7 Best Gas Pole Saws in 2023! (Buying Reviews)

A yard of any home with number of neat and healthy plants adds beauty but all those require regular maintenance like branches and shrubs do require pruning and trimming. This can also be an interesting task to do but when there come the branches on tall trees requiring pruning then it demands you next level of effort.

A normal chainsaw without easy reach to high above-head branches can bring fatigue as well. You can use a ladder to climb up and cut the branches by risking your life and limbs or you can get a gas-powered pole saw to cut those by simply standing on the ground.

A gas pole saw is the tool which will make your work of removing tree branches and limbs easier without using a ladder. It is basically a chainsaw with a long enough pole and gas pole saws are most powerful type of pole saw.

We will be looking into best gas pole saws later in the article but before that, it’s important to know the things to consider while choosing a best gas pole saw.

Maxtra 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

  • Longest reach
  • Enhanced chain cover
  • Most Powerful Engine

Remington RM25PS Maverick

  • Auto Oiler System
  • 25cc 2-cycle engine
  • Highest Reach

Poulan Pro PR28PS 

  • Lightweight
  • Impressive Performance
  • Easy to operate

What to consider before buying a gas pole saw?

Pole saws are geared to fit with several demands of the different users like some are designed for non-regular or nonprofessional users who have to do just for their own homework while other type of tools come handier for the professional users.

However, there are several things to consider for all users to consider before buying a gas pole saw.

i). Reach

Often brands of products make the working height appear on the packaging but that doesn’t indicate the actual length of the pole but basically that refers to the pole plus arm length so if a pole chainsaw said to have 10-foot working height then pole and saw will be having 7 to 8 feet long actual length. However, you need to undermine that the work and control at more heights become difficult especially during the windy conditions. So max height generally used to be 10 to 12 feet.

ii). Cutting Bar Length

The cutting bar length determines the diameter limit of the branches that a pole saw can cut. Bar lengths usually stay between 6 to 12 inches with 8 inches as the most common number. Usually a cutting bar should be having a minimum of 2 inches more length than the diameter of branches you have to cut like you need an eight-inch bar to cut a branch of six-inch diameter.

iii). Engine or Motor Power

As you know, an underpowered pole saw can bring fatigue if you hold a chainsaw extended to enough height above your head and its completing your task much slowly because of less power. On the other and a powerful gas pole saw can cut those branches in seconds, bringing convenience in doing the task.

However, you should look for balanced power that doesn’t fall heavy in terms weight as more power means bigger engine. 

iii). Overall Weight

The heaviest pulse saw can weigh up to 20 pounds and even lighter models can have minimum of 15 pounds while it feels heavier when you are working overhead.

iii). Removable Saw

Another important factor to consider is the whether a chainsaw can be detached from the pole or not to at the time of need to use as handheld chainsaw.

There are also additional features that can be must have thing to consider before buying a pole saw. Some pole saws have anti-vibration feature, non-slip grips, and many pole saws also come with a self-oiling chain. It’s better to also check for the feature of tool-less chain tensioning. 

View the 7 Best Gas Pole Saws Of 2022 Below.


1. Maxtra 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

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This Maxtra pole saw is the most powerful pole saw in this list of best gas pole saws with 42.7 cc two stroke engine. While it also attaints the longest reach with its 11.4-foot pole on this list of best gas pole saws. The 10-inch chain bar will allow you efficiently cut the branches of up to 12 inches in diameter.

You can bet on it as a best gas pole saw with its telescoping pole offering you 16 to 19 feet actual working height while working from the ground. It is attachment capable chainsaw which means you can turn this into a several other yard tools. You can buy different attachments to convert this pole saw into string trimmer, hedge trimmer, or a brush cutter. It features an easy to adjust extended shaft system.

It also comes with a pole saw bag and enhanced chain cover for protective storage and transporting. 


  • Longest reach, Maximum reach of up to 15.
  • Generates maximum power with its most powerful engine in the pole saw category.
  • Can convert into number of other yard tools as you can add different attachments.
  • Durable enough with strong steel constructions.
  • Bag for protective storage and transporting.
  • Enhanced chain cover.


  • Comparatively more noisy.

Although expensive enough but is the best fit for the professional users, and nonprofessional or non- regular users can also get best out of this if they want more convenience. 42.7 cc powerful gas pole saw engine generates massive power for any type of trimming work that you want.

You have also option to transform it into string trimmer, hedge trimmer, or a brush cutter many tools with the use of different attachments which means you can have almost all gardening tools in one go. 



2. Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw

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This gas pole saw by Remington is one of the most reliable tool and can perform the cutting, trimming and pruning work efficiently. Many best pole saw reviews have hailed the flexibility of this pole saw.

Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw has the features that make this pole saw one of its own kind. You can use this saw with its pole for any overgrown tree limbs and branches without the requirement of ladder.
Its 25cc engine with the trait of being 2-cycle has ability to generate enough power to cut through these tree branches easily.

It has a powerful 8-inch bar and chain with more durability. The bar and chain efficient design makes it easy and more efficient to perform. It makes the total up to 7-foot extension pole. The auto oiling system keeps the chain lubricated whenever required and you know that lubrication is one of the most vital thing for optimum performance. 


  • One of the highest reach, the setup can make the user to each a maximum 12 feet while standing on ground.
  • Powerful enough with its 25cc 2-cycle engine.
  • Durable with its 8-inch bar and chain.
  • Easy to maintain as it has an auto oiler system.
  • Super light in weight.
  • It accepts many attachments and can transform it into a best house working tool.


  • Has a shorter user warranty.

This pole saw can give one of the highest reach, the setup can make the user to reach overhead branches at a maximum of 12 feet height while still standing on ground. The engine generates plenty of power to make your gardening tasks really seem small.

The auto oiling system will help you not bringing the chainsaw down again and again to lubricate the chain as this feature will take care of chain lubrication for the efficiency. This gas pole saw got positive reviews by several pole saw reviewers. You will admire its lighter enough weight that you can handle.


3. Poulan Pro PR28PS

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Yet another 2-Cycle 8-inch gas pole saw but this time by Poulan. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw is also budget friendly but a highly efficient gas pole at the same time. It is durable enough with its metallic alloy build while still keep it super light in weight. You will find it easy to operate the system.

Its engine roars into action with just a prime, choke, and pull. Spring assisted starter technology makes it the best bet in terms of starting it.

It has SureFire fuel delivery and self-oiling system. It is starters friendly to operate in the way that prevents any waste and maximizes fuel efficiency. 


  • Super light in weight.
  • Durable enough with metallic alloy made.
  • SureFire Fuel Delivery System is a plus.
  • A the dual-line feed makes it efficient in fueling.
  • Requires just a Prime, Choke, then Pull to bring engine into full action.
  • Quite affordable compared to the other brands.
  • Easy to operate the system.


  • You will miss its multi-head functionality

This pole saw brings ease to operate its system like starting in tree simple steps, a prime, choke, then pull and the engine will roar into action and trims branches in no time. SureFire fuel delivery system is good for the starters. It prevents any waste and maximizes fuel efficiency. This is the best gas pole saw in terms of money.


4. Poulan Pro 967089701 Gas Pole Saw

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This is yet another gas pole saw from the good brand Poulan Pro. Poulan Pro 967089701 is one of the best bet in the game of best gas pole saws being quite affordable at the same time. It comes with power of 25 cc engine and 8-inch bar length to make you reach up to 12 feet height.

The pole actual length is 3 feet, not that much long but it supposed to allow you the reach of 12 feet with your stretched arm length from the ground or any standing place.

It’s easy to start the saw on the pole unlike many other gas powered tools and has a self-oiling system that would not push you bringing it down to lubricate the chain and bar manually again and again. This gas pole saw has a starter system with spring assisted which makes it easy to start and make it faster to operate. 


  • Easy to start and it starts immediately.
  • Auto stop feature.
  • Efficient design.
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for safe and comfortable operation.
  • Self-oiling system.
  • Has detachable shaft which also make the storing and transporting easier.
  • More budget friendly compared to the rest.


  • Not enough suitable for professional job requiring heavy-duty use


This Poulan Pro trimmer model is a highly flexible tool and accepts 6 attachments and bring convenience around the home. This Poulan Pro gas pole saw feature secures it to be the best suit for every gardening job from standard trimming to blowing, hedge trimming, pruning, brushcutting, edging, and tilling.

Don’t forget that it also has the auto-oiling feature. You can stake it as one of the a very few best gas pole saws for the money.


5. TrimmerPlus 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

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This 8-inch gas pole saw attachment is the wonder that you may admire after getting on its capabilities. It can make your existing gas trimmer a best gas pole saw, allowing you cut or trim the high head branches.

The chain bar on pole attachment is 8-inch length with the pole extension is 11 feet long and can reach up to 12 feet with its 7-foot pole. Two extension sections brings two height options on this pole saw attachment. The auto-oiler is the feature that makes it discrete from the other pole saw attachments.

It is compatible with the attachment-capable trimers from the brands like Greenworks, Craftsman, Bolens, Remington, Kobalt, Murry, Husqvarna, Poulan, Ryobi, Troy-Bilt, Yardman, Yard Machines, Snapper, and most of the other major brands. 


  • Expansive height.
  • Two height options with two extension sections.
  • Auto oiler for bar and chain.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Usable with most of the attachment-capable chainsaws.


  • Not a complete pole saw but an attachment.
  • Its plastic built part makes it less durable.

