Best TIG Welding Machine Reviews 2022!


AHP AlphaTIG IGBT 200 Amp Welder

  • Flexible output frequency
  • Excellent quality of Arc
  • Progressive inverter technology

Lotots LTP5000D Non-Touch 50Amp

  • High-quality components
  • High value for money
  • Plasma cutting

EVERLAST PowerArc 140amp 

  • Stick and TIG capable
  • Inverter IGBT design
  • Lift start

TIG welding is a complicated procedure in fabrication because you have to choose the right machine for these projects. Plenty of welding machines are available in the market; therefore, it can be challenging to choose the Best Tig Welding Machine.

You should not take stress because we have prepared a list of the best TIG welding machines. Before choosing the best machine, you have to understand the fundamentals of this industry.

The market has flooded with top brands, such as Everlast, Lincoln Electric, Hobart, Miller Electric, and AHP Alpha. This article can help you to choose the best machine.

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Things to Look Before Buying Best Tig Welding Machine:

Your personal requirements will help you to determine the output. Here are some points to consider for selecting the best TIG welding machines.

i). Input Power

TIG welders run DC amps for stainless steel and standard steel welding. To weld aluminum, you have to purchase a machine that can run AC. There are some expensive machines with significant internal changes for AC welding.

You have to determine your welding requirements and output needs. Make sure to look for amperage and DC/AC as two primary considerations. The input power can determine the capability of a device.

For heavy projects, buy a welder with high input power. Several TIG welding machines offer automatic AC/DC adjustability. They may not exceed their power input. You can operate tungsten welder in a specific range.

Aluminum and steel are common material types. They are available in diverse material gauges and thickness. To get the maximum value of bucks, you can buy devices with high input for dense and thick metals. Stainless steel and other hard metals need direct currents.

ii). Amperage

If you need the best tig welding machine for beginners, you have to determine the range of amperage in welders. The thickness of the material is an essential factor to determine the amperage. For thin sheet metal, your welder must have a tiny range of amperage.

It is difficult to achieve a tiny range of amperage as compared to high ranges. Several TIG welders may run 20 – 100 amps easily. You have to find out your amperage needs for welding. The welding margin must not go beyond a particular size for your safety.

iii). Arc Starts

To start high-frequency, the arc is started by pressing a torch trigger and keeping the tip of tungsten away from the metal. Make sure to pay attention to the position of the arc before starting it. The lift starts working after touching the tip with metal.

iv). Accessories

Before buying the best tig welding machine for aluminum or any other metal, you have to consider accessories available with the welder. Sometimes, you have to purchase accessories separately. These can be expensive and increase the price of your product.

With foot pedal, you can adjust the amperage range of your welder. Sometimes, TIG welders come with MIG and stick machines. These machines enable you to weld in different ways. A plasma cutter may be a part of these welders.

v). Size and Weight

Numerous buyers need light machines with fantastic portability. Remember, this feature is essential to determine the transportability of your welder. If you want to operate a welder from a particular position, feel free to consider a heavy-duty tungsten welder.

A nomadic worker needs a machine that is easy to move from one location to another. The transformer is the heaviest section of welding machines. It will determine the size and weight of a device.

Some welding machines can be light, but complicated to carry because of unreliable handles. Make sure to buy a welding machine with durable handles. 


Q: Why portability is vital in TIG welders?

A TIG welding machine must be portable and productive. The best tig welding machine brands focus on the optimal probability to save time and boost productivity. If you want to complete overhead welding projects, you have to buy a portable machine.

Portability of a TIG welder may depend on its setup and equipment. It can be dangerous to carry a massive machine. Pay attention to the welding cables. Remember, too short welding cables may decrease its functionality and probability.

Q: Do you need cooling control?

Yes, it is an essential feature in TIG welding machines. Preheating may prove helpful to prevent cracking because it can prolong the rate of cooling after welding. The thickness and metal type can determine preheat.

Make sure to administer appropriate temperature control before working with delicate or thin materials. You may control the weld temperature through pulse welding. It is an alternating higher and lower peak current for stable arcs.

With the help of effective cooling control, it is possible to ensure a sound structure and neat appearance in welding jobs. Remember, controlled welding temperature can decrease the chances of disintegration and cracking.

Q: Can I buy a multi-function machine?

Nowadays, TIG welders are available with different styles and features. These welders are not limited to a particular welding type. Several machines offer three welding types in a machine, such as Stick, TIG and MIG. Moreover, you can get an integrated plasma cutter.

