7 Best Roof Ladders Reviews 2023!

The ladders offer a huge application as they are used for various tasks and at various places. Using the ladders on the roof is also a common and casual application of the ladder. The selection of the best roof ladder involves many important criteria that will be discussed in detail to make you capable of purchasing a good roof ladder.

We are going to discuss many types of ladders such as fiberglass extension ladder, multi-position ladders, and, step ladder that is suitable to be used as a roof ladder. Let's see the detailed review of the best roof ladders.

Little Giant Ladder 12026

  • Tip and glide wheels
  • Adjustable legs levelling
  • Palm buttons

Louisville Ladder FE3240

  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Safe and Stable
  • Standing Comfort

Werner D7132-2 Fiberglass  

  • Offers safe climbing
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Rung Replacement

Things To Consider Before You Buy Best Roof Ladders

If you want to buy a good roof ladder, you must focus on some important information that are essential for making a good purchase.

i). Height Compatibility

The first thing to focus when buying a roof ladder is to check out the compatibility of the ladder height with your roof. It is better to choose a ladder that is tall enough to reach high places. When buying an extension ladder, ask for its maximum extension height.

ii). Safety and Stability

Climbing higher involves greater risk. Therefore, the roof ladder should be stable enough and equipped with appropriate safety features like anti-slip protection, rubber padded feet, and robustly built rungs.

iii). Durability

Check out the quality of the material before buying it. The strongly constructed ladder will be more durable and reliable. Make sure it is made up of good quality fiberglass and in case of aluminum, it should not be made up of cheap aluminum.

iv). Job Compatibility

The selection of a roof ladder is also based on the type of job. If you need a ladder for an electrical job, fiberglass ladders should be your preference because they are nonconductors whereas metallic ladders will not be suitable for such a task.

v). Duty Rating

The ladders are recommended for heavy or light use based on their duty ration. Therefore, check the compatibility of your task with the weight holding capacity or the duty rating of the ladder. Otherwise, the steps may be cracked or damaged.

View the 7 Best Roof Ladders, Below.


1. Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M 26, Multi-position ladder

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The little giant ladder is equipped with so many valuable features such as Palm button, rock locks, tips and glide wheels, and, adjustable leveling legs. The ability to change configuration is a prominent feature of this ladder.

Palm buttons and Rock locks:

Changing the configuration from the storage position to A-frame or any other configuration is done with the palm button. Whenever you need to change the configuration of the ladder, push the ladder palm button.

It is easy to adjust the height and position of a ladder with the help of rock locks. These metal rock lock adjusters are located on the ladder's rail.

Tip and glide wheels:

The advantage of mobility is provided by the tips and glide wheels. The glide wheels provide the ladder with portability that enables you to take it anywhere you want.

Adjustable legs levelling:

This ladder has been designed specifically for the uneven ground. Legs levelers are used in adjusting the ladder's legs and making the use of the ladder possible in uneven terranes.


You can perform your task well without having a place to hold your tools and equipment. A cargo hold will be a source of convenience as it allows you to put your tools in it when working.

It is made up of ballistic nylon and steel. Another useful accessory is a work platform that aids in decreasing foot fatigue. Another important accessory is the wingspan that enables you to stand against obstacles such as windows, bushes, or gutters.


  • The A-frame is high enough
  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to extend.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Offers secure footing.
  • Light enough to carry.
  • Climbing feels safe.



2. Louisville Ladder FE3240 Fiberglass Step Ladder

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Louisville ladder is a fiberglass extension ladder that offers greater safety, comfort, and, convenience. It features a d-shape rung and Mar resistant rail end caps. It also fulfills the safety standards of ANSI.

Sturdy and strong:

It is impossible to find such a sturdy ladder with a smooth finish. The ladder has a weight capacity of 300 pounds that shows its strength. The strength and durability allow its long term use.

Safety and stability:

You should not hesitate when climbing the ladder as it comes with safety shoes. The steel swivel shoe with a metal shield is the source of greater safety and makes the ladder stable enough.


Standing comfort is the demand of every ladder user and you will be happy to know that the ladder is provided with latge D shaped rungs. The rungs are wide enough and you can work for hours standing comfortably on it.


A better way to protect the land is using the Mar resistant rail end caps and this ladder is equipped with rail caps to provide higher protection.

Safety assurance:

The ladder meets the ANSI and CSA grade1 standards to ensure better safety. The fulfillment of the safety standards confirm the reliability of this ladder.


  • The ladder is well-built.
  • Offers strength with stability.
  • Leveling feet work well.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Steps are wide enough.
  • Safe to climb.
  • Easy to use.


  • Overpriced.
  • Steps have a smaller distance.


3. Werner D7132-2 Fiberglass Round Rung extension ladder

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Werner fiberglass ladder is a heavy duty ladder that is provided with protection features for damage resistance, base fly separation option, enhanced stability, and, rung replacement option. All these features make it a valuable item.