This pole saw has expansive height that makes it best suit for the trimming and cutting of high branches. Although we can’t pull this to the list of gas pole saws as it doesn’t come with the motor or engine and attaches to the attachment-capable trimers but still it itself is capable enough to keep itself from the other pole saw attachments. Also, you may find a very few pole chainsaw attachments with the auto-oiling feature.


6. BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

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This Blue Max gas pole saw is a good low cost alternative for the average homeowner who require pruning and trimming of the branches and shrubs for maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the garden.

Provides more power to work with its 32.6cc engine and its 10-inch chain bar. Its Idle Speed is between 2,700 and 3,400 RPM and max clutch engagement speed is 4,500 RPM.

It contains the safety automatic clutch, allowing you easier starting and reliability with anti-vibration system. 


  • Yet another powerful engine.
  • Has safety automatic clutch.
  • Less vibration system means more comfort with less fatigue.


  • Require some marks on the shafts for indication while inserting to the proper point.
  • Pretty heavy along with the extension for someone any relatively weak user.

This gas pole saw can be your best bet being a low cost alternative for you and do the job perfectly in removing trouble brush hogging with its 10-inch chain bar and 32cc power. It stands at half or less the price of a comparable pro level saw. Most efficient for sawing the tree branches of 4 to 8-inch diameter and can do assembly cutting of tree branches in no time.


7. Husqvarna 525PT5S Gas-Powered Pole Saw

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Husqvarna 525PT5S is a good gas pole saw that you shouldn’t forget to check. This pole saw has 13-foot Telescopic pole which can give you an above head reach of up to 19 feet. It has 25.cc engine to generate power which is required for your cutting and pruning work. It has 12-inch chain bar and has ability to produce 20% greater fuel savings and 60% less emissions.


  • One of the highest reach.
  • Self-oiling system means auto adjustability of chain and bar lubrication.
  • 60% less emissions.
  • 20% greater fuel savings.
  • Superior productivity and precision cutting.
  • 7-spline solid shaft provides optimum performance and reliability


  • Currently unavailable on Amazon
  • Expensive enough.


Although this chainsaw has placed itself last in our list of best gas pole saws because of least availability and unfamiliarity but it doesn’t you should underestimate it. This gas pole saw is another best bet being longest telescopic pole saw on market and has best power-to-weight ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to a Best Gas Pole Saw

Q1. How to choose the Best Gas Pole Saw?

It depends on various requirements of users. The best gas pole saw out of our provided list. So it can be a model that simply meets your demand. We have provided enough details of each product that you can look into for the best bet. Customer reviews on Amazon can also help you if you required a further research for the best gas pole saw of the 2020.

Q2. Are gas pole saws as good as battery powered chainsaws?

All types of pole saw models depict some advantages and drawbacks but good gas pole saws are travel friendly but create more noise, and are source gas emissions but they are at least more powerful as compared to battery-powered pole saws. You would require a gas-powered saw for any task outside of the domestic use.

Q3. How many other Jobs can a good gas pole saw do?

Many gas pole saws in our review best gas pole saws list has the options to add attachments. If you buy the right accessories, you can transform your gas pole saw into other required tools. Good gas saws can also turn into a blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, tree trimmer, brush cutter, and edger.

Q4. How beneficial are gas pole saws?

Gas powered pole saws are efficient enough and provide good quality performance. Many customers claim to be happy with the prime work they do by using their best gas pole saw. Gas pole saws are good for more professional use as compared to battery-powered pole saws like Lumbjacks work require more powerful machine.

Q5. How much noise does a gas pole saw make?

You need to know that gas powered motors used to make more noise as compared to electric or battery-powered pole saw motors.

Q6. How to take care of a good gas pole saw?

You need to use gas pole saw as the manufacturer advised for it for the durability and optimum performance and efficient job. Make sure that you clean pole saw after using and do service your gas saw regularly. The routine checkups will prove beneficial in maintaining the efficiency of your tool.

Q7. Do these gas pole saws come with a chain?

Yes, almost all gas pole saws come with the chain on the bar and you don’t need to purchase any main accessories at all.


Choosing the best gas pole out of bunch of available online cannot be less than a daunting challenge without getting the list of best gas pole saws.

The gas pole saws provided in the list are the ones designed to be more versatile and are capable to handle heavy-duty trimming and pruning jobs. These pole saws provide the convenience of portability because of you can use them anywhere as the gas is provided everywhere.

However, as it depends on various required features by the users, there can't be any best gas pole saw that could fit all users. A best bet can be a gas powered pole saw model that simply meets the working necessities.

We have provided enough details of each product that you can look into for choosing the best gas pole saw in 2020. While, you can still also check the customer reviews on Amazon for further research to see which can be the best gas pole saw for you.

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