These things can increase the functionality of a machine for better versatility. It may help you to save space and time. With a single machine, you can notice a significant improvement in your productivity.

Q: What is included in a TIG welding machine?

TIG welding may be a complicated procedure needs your one or both hands along with an amperage pedal to control with a foot. No doubt, you may weld without any foot pedal, but it will not offer a similar control.

In numerous cases, a foot pedal is neglected and may not include in several welders. A TIG welding machine may not come with all these accessories. For this reason, you have to check every added accessory before buying a TIG welding machine.  

Top Ten TIG Welding Machines

In this list, we have reviewed ten machines of the best tig welding machine brands. You can choose one of them as per your needs.


AHP AlphaTIG IGBT 200 Amp Welder

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Do you want a power 200 amp welding machine? AHP AlphaTIG can be a suitable choice with stick function. It is good for both the hobbyist and professional welders with numerous welding opportunities. Feel free to get the advantage of professional quality and affordable machine.

Power width modulation (PWM) and IGBT technology design offer long-lasting and reliable power source. With fantastic performance on 110v and 220v, cleaning control and pulse features are available for AC.

AHP is the best TIG welding machine with versatile features and functionality. Feel free to use this machine for home repairs, business, or hobbyist projects. It can work really well with dense gauge material.

AlphaTIG 200X is great to produce thin and precise welds and may handle ¼” aluminum and 3/8” steel. It is available with a tig torch and may weld 7018 and 6013. You can control its function because it allows you to weld with a convenient foot pedal and both hands.


  • Excellent quality of Arc
  • Flexible output frequency
  • Progressive inverter technology
  • Two modes are available: 2T and 4T
  • Excellent value for money

Final Verdict:

At 38 pounds, you will find it portable and easy to handle. It comes with a 3-year warranty and an affordable price tag. You will find it suitable for beginners and professionals. 

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Lotots LTP5000D Non-Touch 50Amp Pilot Arc

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It is a versatile welding unit for stick and TIG welding along with plasma cutting. If you want the best value for money, you can choose this combination of welder and cutter. Lotos offers a pilot arc torch to cut efficiently painted, rusty and rough surfaces and produce negligible slag.

With pilot arc technology, you can use cut the metal without even touching it. This compact plasma cutter offers the best portability and utilizes compressed non-hazardous air for cutting aluminum, copper, mild steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. If you want the best tig welding machine for stainless steel, it can be a suitable model.

The LTP5000D Lotos pilot arc delivers a strong performance in cutting. The arc feature proves useful to cut consistently on dirty metal and rough surfaces. An augmented design is based on MOSFET/IGBT state-of-the-art transistors for high power output.


  • High value for money
  • Convenient operation and configuration
  • High-quality components
  • Combines stick and TIG welding
  • Plasma cutting

Final Verdict:

LTP5000D is a versatile welding machine for different projects. It will help you to cut thick metal and complete light-duty and DIY projects. With dual voltage capability, you can run this machine on 50/60 Hz 220 V or 50/60 Hz 110 V with a pigtail.

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EVERLAST PowerArc 140amp 140STi Lift Start Stick/TIG

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Do you want maximum performance and flexibility? EVERLAST offers the best welding machine. It features 140ST PowerARC for DC Lift TIG and sticks capability. You can easily carry it with a carrying case.

The welder comes with both adaptive auto hot start and arc force auto adaptive control in TIG and stick mode. It is good to improve weldability in difficult to begin welding electrodes. If rod sticking is a problem, use 140ST PowerArc with 120V/240V double-voltage capability.

Everlast is easy to carry because it weighs almost 25 pounds. You can get the advantage of a carrying case (impact resistance) for maximum portability. It is a powerful welding machine for beginners and professional welders.

Both stick and TIG welding machine is a versatile welding machine. It features double welding ability to complete different projects. With PowerArc, it delivers a stable, consistent arch during the procedure giving you perfect, clean beads.

For stick welding, it uses electrodes between 1/16” and 1/8” thick. This welding machine may weld up a metal plate of 3/16” in one single pass.

  • Stick and TIG capable
  • Inverter IGBT design
  • Lift start
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Starter kit and carrying case
  • Solid duty cycle

Final Verdict:

For great function and flexibility, it is a powerful welding machine. The welding machine uses different rods, such as E7018, E7014, E6013 and E6011.

