Best Benchtop Multimeters for 2023! Buying Guide and Reviews

A multimeter is a standardized tool used by professional electricians and others who needs to deal with electronic devices. A good benchtop multimeter is basic equipment you will see at any professional workshop. It is the highly used electronic equipment used by so many people. Are you looking for the best benchtop multimeter? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Benchtops are mainly used to measure the basics according to Ohm's law. One can easily check the voltage, current, and resistance with this device.

Moreover, there is some benchtop who used for the advanced measurements include inductance, capacitance, decibels, frequency, duty cycle, and diode drop. In this article, we will discuss the multimeters that are rich in features and delivers accurate measurement.

However, if you don't have enough time to read the complete article no worries we have got you covered. Just simply go to Fluke 8808A which is the best of all.

Fluke 8808A Bench Multimeter

  • Dual Digital Display
  • Easy To Use
  • Superb Accuracy

Flexion Digital Multimeter

  • Large Screen
  • Measure AC/DC
  • Backlight Display

Keysight 34461A Multimeter

  • Reliable
  • Digital Display
  • Premium Quality

Buying Guide For Best Benchtop Multimeters

Choosing the best from the rest is the toughest part of shopping. No worries we are here for you. After reviewing so many products we made a buying guide. What you need to do is to keep in mind the main factors we are going to discuss below while purchasing the device. However, we have mentioned the top products above choosing the right one based on your selection criteria.

i). Budget

First of all, you need to check your budget. There is both low and high price equipment available in the market. Choose the one which goes with your budget. However, low-budget items are no doubt good but if you are looking for some advanced features then collect money for the expensive one. Additionally, we have mentioned the affordable ones with good features above.

ii). Quality

How frustrating it is when you are measuring the current or resistance and the product tears off during testing? This means the quality of the device was poor right? One has to choose the product which is best in terms of quality. An expensive high-quality product is far better than an affordable poor quality item. However, a device with superb quality will assists you in taking measurements easily.

iii). Construction

The device must have solid construction otherwise you might face breaking issues. Tough construction will keep all the items in one place. No matter how hard or how long the testing could take if the product has a solid construction you will be able to measure without any hassle. The products we have mentioned above have a strong buildup so choose the one which you like the most.

iv). Display

A bad display or a poor quality display will waste your time. Get a device with a clear and large display so you will be able to check the readings on the go. What are the consequences you will face by getting a device with a poor display? Well, you will have to squeeze the eyes or move the device at different angles to get a clear viewing angle which leads to a wastage of time and less accuracy.

v). Accuracy

This is one of the important features to consider while buying the best benchtop multimeter. You look for a multimeter to get accurate measurements right? What will be the purpose of buying if the readings or measurements are not accurate? Thus your main focus should be on the accuracy of the device. The products we mentioned above deliver the results with superb accuracy. Choose the one which meets your requirements.

View the 5 Best Benchtop Multimeters, Below.


1. Fluke 8808A Digital Bench Multimeter

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First in the list of Best Benchtop Multimeter is fluke 8808A. This brand has already a high reputation in the world of multimeters. It is a supreme quality product with excellent longevity. The product has enough capability to be a workhorse of any lab. Moreover, if you need to deal with high-end tasks on daily basis then choosing this will be perfect. With this product, you can easily measure the volts, amps, ohms along with the basic accuracy of dc 0.015%.

One can easily use it even if you are a non-professional or a newbie no worries you will easily handle it by checking the manual instruction. However, the device is quite easy to use and hassle free to handle. With this product measuring the devices won't take so long or put you in any kind of complication. It has a 5.5 digital resolution dual-display through which you can check the reading without any trouble.

Having a digital display will save you from counting measurements. Don't forget to press shift after choosing the setup to save the settings. You can easily set this equipment according to the device you are dealing with the 6 dedicated buttons. Don't worry about reading the complex sheet of instruction they already remove the need for it.


  • It has a dual digital display.
  • The device comes with 0.015% DC accuracy.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can change settings with 6 dedicated buttons.
  • It has superb accuracy.
  • The product has lightweight.
  • It comes with superb durability.


  • Some users are not satisfied with the design.


2. Flexzion Digital Multimeter

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The second product we have on the list of Best Benchtop Multimeter is a flexion digital multimeter. It has enough capability to measure the AC/DC voltage accurately. Furthermore, you can also find accurate readings of current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, transistor, and temperature.

Moreover, this product is based on the True RMS reading that means you will get all the measurements without any involvement of ghost voltages. One can easily measure the current through linear or non-linear load where the current is available in distorted or non-distorted conditions. With the large LCD, you will be easily read all the measurements without squeezing the eyes.

