Worx WG779 Review 2023!

There are multiple mowers available in the market but we choose Worx WG779 Mower due to the super amazing features. This machine has multiple height adjustments, a 14-inch deck, and intellicut power to mow the rough patches on the go.

Furthermore, the battery life and charging time is suitable for all those having a small yard. The next amazing thing is this mower does not need any cord to run just charge the battery and start your work.

This mower is designed with a built in port that simply means just plug in the port to a socket that's all don't take out batteries to get them charged. It is no doubt an efficient mower for all those having small yards.

Worx WG779 mower

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Height Adjustments
  • Less Maintenance
  • Easy To Push

Why We Choose Worx WG779?

We select this product due to the following reasons:

  • 14-inch mower cutting width
  • Comfortable
  • 6 height adjustments
  • Intellicut
  • Less maintenance
  • Build-in charging port
  • Bagging and mulching option

Read our guide (types of mowers) before choosing any mower.

Who Needs Worx WG779 Mower?

If you are looking for a mower to cut the grass of your small yard then this one will suit you perfectly.

Due to the multiple height adjustments and a good cutting deck width mowing the small yard will be hassle-free.

Don't worry if your area is full of rough patches this mower is expert in cutting the grass from terrain efficiently.

View the Worx WG779 Mower Review, Below.

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ii). Features

a). Height

The mower comes with 6 height adjustments. By that we mean you can easily change the height of the deck before cutting the grass to choose the required one.

You can set the height with the single lever that is designed to make additions inside and gives you the output in return for your choice.

If you are a beginner then you might be thinking about what the point of changing the height is and what the impact of it on mowing.

Let me explain. If the mowing height is proper then it will help to make your lawn look healthy and enhances the deep root growth. The three mowing heights are the standard feature you will find in every mower. Well, every lawn has its height requirements.

Typically the golf lawn grass mows at the height of 1/8 inch however for the home lawn we set the deck at 2 or 3 inches to make it look healthy and green. However, for golf, long grass will create trouble in playing.

Moreover, the mowing height varies according to the season as well as grass type.

Let's suppose you have fine fescue at the lawn then mow at the height of 1-3 inches, for tall fescue mowing 1 ½ inches height is recommended.

Moreover the cutting height changes for the other grass type. Well from the 6 height adjustments including 1-1/2 to 3-1/2. Choose the height adjustment according to the grass type, season, and preference.

b). Batteries

This is the battery-powered mower comes with 2 20V 4.0Ah batteries that will deliver the power of 40V. Furthermore, these batteries are interchangeable in case if the power gets low in the middle of the mowing.

You might be thinking that how long the 40V batteries could run if it gets fully charged. Well, the Worx 40V batteries last for 45 minutes or more depends on your usage.

Moreover having a mower with a 40V battery will be a good option because it has a large capacity as compared to the single 20V mowers.

Additionally, you can share your mower batteries with all tools run on 20V. The 2A double charger comes with the battery package is smart that shows the green light when charging and solid light will be shown if gets fully charged.

As the mower comes with the 40V by including 2 20V batteries with the charging time if you consider both will be 4 hours but the single battery will be charged in 2hours. The weight of these batteries is 1 pound per 20V.

Furthermore, with the battery meter, you will get to know how much power is left, and when the mower will be stopped.

The indicator will let you know when the battery gets low. Having a low battery? Rushing to the charging port?

Well by using the mower you won't need to take any stress. It is based on the smart technology of a built-in port charger that keeps the battery safe from any damage or overcharging. 

Furthermore, the mower running time after gets fully charged is 1/8 acre or 5000 square ft.

c). Intellicut

The mower comes with the intellicut capability. By that we mean the mower has enough power to cut the thicker grass and mow the rough patches on the go.

This mower knows when to when to generate torque and meet the needs of the user.

However, don't worries it won't stay in the intellicut mode all the time just turn down when the grass patches become normal or easy.

No doubt this is a powerful yet energy-efficient mower with a lot of benefits. Just turn the knob and the mower will automatically generate torque when the surface of grass changes from easy to a tough one.

d). Mulching

The mower comes with the 2 in 1 capability that means you can mulch and store the trash in the bag of .85 bushel collection as well. However, the thoughts must strike your mind that what is the use of mulching and how necessary it is to mulch the lawn?

Well, the mulching means fertilizing the soil by trimming grass into tiny pieces and then throw it back to the ground. This process will help to make your lawn healthy.

Moreover, you can empty the bag when it gets full. No don't need to check again and again the indicator will let you know about it.

e). Mower Deck

This mower comes with a 14-inch mower deck made up of supreme quality plastic. If you are a beginner how would you know the function of a deck or what does it means by having a 14-inch deck.

A deck is the part of the mower that works to protect the engine, as well as the user from blades and debris, shot off.

Well, the deck contains blades that mean the higher the width larger the area will be covered by the deck. This mower has a 14-inch width which shows it perfectly suits the small gardens.

f). Simple to use

Don't worry about using the mower because it is easy due to the high-end features. The mower comes with padded handles that allow you to run the machine without developing any pain in the hand. The next amazing thing is the lightweight which makes it portable and easy to move.

It comes with the 29 pounds of weight only. This product facilitates the user by indicating if the battery gets low or the bag becomes filled. In this way, you won't need to stop at every point to check how much time or how much capacity is left.

g). Maintenance

Same as other mowers all you need to do is to clean the blades and make them sharp seasonally.

However, make sure the blades must not be sharp as the razor edge so the user can easily touch them for any adjustment without getting cut. There are different ways to make the blades sharp includes through a machine like a bench grinder.

You might be thinking about why not to sharp the blades like a razor edge when it has been reviewed by the users that if the blades are highly sharp it will get dull fastly.

Moreover, make sure to take the batteries out and place them inside in the cold winter seasons to make them work efficiently.

iv). Pros Vs. Cons


  • Lightweight.
  • Padded handle.
  • 2 in 1 capability.
  • Built-in charging port.
  • Multiple height adjustments.
  • Good charging time.
  • Based on the intellicut system.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Strong construction.
  • Easy to push.
  • Quiet operations.
  • Easy storage.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Good blades.
  • Fast mowing.


  • Only suitable for the small lawns.
  • Narrow cutting width.


Q1. What is the cutting width of the mower?

The mower comes with a 14-inch cutting width.

Q2. How many height adjustments it offers?

It comes with 6 height adjustments mainly the 3 cutting heights.

Q3. Is this a self-propelled mower?

No, but due to lightweight and comfortable handles you can mow easily.

Q4. Do the batteries are chargeable?

Yes, the batteries are rechargeable.

Q5. Is this mower can cut the rough patch?

Due to the intellicut system this mower generates torque while mowing the rough areas.


Maintaining your garden is as important as doing all the house chores.

Why not get the beautiful garden in one go by getting some high-quality machines based on advanced technology?

The Worx G779 Mower is the perfect one for your small garden due to a lot of efficient features. It helps you to keep the garden healthy and make it look splendid.

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