7 Best Ladders For Painting In 2023!

Ladders have been used since old times in numerous applications and offers great versatility in its use. The use of ladder for painting is one of the most common and we all need to have it our home for easily performing home renovation tasks like painting.

Our topic of discussion is "best ladders for painting". The purpose of reviewing the best ladders for painting is to make you aware of the selection criteria for the painting ladders.

Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T

  • Lightweight
  • Space For Keeping Tools
  • Convenient Storage

Cosco Three Step Ladder

  • Easy To Use
  • Stable and Secure
  • Gives comfort in standing

Finether Folding 4 Step Ladder 

  • Suitable Applications
  • Built in Project Tray
  • Robust Design

Buying Guide For Best Ladders For Painting

i). Working Platform

You need a ladder with wide working platform that features a project tray having space for your paint cans and can keep your painting tools enabling you to perform better and with greater convenience. Further, a fuel tank and a wall stand adds to the convenience.

ii). Safety and Reliability

Safety features such as rubber padded feet to improve traction, slip-resistant rungs to give slip protection is essentially required in any ladder. Further, make sure that the ladder is certified and meets the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA.

iii). Ladder Height

For painting projects, you must know the appropriate height requirement. The ladder should be high enough to reach your high wall and should be 10 to 12 feet long. It is better to use an extension ladder and a telescopic ladder can also be used.

iv). Duty Rating

The ladders are rated as a heavy duty or household use based on its weight holding capacity. Therefore, you should check the compatibility of a ladder's duty rating for your task.

v). Durability and Strength

The durability depends upon the quality of material used in its construction. Usually, the airplane grade aluminum and iron construction enable long term use.

View the 7 Best Ladders For Painting, Below.


1. Rubbermaid RM-SLA- T- 3- Step Ultralight Aluminum

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Rubbermaid is lightweight and portable ladder with high weight capacity that is suitable for task like painting. It provides space for keeping tools. The folding ability makes its storage easy.


You can this stool to reach high places in your kitchen or bathroom. Further, you will feel its lightness when carrying it to different locations. It is made up of Aluminum and has an ultralight design that makes it light enough to lift.

Weight capacity:

The ladder is provided with a plastic top step. The weight capacity of 225-pound is also very satisfactory. The suitable weight holding capacity and heavy-duty frame, sturdy construction makes you feel safer while climbing the ladder.

Space for keeping tools:

When you perform a task like painting, you essentially require some space to keep your tool and brushes. The ladder is provided with a top platform and a project tray associated with this ladder will help you in making your task easier by providing enough space for keeping things.


The ladder also provides convenience in the matter of storage by occupying lesser space. The folding up feature is responsible for the convenient storage.


  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Safe to climb.
  • Bears heavy load.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Folding is easy.


  • The latch sicks sometimes
  • Little expensive.


2. Cosco Three-step Max steel Work Platform

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The easy to use Cosco three step ladder features a platform for painters. The ladder offers immense stability and security that is due to the presence of slip resistant steps and rubber paded feet.

Easy to use:

The users want to have a ladder with the folding feature and convenience in folding are also highly required. The easy folding provides ease of use and in this ladder, the convenience in folding is the gift of one hand lock

Stable and secure:

Without stability and security, the ladder is not reliable. Therefore, you should check the stability and the presence of the safety features will confirm the stability of a ladder. This ladder is provided with slip-resistant tread steps and slip-resistant feet.


As it fulfil the safety standards set by ANSI, the ladder is safe enough to use. The safety ensured by the high safety standards and a warranty of 10 years makes this ladder reliable to users. The duty rating of the ladder is 225 lb


The platform provided with this ladder is very durable and can be used for several years without any issue. The large platform has a deluxe molded utility tray and grip handle to provide more comfort and convenience.


  • The platform is sturdy.
  • No tool belt is needed.
  • The ladder is tall enough.
  • Shelf makes the task easy
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Easy to fold out.
  • Gives comfort in standing.


  • The ladder is heavy.
  • The wide feet eliminate shaking.


