7 Best Gas Powered Chainsaws ! [Top Reviews 2023]

Are you looking for the Best Gas-Powered Chainsaws? We all know that gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful ones. These are the must-have chainsaws for the professionals. Not only professionals but DIY landscapers and gardeners can also use them.

In comparison with electric & battery-powered, gas chainsaws always wins the race. They are efficient in terms of power, performance, cutting speed, capability, and mobility. Some gas chainsaws are best for high-end tasks including bucking large trees or felling. However, few of them are used for trimming and pruning.

Gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful. They're also more expensive, heavier and louder than battery-powered ones. But if you need to cut through a tree or two, they'll do the job better and faster than anything else out there.

We've got reviews of all the top Gas-Powered Chainsaws models in this article so you can find your perfect match today!

Not only this we'll also mention the well-explained guide that helps the user to get the best from the rest. Make sure to read the complete article to choose the best one.

Editor's Choice

1. Husqvarna 24

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • 3 years of warranty life.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Easy to maintain.

2. Coocheer 62CC

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Automatic chain oiler.
  • Suitable for professionals.
  • Low vibrations.

3. Remington RM4618

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Lightweight.
  • Low kickback.
  • Comfortable handle.

Buying Guide For 5 Best Gas-Powered Chainsaws:

Are you new to the world of chainsaws? Do you need a guide to purchasing the best tool? Have you been looking for some expert advice? Well, you have landed at the right place. We are here to serve you with the best possible advice as per our experience.

After immense research, we have gathered few factors that will help you to purchase the best from the rest. Here are the points to consider while choosing the best gas chainsaw:

i). Budget

Whether you are going to purchase a gas chainsaw or any other tool the first factor to keep in your mind is your budget. This is the thing that you need to discuss before stepping outside for purchase.

First of all, go through the assigned tasks and check their requirements. Then get the tool that suits your needs. If you're a beginner then you'd deal with the easy tasks that can be done with an affordable chainsaw equipped with main features.

However, for professionals, we'd suggest you go for the advanced chainsaws with a powerful engine which are no doubt expensive. Never risk your safety just to save some money.

ii). Blade Length

The next main feature to consider while buying a tool is the blade length. It is also known as the guide bar. To check how thick wood a chainsaw can handle you need to look at their bar length which is available in ranges from 12 to 72 inches. If you need a chainsaw for your home then getting 12 inches to 20 inches will be suitable.

However, for professionals, we'd suggest you for 20 inches and more. For trimming 16 inches or less will be good. For small trees, pruning and limbing 12 to 14 inches are best. To cut the medium-sized trees chainsaw with 16 to 18 inches bar length will be preferable. Similarly for bucking 18 or large bar and for large trees the chain bar length must be from 20 to 24 inches at least.

iii). Power

When you're going out to purchase the gas chainsaws make sure to check their power. This represents the engine size and the higher the number more will be the engine size. The chainsaw with the higher cc can deal with heavy-duty tasks and vice versa. For small trees 30 to 40cc is suitable.

The medium-sized trees require a powerful engine of 45cc or more. However, the large trees needed a chainsaw with 50cc or more. Additionally for trimming, pruning, and limbing 30cc will be best.

iv). Blade Speed

The other factor to consider is the blade speed which plays a major role while doing tasks. Some of the chainsaws have speed with RPM means round per minute while others show FPS means feet per second.

Higher the blade speed more efficient will be working and vice versa. Choose the one as per your task requirement.

View the 7 Best Gas Powered Chainsaws, Below.


1. Husqvarna 24

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First on the list of Best gas powered chainsaws is Husqvarna 24. This is one of the oldest brands which always come up with high-quality yet efficient tools. The gas chainsaws created by this brand never disappoint the customers.

It comes with a 24-inch bar length which is suitable when you are working with large trees. The chainsaw is powered 60.3cc gas engine that allows the user to do heavy-duty tasks on the go.

How about getting a chainsaw that works with the speed of light? Well, this one is equipped with a speed of 9000 rpm that means you can make cuts without putting in so much effort. It is considered the most powerful chainsaw equipped with the largest blade.

