7 Best Automotive Digital Multimeters Reviews 2023!

The electronic appliances may often create trouble due to problems in  internal circuits. For their safety diagnosis must be carried out. Multimeters are best suited for detecting electrical issues but you need to choose a type of multimeter that is most compatible with your requirements.

Similarly, the multimeters that are designed specially to solve vehicular problems are called Automotive multimeters. Their features are best suited for diagnosing problems in car engine, battery, sound systems. Here we are some of the most efficient automotive multimeters. The automotive multimeters need to be highly accurate.

The accuracy is most required feature by a DIY mechanic. The automotive multimeters can help you solve many other vehicle issues such as checking your speaker. Almost all the automotive multimeters are designed with easy to use features and even a non professional can use it for troubleshooting. It's easy use saves the money you pay to a technician.

Equus 3340

  •  Engine safety
  •  RPM measurement
  •  Various Test options

AstroAl Digital Multimeter

  • Back-light
  • Continuity Test
  • Low battery indicator

Etekcity Digital Multimeter

  • Ease of Use
  • Trustworthiness
  • Manual System

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Automotive Digital Multimeter:

In order to make smart choice, you must acquire the prior knowledge for buying. Here we are discussing some aspects that will help you make correct decision when buying an automotive multimeter.

i). True RMS

The true rms in multimeters is used to measure the waveforms with greater accuracy. All multimeters can measure the rms values from the smooth sine waves when there is distortion in wave forms it becomes difficult for normal meters to measure them accurately. 

The True RMS meter will can measure the sinusoidal and non sinusoidal waveforms accurately. Although these are expensive but the correct working will make you believe that you have invested money on right place.

ii). Overload Protection

Find multimeter with reliable circuitry protection thermositers or fuse.To safe an instrument from hazard of voltage stresses it must have overload protection feature. The multimeters must be equipped with good fuses and advanced circuitry protection like PTC and HRC fuses which provides enough protection.

iii). Auto Ranging

The manual ranging features in which the user has to set the voltage range manually can irritate you if you don't have knowledge of the color codes.In auto ranging the range is automatically set by the multimeter that saves your time and effort.

iv). Non Contact Voltage Testers

Non contact voltage testers are the safest way of checking power.

For verifying the presence or absence of power you don't have to touch the conductors therefore the personal safely is well maintained by non contact voltage testers.

v). Protective Covering

The rubber covers provides a little more protection. In case of drop the smooth rubber covering would protect it from damage. This will definitely increase the life of your multimeter.

View the 7 Automotive Digital Multimeters, Below.


1. Equus 3340 automotive digital Multimeter

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The innova 3340 is specifically designed for automotive use and equipped with multiple valuable features such as auto ranging function and thermal probe. It possess all those functions that are necessary for detecting vehicular let's discuss its features in detail.

Engine safety:

If you require a highly efficient multimeter which is able to detect even the minute issues in your engine also takes care of your ECU by protecting from damage then you must choose Equus 3340. The impedance 10 mgaOhm would not let any damage occur.

 RPM measurement:

It is easy to measure the rpm(revolution per minute) by using the inductive pick up.The meter is provided with inductive RPM clamp. The test lead holders are provided and a hands-free detection is carried out.

Temperature measurements:

Along with other basic functions the temperature measurements are also possible due to the existence of temperature probe in this multimeter. The temperature can be be measured in celsius and farenheit both.

Additional features:

It has many more features such as auto-ranging which eliminates the need to turn dial to measure a specific measurement and auto protection features such as auto shut-off and over load protection. Further auto zero adjustment is also a part of 3340 features.

Various test options:

There is a range of options in matter of tests that can be carried out using Equus 3340. A wide variety of tests which include duty cycle, diodes, solenoids, switches and several more are included.

Data hold:

The data which is displayed by multimeter can be captured by pressing the hold button. But wait for sometime before pressing the button because it may take some time for reading to get stabilized. You should press the button before removing the leads.


  • It is a good multimeter in sufficiently low price and offers accuracy like an expensive multimeter.
  • It has lots of good features for auto DIY.
  • Ouick and easy manual allows you to navigate this tool unlocking it's full potential.
  • It offers a variety of RPM measurements like inductive pickup for spark plug wires and direct primary oil voltage monitoring.