3. Finther Folding 4 Step Ladder with Platform

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Finther ladder features a built in project tray, robust design, and safe and secure use. It is applicable for a variety of tasks such changing light bulb, cleaning cabinets, painting and nailing.

Suitable applications:

You can use this ladder for many household tasks including painting, cupboard cleaning, nailing, changing light bulbs. Its use will be suitable in any corner of your home including your kitchen, room, garden, or, garage.

Built in Project tray:

The project tray provides convenience when carrying out a task like painting The project tray provided with this ladder is 33 lbs that are a suitable weight capacity for holding painting tools and brushes. A separate groove for nails, tape measure, trowel, 8 slots for screwdriver,
and, center section for bucket and pand can.

Robust design:

The ladder has been designed with a 0.98-inch thick steel tube frame and thick steps that can hold weight up to 331 lbs. Its robust design makes it durable enough to serve you for years. The certification from European safety standards makes it a reliable choice for consumers.


The extra-wide platform and nonslip rails provide safety in climbing. Firm footing is ensured by the dot grippers on the step surface. The ladder also has horizontal step braces and strong feet are responsible for the stable hold on the ground.


  • Light enough to carry.
  • Steps are wide.
  • Folds flat.
  • Offers a good weight limit.
  • The tool shelf is helpful.
  • Stores easily.
  • The ladder is tall enough.


  • The tray isn't very strong.
  • The ladder is a bit wobbly.


4. Rubbermaid RMS-3T 3-step Steel step stool with project tray

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The Rubbermaid ladder features a built-in project tray that enables its use in painting task. Further, the rubber-padded feet and anti-slip steps promote a safe climbing. It is easy to set up and the easy set up adds to convenience.


The manufacturers have prioritized the safety in climbing by equipping the ladder with improved safety features that make it safer than the traditional step stools. The improved traction is provided by molded feet. The safety design of the stool ensures secure footing. The locking mechanism keeps the ladder secure.

Built-in project tray:

The projected top enables you to hold small tools like brushes and other painting tools such as painting cans. The removable storage tray is used for keeping things when performing the task. The project tray will play the role of a helping hand in your project.

Rubber padded feet:

The purpose of equipping the ladder feet with large rubber pads is to improve traction and protect your floor from scratches that are usually caused by the unpadded ladder feet. In short, your stool will remain stable, and your floor will remain unscratched.

Easy to set up:

The ladder is quite easy to set up as the folding is also very simple and convenient. The platform locks in place as the ladder folds. The ladder is designed to be portable and it is only 16 pounds. Taking the advantage of its lightness, you can easily take it wherever you want.


  • Robust construction.
  • Provides super stability.
  • Easy to fold up.
  • The feet are large.
  • Takes up little space.
  • For tools, slots are present.
  • The shelf size is good.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Feels a little wobbly.


5. Luisladders Folding ladder Multipurpose Aluminum

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The ladder can be adjusted to different heights and configurations according to requirements. You can change its configuration to step ladder, scaffold ladder, leaning ladders, and many more. The ladder can be easily stored by folding it up to 40.5" x 11"x 23.5".

Safe and reliable:

The ladder has been constructed using Heavy Duty aircraft-grade aluminum. Further stability and durability is provided by supporting tubes. The ladder has been designed according to the safety standards of EN131 and has a maximum load capacity of 330LB.

Security' Click and Lock' System:

The ladder is provided with a very effective locking system and there are 6 locks used for the opening and closing of the ladder. When you wish to change the shape of the ladder, you can open and close it with these locks


If it is in the form of a straight ladder, you should not try to change its shape or configuration without placing it on the floor. Make sure the angle between the wall and ladder is 75° when placed against the wall. In this way, you can avoid accidents or injuries.


  • Very sturdy.
  • Light in weight.
  • Safe to use.
  • Extends easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Storage is easy.
  • Offers great versatility.


  • Pops out on picking up.
  • Not for commercial use.


6. Louisville Ladder 4-step Aluminum step ladder

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The work station top makes the task of painting easier. It is light and portable and promotes higher safety in climbing. The ladder meets the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA that makes it more reliable.

