Top 10 Best TIG Welding Helmets Reviews 2023!

Do you want to increase safety on your welding work? You will need the best TIG welding helmet. Remember, safety gear is always important for welding tasks. It will be easy to protect your eyes and face with a welding helmet from burning and blinding light.

No doubt, welding is one of the dangerous professions because of infrared and ultraviolet lights. It may cause damage to your eyes. For this reason, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) instructs you to wear protective gear, such as gloves and helmets.

Nowadays, you can buy lightweight welding helmets with high tech features and style. By selecting the wrong helmet, things can be painful and costly. Welding may involve harmful components, such as drip melted metals and throw scorching sparks around a worksite.

In this post, we will share how to select the best welding helmet and important details about the top ten models. Moreover, we have prepared a list of some good picks that our team has found after extensive research.

Our Top Rated Welding Helmets

Things to Look Before Buying Tig Welding Helmets:

Along with the best TIG Welding machine, you also need to have the best TIG welding helmet; you must consider important factors. Some necessary elements will help you to evaluate different helmets.

i). Lens View

Every welder needs the best vision through headgears; therefore, you must consider this feature in lenses. Height and width of the lens must enable you to see clearly through them. Their dimensions are generally measured in inches. For instance, 3.7-inch wide and 2.3-inch tall can be ideal measurements.

Buy a helmet with necessary UV and radiation protection to protect your eyes. If you are unable to view clearly from a helmet, you can’t complete your job.

ii). Lens Shading

In TIG welding helmets, you may get different shading options. A few options are available without variance. Some masks come with a varying range of change to suit different conditions. You can buy some helmets with a grinding feature.

This feature is transparent and has a light shade. Some may come with slightly dark cutting shades, but can’t be welded. With brighter arc, it is possible to get desired darkness. Low amps TIG welding is suitable for low amperage shading.  

A few helmets may range from 9 to 13 amperage shading. These may not shade welding with low amperage.

iii). Auto-Darkening Delay

Remember, an auto-darkening delay is a time for the shading – darken once an arc is ignited. The time may vary between 0.35 and 0.1 seconds. In numerous cases, a short delay time is desirable. A faster response is necessary to protect your eyes.

iv). Features

A welding helmet comes with different features, but expensive models come with advanced characteristics. These features can enhance your welding experience. Make sure to buy a helmet with anti-fog features for impressive visuals.

Some helmets have touchscreens, windows, auto-darkening sensors, and computer memory devices and windows ventilation system. Many helmets come with separate attachments, such as a hard hat, hearing protection and respirators.

Try to buy the best TIG welding helmet with handy features. These should enhance your welding experience. 

v). Comfort

A helmet's comfort is essential, especially if you want to wear it for a longer duration. The design of headgear plays a vital role in your convenience. A helmet must come with a locking mechanism. It must fit naturally on your head without extra pressure.

The hood must flip down and up smoothly. It must stay in the desired position with a spinning device between the hood and the headgear working correctly. A comfortable headgear can bring a huge difference in your work experience.

vi). Size

Most helmets come with a decent margin to adjust the headgear as per the size of your head. The outer shell of the hood may differ significantly in size.

A large helmet can be challenging to handle in tight spaces. Moreover, a small hood will not offer sufficient room for a respirator.

What is a TIG Welding Helmet?

To heat the metals for welding, a tungsten electrode becomes necessary. This procedure is known as TIG or Tungsten Inter Gas. With an inert gas, such as argon, it is possible to avoid contamination during welding.

Inert gas proves useful to protect every type of metal regardless of its thickness. Nowadays, TIG welding is famous in different welding projects and several industries. For this reason, TIG welding is a useful method around the globe.

TIG welding is safe for maximum metals as compared to other methods. Hence, industries and manufacturers use this type of welding for several purposes. With TIG method, you can weld bronze, aluminium, nickel, magnesium, gold and several other metals.

To increase TIG welding safety, the best TIG welding helmet for the money is available in the market. You will find the details of the ten best models available in the market.

Top 10 Best TIG Welding Helmets 2022:

If you are looking forward to purchase the best TIG Welding Helmets, see these top 10 list of 2022.


Yeswelder Solar Powered True Color Helmet

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If you want the best tig welding helmet for the money, consider Yeswelder solar-powered auto-darkening welding helmet. For several professionals, it can be a practical and ideal option. LYG-L500A-A comes with true color technology to decrease eye strain and improve visibility.

