7 Best Chainsaw Bars for 2023!

Do you need to deal with the woodworks? Are you looking for some best chainsaw bars? Do you require guidance related to it? We have got you covered. Among all the important tools necessary for woodworks chainsaw is on the top list. While using a chainsaw the part which matters the most is a bar.

Chainsaw bars play a major role in supporting the chain that cuts the trees. Every tree requires different sizes and lengths of chainsaw bar so it is important to check the bar length before purchasing.

If you buy a chainsaw with a short bar length to cut the large trees then it will be trouble for you.

This shows the importance of an accurate bar while using a chainsaw. To get the best result find the chainsaw bar containing the best length, weight, pitch, and gauge.

The market is full of different kinds of chainsaw bars which make the user more confused about what to purchase and what not to. Are you worried about buying the best one? We are here to help you.

We'd suggest our customers go for the high quality, easy to use, and maintain bars that allow you straight yet smooth cuts on the go. After immense research, we gathered the best chainsaw bars for our valuable customers.

In this article, we'll review them in detail so you can easily purchase the one which suits you by all means.

Editor's Choice

1. Oregon 105671

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Lightweight
  • Kickback Performance
  • Good Maneuverability

2. Husqvarna 531300440

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Low Vibrations
  • Best for Professionals
  • Superb Pitch

3. Husqvarna 531300436 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Lubritec System
  • Feather-Weight
  • Reliable

Buying Guide For 7 Best Chainsaw Bars:

You might be worried about how to get the best chainsaw bar? We've got you covered. After reviewing the products we gathered the features which one has to consider while choosing the chainsaw bar.

One has to spend rightly on the products and choose the tool and get the one which contains all the features. We are here with the best factors to keep in mind during shopping the chainsaw bar.

i). Budget

First of all the thing that matters the most is the budget of the user. One has to get the product which suits your pocket. Don't go for the tools that put you in burden.

If you are a professional who needs the chainsaw then gets the one that has advanced technology. Moreover, those who required a chainsaw for the occasional task then get the one at an affordable price.

ii). Size

The other feature to keep in mind while choosing the best chainsaw bar is the size. Make sure to buy a tool that suits you by all means. If you need to deal with the large trees then get the one with a huge chainsaw bar at least 20 or 22 inches.

While those who required a chainsaw bar for the small tasks like cutting mini trees or branches then get the one with 16-18 inch length. Size matters the most so don't go for the tool which does not suit your task.

iii). Safety

Another factor to consider is the safety of the user. One has to get a tool that is safe to use. Don't go for the chainsaw which is good in every way but lacks safety. Never compromise on your safety just for the sake of completing few tasks. Make sure to check if the tool is safe to use or not.

iv). Weight

Weight is another important thing which one has to check before purchasing. Don't go for the tool with the heavyweight because you will end up developing pain in the arms and an uncomfortable feeling. Make sure to get the tool with good portability and lightweight. In this way, the user will easily perform all the tasks without any hassle.

View the 7 Best Chainsaw Bars, Below.


1. Oregon 105671 - Chainsaw Bar and Chain Combo For Stihl

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First in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Oregon 105671. This is considered one of the best-selling chainsaw bars on market. It is available in 20 inches which is a gold standard among all the chainsaw bars.

It is mainly designed for all the products made by Sithl but the bar may also fit tools by other manufacturers. The tool is embedded with the lubrication system which keeps the parts lubricated when required.

By having a properly oiled system user will be saved from the hassle of friction that stops you in the middle of work.

Moreover the oiling system at the chainsaw bar aids in increasing the longevity of the product. Additionally, the tool containing multi-riveted noise which keeps the chainsaw bar in good condition for a longer period.

It does not have narrow kerf and perfect for chainsaws up to 62cc. The bar has .325 pitch and .063 gauge plus the drive link count of the chain is 81. If you are looking for a chainsaw bar with minimal kickback then this one is for you.

This tool has already been tested completely and proves that it met all the kickback requirements.

Another amazing feature of this product is smoothing cutting. Yes, you heard it right. The tool is from the AdvaceCut series which means it has enough capability to handle the light tasks and is mainly designed to provide straight yet hassle-free cutting. 

However, the quality of the tool is superb and durability is good enough to handle every task incredibly. In short, this tool is packed with power, quality, reliability, maneuverability, and portability.


  • Lightweight.
  • Kickback Performance.
  • Lubrtiec System.
  • Multi Rivet Nose.
  • Slim Symmetric Contour.
  • 20-inch Length.
  • AdvaceCut.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Good Maneuverability.
  • Fast Cutting.


