8 Best Analog Multimeters of 2023! (Reviews and Buying Guide)

In the world of measuring instruments the name of best analog multimeter is quite old but they are still used. The digital multimeters may be more advanced because of advanced features but the analog demand accounts for its low price. Someone who needs basic measurement functions like the voltage, current, and resistance with average accuracy can depend on an analog multimeter. 

Basically, an analog multimeter has a dial with scales for different measuring functions such as AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current and resistance, and a pointer that deflects while making measurements. Knobs are used for selecting a particular measuring function like the voltage, current, and resistance a zero adjustment knob for calibration. A list for resistor color code is provided which helps the user to manually select the required range for resistance.

Swana Em 7000

  • High Accuracy
  • Calibration Certificate
  •  PP Value Measurement

Elenco M105 15

  • Accessories Inbox
  • Affordable
  • Large Display

Simpson analog multimeter

  • Rugged Casing
  • High Voltage Detection
  • Safety Jack

Things to Consider Before Buy Best Analog Multimeter:

It is necessary to accumulate enough information about the product you intend to buy so that you will not be disappointed after buying it. Our discussion is entirely based on best analog multimeters. I will tell you about the things you need to consider before buying an analog multimeter.

i). Application

Different multimeters may have different applications. One multimeter can suitable for automotive purposes and the other for household applications. Some multimeters satisfy non-professional users but don't meet the requirements of professionals.

ii). Accuracy

The accuracy is the first thing you have to see when purchasing a multmeter. The needle jumping is a problem in many analog multimeters which results in an inaccurate reading. Therefore, you should determine the needle deflection and purchase only if the deflection is stable.

iii). Durability

Although multimeters come in solid casing they should be durable enough to resist damage on a drop without a case. Durability is one of the most important factors that users need to consider. You must consider the toughness of the material for long term use and investigate how much drop protection does it offer.

iv). Transient voltage Protection

Personal safety is the most important aspect when working with the electricity. Whenever there is a sudden release of stored energy the voltage becomes transient and the transient voltage is quite dangerous for the user. Protection against transient voltage must be provided by using a thermistor and good quality fuses.

v). Safety Rating

You have to choose the safety rating according to the load you want to measure. The safety rating of the multimeter tells you how much load it can bear and it is important to follow the safety rating to prevent any hazardous incident. If you wish to test low potential electronics CAT 1 is suitable. CAT 11 is for household equipment and CAT 111 is for sockets, bus bars, and cables.

View the 8 Best Analog Multimeters, Below.


1. Swana Em 7000 as an analog multimeter

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Swana em7000 is an extremely sensitive measuring tool. It is FET electronic tester that uses field-effect transistors to amplify current and it is capable of DC voltage measurement. Its internal resistance is 2.5-12 Megaohm.


The accurate reading is the basic and most demanding function of a multimeter. With Swana 7000 you can  accurately make measurements. Swana is definitely going to be your loyal partner in a matter of accuracy. Even not super precise but good enough.

Battery and leads:

Leads are silicon-based good quality leads that are pretty soft. Luckily they have not used specialty batteries that are not easily accessible. The two batteries of 9 volts each are used.

Calibration certificate:

The product comes with a calibration certificate. The calibration certificate has a record of the calibration test. It is also known as the calibration report.


Many times the input impedance of an analog meter is very low but this multimeter has a good input impedance of 10 megaohm to 20 megaohm.

Lacks auto shutt-off:

It lacks the auto shut off features which many multimeters have. This feature makes the multimeters turn off automatically after a specific period of time. Many users get interrupted when working due to this feature. So, for those people, this multimeter is a blessing.

PP value measurement:

It can measure the pp (peak to peak) value. It has the ability to measure negligible values of current which clearly shows the sensitivity of the instrument.


  • It has a higher input impedance.
  • It gives accurate DC, AC, and ohm measurements.
  • It does not need expensive and hard to find wired batteries.
  • This meter pretty fits with the test leads.


  • It doesn't come with a protective case


2. Elenco M105 15 Analog multimeter.

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The Elenco M 105 15 is a pocket-size analog multimeter that measures 10000 ohms/V. Measures voltage, resistance, and current with sufficient accuracy. Improved functionality makes the user satisfied with his choice.


You will be glad to know that it comes at an extremely reasonable price. In spite of being cheap, its performance is worthwhile because it performs all the necessary measurements with sufficient accuracy and gives you clear readings.


The problem of inaccuracy is associated with many cheap meters and inaccuracy is an intolerant thing while making measurements. Unlike other cheap meters, needle jumping is not observed. You feel proud of your choice that didn't disappoint you in a matter of accuracy. The most impressive thing is the great performance at a reasonable price.