By having this largest blade chainsaw one can easily cut the large logs or branches. Moreover, the tool contains 2 cycle engines along with a chain brake the provides incredible inertia while using.

The next amazing thing is the user does not need to pour oil or lubricate the chain because this will be done by the chainsaw. The auto oiling system chain, brake, and all the parts will get the required supply of oil which prevents failure and delays.

Furthermore, the chain is attached at the side of the chainsaw which makes it easier for the user to adjust the chain as per requirement. Don't worry about the fumes the air filter will catch all the hazardous gases and filter the air.

You can easily clean the air filter when needed or even replace it. It comes with the 3 years of warranty life that is quite good. This is the best gas powered chainsaw 2022.


  • 24-inch blade.
  • Powerful engine.
  • High speed of 9000 rpm.
  • 2 cycle engine.
  • Intertia activated chain brake.
  • Excellent fuel capacity.
  • Good air filter.
  • Automatic chain oiling system.


  • Not good for beginners.


2. COOCHEER 62CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaws

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Second, in the list of Best gas powered chainsaws is Coocheer 62CC. This is a gas-powered chainsaw equipped with a powerful engine. The tool comes with a 3.5HP 62CC engine along with 2 strokes that aid in producing lower emissions.

Moreover, the chainsaw has less fuel consumption as compared to others due to 2 strokes. It has a 20-inch bar length that delivers excellent power while cutting large trees, logs, or branches.

Don't worry about your safety because this chainsaw comes with a low kickback chain. The tool works with a speed of 8500 rpm which is quite impressive and aids in doing all the tasks speedily.

If you are working in a garden or farms and need to deal with the woodworks then this one is for you. Due to such a powerful engine along with the large blade, it is considered ideal for cutting as well as trimming. Not only this you can also use the tool for tasks related to hardwoods.

Some of the gas chainsaws require more investment in fuel, oiling, and other things but this is not the case here. The tool has lower fuel consumption and requires minimal oiling.

It is embedded with high-quality air filters which prevent the air from entering into the engine or to make any damage. With the automatic chain oiler, the parts of the chainsaw will get lubricated as per requirements on their own. In this way, the chain will remain in good working condition.

Additionally, the chainsaw's split sprocket internal structure is created with a three-tier gasoline filter that makes it suitable for all-day use. This means the chainsaw will not turn off when the temperature gets high.

You can easily start the chainsaw without putting so much effort due to quickstart technology. What you need to do is to pull the cord and push the throttle trigger that's all.

On top of everything, the quality of the chainsaw is amazing. The surface of this tool is created with ABS plastic which can easily handle the high temperature. The guide plate chain will be protected from any rusting and damage.

Don't worry about vibrations because they will be reduced while using the chainsaw. It is considered as one of the best gas powered chainsaws. 


  • Powerful 62CC engine.
  • High-quality air filter.
  • ABS plastic surface.
  • Quickstart technology.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • 20-inch blade.
  • 8500 RPM.
  • Reduces chain kickback.


  • Construction is poor.


3. Remington RM4618

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Third, in the list of Best gas powered chainsaw is Remington RM4618. This brand is already famous for making high-quality chainsaws which came into being in 1937.

The chainsaw has high quality equipped with the 46cc gasoline engine which is no doubt powerful. This is the best gas powered chainsaw. It has 18 inches blade which is suitable for tasks related to medium-sized trees.

However, the tool works well while cutting the logs, pruning, trimming, and even able to cut the hardwood easily.

Don't worry about the kickback issues as this chainsaw has a lower kickback chain and low vibrations. That means the user will not face continuous hand shaking while cutting the woods. By using this gas chainsaw you can easily do your lawn care or perform the yard work on the go.

The next amazing thing is the weight of this chainsaw which is quite light so you will not develop any pain or fatigue while using it.

It is not only easy to carry but very hassle-free to start due to quickstart technology. To provide the ultimate comfort to the user handle of the tool is covered with a cushion. This makes the chainsaw easy to use and comfortable to operate.