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Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The TIG225X PrimeWeld 225 amp welder proves helpful like AlphaTIG AHP. It is the best TIG welding machine featuring different settings. With an AC welding and pulse setting, you will find this machine suitable for aluminum.

You may find this machine heavy than others. For beginners, it may have some complicated settings. It comes with a finger switch and a foot pedal. With its mid-weld adjustment qualities, you can change amperage.

The pedal is useful to make some adjustments and complete the job easily. With its CK air-cooled Superflex Torch, you can use this machine for low amperage welding. It is an in-hand, lightweight and comfortable machine.

It is not water-cooled and may heat up during high-amperage welding projects. PRIMEWELD offers the best customer service to enhance your work experience. You will get maximum versatility in welding operations with this machine.

For ease of use, high-quality foot pedal control is made of metal. It features 10 to 225/ 0.5 to 10 hz pulse frequency and 0.1s to 1s pre-flow. This unit comes with a flex head CK17 torch, Dinse CK connector and flexes CK tubing.

  • Pulse arc proficiency
  • Good to weld aluminum
  • Amazing customer service
  • Great range of settings
  • Integrated finger switch and foot pedal
  • Amazing to begin arc

Final Verdict:

This welding machine is suitable to weld aluminum. It offers fantastic customer service to improve your experience. Some people may find this machine a bit heavy.

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Weldpro TIG Digital 200GD 200 Amp ACDC Stick/Tig Welder

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Digital TIG200GD of Weldpro is an affordable and versatile welding machine. You will find it suitable for different welding projects. This inverter based machine uses advanced technology. Its IGBT circuits and PWM technology comes with reduced weight and size.

This best tig welding machine can increase the efficiency of welders to almost 30%. The ACDCTIG200GD has a duty cycle of 40% at full amperage for TIG DC and 60% for TIG AC. With this welding machine, you can switch between DC and AC.

It enables users to select DC current welding for copper, stainless steel and carbon steel along with other metals. The welder adopts exclusive high-frequency technology and pure square wave output, excellent balance control and arc force for aluminum cleaning.

The DC/AC TIG welder offers impressive features. It can make things easy with touch control 2T – 4T, end amps, start amps, downslope, upslope, dedicated pedal for foot control and AC balance. This TIG welder is great for advanced welders. You can readjust foot pedal as per the position of welding.

  • Capabilities of pulse arc
  • Affordable
  • All-ground excellent TIG welder
  • Well-designed pedal for foot
  • Sloping functions
  • High-frequency start

Final Verdict:

For low-frequency and high-frequency jobs, it can be a suitable welding machine. It can be the right choice for both industrial welders and hobbyists.

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SUNGOLDPOWER MMA Arc TIG 200A Welding Machine

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Do you need an affordable and lightweight welding machine? You can buy this TIG-200 Sungoldpower welding machine. This inverter welder can accommodate high welding DC TIG frequencies. IGBT technology guarantees particular arc stability.

You may not like its performance for aluminum welding. It is competent to use with copper, nickel alloys, bronze, steel and several other materials. This machine features a readable, small LED display. To use TIG torch, you will need TIG torch connector and a gas line.

This machine offers a complete package with numerous integrated safety features, including under-voltage protection, voltage fluctuation compensation and overload protection. You will get the advantage of both DC and AC output.

ARC200 comes with a TIG function to complete different projects. Touch the tungsten with work pieces and life an electric arc to protect tungsten electrode from contamination with materials.

  • MMA/TIG/Stick affordable welding machine
  • Intuitive knob and digital display adjustments
  • IGBT technology
  • Lightweight design with user-friendly handle
  • Compatible to use with generator
  • Portable and lightweight machine

Final Verdict:

Sungoldpower TIG welding machine can work with nickel alloys, bronze, copper and steel. It features a user-friendly interface and integrated safety features.

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AmicoTIG-225 Dual Voltage 220 Amp High Frequency Welding Machine

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The TIG-225 Amico amp 220 welding machine is affordable. It features more amperage and higher price. This welding machine is suitable for hobbyists to learn easy and primary use. Amico offers a high-quality and affordable machine.

It is portable and lightweight machine for on-site projects. If you want to run heavy welds out of garage or workshop, you can consider this welding machine. This machine has a durable case to withstand the on-site harsh environments.

This machine may lack features of high-quality welding machines. It may not have lots of TIG features. The welding machine features automatic temperature control, steeples amperage control, generator friendly functions and fan dormancy.