  • It doesn't have back light.
  • It's screen is slow to update.


2. AstroAl Digital Multimeter

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AstroAl aims at detecting the electrical problems and specifically automotive diagnosis with ease and accuracy. Perfectly suitable for fuse, wires, vehicle battery and automotive circuits.

Ease of use:

The grip present around the multimeter helps you easily hold the meter and a kick stand to make your hands free so that you don't have to unnecessarily hold the meter. You are notified when the battery is low enough. Also it is equipped with a continuity buzzer and overload protection.

Continuity test:

Along with useful features there is also a facility for continuity test. Continuity can be easily detected by connecting the test leads to the circuit at any two points.

Anti burn Technology and dual fuse:

The protective measure is well provided by equipping the multimeter with an extra fuse so that you don't have stop and can easily continue your testing work. Further, Anti burn technology has been used to enhance protection.

Low battery indicator:

Whenever there is a need to charge battery then you are pre informed so that you can replace it on time without the need to get interrupted while working due to battery discharge.


The dark areas become challenging for technicians as their work is crucial and risk is always involved when working with circuits and improper vision due to darkness may be life threatening if their skin get in contact with bared wire. That is why the backlight provided on multimeter will help them work easily and safely.


In order to fall in the class of trusted appliance in the eye of costumer the warranty is the first thing consumers wish to know. The consumers of AstroAl  are given the one year warranty. This itself shows the standard and reliability of instrument.

Data hold:

Data hold is provided to capture the data in device and it is an essential function as the recording of measurement is the main purpose. The readings can be made still by pressing data hold button.


  • It offers a wide range of functions.
  • It has large screen and numbers are clearly readable
  • It is well-built and leads are durable.
  • It's relative button removes the extra resistance on leads which is a good feature


  • The text and symbols on printed instructions are very small.
  • The tip of leads are too small to fit in outlets with difficulty.


3. Etekcity Digital Multimeter

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Elekcity Digital Multimeter are the multimeters with many valuable features, essential measuring functions and reliable assets for safe measurement with accuracy. Dual fuse is an extra gift of Elekcity Multimeters. Ensures perfect automotive maintenance with the ability to test battery, wires and fuses and ensures a safe journey.

Possible Measurements:

The possible measurements are AC, DC voltage, DC current, diode, frequency and continuity and uses a 3 times per second sampling speed.

All types of measurements are possible but you should not use this for AC current as this multimeter only allows DC current measurement.

Ease of use:

You will find many functions that would make its use easy like Data hold button that enables you to hold data, large LCD for clear visualization on numbers and graph, back light to aid technicians working in insufficiently lit areas and a stand for easy hands-free operation.


Safety is the priority of user. Sudden and excess load may become trouble in many multimeters. In order to cope with such misery Elekcity multimeters are designed to give  protection over a wide range. Rubber sleeves are present around the multimeter for multimeter safety in case of drop.


After knowing that a particular brand is certified by CE & RoHS costumers can blindly rely on it because these certifications serve as the stamp of quality.

Tool for everyone:

This is an amazing thing that anyone can use this tool because of it's ease of use. The professionals, the hobbyists and public can use it at home.

Manual system:

You can set the range of multimeter as per your choice using the multimeter manual function. Manual system is considered easy by many technical and Engineering students who are first time dealing with meters.


  • It is small, rugged and easy to use.
  • It is a low cost multimeter.
  • It easily fits in hands.
  • It has high megaohm range and accurately measures 100 megaohm resistor.
  • Probes are properly sheathed and safety category is clearly marked.


  • It doesn't have automatic power off.
  • It has only one fuse.


4. WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter

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WeePro multimeter come up with all essential functions to make sure its multipurpose use in automotive, home and industries. The overload protection,70x 40mm large LCD, backlight and data hold system makes it a sophisticated multimeter with the ability to do variety of tasks like voltage, current, frequency and diode measurements.

Switch for function and range:

A rotational type switch is located at the center which you can use to choose the range and function.

Speed with accuracy:

If the sampling speed is good it creates enough convenience for user.The sampling speed of Weepro is 2 times per second, LCD display is also quite large that is 3.5 digits (1999 count), expression of both negative and positive readings. These features increase the percentage of accuracy.


