. Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

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Second, in the list of Best Mulching lawn Mower is GreenWorks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower. The product has efficient working to provide excellent cleaning.


This product comes with the G-MAX Li-ion battery that can run multiple tools that help in completing your work. Furthermore, due to the battery system, you don't worry about the fumes. It does not require any fuel to run the machine.

Cutting Deck

Without the cutting, the deck mower has no use. The GreenWorks 40V contains a cutting deck with the ability to mow the mid-sized areas easily.


It is based on the smart cut technology that means you can adjust the power based on the grass thickness and height. One can change the settings according to the grass length and thickness.

Dual Blades

The mower contains dual blades that make it simple and hassle-free to use. Due to the dual blade, you can make sharp cuts and mow the grass efficiently.

Easy To Push

It contains 10 inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels that provide you excellent maneuverability. However, you can easily change the mode from mulching to discharge.


  • It can mulch amazingly.
  • The product is affordable.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • This device has excellent quality.
  • The machine is based on smart cut technology.


  • If you don't use it for a few days then the charge will be ended.
  • It has clogging issues.

If you're looking for the affordable product 2020 with the excellent mulching capability and incredible features then this Best Mulching Lawn Mower is for you. All you need to do is to manage the handle and power it to use. Moreover, it is based on the latest technology that makes the product efficient.


3. WORX WG779

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Third, in the list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is WORX WG779. It comes with the intellicut ability that means you'll enjoy the torque when needed. Furthermore, the overall performance is satisfactory.


It has a single lever adjustment and comes with the ability to mow in any season quickly yet efficiently. Furthermore, the construction quality is incredible and strong.


With the best-running power, a mulching mower can perform perfectly. It contains 40V that provides you the assurance about mowing amazingly.


The mulching mower comes with an indicator that shows you the battery levels and informs you about when to recharge the device.

Mulching Plug

Due to the mulching plug, you can easily make your farm or garden fertile. It helps you to mulch properly while recycling the clipping into the lawn.


  • It is easy to push and pull.
  • The mower can be started easily.
  • It requires low storage space.
  • This product has noiseless operations.
  • The mower does not require gas for working.


  • Due to the small size, you'll need to walk while mowing that could make you tired.

This is one of the superb mowers in the market that comes with the installed mulcher attachment. Furthermore, with the indicator, you'll never need to face the hassle of a dead battery. Moreover, it is easy to use, provides efficient grass cutting and easy storage.


4. EGO Power + LM2000-S

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Fourth in the list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is EGO Power + LM2000-S. It has a rugged construction and water-resistant properties. It is constructed in a way to provide the best mulching facilities.

Best design

This product has such an attractive design and is made in a way to provide you safety while mowing. Furthermore, the best quality of the machine makes it a durable one. Moreover, it has a foldable design to provide easy storage.

Simple to use

The machine has such simple features that make it hassle-free to use. Moreover, with the adjustable handle, you can conveniently use it. For using the machine all day long just charge the battery and start it on the go.

Steel deck

It comes with a 20-inch deck and you can use it for bagging and mulching. Due to the high power and efficient working you can do effective cleaning on the go.

Battery life

It does not have excellent battery life but the coping capability is incredible. That means if your battery is down, no worries due to the counter coping ability the charging will be done quickly.


This device is safe to use but one should keep the handle out properly while starting the machine. Furthermore don't forget to correctly align the locks.


  • The assembling is hassle-free.
  • It comes with noiseless operations.
  • This product is simple to install.
  • It helps you to pick the leaves on the go.
  • This device has a strong buildup.


  • It does not work properly at fast speed.
  • The product can not work properly on damp grass.


This Best Mulching Lawn Mower is quiet so you don't need to put your ear in torture while mowing. However, it has secure operations and anyone can run the machine without any professional advice. Furthermore, it truly meets the needs of homeowners.


