10 Best TIG Welders for Beginners! (Product Reviews 2023)

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding allows superior operational control than other techniques. Remember, TIG welding allows you to weld numerous metal types as compared to other welding procedures. You can produce high-quality welding without smoke and spatter.

In fabrication, TIG welding is a complicated procedure. You will need the right welding machine to complete your projects. A wrong machine may produce poor quality jobs. The selection of the right welder as per your needs can be a challenge.

Fortunately, plenty of the best TIG welder for beginners are available in the market. Some top welder brands are Everlast, Lincoln, Hobart, Miller Electric, AHP Alpha, etc. To make things easy, we have reviewed the top ten best TIG welders to meet your needs.


PrimeWeld 50 Amp

  • Compact & lightweight design
  • 3-year warranty
  • 3 in 1 machine

Hobart EZ-TIG 500551

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Auto shutdown design 
  • Easy to use and set up

Weldpro Digital 2020 TIG ACDC

  • Professional design 
  • VRD function
  • High-frequency start-up

A Guide to Buy the Best TIG Welders for beginners:

Do you want to know what’s the best tig welder for a beginner? Here are some essential factors to consider:

i). Appearance and Quality of Project

When you talk about TIG welding, speed and quality are important factors to consider. For a business of precision of high-end-manufacturing, silos are better than mass production.

Make sure to buy a TIG welder with AC capabilities.

ii). Metal Thickness

If you want to weld delicate and thin metals, make sure to choose a unit with high performance at low amperage. Remember, TIG welding is ideal for thin metals.

Moreover, stick or MIG welding is suitable for metals that have a ½” or more thickness.

iii). Combination of DC/AC

If you have stainless steel or steel, you may get the best results with DC outputs. For aluminum and magnesium welding, you have to use AC output from a power source.

For maximum versatility, you will need a combination of AC/DC in a welding machine.

iv). Foot Pedal

Some people need TIG welders with foot pedal because you will need two hands to manage a welding job. Make sure to keep a hand on a torch and put another hand on a filler rod. A foot pedal may control welding projects when you are unable to touch it.

With the best foot pedals, you can get a natural angle to the floor that may not cause discomfort or pain in the foot. You must look for a responsive foot pedal that will instantly respond as per the adjustments of your foot.

v). Water-cooled or Air-Cooled

Several TIG welders come with special features known as air-cooled or water-cooled that explains how welder cools itself at a higher temperature.

Keep it in mind that air-cooled units use temperature of the nearby air and may run hot. It may allow you to work in tight spaces, but heat can penetrate in work gear.

The water-cooled welder may handle extreme heat. These special machines are available with a small head that may get into tiny spaces. Remember, water-cooled models, are better than air-cooled models.

vi). Pulse Rate

You have to pay attention to the pulse rate of the machine for pulsed welding projects. Old machines may produce almost 4,000 – 4,500 pulses in each second. Remember, new welders may produce nearly 5,000 pulses each second.

Remember, pulse welding proves helpful in working with thin metal pieces that can break with other types of welding.

It decreases heat that contacts with metal to protect it from breaking. Keep it in mind that TIG welding with a higher rating pulse may give better control and produce strong welding.


Q: What is an ideal amperage range for TIG welders?

A good amperage range may vary between 5 amps and 200 amps. It will help you to weld aluminum pieces of almost ¼-inch thick and handle 20 gauges of stainless steel.

Q: What types of projects are suitable for TIG welder?

TIG welder is suitable for bead appearance, such as truck bumpers, bicycle frames, lawn furniture, etc. It proves helpful to weld thin sheet metals. Stainless steel and aluminum are the main places to use a TIG welder.

This welding is excellent to complete work because of its limited contaminants and penetration in the weld.

Q: How much to spend on TIG welding?

You can buy a machine within your budget. Avoid buying cheap products because you can get extra features by paying $50 extra. An affordable TIG welder is available at $200 or even less. The market has numerous models as per your needs and budget.

Q: Do I need a portable TIG welder?

Portability is an important factor in buying a TIG welder. If you want to use a TIG welding machine in tight spaces, make sure to choose a portable and compact machine. It can solve numerous issues. A project that involves heavy and big metal bases will need portable TIG welders.

 You will need a suitable TIG welding machine based on aluminum welding or other metals. Fortunately, you can buy appropriate tools with a welder to increase its efficiency.  

Q: Where to Buy TIG welder accessories?

