Best TIG Welding Gloves: Buying Guide + Reviews (2023)

Welding jobs without wearing gloves can be hazardous. During welding, you will work at life-threatening temperatures. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands from sparks, sharp edges, electrical hazards, molten metal, UV radiation, flames, heat, etc.

You can’t wear ordinary gloves during welding jobs. For maximum safety, make sure to wear the right type of gloves, such as TIG gloves for TIG welding. It is not safe to wear gardening gloves for welding jobs.

Make sure to buy the best tig welding gloves that can withstand the extremely high temperature. The market has numerous types of gloves; therefore, we have selected the best TIG welding gloves after extensive research.

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OUR BEST TIG Welding Gloves

Superior 370GFKLL Goatskin

  • Cut-resistance gloves
  • Simple to wear
  • Versatile

Lincoln Electric K2981-L

  • No interior lining
  • Highly dexterous
  • Heat-resistant

Caiman Goatskin White

  • 4-inche cuff length
  • Completely unlined
  • Cut-proof

A Guide to Buy the Best TIG Welding Gloves!

If you want to buy the best TIG welding gloves, you have to consider different things. Here are some essential elements to consider:

i). Thickness of Gloves

TIG welding produces limited heat as compared to other welding types, but it still involves heat. For this reason, you have to buy thick gloves for welding. This welding requires sufficient dexterity for a particular movement. Buy a welding glove with Kevlar lining to withstand heat buildups. 

ii). Coverage

The best tig welding gloves offer maximum coverage for protection from heat and UV radiation. It is essential for all types of welding. This welding may not create sparks or slag similar to other types of welding.

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation of different types can be damaging. You can avoid the adverse effects of UV rays from welding or the sun. Make sure to buy a pair of gloves with sufficient arm coverage. A flame-resistant and breathable cuff or sleeve may offer protection from dangerous UV radiations.

iii). Heat Sensitivity 

Welding metal may create heat around you; therefore, you will need gloves with heat sensitivity. The best TIG welding gloves UK come with a higher rating of heat. Make sure to buy gloves with insulated lining, particularly on palms and fingerprint for extra protection.

Buy TIG welding gloves made of flame-resistant material. Select special exterior and padding to get protection against hot metal or dripping. It will help you to keep your hands protected. These gloves should offer protection from the heat and other elements.

iv). Touch Sensitivity

It is an essential component when selecting the right TIG welding gloves. Remember, a TIG welder needs the coordination of durability and touch sensitivity. Make sure to choose the best tig welding gloves to promote a full range of motion in the wrist, thumb, and fingers.

The market has plenty of synthetic materials, but it can be challenging to beat the versatility and quality of leather. The leather from kidskin may have a soft feel that makes this glove sensitive and heat resistant.

v). Material of Gloves 

Several TIG welding gloves are made of leather. Nowadays, different types of leathers are utilized in the gloves to improve their performance and feel. Here are some commonly used leathers in good TIG welding gloves:

  • Cowskin
  • Kangaroo skin
  • Elkskin
  • Pigskin
  • Deerskin
  • Goat Skin
  • Kidskin

Nowadays, the top tig welding gloves are made of kidskin. This leather is durable and flexible than other leathers. These gloves may be less resistant to heat. Other than animals, leather is made of top or split-grain leather.

Moreover, you should consider a Kevlar stitching or lining for heat retention. It will maintain the flexibility of thin leather. A glove becomes cut resistant with Kelvar lining.

vi). Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care for TIG welding involve proper washing and cleaning. It is essential to clean these gloves regularly to increase their lifespan. Feel free to use a mild detergent and cool water for cleaning.

Use a white and clean cloth to rub stains and dirt on the surface of gloves gently. Squeeze gloves with both hands to remove extra water. Avoid twisting and wringing gloves to make them dry because it can cause damages to material. Let them air-dry completely before using your pair of gloves again.


Q: What kind of gloves is suitable for welding?

A welding glove must be made of thick leather material. This material can protect your hands from UV radiations and burning materials. Make sure to buy gloves especially designed for TIG, MIG and stick welding.

Q: What is the average age of welding gloves?

Welding gloves may not last longer. Remember, the average life of gloves may vary between 1 – 8 weeks because these are designed to work with high heat.

Q: Can I use TIG gloves for other welding types?

Yes, some welding gloves are designed for multiple welding procedures. TIG gloves may work well for MIG welding. Before using TIG gloves for other types of welding, you should check instructions of the manufacturer.

Q: Do I focus on lining of TIG welding gloves?