It is provided with easy to use features and designed in such a way that promotes its multipurpose use. It is not necessary that only a professional will handle it. It's ease of use allows its household use. The features are well designed for its possible use in automotive, home and industries. Detecting problems in automotive circuits, engines and other electronics in-car.

Over load protection

PTC (Positive Temperature coefficient) are the resistors made up of semiconductor material .The circuit containing PTC resistors in series are used for overload protection. To tell the user in case of increased load the meter displays "1".

Trust and confidence:

The guarantee is provided to win consumer's trust making them more confident in their choice. In case of any problem within in 90 days the product can be returned and money will be refunded. Further, it has a warranty for 10 year.


The essential accessories like battery, user manual and  80 cm test leads are present in box.



The consumer needs products for long-term use and to satisfy them material quality must be good enough to be long-lasting. The manufacturing material has been selected by considering the durability of material. As the target of the manufacturer is the long-term use therefore toughness of the material is the most important factor.


  • It is inexpensive and simple to use.
  • It's back light display turns off automatically.
  • Non professional can also use it easily.
  • It's case is thick enough and comes off easily.
  • It is able to diagnose an alternater issue with ease and is very sensitive.


  • It lacks audible continuity alarm.


5. Actron CP7677 AutoTroubleShooter-Digital Multimeter and Engine analyze

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Actron CP7677 is designed with advance detection features which is suitable for professionals. It can do all sorts of tests related to automotive diagnosis. 10 Mohm impedance, overload protection and automatic zero adjustment are it's prominent features.


The major purpose of using this multimeter is the ability to do automotive diagnosis.All the basic automotive tests can be efficiently performed such as ohm continuity, tach, volts and diode tests.


The Actrons uses a wide variety of tools and equipments that can deliver greater accuracy in measurements. Using these tools for detecting the  engine problems and many other car issues. Some other measurements like electrical conductivity, pressure, timing and temperature through electronic detectors.

Large Display:

A big LCD display which shows large and clearly readable data on screen so that the observation would not face difficulty in graph interpretation and observing numerical readings.

Auto Reminders:

The notification for either test leads are connected or disconnected appears on LCD. Similarly in case of low battery the user is informed by indicator. Reverse polarity which may result in damage of appliance is indicated automatically.

Overload protection:

Multimeter disorder due to increased load is a common issue in most multimeters. In order to overcome this problem these multimeters are provided with features for overload protection on all ranges.


  • It is long lasting and sufficiently accurate for voltage and current.
  • Its dwell function works great.
  • Its construction is tough enough and comes in a rubber casing.
  • The leads have nice rubber coating.


  • The battery installation is little effort consuming as the whole back needs to be removed


6. Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 is a true rms multimeter which is designed for field technicians  and equiped with led back light . It's harmless use is possible if it is used in the safety category CAT Ill. The operating temperature is -10 degree to 50 degree Celsius.

Easy to handle:

You will find that the fluke multimeter is sufficiently low weight and this gives technicians the ease of handling. The magnetic hanger eliminates the need to lift it making your hands free.

Multipurpose equipment:

It is multipurpose equipment that can be used to measure multiple parameters and suitable for multiple locations like your, office or field use. It is also provided with a magnetic holder for easy grip.

High accuracy:

It has a large screen so that the figures are also large and can be read easily. It gives a 6000 count display. All the functions that different dials or buttons play are mentioned which provides the correct guidance to user for it's use. You are also notified if there is any setting disorder. When the wires and fuse are working properly then You get notification in the form of beep.

Auto ranging:

Auto ranging is a feature that can find the mistakes while making measurements. It is a kind of troubleshooting that informs you about any error made while operating.


The Direct current measurement range is 200 ma to 1 A. It's competency to measure several parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, continuity and capacitance makes it a versatile instrument that also keeps a wide range for DC measurement. One more advantage is possibility of the non-linear loads (whose impedance change) measurement.


One of the most important factor while handling these kinds of instruments is the personal safety as well as the safety of instrument. The personal safely can be achieved by using it in the safety category specific for it and the instrument safety has been provided by manufacturer in the form of durable casing.

The multimeters without compact covers will be prone to wear and tear. It has tough covering for long lasting use.


  • Serves well for automotive purpose.
  • Its rugged yet small and portable.
  • Yellow rubber hostler provides the drop protection.
  • It is well built and buttons and selectors work efficiently.


