When Was the Ladder Invented?

  History Of The Ladder:

Our topic of discussion is When Was the Ladder Invented? And what is History of the ladder. We aim to acknowledge the innovations that have been brought in ladder technology.

The ladder is one of the oldest inventions that are still used. With time the ladders also evolved with new features.

The proof of its use in ancient times was discovered at a cave in Spain and it is said that the ladder was invented 10000 years ago. The evidence for the existence of a ladder in ancient time can also be found in the bible.

In the present age, we are having the most advanced kind of ladders that are constructed using advanced technologies.

The most commonly used ladders today are step ladders, extension ladders, escape ladders, multi-position ladders, step stools and telescopic ladders.

Each of them were invented to bring innovations in ladder technology and the result of these innovations are the evolution of ladders with new and advanced features.

In past, people could not think that ladder could be so much portable, capable of being folded, and, having an adjustable height.

All these features make the modern age ladder far superior to old times ladder. These ladders offer greater, comfort, convenience, safety, and, portability. 

Let's discuss in detail, When was the ladder inverted? History of the ladder.

 Who & When Was the Ladder Invented?

The fist ladder was invented in 1862 by a very intelligent Carpenter named John H Balsely.

The first folding wooden ladder was invented by him. Ladder had been invented before in old times but he invented a folding ladder and his invention opened the door to the invention of modern age ladders.

The technology and the structure of the ladder were not new to the people of his time but his invention was far superior to the weak and unstable ladders created in the past.

Therefore, he is known as the man who created the ladder first. The designed the ladder in a step-like fashion that's why people started calling it to step ladder.

  What came the first ladder or stairs?

The stair is a structure that remains fixed whereas the ladders are not fixed structures and they can be carried anywhere. The question "What came first ladder or stairs?" can be answered by simply using your intellect.

People may have used inclined surfaces to get up and down. Gradually, the geography of the surface would have taken the shape of stairs. That's how stairs invented.

The ladder is a structure that can not be invested. Whereas, ladder can not be invented itself unless someone builds it. So the conclusion of the argument is that the stairs came first.

  History and invention of various ladders:

i). Invention of extension ladder

The extension ladder is a kind of non self supporting ladders with the facility of length adjustment. The inventor of the extension ladder is Quackenbush.

He was a gunmaker and knew metalwork. The invention of the extension ladder was his prominent achievement at the age of 16. On October 22, 1867, his invention was patented.

ii). The invention of the escape ladder

The inventor of the escape ladder is joseph winter. He realized that the firemen have to face trouble in raising a regular ladder.

So, he thought of making a ladder that is highly portable and can be easily mounted on the windows or balcony. His good will inspired him to build such kind of ladder. His ladder was patented on may 7, 1878

iii). The invention of telescopic ladders

The company named teletower invented the telescopic ladder and the purpose behind the manufacturing of the telescpic ladder was to make the ladder more portable.

As the extension ladders are large enough and hard to carry on trips. The inventors of the telescopic ladder provided a better solution to this problem by inventing telescopic ladder

iv). The invention of little giant ladder

In 1970 the genius idea of the little giant ladder was given by a German painter. Hall and Brigitte wing used his idea to invent little giant ladders.

It did not take long for ladder to become a household name and their business flourished unbelievably.


We have seen the history of the ladder and got familiar with when was the ladder invented? History of the ladder. The above discussion is aimed at understanding the time to time innovation that has been introduced by the creative inventors.

Today we are having the most sophisticated form of a ladder which fulfill the criteria of comfort, convenience, and, better safety.

Such a huge development in the field of the ladders are not a sudden accident. Instead, it took years to bring such a revolution.

The ladder we use today is very different from the ladders that were used in past. They used to be simple and lacked stability.

The first ladder that opened the door to the development of the modern age ladder was invented by John H basely and his invention was a step ladder.

Later many other kinds of a ladder such as extension ladder, escape ladder, telescopic ladder, and little giant ladder were created.

All of them were built for a specific purpose and we have discussed the details in the above discussion.

For example, the purpose of building an extension ladder was to introduce the height adjustment feature in the ladder.

The purpose of building an escape ladder was to hep the firemen, and the telescopic ladder was invented to make the ladder highly portable.

With all these features the modern era ladder exhibit greater eligibility and inspires the inventors to develop ladders with more advanced features.

Already, the safety features like anti-slip technology and rubber feet make us astonished when we see these kinds of advancements in ladders.

We are keen to see the innovations that will be brought by the inventors in the future. The purpose of having discussions about the history of ladder is to let you know about the gradual evolution of the ladders from the ancient form to the finest form that we have today.

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