Yes, it is an important consideration to purchase reliable gloves. To get additional protection, you have to select gloves with wool or cotton lining. Remember, the cotton lining can absorb swat and offer more dexterity.

The wool lining is also good, but it can decrease your mobility. No doubt, wool lining is an excellent choice because of its heat-resistant qualities.

Q: Why thread and stitches are important?

For TIG welding gloves, you have to pay attention to stitches and thread. Make sure to buy gloves with robust and heat-resistant stitches. Gloves with Kevlar thread can be a suitable choice. Remember, Kevlar thread is suitable to bear the heat. These can’t melt easily and may deal with wear and tear.  

Top 10 Best TIG Welding Gloves:

If you are looking forward to purchase the best TIG gloves, see these top 10 Best TIG Welding Gloves 2022.


Superior 370GFKLL Goatskin Precision Arc TIG Gloves

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Superior 370GFKL is a durable pair of TIG welding gloves. After wearing these gloves, you can touch hot steel for a long duration without burning your hand. These gloves are uniquely designed to meet the needs of TIG welders.

Durable Gloves

The sewn and cut Kevlar interlock make them strong. It is used on a portion of hand for the lining of the glove. It is excellent to give a secure and precise fit for users. You will not face any interference in resistance and touch sensitivity of gloves against heat.

Versatile Welding Gloves

These gloves are not restricted to TIG welding only. Fortunately, you can wear them for MIG and TIG welding operations. You will find it great for steel foundries and stainless steel welding. It is easy to put these gloves on with gauntlet split-cowhide cuffs.

  • Cut-resistance gloves
  • Simple to wear
  • Offers great cut control and dexterity
  • Secure and precise fit guaranteed
  • Versatile, not only for TIG welding

Final Verdict

Superior 370GFKLL gloves are made of goatskin leather to offer dexterity and a fantastic sense of touch. You can work with these gloves without sacrificing your sense of style. After wearing these gloves, you will enjoy incredible protection.

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Lincoln Electric TIG Welding Grain Leather Gloves

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Lincoln Electric offers the best TIG welding gloves UK with precise design. Split and grain leather makes these gloves extremely durable. It features Kevlar threat and one unlined hand (padded palm) for maximum dexterity and comfort.

Precise and Strong Design

The strategic reinforcement and lightweight construction offer fantastic durability and control. You can use it for different TIG projects. These gloves feature grain leather construction. With grain goat form-fitting skin leather, it offers a fantastic feel and fit.

Reinforced Seams

The stitched seams Kevlar provide fantastic force, and reinforced seam thumb fortifies a wear point. It is made of lightweight leather with unusual seam patterns to offer smooth movement of hands.

Every glove is designed as per strict specifications of the quality to offer consistent function and fit. These gloves may stain easily while working with steel. It works efficiently with TIG and stainless welding.

  • 4 inches cuff length
  • No interior lining
  • Grain leather as external material
  • Highly dexterous
  • Heat-resistant

Final Verdict

You may not find it great to touch hot metals for a longer duration. It will help you to get a fantastic grasp during TIG and other types of welding. These gloves are suitable for professionals to protect their hands.

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Caiman Goatskin White, Welding, Long Cuff Tig

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Do you want to manage different welding tasks without any trouble? You will need the best TIG welding gloves. With these gloves, you will get extra protection from splatter and heat. You may need great dexterity, and it is possible with these gloves.

Long Cuff Welding Gloves

Caiman’s white goatskin gloves are designed from goat grain highly resilient leather. The palm and fingers of these gloves use the same material. These are prepared with a 4” cuff containing a different hide of split long leather.

It is an amazing fusion of durable material. You will get protection along your wrist. These gloves are free from the fuzzy lining. It is not bad for your comfort because the goatskin is smooth. You can avoid white-fluff on your hand. Moreover, it will allow you to manage amazing dexterity.


  • 4-inche cuff length
  • Durable and resilient goat grain leather
  • Cut-proof
  • Completely unlined
  • Highly dexterous
  • Surrounding heat-resistant
  • Long split leather cuffs

Final Verdict

It is worth investing in this pair because you can switch to other types of welding without changing gloves. You will feel pleasure to work with this leather material. These are well-worn gloves to feel cozy. Remember, welders love gloves paired with great comfort and price.

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Revco Black BSX Stallion Comfortable TIG/MIG Welding Gloves

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Revco GM1510 is excellent for TIG/MIG welding. You will get the ultimate welding solution after purchasing these gloves. These gloves are made of soft and high-premium goatskin. If you need lightweight protection, feel free to buy this pair.