  • It is only limited to Stihl chainsaws


2. Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

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Second, in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Husqvarna 531300440. This tool comes with a 20 inches bar length, 0.375 inches, 0.050 gauge along 2.5 pounds of weight. The product is a combination of premium length and a wide pitch which works tremendously in tree cutting. It has high performance and has large pitches which work great for aggressive cutting.

The chainsaw has a low vibration chain that saves your hand from the uncomfortable feeling.

Moreover, the chainsaw bar shows great compatibility with few models includes 55Rancher, 455Rancher, 261,257,357XP,359, 262XP & 460. This means you can easily use it with most of the models by Husqvarna.

Are you a professional? The tool is for you. It aids them in doing the tough tree tasks which require more power due to the superior length.

Don't worry about your safety because this tool is already safe to use and minimizes the risks of injury. When it comes to quality the chain bar does not disappoint us but still, there's one flaw.

The paint coating might wear off while using. Otherwise, the tool has lightweight, durability, and good performance.


  • Good Bar Length.
  • Superb Pitch.
  • Best for Professionals.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Shows great compatability with husqvarna.
  • Low Vibrations.
  • Safe to Use.


  • The paint coating is not up to the mark.


3. Husqvarna 531300436

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Third, in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Husqvarna 531300436. It is the mediums sized chainsaw bar available on market in 6 styles. Well, we choose the 16-inch bar for our customers with the .050 inch gauge, .325 inch pitch, and 1.1 pounds weight.

This shows that how incredible the gauge and pitch of this tool are plus the weight is quite low. By having a lightweight chain bar users can easily perform longer tasks without getting tired or developing any hand pain.

This tool shows a great compatibility with the products including Husqvarna 41,45,49,51,55,339XP,336,345,340,456XP,350,351,353,440,435,445 & 450e. It features a low vibration system that means the chain bar provides the ultimate comfort to the user while performing any task.

Moreover, the tool comes with a low kickback which saves the user from injury and provides great protection while performing any high/low tasks. It has a narrow kerf that aids in increasing the cutting speed of the bar. It is the best lightweight chainsaw bar.

The tool is available with the chain in-box. It can easily work with a variety of engines up to 42C. Furthermore, the chainsaw bar is certified with ANSI & CSA standards. This shows that the tool is quite safe.

Another amazing feature of this chainsaw bar is the lubritec oiling system that lubricates the parts from time to time as per requirement. In this way, the user will never face any kind of hindrance while performing the tasks. 


  • Available with Chain In Box.
  • Compatible with Multiple Chainsaw Models.
  • Safe to use.
  • Certified with ANSI & CSA.
  • Low Kickback.
  • Low Vibration.
  • Lubritec System.
  • Chamfer Chisel cutters.
  • Outstanding Performance.
  • Feather-Weight.
  • Reliable.


  • A chain tensioning system isn't easy.


4. STIHL 3005 000 4813 Rollomatic E Chain Saw Bar

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Fourth in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Stihl 3005. It comes with a 14-inch length and containing welded lamination guide bar at 3 spots. This tool is made up of high-quality steel which's why the bar is quite strong and tough.

It has stat shaped sprocket which is quite impressive. Whether you are an occasional woodworker or a professional this chainsaw bar is suitable for each of you. Some users claim that this chainsaw bar in some instances works even better than others comes in a box with a chainsaw.

You can even try this tool confidently with any Stihl chainsaw because this is an OEM part. It has 3.1 x 0.4 x 19.7 inches of dimensions and weighing 1.41 pounds. This shows that the tool is portable enough to carry anywhere on the go.

By using a lightweight chainsaw bar users will not get uncomfortable while holding the tool for a longer period.

It contains three stainless steel plates which are welded together electrically. Due to such amazing construction users can expect great stability from this piece while using it. Some users claim that this tool works amazingly for tougher tasks.

With the heavy-duty bar, you can easily cut the hard trees in no time. . This tool is considered as best pro chainsaw bar.


  • Fast Cutting.
  • Incredible Performance.
  • Strainless Steel Plates.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good Quality.
  • Shows Compatibility With Dozen Of Stihl Chainsaws.
  • High Durability.
  • Stable Tool.
  • Specifically for the Stihl chainsaw.


  • Expensive.
  • Sprocket nose isn't replaceable.


5. Forester Bar & Chain Combo

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Fifth in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Forester Bar & Chain. It is available in 20 inches with the pitch 3/8 and gauges .050. The chain drive link count is 72. This is the versatile chainsaw bar that means it can easily fit different Stihl chainsaws without any hassle.