The next amazing thing is backlight display allows you to take measurements even at night. It allows you to find the 18 kinds of frequencies without any hassle. One can take 50 kinds of measurements with this product without making any extra effort.

Furthermore, the product has an auto-ranging feature as well to make the tasks easier for you. One can check the temp, continuity, and diode tests with this digital multimeter. The wave output you will get while using this device is 1800pcs.


  • The product has a large screen.
  • It comes with a backlight dual display.
  • It helps to measure AC/DC.
  • This allows you to check the diode and continuity tests.
  • The measurements are accurate.
  • It is based on True RMS technology.


  • The updates are slow.


3. Keysight 34461A Multimeter

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The third product we have on the list of Best Benchtop Multimeter is Keysight 34461A. It is another product that wins the test already. This product comes with a premium design and high-end features that make it stands out from the crowd.

Most of the companies trust this product in terms of accurate measurements and readings. It contains all the basic features which you expect from a benchtop multimeter. Don't worry about the measurements this solid product aids in taking all the readings accurately.

If you are a professional and looking for some high-end multimeter then this one is for you. It comes with a graphical display that aids in showing all the measurements on the go. You will get the DCV accuracy of 16ppm in this product.


  • It is reliable.
  • The multimeter has solid construction.
  • It comes with a digital display.
  • The measurements are accurate.
  • It has a premium quality.


  • The multimeter is only for professionals.


4. Siglent Technologies SDS1202X

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The second last product we have on the list of Best Benchtop Multimeter is siglent technologies SDS1202X. This brand is famous for designing affordable products that are highly capable to take accurate measurements.

Are you looking for an affordable benchtop multimeter? This one is for you then. It comes with the real digits reading resolution and allows you to measure at 150rdgs speed.

Furthermore, the device is based on the true RMS technology and helps to measure the AC voltage and current accurately. It has a 7-inch display which is good enough to check the readings on the go. With the large display, you will be able to check the measurements without wasting any time.

The waveform capturing rate of this device is 100,000 wfm/s at the normal mode and almost 400,000 wfm/s in the sequence mood. Don't worry about the background noise you will never disturb by it.

Moreover, it comes with free serial decoding which includes IIC, SPI, UART, LIN, and CAN. One can easily connect the wifi with it and will have full control of the browser.


  • It allows gate and zoom measurements.
  • It uses the hardware-based high-speed pass/fails function.
  • With this product, you can analyze signals up to 1M per waveform.
  • This product stores the old records.
  • It is based on TRUE RMS technology.
  • It provides you the web control.


  • It does not have any HDMI port.


5. B &K 5491B Bench Digital Multimeter

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The last product we have on the list of Best Benchtop Multimeter is B & K 5491B Bench digital multimeter. This is another budget-friendly device that offers some attractive features. It is mainly a true RMS device with the auto-ranging feature. One can easily measure the current, voltage, resistance, and frequency with this device.

Furthermore, you can also use it for electrical testing and teaching the initial things to the electrical engineers.

Moreover, you will be able to get the present measurements and can check the lowest or the highest reading in the session with this product.

This product shows the AC/DC voltage in decibels. With the dual LCD, you will be easily read the measurements on the go.

Even if you disconnect the meter the readings will still be shown on the display for some time. One can even connect this multimeter to the computer with the USB port.


  • It is affordable.
  • The product has a dual LCD.
  • It comes with a USB port.
  • The device is based on True RMS.
  • It meets the IEC safety standard.


  • Customers are not satisfied with the quality.


Which brands provide the best multimeter?

Well in the world of multimeter there are some leading brands includes:




What is a benchtop multimeter?

This is the most basic equipment which is considered the staple of any lane. It is one of the most accurate devices that helps in testing electronic equipment. With this, you can easily check the voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency. Simply it aids in making the basic measurements that are based on Ohms law.

How to choose a multimeter?

To choose the accurate multimeter you need to check your budget first. Then select the devices that fall under your budget limit. The next step is to check the accuracy of the equipment that you selected. However, don't forget to consider the display and build quality.

Is having a display is necessary for a multimeter?

A digital multimeter is famous for its accuracy because you will get the readings without any hassle. With the digital display, you will be able to get the measurements without changing the angles and have zero error issues.


In this article, we have mentioned all the Best Benchtop Multimeter in detail. Choose the one that goes with your needs.

However, we'd suggest you go for Fluke 8808A. Why? This product comes with strong construction, high accuracy, versatile nature, and superb display. Only a few people complain about the quality but most of them are satisfied with this product.

If you are an electrician or need to deal with the electric equipment on daily basis then getting a bench multimeter will be the best choice.

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