Please read following reviews:

Top Best TIG Welder for Beginners 2022

If you want the best welder, here are some top models available in the market. See these amazing products:


PrimeWeld 50 Amp 3-in-1 TIG Welder and Plasma Cutter

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

CT-520D is a high-quality and innovative welder to meet rigid safety standards. It offers a long-lasting, convenient, and accurate addition to each workshop. This cutter/welder is an innovative solution to meet rigid standards of safety.

3-in-1 Multipurpose Unit

You will get the advantage of long-lasting, convenient, and accurate addition to the workshop. It is a multipurpose unit for arc welding, Stick and TIG welding, and plasma cutting. It is a reliable cutter or welder with a 60% duty cycle at maximum amps. You can quickly switch between DC stick and TIG welder.

Versatile, Durable and Rugged

Make small work of several metals to ½” thick with a plasma cutting 50A function. It helps you to welds and cuts several metals. You will find it suitable to use on copper, mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper alloys, etc.

Portable and Lightweight

This TIG welder is portable and lightweight. It weighs only 32 pounds; therefore, you can move it easily around your job site or workshop. PrimeWeld welder is backed by three years of warranty.

  • Easy to switch from TIG to a DC stick welder
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 3 in 1 machine to avoid extra cost
  • 3-year warranty
  • Durable machine to survive in harsh environment

Final Verdict

With the use of ct520d, you can switch between different functions easily. It comes with a double voltage capability and weighs only 36 pounds. For this reason, you can carry this machine easily from one place to another.

Editor Rating


Hobart EZ-TIG 500551 165i TIG AC/DC Welder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Hobart Tig welder ensures high-quality and clean welds. This welder comes with a comfortable foot pedal to control the bead of welding precisely. Heat up or cool down the weld puddle to a certain level. It is suitable for different projects.

High-quality Finish

The clean and neat welding is easy with the use of this welder. You can enjoy maximum control on the weld puddle and arc. This is the best tig welder for beginner to manage different welding jobs. Hobart welder weighs only 50 pounds, and it is portable and lightweight.

Easy to Setup and Use

It is easy to set up a Hobart TIG welding machine. You can use it with different welding materials, such as 22 gauges – 3/16” thickness. Remember, this specification applies to both DC and AC welds. The dimensions of this machine are 17 H x 9 7/8 W x 23 7/8 D. The Amperage range of welding may vary between 10 and 165 A in DC and AC modes.

User-friendly Controls

Remember, EZ-TIG features 230V AC/DC package with unique knob control. For this reason, it is easy to use and set up a TIG welder. You can plug it in 230 VAC and connect the gas, choose thickness and material, and start welding.

  • Quickly switch between DC and AC
  • An easy knob to choose the material thickness and right amperage
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Lightweight and portable design to carry as per your convenience
  • Auto shutdown design to avoid overheating
  • TIG welders works great for professionals and beginners

Final Verdict

It is an inverter-based lightweight design with foot control. With its infinite amperage control, you can get the advantage of a broader operating range. HF offers a non-contact arc start to decrease the chances of material contamination and tungsten.

Editor Rating


Weldpro Digital 2020 TIG ACDC 200GD TIG/Stick Welder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Weldpro is the best acdc tig welder for beginner and professionals. This machine is based on advanced inverter technology. It may go up to almost 200 amp to weld thick material and maintain a smooth finish on the metal.

Advanced Technology

The TIGACDC Weldpro welder features IGBT circuits along with PWM technology. It is famous for its significantly decrease weight and size. With its use, a welder can become 30% efficient. The electronic circuitry enables this machine to afford better settings.

Capable of Welding AC and DC Current

This ACDCTIG200 can weld with both AC and DC currents. It enables users to select DC current welding for copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and several metals. Along with its advanced welding function, this welding machine is suitable for Stick and MMA welder.

High-Frequency Technology

The DC/AC TIG welder adopts exclusive high-frequency technology to welders. This welder offers lots of features that are not available in this price range. It features start amps, touch control 2T to 4T, pulse, downslope, end amps, AC balance, upslope, and dedicated pedal for foot control.

  • Great performance
  • Durable welder with great pedal
  • High-frequency start-up
  • VRD function
  • Professional design without any annoyance

Final Verdict

This welder is ideal for inadvertently changing settings of amperage while readjusting its foot pedal. It is suitable for MMA and TIG welding. You will find it ideal for welding aluminum and steel.