The tool is made up of high-quality materials and has a low vibration chain.

Due to the low vibration chain, you can easily cut the trees without putting yourself in trouble. This is a durable tool and having a lightweight that made it easy for the user to carry the tool.

It has high performance and is considered the ideal chainsaw bar for homeowners or farmers. The bar shows compatibility with Stihl chainsaws models like 024,026,028,029,030,031,032,034,036,038,040,041,042,044 and others as well.

It can support heavy-duty tasks and have the ability to extend the usage without collapsing. However the only flaw you is the weight of the tool.

Unfortunately, the chainsaw bar has a heavyweight that might put you in trouble while performing the tasks. This is one of the best replacement chainsaw bars. 


  • High-Quality Bar.
  • Versatile.
  • Good Bar Length.
  • Works for a Longer Period.
  • Decent Performance.
  • Cuts Good.
  • Chain Length Fit Speed Sprocket Of Most Products.


  • Heavy weight.
  • It does not have a lubricating system.


6. Replacement 18" Single Rivet Bar

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Sixth in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is replacement 18 single rivet bar. This is the 18-inch chainsaw bar and available in a box with 5 chains as well as 1 bar. It comes with a low kickback which means the user will be safe while using the tool.

Moreover, the tool has increased safety so don't worry about injuries during using the chainsaw bar.

Are you a professional looking for a chainsaw bar to use in demanding conditions? It is durable so don't worry about tearing off issues while using the tool.

This is the lightweight chainsaw bar so you can easily carry the tool for a longer period. It has low vibrations which save your hand from any trouble. You can easily replace the damaged guide rails which extend the lifetime of the chainsaw.

This chainsaw bar has high performance which provides smooth cuts and allows you to cut the trees within no time. It provides precise cuts and ultimate balance while cutting. Moreover, the tool has efficient cutting and good performance.

This tool has designed for durability which keeps the chain sharper. It is one of the best budget chainsaw bars. 


  • Five Chains.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durability.
  • Low Vibrations.
  • Minimum Vibration.
  • Precise Cutting.
  • Optimal Performance.


  • Chain quality isn't good.
  • Quality might be compromised.


7. Oregon 24" Power Match Bar and 2 Chain Combo

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Seventh in the list of Best Chainsaw Bars is Oregon 24. This is the 24-inch chain bar length and best for those who required a longer chainsaw bar to target the distanced branches. It is best for those who need to deal with professional-level projects.

The tool has 0.375 pitches and 0.050 gauge. The drive link count of this chainsaw is 84.

Another amazing thing about this tool can adjust with multiple chainsaws easily. The model comes with the Oregon power match replaceable sprocket nose bar that enhances the unit to use only a single rivet.

The tool comes with the lubrijet & lubri dam lubrication system. Due to this feature, the parts of the chainsaw bars will get lubricate on time. Moreover, with this feature, the chances of friction are reduced.

Moreover, the chainsaw bar is safe to use and has reduced the risk of holes that could be a problem in most bars. This has solid construction and is made up of heavy-duty chrome-moly steel. The steel will protect the chainsaw bar from wear and tear for example chipping.


  • Professional Grade Chainsaw.
  • Durable.
  • Lubrijet & Lubri Dam Lubrication System.
  • Rigid Construction.
  • 24 Inches.
  • Oregon Power Match Replaceable Sprocket Nose Bar.
  • Heavy-Duty Chrome-Moly Steel Construction.


  • Bad Low Kickback.
  • Safety Issues.


Q1. How to find the right size while purchasing a chainsaw bar?

You might be worried about getting the right size. Here's the solution for our valuable customers. The tree diameter which you need to deal with must be twice the bar length. This means while purchasing a chainsaw bar check the tree diameter or bar length for reference.

Q2. What are the ways to measure the chainsaw bar?

You can use a measuring tape to check the chainsaw bar and then measure the bar length to check if it fits between the tip and front of the bar. This is how you will get the right size.

Q3. When to replace the chainsaw bar?

If you are worried about the right time to replace the chainsaw bar then we are here at your rescue. If the chain does not cut efficiently or accurately then this is the time to replace it. Similarly, check the wiggles if those are more than normal then change the bar.


In this article, we have mentioned the Best Chainsaw Bars in detail. Choose the one which goes with your budget and requirement. Chainsaw bar is one of the main equipment which you've to get to perform tasks easily. We'd suggest our customers go for Oregon 105671 which has good quality, durability, portability, lubricates the system, and incredible length.

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