10 Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews 2023!

Are you looking to get a chainsaw but don't want to adhere along the hassle and hinders of gasoline or electric corded chainsaws? If so, you have come on the right page.

When aiming the chainsaws of this era, we see the chainsaw Electric models work just as good as the ones that are based on gas. During the last decade, Electric saws have gained reputation away from being the meeker, less-powerful or unreliable option and became the respected contender in the chain saw game.

However with time the battery powered chainsaws have taken away a large portion of demand from the corded electric chainsaws when lithium-ion batteries replaced weaker nickel-cadmium batteries.

Battery chainsaws could be portable enough to help you out in larger house, farm, camping or anywhere you require wood cutting job and can't stay near corded power source. You want the best chainsaw as nobody want to get the ones that could prove worthless enough to be keep burden on your pocket and job.

There are plenty of battery powered chainsaws and selecting the right one can be a challenging task. So in this article we will be look at the best battery chainsaw 2020 and every best battery saw that goes in your favor to buy for different level of cutting jobs.

First of all we need to know what to consider before buying a battery powered chainsaw and then at the end we will be answering the frequently asked questions.

Litheli 40V Cordless Chainsaw

  • Quick charge battery.
  • Better ergonomics
  • Safety Guard

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit

  • Self-oiling
  • Chain break guard
  • Big Battery

POWERWORKS 60V Brushless 16-inch Chainsaw 

  • Awesome Torque
  • Electric Start
  • 2.5Ah battery

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

There are many things on which diyers base their purchase of best battery-powered chainsaw but battery is the first most trait to see. Although battery power is important factor to see but we will also be looking at other factors to consider like the length of the bar, motor type and its power, oiling system, speed, size and weight.

i). Battery

Battery Performance is the key thing to consider while buying a best cordless electric chainsaw. Voltage doesn't matter that much as it itself doesn't determine the power output of cordless tools like it used to. These chainsaws mostly use the lithium-ion batteries for the provision of power.

Replacing weaker nickel-cadmium batteries, efficient lithium-ion batteries has resulted in the emergence of battery chainsaw. Alongside being lighter to boot and setup, these batteries can take as little as an hour of time to recharge as compared nickel-cadmium batteries taking up to 12 hours.

Some battery powered saws are powered with multiple 18-volt batteries while others use single 20-volt batteries. In few other categories include 40-volt that high-end cordless electric chainsaws use and even few get power from 8-volt batteries.

Runtime is the other side of its battery performance. A best battery saw can perform more work on single battery and can give less hassle of switching back to charge frequently. It is a legitimate consideration

If you consider important to work without waiting for the charge of battery of cordless electric chainsaw then it's better to look for those battery-powered chainsaws that come with rapid chargers in the kit or it would have at least one available for use, depending on your requirements it can be worth the expense. In the same way, buying multiple batteries will go in your favor. 

ii). Motor Power

As you can guess, the best battery powered chainsaw should deliver a right amount of balance in cutting speed, runtime, and efficient use of its battery. Cordless saw use standard (brushed) motors or brushless motors while brushless motors are considered more efficient because of less friction, equating to a longer runtime of battery.

A brusshless engine typically contains around 85 to 90 percent efficiency. Brushed DC motors are believed to be about 75 to 80 percent efficient.

iii). Speed

Some chainsaws come with single speed feature which means runs at same speed, only option is turning on and off. Whereas, high-end chainsaws feature variable speeds hence providing the control over the speed. These chainsaws used to have a pressure-sensitive trigger which allows you to change the speed for different types of cuts or for your working mode.

iv). Oiling System

A chainsaw's most optimum performance can't be achieved if its bar and chain don't stay well-lubbed with oil. So keep this aspect in mind when buying any chainsaw, ease of oiling is an important trait to see. Chainsaws used to have an oil reservoir for the storing of a lubricating oil.

