Best Multi-Position Ladders Reviews 2022!

Multi position ladder, as the name suggests, can be used for different purposes. So having this type of a ladder is a must thing for your home. 

In this post we have shortlisted the best multi-position ladders of 2022. First let's look at our top picks;


Werner MT-22

  • Secure and Safe
  • Durable
  • Professional grade ladder


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Flexible

Cosco 13'

  • Maximum of 300 lbs
  • Five in one
  • Safe for use

Ladder is a very important tool to have in your house. There are many types of ladders that can be used and each one has their own function so it is very crucial to decide which one is that you require.

These are step ladders, extension ladders, telescopic ladders and so many more and each one serves its separate purpose. And still, if you fail to decide on a single ladder then the best thing will be to buy a Multi-Position Ladder.

A multi-position ladder will give you all these ladders in a single one. You can just bend and fold to get the ladder you want in seconds. This will take less space in your house and will allow different functions to be done.

Don’t miss out on this multi-purpose ladder and if you want to buy one let’s have a look on the 10 Best Multipurpose Ladders in 2022.

Top 10 Best Multi-Position Ladders 2022:

If you are looking forward to purchase the best Multi-Position Ladder, see these top 10 Best Multi-Position Ladders 2022.


Werner MT-22 Telescoping-Ladders, 22-Foot

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This is an incredibly versatile product offered by Werner. This might be the only ladder you need because you can get all other ladders in this one. The Werner MT series is ideal if you want to use at home because the ladder can be transformed into a twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, two scaffold bases and extension ladder.

It is among 10 Best Multi-Position Ladders of 2022. This is not only best for using inside the house while changing bulbs, painting or cleaning but outside for window cleaning, painting and construction work.

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders is a professional grade ladder that is carefully constructed to provide safety and ease. The soft knobs are present to provide easy moving and with the double-riveted steps allows sturdy balance. There is also a heavy-duty non-marring foot to prevent slipping.

Overall, your security and safety are ensured by Werner. There are various sizes available to suit your use from MT-13, MT-17, MT-22 MT-16.

If you want a closer look at the features, we would let you know that when this ladder is converted to Twin Stepladder, this ladder can hold onto a capacity of a solid 300 pounds for each side and this is inclusive of the weight of the person. 

The Ladders can be easily converted from one to another with the help of the push knob hinges to make it sturdy.

Other than that, the height adjustments can also be easily made using the J-lock hooks. The J-lock hooks can extend the ladder to your desired height and lock that into place.

Werner offers you the professional ladder that is safe as well as durable. It offers you a whole lot of 28 different heights or positions and is a trusted name in the ladder department.

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OxGord Folding Ladder

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The second among 10 Best Multi-Position Ladders 2022 is OxGord Folding Ladder. The OxGord Ladder offers you a very lightweight ladder that is portable and flexible at the same time. The sleek aluminum ladder can be easily stored and kept anywhere.

This multipurpose ladder can be folded into 7 different positions and each position can be easily locked into place. A very amazing feature is that you can easily make a bridge out of this ladder at your construction site.

This ladder can be extended up to 11 feet and contracted up to 3.33 ft. as well as carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs. One other wonderful feature is that if the ladder gets dirty you can wash it very easily.

The ladder is lightweight and weighs up to 24 pounds itself. It can be turned into Twin Ladder, Two Scaffold Bases, Telescoping Ladder and Stairway Stepladder.

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Cosco 13' Multi-Position Ladder System

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This ladder is one of the best available on Amazon and most of the customers are very satisfied with the ladder. This ladder can be used inside and outside the house. It easily gives you 5 ladders in a single one.

You can turn Cosco 13' Multi-Position Ladder into a stepladder, extension ladder, a scaffold, stairway ladder and also a wall ladder. Which makes it just perfect to use around the house.

This ladder is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a box “i” beam to give it strength. However, some customers do complain that it is a little on the heavy side but otherwise great. The sturdy steps and slip-resistant rungs make it safe for use.

You can leave your fears aside as soon as you step upon this ladder.  You can clean out your gutters and adjust it in your required positions easily without using any tools.

Looking closer into what this ladder offers, you would be happy to know that this ladder offers 3 positions as stairway ladder, 2 heights as wall ladder, 6 positions as an extension ladder, 3 positions as a step ladder and 2 heights as a scaffold.

So, a total of 16 positions with this ladder. It can carry a maximum load of 300 pounds which is quite impressive.

You should not fear fall when on Cosco 13' Multi-Position Ladder, because of the sturdy design that is equipped with big spring locking levers and a patented hinge design that ensures safety. Another amazing feature this ladder offers is that it can be folded flat to allow storage if you need.

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Lifewit Folding Ladder

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Lifewit offers you one of the best ladders to use around the house for both outdoors and indoors. If you need to reach the ceilings or roof to paint them, change a bulb or clean the ceiling fans your best bet is this ladder that takes the best measures for your safety. This ladder is 12.5 ft. high that is just ideal.