Another incredible feature of this chainsaw is the 5 point vibration system which minimizes the vibrations when the chainsaw is running. With the automatic oiler, lubrication gets easier and the chain will get the required amount of oil when needed.

In this way the blade will never stuck in the middle of work and the cut will be smooth yet fast.


  • 46CC engine.
  • 18 inches blade.
  • 5 point vibration system.
  • Automatic oiler.
  • Quickstart technology.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Super strong case.


  • Chain adjustment isn't satisfactory.


4. Craftsman 42CC Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar

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Fourth on the list of Best gas powered chainsaw is Craftsman 42CC. This brand does not need any introduction as most of you already know about it. Craftsman is one of the top brands whom you can trust to buy any power tool.

It comes with a 16-inch chain bar length which is quite suitable for medium-sized tasks. However, the tool does not disappoint in terms of power as the chainsaw is equipped with a 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine.

With such a powerful engine you can easily work with the hardwoods and cut other materials speedily. While cutting the hardwood don't worry about your safety or any difficulty due to the low kickback chain.

This chainsaw allows the user to set the amount of oil required to pour on-chain. In this way, the chain will get the ideal amount for lubrication and work without stucking in the middle of anything.

Don't worry about starting the chainsaw as it will get started with the help of quickstart technology. So what you need to do is to pull the cord and the chainsaw will be ready to work.

Despite the powerful engine, the chainsaw has lightweight which makes it easy to carry.

Furthermore, the chainsaw is equipped with a 3 point anti-vibration system that aids you while working. Due to low vibrations, you'll easily put more focus on work than getting uncomfortable with unnecessary vibrations.

It is equipped with the inertia-activated brake which aids in stopping the chainsaw when the chain stops working in case if you lose control. The air filter will start working on its own when you switch on the chainsaw.

Moreover, a heavy-duty case comes along with the tool which provides ultimate protection to it. The tool is considered as best lightweight gas chainsaw. 


  • Powerful 42cc crank 2 cycle engine.
  • 16 inches bar length.
  • Sharp blade.
  • Kickstart technology.
  • Inertia-activated brake.
  • Adjustable automatic oiler.
  • 3 point anti-vibration system.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Good air filters.


  • Difficult to start when not in use for weeks.
  • Parts made with plastic damage easily.


5. Homdox 58CC 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

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Fifth on the list of Best gas powered chainsaw is Homdox 58CC. This brand is mainly famous for manufacturing home and kitchen appliances. It is known for its good design and attractive appearance.

This chainsaw is equipped with a 58cc gas engine which has enough capability to cut the hardwoods on the go. It comes with a 20 inches bar so you can easily use this tool for cutting large-sized trees and hardwoods. With the low kickback chain the chances of injury are quite low so don't worry about your safety while working with this tool.

The manual instruction that comes along with the chainsaw makes it easier for the user to assemble the tool and use it without any help. Due to the big rope wheel pulling the cord and starting the chainsaw is hassle-free as it requires low resistance.

You can easily hold the handle without developing any skin rash as it is designed ergonomically and covered with a comfortable rubber wrap. The next amazing thing is the user will feel low vibrations while using the tool. It is equipped with an automatic oiling system that lubricates the chain adequately.

With the quick stop brake, the saw will quickly be stopped when needed. However, for emergency brakes, you can use the guard plate at the front. Generally, the tools made by homeobox come with 2 years of warranty life.


  • Efficient 58cc engine.
  • 20 inches bar length.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Easy to start.
  • Quick stop brake.
  • Low vibrations.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Safe to use.


  • Assembling isn't that easy.
  • The warranty of the tool isn't mentioned by homeobox.


6. Tinfancy 58CC with Tool Kit for Farm, Garden and Ranch

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Sixth on the list of Best gas powered chainsaw is Tinfancy 58CC. Are you looking for an affordable chainsaw? Then this one is for you. Tinfancy is already famous for creating supreme quality gasoline chainsaws at a budget-friendly rate. This tool is considered ideal for cutting hardwood, firewood, etc.