Better Clarity

It can decrease the traditional lime green color in the view screen of the helmet. You can view everything clearly. This helmet comes with True Color technology preserves the current optical clarity 1-1-1-2 rating. With this technology, it is possible to decrease discomfort and irritation in the eyes.

Comfortable and Lightweight

This hood features a lightweight design, unique and luxury headgear. As a result, you can wear it comfortably. There is no need to worry about its weight and other issues. Headgear comes with an oversized cushion for extensive adjustability. For better fitting, it has improved support and settings.

Yeswelder true color auto-darkening helmet features sturdy construction to hand harsh welding conditions. Feel free to wear it comfortably even in high temperatures. Welders can adjust its settings as per their preferences.

  • Wide range of visibility
  • True colors
  • Grinding mode
  • Digital control
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable and durable

Final Verdict

If you need plasma applications with a grading feature, you can purchase this best tig welding helmet. By decreasing the traditional green lime in a display screen, you can get the advantage of optimal visibility and clarity.

It not only offers a flawless view but also maintains optical standards of clarity. All credit goes to its exclusive True color technology. You can feel maximum comfort with this headwear protection. 

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Lincoln Electric 3350 Series K3034-3

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Lincoln Electric 3350 series is a good tig welding helmet in terms of price and performance. It is a premium welding helmet with the advanced technology, affordability and comfort. If you are serious about utility and safety, you will need this helmet.

Great for These Tasks

It comes with the biggest lenses and optimal comfort. This helmet is strong enough to stand up various abuses. For this reason, it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professional welders. The lens features high sensitivity for multiple tasks, even TIG welding (low amp).

Optical Clarity

This helmet is famous for its highest optical clarity rating, such as light class diffusion, optical class, angle dependence and luminous transmittance variations. As a result, you will get crystal clear clarity for accuracy welding.

4C Technology

With this latest technology, the brand offers better visibility while decreasing a green-tinted glow. It reduces strain on your eyes and improves your welding performance. Remember, 4C of technology means color (real view), clarity, cut (same shade from each angle) and carat (lightweight).

Massive Window for Viewing

Viewing screen size is 3.74” x 3.34”. It will give an excellent field of view regardless of your position. For this reason, this welding helmet is suitable for beginners. It allows them to focus on welding instead of struggling for the right position. For professional welders, it is appropriate to improve operator control.

Settings of Shade

The adjustable sensitivity settings may range between DIN 5 and DIN 13. It is suitable for lots of welding projects, except for low TIG rating projects. You will find four arc sensors to detect the flash at 1/25,000 second speed. With this responsive helmet, you will feel protected all times.

  • Top quality optics
  • Large viewing area
  • 4C lens technology
  • Impressive battery life
  • Good for optimal fit and comfort

Final Verdict

Lincoln 3350 Viking is suitable for different types of welding procedures. You can use it for Stick, MIG or TIG for maximum comfort and protection. It comes with maximum comfort and protection. It comes with helmet stickers and carrying case.

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Antra Solar Power TIG MMA Plasma

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Antra Solar Power AH6-260-0000 is the best tig welding helmet because of its exclusive darkening auto technology. It features a smart chip to control four sensors. This extremely responsive headgear is suitable for plasma applications, MMA, MIG and TIG.

Interference Suppressions technique can decrease false triggering because of intense sunlight, unnecessary interference and fluorescent light. You can get the advantage of grinding feature and variable shade between 5 and 13.

Solar Power

It features a convenient self-darkening button for testing and battery indicator. Integrated passive filters offer permanent IR/UV protection. In a dark environment, the filter works for almost 10 minutes before it sleeps automatically.

Consistent Protection

The UV/IR passive filters work independently and offer consistent performance even without power. You will find it great for MMA, flux core, plasma cutting, MAG, MIG and TIG. Grinding is easy before welding with its quick grind switch.

  • Reasonably priced product
  • Adjustable knobs to adjust helmet for different jobs
  • Replaceable batteries with longer shelf life
  • Passive filter with shade 13 permanent
  • Auto darkening capacity
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Highly responsive controlling and detecting units

Final Verdict

Antra Solar Power AH6-260-0000 is best for plasma applications, TIG, MMA and grinding work. It comes with a magnifying lens and four sensors along with 86-inch x 1.73-inch size for viewing. Step-less delay is associated with adjustable sensitivity knob.

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TACKLIFE TIG Welding Helmet

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TACKLIFE TIG Welding Helmet is one of the top tig welding helmets. It offers 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and 3/3-8/9-13 shade range. With its four arch sensors, you can get the advantage of super-fast switching.