Work station top:

The ladder has been specially designed to increase your performance efficiency. For this purpose, the molded top plays an important role in giving you more convenience in working. As the molded top is provided with handyman's tool slots, you get space to put your painting tools. The tools other than painting tools such as a scraper, hammers, screwdriver, and many more can be kept in these slots.

Safety features:

You are kept safe by the inside spreader braces that have been specially engineered to be pinch-resistant. The rubber feet promote traction and protect from accidents. Further, the steel gusset makes the ladder secure, safe, and, long-lasting.


Portability is an additional advantage associated with this 4-foot ladder. The ladder is designed to be light and portable. You can lift it and carry it around with sufficient ease as it weighs 9 pounds only.

Safety certification:

The safety certificate ensures the reliability of a product and is essentially required to win the consumer's trust. The fulfillment of all the safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI makes it a safe and reliable products that is safe to use.

Strong and sturdy:

If you are in search pf extremely sturdy and strong ladder, you are at right place. The ladder has been designed with smooth finish an and durable construction. It can hold up to 5-pounds the hat makes it suitable for heavy-duty use.


  • The painting shelf is helpful.
  • The ladder is sturdy.
  • Safe to use.
  • Height is good enough.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Good for the price.
  • Solid locking mechanism.


  • Shows stiffness in locking.
  • Wobbles a little.


7. Flip-N-Lite, 5-Foot, Stepladder

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Little giant is a multi position ladder that features large platform, rubber padded feet, anti-slip steps and a top tray that enables you to carry out your painting task with more efficiency.

Top tray:

The tool tray present on the handle top of the handle provides space to keep the tool and you can work more conveniently. The size of the tray is 13.8" ×11.5" that is suitable for a task like a painting task.

Rubber padded feet:

The safe use is possible with the help of rubber padded feet. The runner padded feet also prevent scratches on the floor. The duty rating of the ladder suggests heavy-duty use.

Anti-slip steps:

The ladder is also provided with non-slip end caps and anti-slip steps. The anti-slip steps promote firm footing and minimize the risk of slipping.

Large platform:

The foldable design gives much more convenience in its use. Folding allows you to easily carry and store it anywhere. Further comfort is provided by a large platform.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Light enough to carry.
  • The base is wide.
  • Offers easy storage.
  • Not-slip treads provide safety.
  •  Top tray is a helping hand.


  • Cross bracing isn't enough.
  • Plastic is a bit flimsy.
  • The ladder isn't very tall.


Q1. Which features are essentially required in painting ladder?

The ladder's top platform should be provided with a painting tray to make the task more convenient. The ladder should be of sufficient height to reach the high walls and sturdy enough to enable stable footing.

Q2. Which features will make your painting task more convenient?

The large steps give more comfort in standing and the foldable feature makes it's opening and closing easier making the ladder easy to use.
Further, the portability adds to the convenience

Q3. What is the suitable height for a painting ladder?

The ladder should be 10 to 12 feet long so that you can easily perform your task of painting. The extension ladder is good for this purpose and a telescopic ladder can also be used.

Q4. Which features make your ladder safe to climb?

For safe climbing, the ladder should be provided with safety features such as robust construction, slip-resistant rungs, rubber padded feet, and stable foothold. Also the ladder should have a safety certificate from a institute such as ANSI and OSHA.

Q5. How can we analyze if the ladder is durable?

A durable ladder is constructed from strong and quality material. The ladder made up of airplane grade aluminum and iron are strong enough to ensure long term use.

Q6. What accessories are used in painting ladder?

The painting project needs accessories like work platform, project tray, fuel tank, and wall stand off. These accessories are supposed to enhance your working efficiency.


We have reviewed ladders that are best suited for painting purpose. The selection of the top ladders has been made besed upon the performance and features. The best ladder for painting is the rubbermaid SLA that features high weight capacity, portability, higher safety, and, folding ability.

The second best ladder for painting is Cosco that offers greater stability and safety and provides convenience in use.

The third best ladder is Finther ladder that features a robust design for safe and secure climbing and can be used for wide range of tasks along with painting.

All the remaining ladder were also great with respect to features but they are simpler than our top three ladders and the simplest among them is little giant ladder that has been kept at last position.

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