Battery disorder can frustrate the user. Although in analog multimeter you can measure the current and voltage without a battery the other measurements like resistance required a battery. The use of a single AA battery and no need for a specialty battery add to the convenience of the user.


The 10megaohm resistance is an acceptable value for resistance. Even not very high but it is useful for the user. The users would always thank for such graceful features.

Accessories inbox:

The box comes in with all the necessary things such as test leads, a Manual for guidance, and a 1.5 V battery.


  • The meter is large enough to read easily
  • It comes with robust probes.
  • It easily fits in hands and light enough to carry in a backpack.
  • The pointer has a quick response and very good repeatability.


  • The instructions sheet is not good enough.


3. Simpson analog multimeter

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This type of multimeter can be preferred over a digital multimeter when performing monitoring fluctuations of rates. The Simpson high standard fusing in conjunction with diode network. Accurate enough for professional use.


Two knobs are present on the meter for selecting ranges and functions. The circuit jacks to connect leads and pointer adjustment for zero. The pointer can be used to mechanically adjust the instrument to 0 when no input is applied.

Rugged casing:

The multimeters need a durable casing for drop and damage protection. For its long term use safety from damage is an important aspect to consider. It has a rugged construction and a self-shielding top-end for shock resistance.


Personal safety along with instrument safety is also important. Simpson analog multimeter promotes tools and user safety by providing a reverse recessed safety jack. The safety jacks provide protection by preventing contact with electrical connections.


The device measures 36 ranges with AC and DC voltages, DC resistance, decibles and upper voltage. Two knobs are present on the meter for selecting ranges and function. The DC voltage ranges from 250 mV up to  1000 V and AC voltage ranges from 25 to 1000 V. DC current measurement ranges from 25 micronA 10 A. There are five ranges for measuring decibels from -20 to 50 decibels. Measuring resistance is also possible with the maximum indication range of up to 20 milliohm.


Its portable size is a great advantage for the field technicians as they can easily carry it to the field. It is small enough to get inside your tool bag. It comes in a phenolic case which makes it durable and provides protection against damage. You can easily take it anywhere with the fear of being damaged.


  • It has a robust construction with great accuracy
  • It is capable of detecting high voltage.
  • It is available at an affordable price
  • It is good for long term use


  • It lacks FET


4. Sperry Instrument HSP5 Function

Sperrey instrument is a manual ranging analog multimeter which is equipped with a detector to detectets energised and powerless wires.Light weight portability and power detection are its prominent features. It accurately measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, and current.
This is a short highlight of the features that we are going to discuss in detail.


The manufactures of this multimeter have given importance to safety. That is why they have included a safety detection feature. This feature detects the power and therefore ensure the safety of handling. To detect the status of installed conductors the safety feature is used

Test lead input icons.

The manufacturers understand that people may get confuse when connecting negative and positive test leads. Therefore, they have provided an input icon for exact placement. The purpose of the input ithe con is to eliminate the user's confusion to enable them to use multimeter confidently


Portability is another important feature that provides the user with ease of use. It is a small and lighweight pocket-size multimeters that allow its user to take it anywhere and expand its application by allowing its use at the home, office, and job sites.


The cause of increased accuracy in measurements is the 13 position rotary dial. The needle is stable and gives exact measurements without any ffluctuations. It allows the accurate measurement of AC, DC, voltage, and resistance. The voltage ranges are 0/10/50/100/300 V

Manual Ranging:

Manual ranging is provided with 13 ranges. It enables the user to manually select the required range. It is suitable for those who prefer manual setting insted of automatic.


  • Nice for simple tasks like voltage and continuity.
  • It is a nice meter for the price.
  • It is fairly accurate.
  • Its safety feature is good enough.


  • The range to measure resistance is too limited.
  • It needs to be more well built.


5. Tekpower TP8269L analog multimeter

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The Tekpower is an analog multimeter well designed for non   nonprofessional user that provides a wide range of functions and lives up to the user's satisfaction. Accurately measures AC an DC voltage and DC current upto 10 A. The accuracy is appreciatable for the price which is 3-4 percent.

Instrument Protection:

Enough protection is provided to the instrument by the tough casing. Good to take to the field trips as there is no fear of damage and drop because of the reliable cover that gives durability to the multimeter by enhancing its life for long term use.


The backlight is present to assist, the user. Working with circuits can be a critical job and insufficient lighting can add to the risk therefore backlight is provided as a solution to this problem. With the help of backlight, the users can work fearlessly during night time and in insufficiently lit areas.

