Top Rated & Best Multimeter Brands to Buy in 2023!

If you are a professional or any DIYer when it comes to electronics the first thing that hits your mind is what are the Best Multimeter Brands? Right? Finding an accurate one in the list of brands coming up with such advanced technologies is quite hard. 

Whether you are professional or a newbie the device that helps you the most is a multimeter. The primary use of multimeter is to measure the voltage, resistance, current, and capacitance. However, the digital multimeter has more demand in the market and is considered as the standard tool for measurement. Additionally, due to so many brands available in the market finding one is quite hard.

However, it is not possible to carry different devices for measurement and this will surely put you in trouble. What to do then? Simply find the Professional Multimeter to solve all your issues on the go. By using the high-quality device, you will be able to perform each task under the same hood.

What else one required? Finding the right one in thousands of Multimeter Company in the world is a great hassle. No worries we are here to solve your problem in every way possible. In this article, we'll discuss the Best Multimeter Brands that help you to perform all the daily tasks with ease in detail. Choose the one that goes with your budget and requirements as well.

Fluke Multimeter

  • Low Input Impedance
  • LED Backlight
  •  True RMS

Klein Multimeter

  • Auto-Ranging Voltage
  • Excellent Input Protection
  • Affordable

Extech Multimeter

  • CAT III Safety rating
  • Built-In Thermometer
  • Adjustable Speed Drives

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Automotive Digital Multimeter:

There are some points that you must keep in mind while choosing the Best Multimeter Brands. Buying the right multimeter is no doubt a technical task and one has to be careful during the purchase. As you all know there is a wide range of varieties available in the market. Just keep in mind some features to choose the best one.

After immense research, we've compiled that major factors to consider. The trickiest question is Who Makes The Best Multimeter? To get the answer one has to check if the product contains all the features required or not.

i). Budget

First of all, of course the main thing is the budget. Make a list of the products that fall under your budget limit. Then search about their features and note down the best ones. Get the one that completes all your requirements on the go.

Furthermore, there are multiple Cheap Best Multimeter Brands in the market from which you can choose the device at such an affordable rate. However, the products with a high range are also available with some advanced features. Additionally, the choice is yours to select the one that suits you completely.

ii). Analog Or Digital

There are two types of multimeter available in the market first is analog and the second is digital. However, according to the standard of measurement digital ones are perfect.

But still, it all depends on the type of job and tasks you come across on daily basis. Moreover, digital multimeters are accurate, precise yet sensitive as well. That's why we prefer brands with the best digital multimeter. However, analogs are also available in the market.

iii). Accuracy

Accuracy is defined as the maximum error limit within one minute. The readings we get on multimeter fluctuates most of the time. Moreover, for the DIY or home use the device with the low accuracy setting will be perfect.

However for the industrial or you can professionally use go for the device with the high accuracy settings.

iv). Resolution

Another feature to consider while choosing the Best Multimeter Brands is the device resolution. It is the number of digits the device can show or play.

However, no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional you required a device with enough resolution to succeed. The higher the range of multimeter more perfect will be the resolution.

v). True RMS Feature

True RMS is the technology that can handle the alternating current and voltages as well. Most of the devices are based on AC so it will be best to choose the product from any brand which supports AC.

Additionally, the true RMS technology is used to check the effectiveness of any AC wave signal. However, the advanced multimeter based on the latest technologies can measure both waveforms come up with equal precision.

vi). Safety

The main thing that matters the most is your safety. Digital multimeters are safer and work in electrical environments. Before buying any multimeter make sure to check if it works safely while performing any task.

Your first comes before any tasks so right? Before purchasing check all the possible safety levels to stay safe in the future.

vii). Type Of Use

Before buying any device decide why you required the multimeter. Whether, you need the device for professional use or DIY tasks. The choice of multimeter depends on the purpose for which you will use it.

However, if you need the device to use in the industrial settings check the several factors that include electromagnetic resistance, vibration susceptibility, and interference. Moreover for home use getting the one with the affordable rate is the best option for sure.

View the 7 Best Multimeter Brands, Below.


1. Fluke Multimeter

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First Best Multimeter Brands is Fluke due to the high-quality devices based on advanced technologies. It is a premium brand with such superb products. It is an ideal tool and loved by the professional as well as a beginner. 

This brand comes under the category of those who mainly work to design the devices for professional electricians. From multiple products introduced by fluke, we choose fluke 117 as the perfect one. 

It contains high-end technologies including added voltalert technology that helps to prevent false readings due to low impedance. However, fluke is considered a versatile machine. Moreover, the device has a CAT III 600 volt safety rating that makes it completely safe to use while performing any tasks.


  • It is based on the volt alert technology that helps to detect the non-contact voltage detection.
  • The device has low input impedance.
  • It comes up with the LED backlight that aids in use the device in low lights easily.
  • This product contains True RMS that helps in finding accurate measurements.
  • The device shows compatibility with the magnetic hanger so you can perform hands-free operations.