Best Overall Quality

The overall quality of this glove can satisfy everyone. These durable gloves can handle lots of abuse and use. It is possible to use them for an extended duration. You can wear this protection for long hours, such as 8 hours.

You can get the advantage of additional heat protection with a lined palm. With the help of Kevlar stitching, the glove is efficiently delivering its promise of being resistant to sparks and abrasion. The padded built-in DragPatch offers excellent coverage for hot zones.

Flexible Gloves

No doubt, these gloves are flexible to use with arthritic hands. For incredible trigger control, you can get the advantage of the seamless index finger. You may not find it suitable for MIG welding. These gloves may shrink because of the hot elements of MIG welding.

  • Lightweight protection
  • Lined palm offers extra protection from heat
  • May resist sparks and abrasion
  • Flexible
  • Suitable to handle maximum abuse

Final Verdict

For extra heat protection, Revco TIG/MIG gloves are suitable. These can deliver their promises and save your hands from sparks and abrasion. Carefully use these gloves for MIG welding because these may shrink because of heat.

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Tillman Top Grain 1338 Goatskin TIG Gloves

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Tillman 1338 gloves enable you to feel comfortable. You will get extra support from burning during TIG welding. They offer additional support for MIG and other types of welding. There is no need to worry about wear and tear.

Practical Design

Tillman features a simple and snug shape with practical design. These gloves may not offer heat-resistant, direct-touch, but they may provide sufficient surrounding. You will get a fantastic heat resistance for low and high amp TIG welding.

With Kelvar stitch, these gloves are durable and may not tear easily. If you need affordable gloves, feel free to buy Tillman. You will get a sensitive touch for your palm and fingers. These gloves offer 4” extra-large cuff.

Glide patch can ease moment and shield side of gloves while dragging welding guns. If you need the best gun grip, you can get the advantage of straight thumb. Kelvar sewn offers extra seam strength.

  • 4 inches cuff length
  • Top-grain goatskin external material
  • Highly dexterous
  • Heat-resistant surrounding
  • Zero internal lining
  • Reinforced patch on thumb

Final Verdict

You will find these gloves extremely useful for TIG welding. These offer extra strength with reinforced thumb. Fortunately, these gloves are suitable for different welding jobs.

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BSX 3 Kidskin Premium Finger Cowhide TIG Welding Gloves

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A unique design (three-design) offers amazing tactile performance with fantastic durability. These gloves are available with soft grain smooth pigskin on three fingers. You will get additional dexterity and study split cowhide back and palm.

Premium Quality Leather

These gloves are designed from premium grade leather material that has the best thickness. It offers appropriate heat insulation during welding tasks. The large cuffs make these gloves extremely comfortable. After wearing these gloves, you can avoid the chances of burning events.

Durable Gloves

Sturdiness and durability of these gloves make them long-lasting and affordable. You can get an excellent level of dexterity with soft pigskin grain leather. It offers the right protection and thickness. With the use of these valuable gloves, you will get extra padding and protection.

  • Reliable and highly versatile
  • Study and long-lasting
  • Protective and comfortable
  • Kevlar stitching for maximum protection
  • Amazing dexterity level
  • Protects hands from getting scorched

Final Verdict

On three fingers, these gloves have soft grain leather for maximum dexterity. You will find these gloves valuable with extra padding on palms. It will enhance the comfort level during welding tasks. With the use of this valuable pair of gloves, you can handle different types of welding tasks.

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Steiner 21923-L TIG Welding Gloves Split Cowhide

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Steiner 21932-L offers amazing gloves for TIG and MIG welding. These provide reliable protection and high-quality construction. With these gloves, you can make your welding safe and comfortable.

Durable Cowhide

With shoulder split durable cowhide, you can get the advantage of durability and heat protection capacity. It offers extra protection with palm reinforcement and back insulated with foam. These gloves feature lock stitching with Kevlar thread.

Comfortable Feel

Almost every amazing pair of gloves has Kelvar threat stitching. The welted seams and fingers are designed to avoid burnt stitches. Both the cotton lining and insulated back contribute to the feel and comfort of gloves. These gloves come in two sizes. Length of these gloves may be 19-inch or 23-inch.

  • Durable materials
  • Great resistance to high heat
  • Forearm protection with long sleeves
  • Comfortable and soft for flexible hand movements
  • Great reinforcement in areas with high wear

Final Verdict

Steiner 21932-L offers the best protection for TIG welding activities. This product is designed to provide maximum protection and safety in your workplace. The manufacture uses cowhide leather to offer a fantastic fusion of comfort, abrasion resistance, dexterity and durability.