DIN 3: Amazing Light State

As compared to other brands, it features DIN 13 light state for 14% transmittance. For this reason, the user can see the environment and workpieces. It is good to decrease eye strain and cut off blue light. The filter displays yellow-green light to minimize discomfort.

Wide Application

With this welding mask, you can get the advantage of delay control and adjustable sensitive. It is ideal for DC TIG, MIG/MAG, AC TIG, Stick welding and plasma cutting. You can use it in the repair industry, auto manufacturing, welding shops and DIY projects.

  • Passive filter features shade 13 permanent
  • Great comfortableness
  • 3.94-inch x 2.87-inch large view area
  • Maximum optical clarity
  • Integrated switches to switch between welding and grinding

Final Verdict

Equipped with lots of premium features, the helmet offers bright viewing and excellent ventilation during welding procedures. You will find it suitable for MMA, MIG and TIC applications with lots of grinding features.

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3 M Welding Helmet Speedglass 9100

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For welders, it is an impressive product with lots of unique features. If you need an auto-darkening filter and extra-large viewing size, this helmet will be the best product. You will find it suitable for TIG, MMA, MIG and plasma application.

Auto Darkening 9100XXi Filter

This helmet features an auto-darkening 9100Xxi filter with an excellent viewing area. Its three speedglas is enough to increase your comfort. You can use this helmet for TIG, MIG and stick welding process.

Great Protection from Sparks

With this helmet, you can focus on welding technique, set-up, inspection and precision grinding. It houses easy and fast access to memory and grinding modes with external controls. You can enjoy better protection from sparks, spatters and high rays.

  • Readily identify colors with improved optics
  • Auto-on features
  • Improved user-interface
  • 3M speedglas auto blackening filter
  • Adjustable, ergonomic head suspension

Final Verdict

This lightweight helmet is exceptionally comfortable with head straps. With an excellent face cover, it can protect you from high amperage during a welding process. For optical clarity, it is the finest choice. No doubt, it deserves to be the best tig welding helmet.

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Jackson Safety Insight Variable 46131

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In welding jobs, safety is always a top priority to increase efficiency. You will need this helmet to improve your confidence and performance. It comes with smart filters to work in different environments.

Auto-Darkening Variable Filter

The Insight ADF is suitable for your budget and professional needs. With smart digital controls, top functionality and lightweight, it can improve your performance. You can use it for different welding applications, such as delay and sensitivity functions along with four arc sensors.

Helmet Shell HLX-100

If you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, Jackson HLX-100 can be a great choice to protect your head and eyes. It weighs only six ounces to decrease neck tension. You can use it for an entire day. For inspectors, hobbyists and professionals, it can be an ideal choice.

370 Headgear

Jackson offers one of the best TIG welding helmets in 2022 because it is compatible with different welding tasks. You will find it comfortable with an adjustable eye lens and three-position slider. With crown strap modification, you can quickly lower or raise this helmet.

  • Variable shades, such as 9 to 13
  • 4 sensors and 3.93-inch x 2.36-inch
  • Permits easy grinding
  • Auto-darkening filter is suitable for welding environments
  • Good for grinding and welding operations

Final Verdict

With top-quality lenses and high-grade components, 46131 are great for your safety. This helmet has an auto-darkening mode and offers optical clarity. The welding becomes comfortable with this helmet. You can use it for industrial welding projects.

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Tanox Auto Solar Powered ADF-206 S Helmet

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With this welding headgear, you can enjoy maximum protection. It features solar-powered, auto-darkening welding helmet. Users can get optical clarity with 3.86-inch x 1.73-inch wide viewing.

Versatile Features for Welding Operations

The Tanox helmet is suitable for professional welders. You will find it great for MMA, MIG, TIG, DIY welding and plasma cutting. This welding helmet offers maximum protection for the eyes. It comes with protection against IR and UV radiations.

Clarity from Different Viewing Angles

It is equipped with a fantastic viewing area and permits welders to view from various angles clearly. For this reason, this helmet is better than its counterparts. You will get a warning for low battery. Remember, lithium battery and solar cells feature two years of the lifecycle.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This helmet comes with 16-inch gloves for welding. For construction workers and welders, this set is excellent. Moreover, you can use them in metal production, fabrication, mining, military operations, etc. Feel free to contact its manufacturer in case of any problem.

  • Auto darkening welding solar helmet
  • Large area for comfortable viewing
  • Protect welders against IR and UV radiation
  • Great for MMA, MIG, TIG and plasma projects
  • 2 years life span for lithium batteries

Final Verdict

This welding headgear is an excellent upgrade of safety glasses and goggles. You can wear it during the welding process. For a bonus, you can get an additional lens and welding gloves to fit almost every hand.   