The stepladder is equipped with a lot of operating hinges and automatic safety lock with stabilizing bars to ensure safety. There is also a rubber padding on the bottom of the ladder prevent it from slipping by increasing friction.

The ladder is made from aluminum that makes it lightweight and portable. It can also be stored easily by folding it as well as carried anywhere else.  This ladder can also be cleaned very easily and the aluminum makes it washable without the tension of its rust.

The best part is that this ladder can handle a total of 330 pounds of weight and itself weighs 27.4 pounds. You can fold this ladder into Stepladder Straight Ladder, Stand-off Ladder, and scaffold.

While you are on Lifewit Folding Ladder, you must not worry about your safety because it takes all the safety precautions necessary. It also follows the European safety standards of EN131 along with safety locks and hinges to protect you from any accidents.

This ladder comes equipped with rectangular boxes and each of these boxes can hold up to 20 pounds which acts as a brilliant storage space.

It can hold your books, clothes, toys and there are also Dust-proof doors that allow easy closing and opening, preventing the items from dust and dirt. Another one of its phenomenal features is it is environmentally friendly and has a strong design.

All the material used in this one is environment-friendly and no formaldehyde is used. The dust-proof doors can easily be washed with water that means it is easy to maintain.

So, what really is its star feature is that this ladder can be turned into a closet as well. When you are buying Lifewit Folding Ladder, you are getting a closet too. The closet can be arranged and set-up in any style that you want depending on the room you are keeping this in.

Overall this is a very good choice if you are buying this for your house and the assembly is just as easy as well as the installation.

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Finether Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

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Finether Multi-Purpose Folding ladder allows you a length of 15.4ft. It also promises to give you full safety with locking hinges and panels. This too is certified by European Safety standards which means safety is guaranteed. This ladder is constructed from aluminum which means it is lightweight, portable and can be easily stored. The aluminum also prevents the ladder from getting rusty.

This ladder just weighs 26.9 pounds making it easy to carry. The design includes a broad base to make it sturdy and has 16 rungs that also are broad to allow a stable footfall. The rubber feet further enforce safety. With all the necessary safety precautions taken, there still is the possibility of fall as complained by a few of the customers.

The ladder is said to be unstable on even flooring but most customers seem happy with it as shown by the rating. This ladder carries 300-pound heavyweight which is good enough.

The ladder is double-sided which means it can be held anyway and can be converted to a double-sided ladder, a work platform, single ladder, stair ladder and many more. This can also be stored and transported easily with the help of 2 extra rolling wheels.

This can be also contracted to 4 ft. to make storage easier. This ladder can be used in 8 different ways including a 19ft. long straight ladder.

To ensure the safety of its customers further the ladder comes with a locking hinge mechanism that has a lever handle, 2 platform plates and 2 stabilizing bars. The Finether Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder comes with a warranty for a year and guarantees an exceptional customer service.

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Metaltech E-MTL7100ST 17 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

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This 17 ft. Metaltech ladder is just ideal around the house or even in construction. This ensures you great safety and versatility and with the super impressive reviews lining up it sure is gaining a fan base. Customers are greatly satisfied with the safety features and size. This ladder can easily be folded into a stepladder, stair ladder, extension ladder and scaffold ladder.

It is just the perfect size to change bulbs, paint the house or clean it. The aluminum material guarantees no rusting and lightweight. Which means it can be easily transported and stored.

The ladder is also weather resistant which means you can keep it outside too. With the speed this ladder is snagging good reviews and impressing customers, it ranks as the best-seller. Metaltech E-MTL7100ST is very easy to use and the manual is quite good. Avoiding a 30-step process, the illustrations are pretty self-explanatory.

This ladder can be contracted to fit in the backseat of the car and carried anywhere. It has a very sturdy design that means it is extremely safe to use.

The leg spread on the top is best for holding when standing on the ladder. One of the many safety features includes a widespread at the bottom which keeps it stable even if the ladder is extended to its full height. This ladder just weighs 27.6 lbs. which is just a bit more than the rest but this is just a safety feature that makes it stable. It is just heavy enough not to become unstable and just light enough to be carried easily. This ladder can be also turned into 19 different positions which are quite amazing.

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Vulcan Ladder USA 3600735401986540 Stepladder Multi-Task Alu 17Ft, 17' MT

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The Vulcan ES-17T11G1 is one of the most versatile ladders out there. You can get this multi-purpose ladder at a very affordable price with an amazing number of features it offers. This is a ladder that offers you 4 positions along with 23 impressive number of configurations to select from.

This ladder brings to you a no-pinch design and the broad base makes it quite sturdy for use. The ladder is aluminum and lighter than general ladders but compared to other aluminum ladders it is more on the heavy side weighing almost 35.4 pounds.