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QeeLink TIG Welding Gloves Water and Heat Resistant

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QeeLink TIG welding gloves are comfortable, functional and durable. These are made of thick leather for maximum comfort and reinforcement. The durable leather gloves can always protect your hands. Feel free to invest in this pair to decrease your worries.

Multi-function Glove Design

These are not only great for welding but other tasks, such as BBQ, fireplace, gardening, camping, MIG and TIG welding. They come with a flexible wing thumb reinforce design. You can get the advantage of maximum flexibility and easy operations.

Strong Stitching and Heat Resistant

It features a soft cotton liner to absorb sweat and offer extra insulation of heat. You will feel comfortable after wearing these gloves. These are heat resistant and feature strong stitching. Locked stitching provides with extra strength.

These gloves use Kelvar threat (heat resistant) for sewing outside and inside. If you need the best flame and heat resistant gloves, you will find them suitable. They can protect your hands from ultraviolet rays, fire and sparks.


  • Kevlar stitching
  • Prolonged durability
  • Manufactured with premium cowhide leather
  • Great stitching and cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Great for beginners in the world
  • Ideal stitching

Final Verdict

If you want safety gloves with flexible and waterproof design, QeeLink welding gloves can be ideal for you. With the use of these gloves, it will be easy for you to handle hot materials, such as molten metal and firewood.

Editor Rating


RAPICCA Forge Leather TIG Welding Gloves with Long Sleeve

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Do you want special gloves for stress-free TIG welding jobs? You will need Rapicca leather welding gloves. These can protect your hands from extra heat through its cotton lining. You will get additional protection from heat with inner lining made of cotton.

Heat Resistance Design

These gloves are designed for the best durability and thermal protection. You can use them for long-term projects without any fear. With Rapicca, you can get double Kelvar reinforce padding on palms and fingers.

Best Kelvar Stitching

Rapicca gloves are suitable for their heat resistance. You can get extra protection to almost 500℃ (932°F). These extra-long gloves can protect your hand and forearms from heat hazards. For superior comfort and exceptional durability, you can use these gloves during hot projects.

Reinforced Padding on Fingers

These are one of the best tig welding gloves 2022 with reinforced padding on fingers. The double padding on all the fingers offers fantastic resistance and protection from heat. It features reinforced padding on the elbow to increase durability and avoid tears.


  • Constructed with premium leather
  • Flexible design and cotton lining
  • Great for professional welders
  • Comfortable and durable gloves
  • Conform with the shape of both hands
  • Great for stick, TIG and plasma welding

Final Verdict

The dual reinforced and durable Kelvar padding can protect your hand from sparks, flames and spatter. You can get the advantage of heat-resistance and insulated liner. Flame retardant liner offers resistance from temperature.

Editor Rating


NKTM Leather TIG Welding Gloves with Wear and Heat Resistance

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These are the best TIG welding gloves with several unique features. You can use them for welding, grilling and other tasks. It enables you to hold hot plates of ceramic. With these high-performance gloves, you will get fantastic protection.

Incredible Protection and High Performance

NKTM welding gloves offer resistant to puncture, tear, blade cut and abrasion. This pair is designed to compete with the other top TIG welding gloves in the market. You can protect your hands with the use of this versatile pair.

Feel free to use it for soldering, welding mechanical and carpentry work. These can protect your skin from possible dangers, such as cuts and skin burning.

Versatile and High Quality

NKTM welding gloves are multipurpose gears to protect your hands during professional and domestic tasks. These are great for gardening, camping, heat resistant tasks, fireplace, and several other activities.

Use these gloves to manage hot grills or welding projects. You will get a fantastic level of protection and complete each task without burning yourself.


  • Premium leather cowhide
  • Great cushioning of hands with reinforced palm
  • Canvas cuff and cotton liner
  • Versatile gloves
  • Heat resistant for great protection
  • Comfortable and flexible design

Final Verdict

NKTM leather gloves have reinforced shield for your hands along with double layers of leather on fingers and palm. You can avoid sweating inside these gloves with cotton lining. For added heat resistance and softness, these have canvas cuffs. 

Editor Rating


After reading this post, you will be able to choose the best TIG welding gloves. With the right gloves, you can make welding procedure easy. A pair of glove must offer sufficient protection and comfortable fit.

If you want the best gloves, Superior 370GFKLL Goatskin Precision Arc TIG Gloves and Lincoln Electric TIG Welding Grain Leather Gloves can be an excellent choice. Feel free to choose any one of these welding gloves as per your need.

Carefully read this guide to choose good TIG welding gloves. This guide will help you to identify the best gloves as per your needs. Remember, gloves must offer sufficient protection and a comfortable fit.

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