Lubrication of chain and bar brings more smoothness in cutting and prevents the chain bar and chain getting baffled in the wood. While auto-oiling is one of the most important features that need to be there on a best battery powered chainsaw although few good chainsaws involve manual process of lubrication.

v). Chain Bar Length

Bar of the chainsaw based on a long metal piece of metal contains the guides for a chain. It determines the cutting capacity of a chainsaw. A chainsaw cut trees to diameter of less than 2 inches of its bar length. So for cutting larger diameters of trees or logs, longer bar would be required.

Such as easy cutting of a big size of tree mostly requires a 16-inch, 18-inch or an even longer length of chain bar. Chainsaws with smaller chain bar length like 12-inch, 10-inch or even smaller are best for pruning or lighter cutting.

vi). Ease of adjustment

Ease of adjustment is another side that needs to be check before buying a best battery powered saw. Easy adjustment of chain on chainsaw bar, fitting the battery and tensioning of chain etc.

vii). Size and Weight of a Battery-powered Chainsaw

Battery powered chainsaws weight equal or slightly heavier than gas powered chainsaws because of the battery. Like battery powered chainsaw with an 18-inch chain bar will weigh around 13 or 14 pounds, where as, same bar length gas powered chainsaw will weigh around 12 pounds. Usually both used to have same size.

viii). Handles

A standard cordless chainsaws contain two handles, one known as rear handle which used to have a trigger, and other one is front larger wrap-around handle for guarding your hand. The rear or grip handle is a crucial part to check before buying.

ix). Alerts and Feedback

It's better if a chainsaw has an alert and feedback system. Alerts and feedbacks can help in different days by acknowledging you such as on battery usage, oil chain lubrication requirement, oil tank status, and battery charge status during charge.

x). Blade Guard

Blade guard is another essential part to consider that is used to protect the chain blade and helps to prevent accidents when the chainsaw isn't in use. A blade guard protects the blade and prevents any accidental cuts while moving or keeping aside the chainsaw. 

Many cordless chainsaws come with a blade guard while blade guards are also available as separate accessories. Now you are going to see the list of Best Battery Powered Chainsaws and at the end of this article, we will be answering some frequently asked questions regarding the battery-powered chainsaws.

View the 10 Best Battery Powered Chainsaws, Below.


1. Litheli 40V Cordless Chainsaw 14 inches With Brushless Motor

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Litheli 14-inch chainsaw is a 40-volt battery powered chainsaw with powerful brushless motor of 6000 rpm speed torque which has no vibration. Its chain bar has double protection steel and chain with 52 chain drive links that can work for pitch of 3/8 inches to make an easy cutting.

This battery chainsaw comes with tool-free tensioning option and automatic oiler. It has a dual-brake system which allows a safety lock and brake panel stops the chain within 3 seconds, taking care of your safety whenever you require an immediate stop.

Litheli 14-inche 40V Cordless Chainsaw package comprises of one cordless chain saw, one 40-volt 2.5Ah batter, charger and a manual. Chainsaw is designed in a way that brings optimal ergonomics with the 17.25 pounds weight, two handles and wood toothed chain design for easier work.


  • Convenient to use design even after weighing 17.25 pounds.
  • Better ergonomics about handling.
  • Easy chain tension design.
  • Quick charge battery.
  • Long battery life for cutting trees in diameter between 10 to 15 inches.
  • Comparatively a lighter weight chainsaw, making you work easier and requires less energy in use.
  • Safety guard helps you protecting your hands and arm.
  • Comparatively cheaper.


  • Heavy weight
  • Not suitable for minor tree limb pruning.
  • Doesn't come with chain oil.

Litheli 14-inch cordless electric chainsaw is best suited if you have to cut the trees or branches of diameter less than 15 inches as then it can give you optimum performance and overall outcome with its 40 volt battery and can save you a lot of time. It comes with clear and well written instructions. It brings ease in adjustment and tensioning of the chain with instant tightening of the chain without tools and automatically oils the rod and chain whenever required.