  • It is designed for professional electricians.
  • Due to the specialized feature, the device prevents false readings.
  • The product comes with an ergonomic design.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Fluke 117 provides 4 updates per second with the 6000 count display.


  • It is expensive.


Fluke always designed the products based on incredible technologies that truly work for professional electricians. This device from the list of fluke products can measure continuity, resistance, frequency, and capacitance.

Furthermore, it contains an LED display with the backlight that helps in performing tasks in the low light areas. However, the products made by fluke are all based on the ergonomic design that provides you easy handling.


2. Klein Multimeter

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The second number in Best Brand Of Multimeter list is Klein. There are so many brands in the World but after huge research we find is the second best after fluke. This brand was found in 1857 in Chicago and is already considered as one of the leading brands of multimeter around the globe. 

Fluke is the premium choice for sure but it could be expensive. Those who want a device at an affordable range can go for the Klein tools. Furthermore, from so many devices made by Klein, we have chosen MM200 which is a top-rated digital multimeter. This device is highly accurate and reliable as well.

Furthermore, it meets the CAT safety standards at such an affordable price. However, one can use this Best Multimeter Brands tool for home or commercial purposes. It is quite a useful tool due to the precise readings.


  • It has auto-ranging voltage.
  • The device can measure 600V AC/DC and 10Amps AC/DC easily.
  • It provides excellent input protection.
  • The product comes with excellent accessories including batteries, probe, and leads.
  • This is the best device to check the air conditioning system.


  • It delivers precise readings.
  • The product is affordable.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The device can operate multiple applications with ease.
  • This does not require any manual adjustments.


  • The device has a heavyweight.


This is including in the Best Multimeter Brands with superb features. The company is serving the customers for years with tools based on advanced technologies. Due to the best readability, precise measurement the device makes your tasks easy to handle.

Moreover, you can get all the high-end features at such affordable rates. What else one required? The budget never stays the same but you can get this product at an amazing price. It is quite safe to use with high accuracy and easy handling.


3. Extech Multimeter

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The third-best in the list of Best Multimeter Brands is an Extech multimeter. It is considered as one of the Cheap best Multimeter Brands that always come up with something unique yet different. 

The brand was found in 1971 and famous for its handheld electronic testing plus measuring tools. This company is serving us over a decade but never compromises on the quality of equipment in all these past years. People rely on their tools due to their high reliability, supreme quality, and accurate readings.

Among all the best equipment we choose ex330 because it is a perfect tool for the measurement of current, voltage, capacitance, and frequency. However, the device never shows any error while taking the readings.


  • It comes with the built-in non-contact voltage tester.
  • The device contains a built-in thermometer.
  • It has the ability to measures multiple testing ranges.
  • This product has adjustable speed drives.
  • CAT III Safety rating to keep the user safe while using the device.


  • It is convenient to use.
  • Despite the affordable price, it provides excellent readings.
  • It contains an impact-resistant case.
  • It is quite durable.
  • The device can measure multiple ranges on the go.


  • The LCD screen is sensitive so that the chances of scratches are more.


Extech multimeter from the Best Multimeter Brands comes up with a wide range of functions and has a travel-friendly package. Due to the CAT safety ratings that devices can easily use at home or for commercial uses without being worried about the safety issues.

Due to the built-in Ac voltage and auto-ranging technology, one can easily take reliable measurements on the go. It is one of the strong yet reliable machines that must be in your toolbox for emergency use.


4. Amprobe Multimeter

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Another in the list of Best Multimeter Brands is Amprobe. This company was founded in 1948 and served us for so many years. Their precuts always meet the standard requirements of the electrician and never disappoint the users at all. However, we have chosen to amprove 570 out of all due to the good market value, high-end features, and superb performance.

Amprobe multimeter is designed for all the professional electricians and HVAC technicians who are required to solve the issues of advanced electrical systems. It contains True RMS so no chance of false reading. Furthermore, the device comes up with a low impedance, low pass filter that aids in taking measurements accurately.


  • The device comes with the CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V ratings.
  • It comes with good input protection.
  • This product is fully featured with the DMM, troubleshooting functions, and probes.
  • It has a built-in flashlight to check the wires.
  • Due to True RMS, it delivers accurate readings.


  • It is a budget and user-friendly multimeter.
  • The accuracy is up to the mark.
  • This device is easy to carry.
  • It has a low impedance mode.
  • The instructions given are easy to read.


  • The response time is slow.
  • It has lost lead fitting.


The multimeter contains a screen and control panel that allows the user to check the multiple testing measurements easily. Due to everything written on the control panel you can use it with ease.

No matter whether you are a beginner or professional the device is sufficient for you in every way. Additionally, It has an economical price and high durability.