The power source of welding may feature concentrated, stable and stronger arc. With dynamic characteristics, you can adjust the functions and features of this machine. It weighs almost 27 pounds; therefore, it is incredibly portable.

  • Suitable for TIG torch with arc/stick welder
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Heavy-duty case
  • High amperage range
  • Small size welder
  • Affordable machine

Final Verdict:

Amico TIG-225 is suitable to weld mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel alloys, chrome, and cast iron. It features advanced inverter technology.

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YESWELDER 200 Amp TIG-205DS HF TIG Welding Machine

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For high-frequency torch, you will find TIG-205DS suitable. It is available with arc welder for different projects. With HF start-easy arch, you can notice an improvement in the life of tungsten. It comes with an IGBT soft switch technology and 15 to 200 amps welding.

This durable and lightweight machine can be a suitable choice for professional and personal use. You can get the advantage of automatic coverage for under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection and voltage variation. 

The HF guarantees a 100% start-up, LCD amperage display and convenience. With its 15 to 200 amps, you will find it suitable for multiple welding operations. You can get the advantage of flawless welding, post-weld and spatter cleanup.

With its strength and lightness of components, it can be a reliable work tool. It features fan dormancy, automatic temperature control, generator friendliness and steeples amperage control.

  • IGBT soft switch technology
  • Start-easy HF arc starting
  • TIG torch high-frequency
  • 15 to 200 amps
  • Great for thin work pieces
  • Voltage fluctuant compensation
  • Under-voltage and over-voltage protection
  • Over-current protection

Final Verdict:

For professional and personal use, TIG-205DG is suitable for numerous benefits. It is a reliable tool with under-voltage, over current and overload protection.

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S7 Welder ARC 200A Welder Machine Digital IGBT Display

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The 200-amp power S7 welding machine is an affordable choice for beginners and professionals. You can get the advantage of excellent features and quality. This powerful welder has advanced IGBT inverter technology.

It can weld steel, stainless steel, cast iron and mild steel. IGBT power machine comes with exclusive control mode to improve the dependability of welding machines. This energy-saving king can decrease the damage of iron and copper.

You can get the advantage of energy-conserving and better welding capacity. Significant power and portable design are applicable for welding ferrous metals. It comes with compact design, great carrying handle, and user manual.

This best tig welding machine comes with a warranty of three years and technical services. Welding will be easy with the help of this portable machine. Feel free to use it for professional and DIY projects.

  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology
  • Decrease the iron and copper damage
  • Big power and portable
  • Great welding features
  • Affordable welder
  • High amperage range
  • Portable design

Final Verdict:

It is a high-amperage machine for almost 110-volt power points. You may not find it better than advanced quality welders, but it justifies its price. This machine can deliver the best results of hobbyist projects.

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Lotos TIG200ACDCP TIG/Stick ARC 200A Arc Welder

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The Lotos TIG200ACDC may prove helpful for TIG welding aluminum. It features a tremendous high-frequency start and precise TIG welding. Users can save almost ten parameters with TIG200ACDCP.

It features an advanced cooling system for durable and stable high performance. You will find it suitable for precise stainless steel welding, aluminum and several other metals. Hot start stick and arc force feature 20 to 180 AMP dc stick.

This welding machine is excellent for the beautiful shape of welding. Make sure to use it for the primary and acid electrode. With this tool, you can complete different DIY projects. It offers high-quality cutting and welding tools.

  • DC/AC pulse TIG welding for aluminum
  • High-frequency start
  • Features foot pedal
  • Down-sloping dial
  • Digital control with precise welding
  • Cooling system
  • Hot start and arc force stick

Final Verdict:

It can be the best tig welding machine for home use.  This welding machine comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day refund. Lotos offers the best features for DIY projects.

Editor Rating:


If you want to buy the best `welding machine, you have to consider several essential things. Make sure to consider your budget and welding needs before making a purchase decision. Your personal preferences are necessary to consider, such as aluminum welding needs AC power.

A user who doesn’t need to weld aluminum must not invest in a machine with AC power output. Make sure to consider your needs when selecting cooling equipment, foot pedals and other add-ons.

Feel free to buy AHP AlphaTIG IGBT 200 Amp Welder if you need the best machine. Moreover, PRIMEWELD TIG225X offers better amps than Lincoln or Miller welder. In this list, you will find several low-priced tools. You have to evaluate the features of each machine before spending money.

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