2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery, 12-Inch (DCCS620P1)

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This is one of the most top rated chainsaw of its kind which has a low kick back 12-inch Oregon Bar and chain which works fine for construction and outdoor cutting applications. It comes with the tool-free chain tensioning and knob for the tightening of bar for the users to adjust the chain and the bar as well.

Its auto oiling keeps the chain and guide bar lubricated and an oil level indicator keeps you informed about the level of oil in your chain saw. It weight just 8.8 pounds and has Chain spinning speed of 25.2 feet/second.


  • Big battery means more juice.
  • Self-oiling, no need to stop for oiling.
  • Doesn't require tools for chain and bar tensioning task.
  • Chain break guards your hands and face.


  • It doesn't have sight lines.
  • Compatible with maximum 20V system of tools.

This is a cordless chainsaw that you will find quite suitable to buy if you expect cutting the woods of diameter between 10 to 14 inches.

Its 20 volt battery can lead you staying longer on your work. But, chainsaw will run longer on batteries that hold a larger charge like 4 and 6 ampere which can help you doing hard work all day more efficiently.

With its self oiling feature, you can actually don't require to add bar oil hence no need stopping chainsaw to refuel. With its trait of less noisy, this battery chainsaw won't block another convo to hear while you are working.


3. POWERWORKS 60V Brushless 16-inch Chainsaw, 2.5Ah Battery and Charger

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This POWERWORKS 60V brushless motor electric chainsaw with 16-inch chain bar is designed to get your medium to higher level of wood cutting work done. This battery chainsaw comes with a 60V 2.5Ah lithium-ion Battery and Charger that can also be upgraded to 5Ah. Basically its 2.5Ah battery can provide up to 100 cuts of a 4x4 lumber.

Its electric start gives it more power and torquer. Its battery life is fine as compared to the hassle of gas you get every time in order to power your chainsaw.

It comes with automatic oiling which keeps the chain lubricated. Chain brake will let you stop the chain instantly like preventing the kick back. Requires just one charger and battery for many compatible tools as the battery is compatible with all 60V tools manufactured by Powerworks and Snapper it means you can simply take the battery out of one tool and place it in another then just push the start button and you’re ready for your next job. 


  • Requires just same charger and battery for many compatible tools.
  • Automatic oiling.
  • Awesome torque.
  • No pull cord or spark plus required.
  • Good for mid to heavy duty outside home.


  • Anshort lag in between pulling the trigger and max speed
  • 2.5Ah battery don’t work relatively longer
  • Not good for heavier wood cutting

It doesn't take long to get a full charge and can cut number of trees and logs without any battery dent you will see. A full battery time more than an hour is a nice trait to see and even chainsaw can stay with you alive for 4 hours of continuous use if you add any bigger compatible battery. It's surely more effective than your gas powered chainsaw.

Perfect for medium level of wood cutting and good for heavy jobs and you can also use it for light clean up but you will find it most efficient in doing midsized wood cutting i.e. between 10 to 14 inches in diameter. For best outcome, all you have to do is read the directions and set up the chainsaw accordingly and go.


4. Worx WG322 20V Power Share Cordless 10-inch Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

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Worx WG322 PowerShare chainsaw is yet another battery powered saw with 10-inch chainbar which is best for pruning and light cutting. You won't require carrying heaving and bulky chainsaw just for the sake of lighter pruning and light cutting job. This will also come handy at budgeted side of your decision. It has brushed motor unlike many electric chainsaws having mostly the brushless motors these days.

It comes with toll-free tensioning for the right level of cutting job you could do. It has auto-chain lubrication system. Its engine barely makes any noise while the only noise it makes while using is from chain hitting the wood. All 20v Worx batteries can work on this chainsaw and you can also interchange the battery for this chainsaw on all other Worx 20v tools.

What it all has is power source of 20 volts, battery of 2.0A, brushed motor, 10-inch chainbar length, industrial-quality 3/8" chain pitch, 0.5 inch chain gauge, 4.0oz. of oil Tank Capacity, auto oiling system and chain tensioning, pole attachment capable, and has weight of just 6.2 lbs.