Moreover, the saw works with a speed of 8500 rpm which is no doubt impressive. It is equipped with a 20 inches bar which is good to cut the large-sized trees, logs, branches, etc.

The chainsaw has 70% low emissions and needed 20% less fuel as compared to other tools. In this way, you will not only contribute to the environment but also saves fuel money.

The chain embedded in this chainsaw is of high quality and has good wear resistance. Don't worry about the damage to the engine due to dust as the high-quality air filter already works superbly.

It has an automatic chain oiler that delivers the required amount of oil to the chain timely that saves you from stucking in the middle of work.

The next amazing thing is the service life of this chain is 5 times more than the ordinary ones. Due to the big rope wheel starting the chainsaw is hassle-free and not time taking.

The tool has 3 points anti-vibration system and a comfortable handle that makes it easier for the user to hold the chainsaw for a longer duration.

Moreover, low vibrations will reduce the fuss and helps you to focus more on work. Overall the tool is safe to use and has good performance.


  • Powerful engine 58CC.
  • Good quality chain.
  • 20 inches bar length.
  • Good resistance.
  • Automatic oiler system.
  • Impressive air filters.
  • 3 point anti-vibration system.
  • Safety switch.
  • Easy to start.
  • Affordable.


  • The loose chain needs to be adjusted frequently.
  • No warranty life is mentioned.


7. Homdox 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

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Seventh in the list of Best gas powered chainsaw is the Homdox 62CC chainsaw. This is considered one of the most powerful chainsaws due to the 62cc engine and 20 inches bar length.

With this tool, you can easily cut large trees, hardwood, firewoods, large branches, logs, and whatnot. Don't worry about spending a whole day on minor tasks as the tool comes with a high speed of 8500 rpm that allows the user to perform work on the go.

Despite the high power the tool still consumed low fuel and has efficient performance.

One has to assemble the chainsaw when it arrives with the help of manual instruction. Don't worry about starting the tool because it is a piece of cake or you can say less hectic due to the big rope wheel.

The chainsaw chassis is made up of aluminum alloy cast which is quite impressive. Due to this, the tool has lightweight as well as reliable to use.

Some of the users find it hard to hold the handle for long. But homodox comes with an ergonomically designed handle that is no doubt comfortable.

Moreover, the saw has counter-attack shrapnel, a safety switch, and guide holes that prevent the occurring of unwanted or you can say dangerous incidents. 

Another incredible feature is a quick stop chain brake and an emergency front guard plate that make the device safe to use.


  • Excellent 62cc engine.
  • 20 inches bar length.
  • Easy to start with a big rope wheel.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Safety switch.
  • Quick stop chain brake.
  • Best for landscaping & gardening.


  • Assembling is time taking.
  • Noisy operations.


Q1. Which oiler type is good?

There are different oilers including manual oiler, automatic oiler, and adjustable automatic oiler. However, none of them are specifically superior to others. With a manual oiler, you can control the amount of oil pour on the chain.

However automatic oiler (fixed) is the self-oiling system that provides lubrication constantly without any user involvement. Moreover, the automatic oiler (adjustable) allows the user to adjust the flow by increasing or decreasing the oil amount.

Q2. How many types of chain brakes?

There are two types of chain brake including manual chain brake and inertia activated chain brake. If you are looking to buy a new chainsaw then an inertia chain brake will be best.

Q3. What is the use of a chain tensioner?

Chainsaw chains have enough capability to handle hard tasks. There are two chain tensioners including a scrench chain tensioner and tool less chain tensioner. By having this chain tensioner the chain will get tighten as per task requirement.


In this article, we have mentioned the best gas chainsaw in detail. Choose the one which goes with your requirements and needs. Gas chainsaws are louder than the others but the gas chainsaws have good performance.

Those who need a super-powerful chainsaw then go for Husqvarna gas chainsaw. It has a large blade and powerful engine along with a warranty of 2 years.

Those who required a durable and reliable chainsaw then go for Remington or coocheer gas chainsaw.

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