Possible measurements:

It is applicable for many basic measurements that both professionals and non-professional need.  The users become happy to have a facility for making a wide range of measurements and tests such as resistance, diode test, voltage, and continuity tests.


The user of the multimeter immensely demands accuracy. It is a good choice for you if you are a nonprofessional user because it does not promise high accuracy but it is accurate enough for general use. It gives 3-4 percent accuracy.


The users must ask for a warranty while purchasing because warranty enables the user to develop trust and confidence. This multimeter is provided with one year warranty that makes the consumers satisfied.

Safety Rating:

A user must see the safety rating as ignoring this can be dangerous for them. The tekpower multimeter is rated for CAT-ll 600V. and it is strictly recommended being used only in CAT ll to prevent any hahazardous incident.


  • It has a great white LCD light and has a great continuity beeper.
  • It is a well-built multimeter.
  • It gives sufficient accuracy and is a great multimeter for the price.
  • The handle adds to the ease of use and you can stand up the meter like an easel


  • The pointer takes a long time to obtain the desired measurement.
  • The transistor test feature is a bit quirky.


6. Gardner bender GMT -312 analog multimeter

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Gardner bender is an analog multimeter is a multifunctional measuring instrument capable of battery, outlet and circuit, breaker testing and carries out measurements of AC/ DC voltage, current, and resistance.

It accurately measures up to 300V AC/DC voltage and current, 1 megaohm resistance, and -50 to 56 decibels.

Manual range selection:

Like many other analog multimeters, it lacks an auto-ranging function. The user selects the range manually. The color codes for resistance are provided that enable the user to select the range.

Multimeter calibration:

Multimeter calibration means adjusting the multimeter pointer to zero using the ohm adjustment knob and after that, the multimeter is fresh to use. In Gardner bender, the range is selected manually and a zero ohm adjustment dial is present for calibration. The calibration has been made easy and simple.

Color-coded display:

The Color-coded scale is present on the multimeter dial. The scale for each function like resistance, AC, DC, and voltage is displayed in different colors. It enables the user to easily read the measurements.

Test Leads:

In order to make the correct measurement, the correct arrangement of test leads is important. The purpose of providing lead icons is to enable users for the right arrangement of test leads. Along with it, a set of negative and positive replaceable test leads are provided.

Agency approval:

An approval certificate for Gardner bender has been provided by the agencies involved in performing safety tests and providing safety certificates. The agency has declared its use safe with overload protection circuitry.


  • It is good enough for checking the battery life
  • You don't need a battery for measuring voltages
  • The multimeter is cheap but has many features
  • Its accuracy level is very good
  • This item works amazingly for household projects.


  • There is no manual with the meter
  • It needs to be a little bigger to let the users read the numbers easily


7. Actron CP7849 Analog Multimeter Tester

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Actron Analog a multimeter is a solution to most of the electronic problems as it makes the diagnosis easy for you. It is most suitable for automotive use. The consistently accurate results make you trust its capabilities. It can perform a variety of tests. It satisfies the general and professional users alike. Let's discuss the details of its amazing features.

Ease of use:

Operating it is easy enough like any other analog multimeter. This instrument provides sufficient ease of use and even a non-professional can easily use it for diagnosis.

Result consistency:

The foremost thing a user needs from a multimeter is accuracy. You are never going to be disappointed in a matter of accuracy when using this multimeter. Whether you diagnose once or several times the results will be the same. It provides you with trusted results and its consistency speaks of its accuracy.

Efficient automotive diagnosis:

It is perfectly designed for automotive use and has many efficient electronic testers that detect a variety of automotive issues like ABS, engine diagnosis, and transmissions. Mechanical testers are available to check electrical conductivity, temperature, and pressure.

Who can use it:

It can be used by professionals and non-professionals. Its simple features make it convenient for everyone. Further help is provided through the user manual which explains everything.

Possible measurements:

It can make a wide range of measurements and contents of the user by providing all the basic measurement functions like DC current, AC, and DC voltage resistance, and decibels.

Battery load tester:

The users are also provided with a battery load tester that enables the user to identify the condition of a battery. Along with the charge testing, it also detects disorder in the battery. In short, it is the complete caretaker of your battery.

Brake bleeding kit:

You often depend on a mechanic for changing the brake fluid. But now you don't need to worry. The brake bleeding kit is provided to help you in changing and draining the brake fluid. It will save you time and money as there will be no need for a mechanic.


You are provided with many detectors that will help you to carry out several tests with enough ease. Detectors include fuel pressure and vaccume testers, electrical testers, and non contact thermometer.