  • Makes the pruning and light cutting more simpler and easier.
  • Easy to put the chain and adjust.
  • Can cut any reasonably sized log or branch, not just pruning.
  • 3/8-inch industrial-quality chain pitch.
  • Most portable battery powered chainsaw.
  • One of the most lightest battery powered chainsaw.


  • Frequent lose of chain.
  • Brushed motor.
  • Takes longer to fully charge the battery.


Best fit for the pruning and still weight enough to cut the reasonably sized logs or branches without extra weight pressure. Its each single charge of battery can last you around 30 minutes of intense nonstop cutting but we recommend you keeping 2 20V batteries along with you for more convenience and time saving.

It's easy to put the chain and adjust on this chainsaw. You will be required to tighten the chain couple of times after a few cuts as it loosens up like the most of the chainsaws, however it's easy to tighten it by simply turning of the knob without the use of any tool.


5. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch (LCS1020)

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This BLACK+DECKER 20V 10-inch chainsaw is one of the best battery powered chainsaw if you are looking for a more portable one with much required features. This chainsaw is also suitable for pruning so if you have an overgrown yard then this battery powered chainsaw won't be source of arm fatigue with its light weight and more portability. This cordless electric chainsaw comes with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery and its small chainbar size belies its power. It has decent battery life and can give you couple of hours use on single charge.

This chainsaw is one of the lightest battery chainsaw in its own category with 7.2 pounds weight. It means you can use it one-handed and set your work to next level comfort zone.

It has oiling system for lubrication of bar and chain and a tool-free chain tensioning feature which brings fast and easy adjustments. It has the handle which does wrap handling for horizontal and vertical cuts. 


  • Easy to setup and put the saw together.
  • Easily cuts 10 to 11" tree.
  • Decent amount of battery time.
  • One of the lightest battery chainsaw.
  • Easier and faster to use.
  • More sturdy, hence more durability.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for fast and easy adjustments.


  • Failing to check tension means ruining the chain and the bar.
  • Doesn't come with chainsaw oil.
  • Manual oil lubrication.

Its 10-inch bar and chain designed in way that makes it smooth and allows fast cuts. It's easy to setup, put the saw together and easy to keep it in control. Made up of metal and plastic, making it light and well-balanced. It can make you able to cut a pile of logs up within half an hour on single battery charge.

However, it requires you to push little plunger on every cut to keep the chain lubed. It takes 5 hours to reach full battery charge.


6. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery and Charger Included

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This Greenworks battery chainsaw is another smaller chainsaw in this best battery powered chainsaw list that comes with an ace for your outside home lighter cutting job with its 12-inch chain bar. This chainsaw is one of the most portable chainsaws and just 6 pound weight. A more significant thing on this smaller sized chainsaw is its 40V power, and it comes with 2.0Ah battery and charger. Its 3/8-inch chain pitch can trim the limbs effectively and results in minimal kickback problem.

It has a translucent oil tank which helps in giving clear view of oil level and its self oiling keeps the bar and chain constantly lubricated hence increasing its durability and optimal use.

Its wrap around handle brings ease of use while cutting and trimming from different angles. Its tool-less chain tensioning allows users to adjust the chain with no extra effort. It will make your pruning and cutting work more simple. Bar size is appropriate enough when compared with its motor power.


  • Tool-less chain tensioning brings convenience in adjustment.
  • Pretty small and lightweight chainsaw and can be operated one handed reaching off a ladder.
  • Best for smaller jobs, saves you money as well.
  • Battery takes less time to charge.
  • No hassle like a gas push mower.


  • Requires frequent chain tensioning task.
  • Not suitable for heavy job.
  • Never an option for commercial or industrial use.

The tool-less chain tensioning will make it easy for you to adjust the chain to the level it is required. Perfect for lighter job and can give you most of the efficiency in cutting the branches and trees of 6 to 15-inch diameter. If you use it to the best suitable level of its performance then it is worth every penny and will give you reasonably a longer battery life to not worry anymore when you are away from source of power. Don't forget to learn the chain tightening mechanism when you use this Greenworks cordless chainsaw.


7. Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, 4AH Battery and a Charger

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GreenWorks DigiPro G-MAX 40V chainsaw is the battery powered chainsaw that will replace any gas powered chainsaw for performing heavy cutting duty as well. This cordless chainsaw has a 16-Inch chain which comes still weights just 10.36 pounds. This saw is handy enough and brings a lot of safety when you are cutting any wood.

With battery coming in next level Lithium-Ion technology, this cordless make your wood cutting life more easier. This GreenWorks 20312 model comes with 4AH Battery and its 20312 charger.

It features brushless motor which makes it up to 80% more durable and 30% more torque. It contains Oregon bar and chain with chain pitch of 0.0375 inch. Chain break will take care of safety side and self-oiling feature will make lubrication work simpler hence no worries of performing takes for getting optimum performance.


  • Automatic-oiling will take care of bar and chain lubrication.
  • Best match for mid and heavy cutting job.
  • Good number of safety features.
  • Battery is very simple to insert and remove.
  • Minor gas leaking issue, comparatively.


  • Not optimum performance on pruning and light cutting.
  • Requires constant tensioning unless you master it.


You will experience a most optimum performance on cutting logs or branches of 10 to 18-inch diameter as it will be giving more output in volume and effort also in the context of battery power usage. It creates minor noise and vibration, providing user comfort and makes it a best replacement from gas chainsaw even for the heavier jobs.

You can take it anywhere with full battery charge and stay unworried for good amount of time however having more than one battery is the best solution for longer cutting job. You also need to make sure that you check the tightness of chain periodically while using.


8. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)

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BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw is another 12-inch category chainsaw with high rating that can do your light to mid cutting simpler and easier.

This battery powered chainsaw is 40V, hence it can give even longer runtime on small and more portable motor system. It contains the low-kickback Oregon 12-inch bar and chain which can be adjusted with tool-free chain tensioning. 

Self-oiling ensures the bar and chain lubrication whenever required. It comes with oil filled tank. Its battery bar keeps you updated about battery usage status. A green LED on charger indicates the completion of charge.
It weights 10.4 pounds and still requires pressure while cutting bigger logs and branches. 


  • Lightweight more than expectation.
  • Best for light to mid-level cutting.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning.
  • Auto-oiling will keep your chain lubricated.


  • Comparatively more oil leaking issue.
  • Uses enough oil.
  • Battery slowly charges and can take up to 6 hours or more.
  • It's 4.5mm chain makes you less able to get a file.

It has plenty of power of power for light to medium level job along with its lighter weight and good battery endurance. It's surprisingly durable for its weight and can give optimum performance in cutting 6 to 14 inch diameter of branhes and logs. Its tool-less chain tensioning needs to be learnt in start but works well enough once you figure it out.


9. Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

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Greenworks Pro cordless chainsaw is the best 18-Inch cordless chain saw in our entire list of 10 best battery powered chainsaws. This chainsaw with 80-Volt power falls in the category of large sized chainsaws that can do heavier duty.

It works on 2.0Ah battery and you can charge battery with 15.0Ah charger while the one that you can buy from amazon comes with the 2.0Ah battery and charger. It is still a light weight battery chain saw with 10.8 pounds.

Its low kick-back 18-inch bar and built in chain has a brake for added safety. The automatic oil filing keeps the chain and bar lubricated and it comes with a built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator. Oil tank capacity is 200 milliliter. You also get a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Much valuable at cheaper price.
  • Can perform 150 cuts on fully charged 2Ah Battery.
  • Minor noise and vibration.
  • Lightweight enough to make it more comfortable in use.
  • Starts with just the push of a button, forget yanking starter cords and cussing.
  • Easy adjustment of chain with tool-free tensioning feature.
  • Multiple Battery capacity available.
  • Auto-oiling.