5. American Lawn Mower

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Fifth Best Mulching Lawn Mower on our list is American Lawn Mower. This product is powerful and comes with a highly efficient motor.

Cutting Height & Width

While mowing the lawn or garden one has to set the cutting height. The user must cut the grass up to the required height that helps to make mulching easier as the mulching process includes clipping of grass and cutting it into mini pieces to use them as a fertilizer. Smaller the grass height clipping will be easier, and mulching will be efficient. It comes with 5 height positions so choose accordingly. Furthermore, with the 14-inch cutting width mowing will be fast and time-saving.


While performing any task the thing that matters the most is your comfort. Right? The manufacturer of this mower cares for the user that's why they build the various handle height positions. So choose the one that helps you to mow the lawn comfortably.

Easy To Operate

The complicated machines leave you in a great hassle and make you disappoint as well. But no worries, this product makes the mowing tension-free due to easy operations.


This mower contains an 11amp powerful motor that provides excellent power to cut the grass efficiently. Furthermore, it needs less maintenance and easy to carry due to the lightweight. The user must cut the grass up to the mark that helps to make mulching easier. 


  • It has a compact body.
  • The device comes with a slim frame.
  • This mower is emission-free.
  • It is simple to assemble.
  • This product contains an auto on/off system which is a real comfort.


  • The cord is annoying.
  • It has a short blade height.
  • The catch bag has less space.

This is an amazing mulching machine available at a low price. If you are looking for an affordable product then this one is definitely for you. With the multiple height positions, amazing mulching power, and superb quality you can mow the garden with ease.


6. Snapper XD 82V

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The sixth product in our list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is Snapper XD 82V. It is the walk behind mower that mows and mulch in a perfect manner.

3 in 1 Mowing Deck

With the 3 in 1 mowing deck, you can easily decide whether to waste the grass or use it as a fertilizer. The mulching power is no doubt incredible.


This is the most attractive feature of this mower. Don't worry about storage issues. If it does not fit in a horizontal position you can vertically place anywhere on the go.

Push Button

By pressing the push-button for once the machine will start effortlessly. You don't need to pull and push the engine. Just press the button and the engine will start roaming within seconds.

Lever Adjustment

It comes with the level that aids in adjusting the cut height and you can even cut as well as mulch the grass in seven different positions.


  • It is trouble-free to use.
  • The product can be stored perfectly anywhere.
  • This device has an amazing fitting and strong construction.
  • It comes with comfortable handles.
  • The mower is based on load sensing technology.


  • It is somehow noisy.
  • The customer service team of this brand is not cooperative.

It is based on the self-propelling mechanism and easy operations. Furthermore, the product contains powerful batteries and comes with 3 in 1 mode for mulching. However, the working is smart with the easy to start push button and efficient mulching modes.


7. Husqvarna 7021P

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The seventh product in our list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is Husqvarna 7021P. This is no doubt an outstanding mower with a powerful engine.


This machine has a lightweight and 21-inch deck that makes it perfect for small-sized lawns. Furthermore, due to lightweight moving, it will be easier.

Easy Maneuver

Now you don't need to trim the grass from the corners or tight spaces on your own. This machine can be easily maneuvered around and cut the grass from unable to reach places as well.

Folding Handle

Storing is a great hassle when you have a small garage but this machine can be stored easily. With the folding handles, you can easily fit it into the tight spaces.


This product comes with the 3 in 1 cutting system that makes it versatile and highly flexible to use. One can mulch, collect, and discharge the waste at the same time.


  • It has a powerful engine.
  • The product is portable.
  • This machine comes with three glass clipping options.
  • The cut quality is up to the mark.


  • It is noisy.
  • The height adjustments are not satisfactory.


This machine is quite simple that will surely make you fall in love with it. Moreover, it needs less maintenance and allows amazing mulching on the go. Furthermore, you can cut as much grass so you required without getting locked down.


8. Sun Joe MJ402E Mulcher

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Eighth in the list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is Sun Joe MJ402E. It is a maintenance-free product that does not require any tune-ups, gas, or oil.