  • It is a compact and rugged general-purpose instrument.
  • It is a reasonably priced multimeter.
  • It is easy to use and has great functions.
  • Case has spots to carry connector wires which is a good feature.


  • The leads need to be a little bit long.
  • The test leads are not removable without deassambling the unit


8. The Hikoi 3030-10 Hi Tester analog multimeter

We use multimeters for multiple electronic devices and carrying out multiple types of tests. The Hikoi 3030 is an average sensing meter that is capable of performing a variety of measurements. This meter is designed for nonlinear loads and has many amazing features like battery tester, auto-ranging, and thermistor probes which adds to its worth.

Let's see its features in detail.

Measurement of linear loads:

The meter has been designed for linear loads and will only measure those loads whose impedance remains the same and does not depend on the voltage. The user should not try to measure nonlinear loads with it, because it can only measure the smooth waveform otherwise accuracy will be lost.

Battery testing:

A battery tester is also provided with the multimeter and using it you can measure the battery charge. This is a very valuable feature as batteries are part of many electronic devices and the user needs to detect the battery charge of these devices. It can detect charge in 1.5 V batteries.

Temperature measurements:

The user should make a wise decision when choosing a temperature probe.The thermistor probes are used to measure the temperature. The thermistor probes are the temperature dependant resistors that measure a smaller range of temperatures. The good point is that they are inexpensive and more accurate than RTD.

Safety Rating:

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has rated it for CAT 111 600 V.


Almost all the multimeters need a tough casing for drop protection. But you will be amazed to know that this meter is durable without a case and can tolerate a drop of about a meter. This unique characteristic makes it different from many other meters which in spite of being expensive needs extra cover protection.


It uses only two AA batteries and it is a good thing. The lesser no of batteries saves costs.

Shock protection:

The transient voltage due to sudden energy release may create trouble. The Users can suffer from electric shock due to transient voltage. Therefore, the fuse of 0.5-amp/250V is integrated into the meter to give shock protection.


  • It is sufficiently accurate.
  • It provides enough safety from shock or transient voltage.
  • It is well-built and durable.
  • It contains an auto-ranging feature.
  • The temperature probes work well.


  • It is a  little expensive


1) How can we measure resistance in an analog multimeter?

The method of measuring resistance is the same in the digital and analog multimeter. Before carrying out the measurement the meter is zeroed. The two probes are brought in contact for a short circuit. Then select the required range and insert probes in the load. The needle would deflect and you will notice the resistance value.

2) Why do we use calibration in an analog multimeter?

Before starting measurement the meter needs to be zero by rotating zero-ohm adjuster.

3) Do we need a battery in all measurements?

No, we don't need a battery for the measurement of voltage and current but when measuring resistance it is required.

4) How can I choose the safety category for my load?

The safety category is choose according to the type of load you need to measure. The category 1 is for the lightest load, CAT 11 is for household appliances and CAT 111 is for heavy loads like sockets, bars and cables.

5) How can we resist transient voltage?

Transient voltage can be a source of great hazard therefore the manufacturers must use high quality fuse and thermistor to prevent transient voltage.

6) Can we measure all types of loads with analog multimeters?

No, only linear loads are suitable for analog multimeters. The non linear loads will be inaccurately measured.

Final Words:

The analog multimeters have been serving the users for years. In all the above discussion various best analog multimeters have been discussed. One thing that is common among them is the simplicity. They all have quite simple features that make it fit for casual use. A professional requires high accuracy and advanced features like TRMS which is not available in it. It can easily measure linear loads but can not measure nonlinear loads.

Swana 7000 is the best performer and it takes an edge over all other multimeter in a matter of accuracty and impedence. Such a high accuracy and high impedance which is astonishing to see in analog multimeter. Therefore, we have selected it as the best multimeter.

The second most capable multimeter is elenco which is affordable enough and has high accuracy. Along with these two qualities the resistance value is also satisfactory. Overall, it is a good package with all the satisfactory features. The Simpson is the third-the best multimeter because of its safety feature and is provided with a safety jack for this purpose.

The spyree instrument is also good and has safety feature like Simpson but its resistance range is very limited therefore we have assigned it the number 4th position.

Other multimeters like tekpower, Gardner bender meet the requirement of an efficient multimeter and the work well on making essential measurements but there efficiency is a little less than the top three. Therefore, they have been kept at lower positions.It is a surprising truth that people still use an analog multimeter because it has a sufficiently low price than a digital multimeter.

Although it is cheap the manufacturers have done justice with the price by equipping it with all the necessary measuring functions. Also, efforts have been made to uplift their existing attributes like durability and protection. It's easy to use features that make it an ideal multimeter for everyone.

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