  • Battery requires frequent numbers of charge for a full day cutting work.
  • Little bit dribble of oil from the bar sometimes.

This cordless chainsaw is recommended for anyone who needs to do medium to heavy saw work around the farm or homestead. This comparatively little saw provides more ease of use and power that you won't simply get on a gas powered chainsaw. It comes completely assembled out of the box and just requires charge of battery pack, adding some bar oil and you are good to go for your mission.


10. Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

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This Oregon battery chainsaw is 16-inch chainsaw which can do your mid to heavy cutting duty whether you are upto doing lumberjack or the outside home messed up cleaning of fallen trees or on waged job tasks to perform.

The top feature that gives this chainsaw advantage over other chainsaws in our list of best battery powered chainsaws is its self-sharpening feature which will save you money and time. It has brushless motor that performs work smoothly and without any type of friction, you won't get the vibration as well.

It weights 12 pounds with battery and starts with just a pull of a trigger (note its not a cord to pull like gas powered chainsaws). 


  • Self-Sharpening is single most attractive feature.
  • With PowerSharp chain, the chainsaw minimizes its downtime.
  • Brushless motor means increased efficiency and power output.
  • Chain stays oiled using the built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system.
  • Reasonable weight and power for removing small limb and branches.


  • Expensive hence not suitable enough for non-regular or nonprofessional users.

There are many 40 volt battery powered chainsaws in cordless chainsaw market but this chainsaw is the only one that sharpens the chain while still assembled. That feature alone makes this saw worth buying. The brushless motor has noticeably more torque than the previous model. The most top benefit this chainsaw gives it the edge over other chainsaws in our list of best battery powered chainsaws is its self-sharpening feature which will save you money and time.

Its weight and power is reasonable enough that can work well in removing small limb and branches from trees and bush. If you are a professional user then it would be worth buying an extra battery for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Battery Powered Chainsaws:

Q1. How Beneficial Are Battery Powered Chainsaws?

Battery powered chainsaw are genuinely efficient and offer high quality performance. Many customers claim to be satisfied enough with the prime work they were able to do by using these batteries powered cutting tools. However, these battery powered saws are not for the professional use so Lumbjacks will require to use more powerful chainsaws.

Q2. Are Battery Powered Chainsaws as Good as Gas Powered Chainsaws?

All types of chainsaw models portray some advantages and drawbacks but battery powered saws are more travel friendly, create less noise, and no any emission but they are not much powerful as compared to gas-powered chainsaw. However, you would require a gas-powered device for any task outside of the domestic level.

Q3. How much noise does a battery powered saw make?

Electric powered motors barely make any noise. The only noise the chainsaw makes is from chain hitting on wood.

Q4. Are the batteries of chainsaws interchangeable?

Yes, many battery powered chainsaws come with battery mechanism that allows you to interchange with other tools of same brand or the ones that use batteries of standard design.

Q5. Why does chainsaw oil leak?

Basically, its normal for the chainsaws to leak oil, but leaking oil excessively isn't normal. The blade shouldn't constantly be oiled externally as the oil just drips when you set the chainsaw down or store it. You also need to check if its self oiling tube has come loose or come off.

Q6. How much time the process of battery recharge takes?

These chainsaws require you a recharge time, which also means you need to manage the time in between as can be an inconvenient if battery dies in the middle of a job. While typically, it doesn't take too long to recharging.

Q7. When does a battery require to be replaced?

Depending on the usage, you may require to replace chainsaw’s battery after a few years.


Choosing the best battery powered chainsaw out of plenty available in market is a daunting task. Because of depending on the users required features of a chainsaw, there can't be one size that fit all chainsaw users. Like, one user may value the battery life most, while the next user just need a light or more portable tool for the work.

A chainsaw with self-sharpener feature can get an advantage to become a best bet as every user is required to sharpen the blade of a chainsaw's chain. However, a non regular user doesn't require to spend more so it also depends on your set price range and the subjectivity of usage.

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