This ladder can carry a load of 300 lbs. The rubber feet increase stability and prevent it from sliding. The rubber feet make the ladder safe as it is used on concrete, wood, asphalt and bare ground. The product also ensures a warranty of a year that is good too.

The rails on the ladder are broad to offer more stability and easy footing. This ladder can be easily transformed into a step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder and scaffold.

The aluminum used is aircraft aluminum which makes this ladder safer for use. The patented pinch design ensures the ease of use and safety. The ladder is also rated ANSI Type 1A which is pretty great.

The ladder can easily be contracted in 7 and a half feet for storage and it can be easily stored under the bed. With the affordable price and number of features and configurations offered this ladder is good for keeping around.

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Little Giant 10101LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System, 11-Foot

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This Pound Duty multi-purpose ladder is one of the safest and most versatile ladders out there. It is also very strong and sturdy due to the patented Triple lock hinge that allows safety and the telescoping sides make it a great multi-purpose ladder.

This ladder offers you 16 configurations that are great.  The positions include A-frame, extension and a scaffold. Also, little Giant ensures you great safety and stability and you do not need to worry about falling.

The material used in this ladder is aerospace-grade aluminum which means it is strong to hold a weight of 300 lbs. and light enough to and the widely spaced legs give you increased stability.

This is a very good two-person ladder and can hold weight on both sides. Another feature of this ladder is that it can be used on stairs, ramp and curbs and most importantly on the uneven surfaces too.

The triple locking hinge keeps it in a sturdy position even when the ladder is fully extended. This ladder can be contracted to 3 feet which is small enough to store anywhere and carry inside the car to take it somewhere else.

This ladder weighs 34 pounds and is light but to ensure safety and make it stable it is on the heavier side. This ladder exceeds the ANSI and OSHA standards. This ladder is all-purpose and eliminates the safety hazards related to using the wrong ladders.

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Little Giant Alta-One Ladder, 15ft

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Another one of the great products offered by Little Giant is the Alta-One Ladder. Carefully constructed with aircraft aluminum, this product is as strong as it is lightweight.

This ladder is strong enough to carry weight without denting and is light enough to be carried elsewhere and stored. The storage height is 4 feet and 7 inches and can be extended to 15 ft. It is also available in 22 feet.

This has 8 steps and can be telescoped as well. The weight is 29 pounds making it stable and easy to carry at the same time. The design of this ladder makes it rust-resistant and this can be transformed into a 90-degree ladder and three other scaffolding positions.

It also gives you a sold 24 unique configurations with rubber feet to make it sturdy even if it is in any of the positions. This ladder can hold 250 pounds and, on both sides, making it ideal for home jobs.

The telescoping and hinge locks give you safety even in height. This ladder is used in 5 different positions. The steps are slip-resistant and the ladder is 23 inches wide from the bottom leaving no room for accidents. The ladder complies with the safety instructions of OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards making it safe to use around the house whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

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TOPRUNG Multi-Purpose Ladder-13ft

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TOPRUNG also produces a Multi-Purpose Ladder that lands in the top ten. This ladder complies with the ANSI standards and can carry a weight up to 300 lbs. This ladder allows you five different positions in a single one. The steps are slip-resistant and prevent falls.

The product is of 2-year warranty that shows that the manufacturers are confident in what they offer. The aircraft-grade aluminum is strong as well as super light that makes it portable.

The sturdy hinges are another safety feature. The ladder can hold up to 300 lbs. TOPRUNG Multi-Purpose Ladder can be transformed into Stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, scaffold and wall ladder. The ladder is fully assembled in its self, making it ready to use and convenient. Moreover, compact storage is offered to make the ladder portable. TOPRUNG offers great customer services for any kind of difficulties.

This multi-use ladder can be carried anywhere, can be used at homes, at construction sites etc. Not only does it ensure your safety but is great in its functions. It weighs just 27.6 pounds making it just heavy enough to be stable.

The storage height is 3.6 feet making it easy to store as well as carry. With the amazing ratings, TOPRUNG multipurpose ladder has gained, it sure is a very trusted. However, some customers complain of weight but that limits it for home use.

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While choosing the right ladder can be tough, these multipurpose ladders all have their own good features. It is very important to choose ladders based on Safety, Weight and length. Multi-purpose ladders narrow the space and need for many ladders, giving that all-in-one features and also preventing accidents by wrong ladders all around.

It is very important to see safety through because a ladder can cause very ugly accidents. Weight is also very important making the ladder easy to use.

If you are interested in handling small tasks at home and don’t want to call in someone then a multipurpose ladder is handy. By selecting the top 10 best multipurpose ladders we have narrowed down the list for you.

Now the rest is up to you. With the different brands available there is a lot to see including versatility, safety, prices and durability so it is very important to sift through all and make a good choice.

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