5. Innova Multimeter

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Innova is famous for the manufacturing of diagnostic products for electrical issues. Furthermore, tis company never fails to amaze its customers with excellent quality products. It has introduced so many products and we choose Innova 3320 as one of the supreme multimeters with amazing features.

Moreover it comes with the drop protection that keeps the multimeter safe from any damage. Furthermore, with the rubber guards at the corner, the durability of the device extended. It worth every single penny of the user due to the wonderful features include accurate measurement, high durability, good warranty life, and whatnot.

With the large LCD and front-facing control, the reader can use it with ease. However, the multimeter is not comparable to our top 3 picks but still, it is good to use for the daily tasks.


  • It has a large digital display.
  • The device contains excellent protection.
  • This product comes up with a single setting resistance function.
  • It works accurately to diagnose electrical problems.
  • It is a UL certified product.


  • It comes up with a large LCD.
  • Due to the auto-ranging function, the user can easily establish the right measurements.
  • It has an economical price.
  • The device has an excellent warranty.
  • This item works amazingly for household projects.


  • It does not have temperature testing capabilities.
  • The device is not capable or has any built-in protections that hold the overload.


The device is Ul certified with the auto-ranging scales that removes the need to dial in any correct range. It has good protection for any damage but can't hold the overloads.

Moreover, the price is affordable and functions are good that aids in removing the electrical problems.


6. Mastech Multimeter

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The second last in our list of Best Multimeter Brands is Mastech which is a renowned company famous for its budget-friendly products. It was founded in 1986 and manufactured most of the devices in China.

The product list of this brand includes cheap tools with good features. We have to choose MS8268 from the list due to some superb features. It can measure AC/DC voltage and diagnose the issues with ease. Furthermore, the device contains alarms that start ringing if you put the banana jacks incorrectly.

Mastech comes with auto and manual ranging. Moreover, due to the auto power-off feature, your battery will not be wasted.


  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • The device can hold data.
  • It comes with the backlit display.
  • The product contains a transistor gain checker.
  • It contains zero REL mode.


  • The display of the device is impressive.
  • It has clear buttons and contains four sockets.
  • The dial sector can be operated easily.
  • It contains an auto-ranging feature.
  • The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • It does not have zero out readings.
  • The device quickly drains out the battery.


Mastech is good at making the budget-friendly products with the standard features. It contains all the qualities that are required to solve daily tasks.

The device has such simplified features and display that makes the handling of the product easier. With the back-mounted head holders, one can do the hands-free operation.


7. AstroAl Multimeter

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The last product in our list of Best Multimeter Brands is AstroAl multimeter. This company is known for delivering the products with the capability to measure the current, voltage, resistance, and frequency accurately. From so many items made by AstroAl, we choose AstroAl digital multimeter with the TRMS 6000 counts.

AstroAl multimeter comes with the ability to perform a wide range of tests to check the resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance. Moreover, the device is easy to use and contains data hold as well. Furthermore, one can check the readings in low light with the backlight LED screen.

It is perfect for commercial settings and meets the demands of a worker who has to perform tasks all day. The device is secure and reliable as well.


  • It comes with the built-in F400mA/600V plus F10A/600V explosion-proof tubes made up of ceramic.
  • The device can handle heavy-duty tasks due to the durable exterior.
  • It has 3 years warranty.
  • The product is quite affordable.
  • It comes with the different accessories includes a hanging magnet, data hold, kickstand.


  • The device has auto-ranging capabilities.
  • You can perform the continuity test by connecting the leads.
  • It comes with excellent protection.
  • The product contains a multi-function socket.
  • It has an anti-burn feature.


  • It does not have drop protection.
  • The item is quite loud.


The TRMS 6000 is the device that comes with easy usage and multiple ranges of testing options. It has excellent quality and superb professional accuracy for measurements. The device is ideal to use while performing the household tasks or for any commercial use.


1. Which is the best multimeter brand?

The following are the Best Multimeter Brand:

  • Fluke.
  • Klein.
  • Extech.

2. What is the cheap multimeter in the market?

The Cheap Best Multimeter Brand is Innova.

3. How to choose the multimeter brand?

To choose the best multimeter brand you need to keep in mind a few things include budget, quality, warranty, accuracy, ability to measure, resolution, and true RMS feature.

4. Define the least count of a multimeter?

Least count is the smallest value that can be measured with the multimeter.

Final Words:

As we mentioned earlier there are so many brands of multimeter in the market so it is quite tough to select the one. But we made it easier by explaining the Best Multimeter Brands in our article. 

Choose the one that fulfills all your requirements and needs as well. Make sure to get the product that aids to perform all the daily tasks.

Furthermore, if you want our suggestion then we've picked the top 3 best brands includes Fluke (Top Picks), Klein (the second-best), and Extech (third-best). However, if you require some low budget devices then go for Innova, magstech, and others mentioned above.

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