Editor Rating


Mophorn TIG Welder 3 in 1 DC Inverter Welding Machine

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

It is a multifunctional welder for TIG, MMA and MIG welding. You will find it suitable for different jobs because of 110V and 220V. Use it to save your money and time for different welding needs. No doubt, it is the best tig welder for beginners UK.

Inner Wire Great Feeder

It comes with an integrated wire feeder for horizontal wire feed and flexible welding current and voltage. With its dual voltage 110v/220v input, you can deal with fluctuation in a power network. You can get the advantage of several accessories, such as brush, folding mas, slag welding hammer, and carbon steel.

Wide Application

For normal iron and thin steel welding, you will find it perfect. You can use it to complete general repair and DIY work. It comes in mini size to make things easy for you. This welding machine features portability and small size.

  • Argon welding and arc stick welding
  • Torch lead 8-foot
  • Weighs almost 20 pounds
  • Lift beginning arc instead of scrabbling
  • Inverter powered
  • Compact and lightweight design

Final Verdict

Mophorn MIG welder is 3 in 1 portable inverter welder. It enables you to weld up stainless steel, cast iron, copper, mild steel, and alloy. You will find it perfect for general and DIY repairing.

Editor Rating


MTS-205 Amp TIG/MIG Combo Welder with 110/230V

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

MTS-205 is a 3-in-1 stick/tig/MIG welding machine. You will find it great for repair and projects in auto body shops and your home. This machine works well with flux wire and solid wire along with the aluminum wire. It is great for stick and TIG function.

Steep Amperage Control

MTS-205 TIG welder offers several features and more control on performance. You can get the advantage of automatic voltage compensation. It comes with features to protect this machine from any electric surge.

The output of this machine may vary between 10 and 255 Amps that makes it an ideal welder. Its powerful mode enables you to get fantastic penetration in dense metals.

Great IGBT Technology

This welder comes with amazing IGBT technology. Its features ensure perfect waveform and maintain a stable arc. In this powerful welding machine, you can get the advantage of a built-in solenoid.

  • Efficient welder
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Higher performance and compact design
  • Capable to weld ½” aluminum alloy, weld steel and stainless steel
  • Synergic controlled
  • Automatic compensation for great fluctuation

Final Verdict

No doubt, MTS-205 is a suitable welder for light metals without any hole. It has the best features with automatic compensation for steeples, voltage, overload protection, and amperage control.

Editor Rating


Everlast TIG 200DV 110/220 Dual Voltage ACDC Welder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Everlast 200DV PowerTig is a dual voltage ACDC welder. It is the latest addition to analog inverters. You can get advantage of its versatility and unique features. This welder is reliable and affordable for beginners and professionals.

Color-Coded Control

With color-coded controls, it is the best beginner tig welder for aluminum. It features clean power and fantastic quality welding day-in and day-out. It can weld steel to 5/16” single pass and 3/8” multi-pass. To weld aluminum, you have to follow 3/8” multi-pass.

Comes with Unique Accessories

This welder comes with amazing accessories to improve your functionality. You can get the advantage of different settings. It is excellent for its smooth and fantastic performance. People find this welding machine expensive, but it completely worth its price.

Multiple Welding Modes

It works smoothly in TIG welding and other welding modes. This welding machine can decrease spatter and improve the performance of the arc. You will get it with a commercial foot pedal. Moreover, it has a water cooler port.

  • Detect voltage automatically
  • Appropriate flow meter
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Available with high-quality accessories
  • Solid construction of steel
  • Adjustable options

Final Verdict

It comes in different settings and modes. You may not find any flaws in this machine. Feel free to use it to weld various types of materials. In terms of performance, this machine has unique and amazing features.

Editor Rating


Weldpro 2020 Inverter 200 Amp Multi Process TIG Welder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The Weldpro 200 is a compact machine for excellent performance at an affordable price. It weighs almost 30 pounds, so it is lightweight for different types of welding jobs. You can store this small size machine anywhere in your home.

Versatile Equipment with Plenty of Options

This bright yellow machine is the best tig welder for beginners Australia. It comes with amazing features of expensive models. You can use it for TIG and stick welding. Feel free to use it for flux core and MIG welding. You may not get a TIG process for aluminum welding.

Great for Beginners

Beginners can use it for light-duty projects, construction, and fabrication. It can satisfy your different needs. With this welder, you can weld almost ¼” of a mild surface of the steel. Other than aluminum, TIG welding is impressive for other metals.