Cutting Width

The mower comes with a 15-inch cutting width that helps you to mow quickly without wasting time.

Quick Start

You don't need to waste all your energy while starting up the machine. However, it already has an instant startup that is reliable and effortless. All you need to do is to plug in the mower and start your work.

Height Adjustment

It provides you the option of adjusting the 6 height positions manually. So you choose the one that goes well with your lawn looks.


This machine comes with a 12amp motor that makes you work hassle-free. Due to enough power, you can mow without any hassle.


  • The rear bag has enough space and detachable.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • It delivers zero carbon emissions while working.
  • The cutting width and height are superb.


  • The mower does not have robust quality.
  • It has a weak engine.
  • This machine cannot work well in leafy gardens.

This mower is good for the medium or small-sized lawn. However, the blade size is impressive that shows an excellent balance between cutting and size. Furthermore, the motor has decent power and mulching is up to the mark.


9. Black + Decker Lawn Mower

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The second last product in our list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is a black + deck lawnmower. It is convenient to use and allows you to mulch accurately.


This mulching mower comes with a 13Ah motor that helps you to mow at the speed of light. However, due to the strong machine don't worry about stucking in between while mowing.


It is based on the edge max technology so don't worry about cutting the border of the lawn separately. You can easily mow the edges with this machine.

Easy Adjustment

One can easily alter the height by using the single lever and adjust it according to the requirement. Moreover, you can simply adjust it anywhere due to excellent folding options.


While mowing the debris and stones moved away and in case if they hit you leads to an injury. But this mower comes with a safety shield to protect you from any accident.


  • It has an easy push button.
  • The mower can mulch perfectly.
  • This machine requires less maintenance.
  • It is easy to carry.


  • It is not powerful as gas mowers are.
  • The product is not good for large lawns.
  • This mower contains some plastic parts that break down easily.

The mower comes with a 13-gallon nylon bag that helps you to keep the waste material easily without any hassle of emptying of the bag again and again. Furthermore, it has comfortable carrying handles and multiple height adjustments. However, the cutting width is superb.


10. Troy Bilt TB380

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The last product in our list of Best Mulching Lawn Mower is Troy Bilt TB380. It comes with a powerful engine and the ability to cut the roughest grass on the go. However, the product is affordable and does not cost you more.

Deck Cleaning System

It is based on the deck cleaning system that means you don't need to clean the mower again and again. Due to this feature, the blades will clean efficiently. In this way, you can clean the blades in less time.


With the mower, you can change the speed settings and choose the one required. However, now you can control the speed of the machine effortlessly.

Height & Width

The mower provides 6 cutting height options and a 21-inch cutting deck that makes it comfortable to use. Moreover, you can easily adjust the height as needed and cut the grass without wasting time.


  • It is simple to assemble.
  • The startup is easy.
  • This product is based on an auto choke system.
  • It has lightweight.


  • The mower does not have a powerful drive system.
  • It has small back wheels.
  • This product has plastic parts that are not durable.

It makes mulching and mowing simple and easier. However, due to the simplicity of this machine, you can use it without putting yourself in trouble. Furthermore, the mower does not require any additional cleaning while using it.


Q1. What are the benefit of the mulching mower?

The mulching mower helps you to double cut the grass and give it a fine look to use as a fertilizer.

Q2. Which is the best mulching mower?

Following are the Best Mulching Lawn Mower:

  • Greenworks Corded lawn mower
  • Greenworks 40V Mower
  • Worx WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower.

Q3. Which one is better mulching or bagging?

The mulching blade is better to cut the grass efficiently and gives it a fine look.


In this article, we've discussed the Best Mulching Lawn Mower. We've mentioned the reviews of the top-rated mulching mower so choose the one that goes with your requirements.

However, we'd suggest you go for Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower, Greenworks 40V Mower, and Worx WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower.

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