  • It is expensive.


7. TRMS Digital Multimeter eM860T by ennologic

The TRMS eM860T is a digital multimeter with all basic functions which helps you accurately measure the current, voltage, resistance, frequency and duty cycle. With effort saving feature like auto ranging eM8608 will be your best buddy in detecting electrical problems. It is suitable for home and automotive purpose both.

Large LCD display:

Large LCD display adds to the ease of use. Clearly visible numerical values and large graph size enables the clear observation and the graph interpretation becomes easy and correct.


The eM860T is provided with backlight that enables you to work in dark. Working with circuit is a critical task and the dark environment may add to the risk. Therefore, eM806T has been designed considering the issue of working in dark and provided a bright back light as a solution.

Wide unit range:

eM860T has been designed to be operated at wide range of units like Microamp (600 microamp to 6000 microamp) Milliamp (60miliamp to 600 miliamp) and Amp (60 A to 10 A) range.

Low burden voltage:

The low burden voltage is a source of higher accuracy. Usually this instrument has low burden voltage in microamp and mA current range. The value of shunt resistance for microA is 100 ohm and 1 ohm for mA range.

Audible continuity test and diode test:

When the path of current is complete then the circuit is said to have continuity and it is the condition for turned off switch. By turning the multimeter's dial to continuity mode the continuity detection. The DMM makes sound when it detects continuity.

Non contact voltage detection:

A non  contact voltage detector is a kind of tester which tells that either the current is flowing through the electrical conductors or not and the presence of voltage is indicated by noise. Proximity voltage is tested in wires, circuit breakers, switches and outlets.

CAT Rating:

This multimeter is rated for CATlll 1000 Volt and CAT VI 600 Volts


  • It accurately measures DC and resistance.
  • It's non contact voltage detector is very efficient.
  • LCD display is very clear.
  • The warranty for 10 years makes the costumers satisfied.
  • It is equipped with many advanced features in reasonable price.


  • It is difficult to check AC outlets with the test leads provided.


Q1) Are all the multimeter suitable for the measurement of non sinusoidal waveforms?

No, all the multimeters can't measure the non sinusoidal waves accurately. The true rms multimeters are designed to measure the non sinusoidal waveforms with higher accuracy. It can measure sinusoidal and non sinusoidal waveforms as well.

Q2) How can we test car battery with automotive multimeter?

First do the multimeter setting and adjust voltage to 20 V DC current because the car battery uses DC current. After that turn off lights and ignition. Then, connect the wires to their respective terminals. Black wire is connected to the negative terminal and black wire is connected to the positive terminal.

Q3) How can we find a meter with good overload protection?

To find out a multimeter with good overload protection you should ask that what kind of fuse or circuitry protection has been used in it. Sometimes the cheap fuses like gas fuses can not giveenough protection. The HRC fuses advanced cirtuit protection like PTC must be present in multimeters.

Q4) What is the advantage of auto-ranging over manual function?

The auto ranging function is time and effort saving because you don't have to set the range and the range is automatically set by multimeter but you have to manually set the range when you use manual function.

Q5) How do we know that the circuit is complete while carrying out a continuity test?

When you do continuity test and the circuit is complete. The meter notifies you through beef. If the circuit is not complete, the meter will not beep.

Q6) Which factor must be considered for long-lasting use of multimeter?

The durability of the material is an important factor for the long life of multimeter. The material quality must be asked for the long-lasting use.

Final Words:

We have discussed multimeters for vehicular use detail and observed the criteria for buying an efficient multimeters.

The most valuable features have been recognized that can help in solving automotive problems such as engine issues and battery check. 

A number of important features like overload protection, True RMS and non contact voltage testers. Further, the features that adds to the ease of use like auto-ranging, backlight, large LCD.

The overload protection is possible by PTC circuit protection or high quality HRC fuse. The true RMS function can provide enhanced accuracy with the ability to measure sinusoidal and non sinusoidal waveforms. The non contact detectors will detect the presence or absence

The presence or absence of power without the need to touch and give greater safety. The  auto-ranging function automatically sets the voltage.The backlight help electricians working in dark areas and a large LCD that gives the large and clear display of the numbers and graph.

We have observed all these attributes in above mentioned multimeters and these attributes make them perfectly usable in solving automotive problem.

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