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ESAB Sentinel 0700000800 A50 Helmet

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With a large lens, crucial comfort and great technology, it can be the best tig welding helmet for you. It will help you to complete your job without any trouble. You will get 3.93-inch x 2.36-inch viewing area.

Revolutionary Design

With flawless features and revolutionary design, it may be the best choice for welders. This helmet is designed with top-quality nylon material that makes it durable and heat resistant. The 5 point unit and ergonomic design offer additional support to your head and neck.

Work Without Strain

It enables you to complete your welding projects smoothly, without any strain. This welding helmet supports a 3-way mode for grinding. You can get the advantage of a collared screen to change its mode quickly.

High Ratings for TIG Projects

You will find this helmet suitable and versatile for TIG and other projects. The variable shades and auto-darkening features offer optical clarity at high amperage. It comes with a huge magnifying lens for better viewing angle.

  • Fantastic shell design featuring high resistance nylon
  • 3.93-inch x 2.36-inch wide viewing angle
  • Adjustable headgear 5 point
  • 3 shade grind model with grind button
  • Optima clarity

Final Verdict

This helmet features a touch screen and quick switching keys to decrease the danger of harmful rays. With this helmet, you can comfortably complete welding projects. It can reduce the chances of safety issues.

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Hobart 770756 Auto-Dark Variable Helmet

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The variable-shade Hobart Impact is a durable, stylish polyamide helmet. It offers variable-shade lens and versatility. You will find it suitable for TIG capable operations. Hobart Impact offers grind mode and indicator for low battery.

Dependable Headgear with Great Features

If you want a reliable helmet, Hobart 77056 is an excellent choice. It has three arc sensors for auto-darkening functions. This helmet has LCD class-leading technology to protect your eyes. An adjustable shade level varies from 8 – 13.

Great for Any Welding

It features incredible low-light capability for different types of welding projects. For brightest days, you can get the advantage of auto-darkening features. You can get the benefit of 1/25,000 split-second time for reaction.

Keep Your Head Cool

During metal heating procedures, it can keep your head cool. Its ultra-light mask is combined with comfortable headgear. You will find it convenient and pleasant to wear, even in the summer season.

  • Variable shade 8 to 13
  • Durable and lightweight polyamide
  • Shut off and grind mode
  • Reaction time 1/25,000 second reaction time
  • Viewing area is 7.05 square inch
  • Great ventilation and super comfortable

Final Verdict

After wearing this mask, you will avoid sweat and heat. It will help you to breathe easily. A wide viewing lens offers optimal clarity. No doubt, this headgear is extremely adjustable ad super comfortable.

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TekWare True Color Anti Fog Up TIG Helmet

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It is suitable for MMA, MIG, and TIG welding projects. You will find a true color and better clarity view. This helmet features 2 arc sensor and 11/1/2 optical clarity. With this stylish headgear, you will get superior comfort.

Super-darkening Features

Tekware offers ultra-large headgear to protect you from IR and UV radiation. It enables you to switch between light and dark within 1/1000 seconds. The welders can enjoy maximum protection during different projects.

Auto Darkening Helmet

After wearing this headgear, you can protect your head and face from different injuries. It features a streamlined body and avoids the fog accumulation on the lens. This lens comes with adjustment function in four directions. For this reason, users can move freely and adjust it flexibly.

Wide Screen View

With accurate color technology, you can enjoy a wide-screen view. Side view offers an excellent vision of the welding area. The unique anti-fog design keeps fog away and increases your comfort during different projects.

  • Impressive features
  • Great for long-term comfort
  • Amazing for all welding projects
  • IR and UV radiation protection
  • Super-fast speed
  • Streamlined body

Final Verdict

TekWare is famous for its amazing color technology and large viewing area. It can decrease lime green shade to offer better clarity. Side view and a fantastic vision to welding areas makes it the best tig welding helmet. Operators can enjoy better control.  

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After reading this article, it will be easy for you to choose the best tig welding helmet. We have shortlisted ten best helmets for your convenience. Before purchasing a helmet, you have to be mindful for its warranty.

Several hoods come with 2 to 3 years warranties. Sometimes, you have to register your helmet to claim its warranty. Moreover, helmets are available in different colors, designs and shapes. A few helmets come with graphical designs.

In this list, ESAB SENTINEL, Lincoln Electric 3350 series and Antra AH6-260-0000 are economical options. Make sure to compare features of all helmets before spending money. Feel free to share your opinion and reviews below.

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