  • Multi-process welder
  • Digital display
  • 300% amp duty cycle
  • Lightweight, compact and portable welder
  • Great value for money
  • Amazing for beginners

Final Verdict

The Weldpro is friendly for beginners with user-friendly controls and a clear display. There is no need to purchase a different machine because it will help you in different welding procedures. It is an affordable multipurpose machine for every welder.

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Amico TIG-160DC Dual Voltage 110/230V Welder

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The TIG welder is famous for its dual voltage capability and a slew of several other features. With this machine, you can weld cast iron, chrome, copper, mild steel, stainless steel, and several other alloys. It is the best tig welder for beginners to save money and time.

Strong and Smooth Welding

It is a high-quality welder for a strong and smooth finish. This welder can weld numerous types of metals. With this powerful and compact welder, you can use it for different projects. Amico features a stick and TIG platform. You can get the advantage of precise weld and arc control.

Powerful and Deceptive Size

This small size welding machine is powerful than its actual looks. It is packed with powerful features and run off 110v to 230v electricity. You can get the advantage of a quiet and smooth performance. The machine is extremely lightweight and compact.


  • Capable of lift start
  • Cheap welding machine
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Amazing welding performance without splatter
  • Good for 110v to 230v
  • Down time short cooling and quiet

Final Verdict

The TIG Amico 160 torch arc is a dc welder for numerous projects. It can handle different types of metals and alloys. With its compact size, the performance will be great for multiple projects.

Editor Rating


Miller Electric TIG Welder 120-240 VAC Diversion 180

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Miller Diversion 180 comes with a user-friendly interface. It will help you to understand the setup procedure. After powering up this machine, you can choose the type of material and thickness range.

Powerful Machine

This powerful welding machine has an ergonomic TIG torch and foot pedal. You can use this pedal to control power and amperage. It is rated at almost 150 amps and features a durable design. For hobbyists and professional welders, it is a comfortable machine.

The maximum power output is 180 amps, along with a 35% duty cycle. It helps you to weld quickly within a few minutes. This unit is AC/DC for aluminum and steel welding. No doubt, it is the best miller tig welder for beginners.


  • Digital display and user-friendly interface
  • Dual voltage plug for instant changes
  • DC and AC capability
  • Inverter technology makes it a portable and powerful unit
  • Trustworthy arc start
  • Auto post-flow feature avoids gas waste

Final Verdict

Miller Diversion can be an excellent welding tool for TIG projects. It supports both AC/DC welding. You will find it suitable for aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. You will get beautiful welds and consistent arc.

Editor Rating


Lotos LTPDC2000D Pilot Non-Touch Arch TIG Welder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

LTPDC2000D is a groundbreaking product in the market. It is a multipurpose welder for TIG and Stick. Feel free to use it for plasma cutting and different other projects. No doubt, it is an affordable welder for various projects.

Non-touch Pilot Arc

This welder can cut efficiently and even deal with troublesome areas, including rust surfaces, rough and painted. It ensures an amazing cutting because a pilot arc technology guarantees precise cutting jobs. You can get the advantage of prolonged consumable life and better cutting quality.

Dual Voltage

This welding machine features dual voltage and dual-frequency. It is an essential feature as the welder can work at 50/60 Hz and 220 V. Feel free to purchase a pigtail separately. Moreover, this machine uses compressed air for stainless steel cutting.


  • Multipurpose welder
  • User-friendly welding machine
  • Deep cuts in different types of metals
  • Three years warranty with product
  • Precise TIG welding on different metals
  • Pilot arch torch to cut painted, rusty and rough surface

Final Verdict

It is the best aluminum tig welder for beginners with three years of limited warranty. This machine comes with a handle; therefore, it is a portable machine. You can use it to cut different materials, including mild steel, copper, aluminum stainless steel and alloy steel.

Editor Rating


After reading this guide, it will be easy for everyone to choose the best TIG welder for beginners. Before selecting a TIG welder, it is essential to consider your budget. Make sure to evaluate the features of different machines before purchasing one best for you.

If you want the best machine, feel free to invest in Lotos TIG and Hobart TIG welding machines. This guide will help you to find the best tool for aluminum welding along with other metals. In this list, you will find the best tig welder for beginner UK. Make sure to evaluate your needs before choosing a welder for your projects.

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