Duty rating:

The Werner fiberglass ladder is rated for heavy-duty tasks and has a high weight holding capacity of 375-pound. The rungs are designed in d-shape that are wide and robust enough to bear such a heavyweight.

Damage protection:

The ladder is equipped with safety such as slip-resistant pads and spur plate features. Further, the protection against damage is provided by a durable rail shield and shoe bracket.

Base and fly separation:

There is an option to separate base and fly of the ladder. By separating
the base and fly, the base section can be easily used as a single ladder.


For stable footing when climbing the ladder, the rungs must have some sort of safety features. The wide D-rungs are provided with anti-slip protection to make the climbing safer.

Option for rung replacement:

The design of the plate and rung assembly allows replacement. The riverted plate and rungs enable you to easily replace the rungs when required.


  • Gives a solid feel.
  • Offers safe climbing.
  • Provides standing comfort.
  • Rung replacement is a good option.
  • The ladder is high enough.
  • The weight capacity is high.


  • Little expensive.
  • The ladder is heavy.


4. Little Giant ladder, SkyScrapper, M21, Stepladder

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The little giant ladder skyscrapper offers easy storage and transportation.
The ladder is high enough to reach high places and enable you to work around obstacles. It meets the safety standards and ensure long term use.

Reaching heights:

The high and hard to reach spaces may seem to be a challenge but having little giant ladder is a solution to this problem. Reaching higher places such as ceiling, high walls, chandeliers and skylights have been made easier by the sky scrapper step ladder.

Workaround obstacles:

Working around obstacles with sky-scraper is quite easy because it is adjustable. You can easily perform task around bench setting or bushes. The facility of height adjustment makes the use of the ladder for tasks with various height requirements. The height are adjusted by lock tab adjusters.

Easy storage and transportation:

Like the usage storage of the ladder is also an easy task. The storage height of the ladder is half of its maximum extended height. It requires lesser space for storage and you can easily store it in your car for transportation.

Safety standards:

Consumer need the proof for safety and the ladder offers guaranteed safety as it meets the higher safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA. Also, it can hold 300 lbs on either side.


  • Very stable.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Stores easily in the garage.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • You can climb on both sides.
  • Extends easily.
  • Easy to move around.


  • Needs two people for set up.
  • The ladder is heavy.


5. DeWalt DXL3420-16PG Fiberglass Extension Ladder

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Dewalt fiberglass extension ladder is suitable for heavy-duty use. It offers easy handling, higher safety and stability, and enhanced durability. The heavy-duty steel shoes, wrap-around, and, rung locks make this ladder more safe and secure.

Duty rating:

The ladder is made for heavy-duty applications and is rated for a weight holding capacity of 375-pounds. The higher load capacity shows the robustness of the ladder. The ladder is also provided with quick lach.

Ease of handing:

The Aluminum handgrip grip is an important feature of this ladder that makes it easy to grip the ladder for making the transportation easier. Also, the grip has nonmarrying rubber caps that protect the surface.

Safety and stability:

The heavy duty steel shoes are provided to give greater stability and support. Further, the ladder is also equipped with a wrap-around that makes it further stable and rung locks add to security and safety.


The polyester veil has been used to cover the non-conductive ladder rails. It plays an important role in making the ladder durable for long term use. It would suppress the prominence of fiberglass even if the ladder is exposed to elements for a long time.


  • Very strong ladder.
  • Feels stable.
  • Easy to use.
  • The safety features are nice.
  • The ladder is durable.
  • Rung locks work well.
  • Weight capacity is good.


  • Sometimes bottom position jams.
  • A bit heavy.


6. Werner D6232-2 Extension ladder

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Werner Extension ladder is equipped with adequate safety features like slip resistant treds. Further, shoe-lock and rope and pully system are also important features. The ladder has a load capacity of 300 pounds. Overall, It is an nice ladder and deserves to be users choice.

Safety and comfort:

The ladder has large rungs in d-shape that are responsible for standing comfort and enable you to work for a long time. The slip resistant tred promote traction for higher safety and stability. In short, the ladder is fully equipped with safety and comfort features.

Features fir durability:

The rugged gravity speing locks, ALFLO joints, durable rail shield brackets, spur plate, shoe with Shu-Lok slip resistant pads, and, molded rung braces are the features that make the ladder durable enough for long-lasting use.

Shoe-lock and spur plate:

A connection from rung to rail is named ALFLO. It is designed to eliminate the chances of twist during the ladder use. The spur plate Shoe-lock-slip resistant pads are placed on the soft ground. The Shoe-lock feature is meant to keep the feet in position and provide you with the freedom to set up the ladder heavy-duty without having to hold the ladder.

Rope and pulley system:

The ladder employs the heavy-duty rope and pulley. The rope can be tied to the rung with the help of a rope clamp. Further, you can separate the base and fly system to use the base as a single ladder.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Safe to use.
  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • The ladder us very tall.


  • Takes effort to extend.
  • Little heavy.


7. Lifewit 12.5 ft Folding ladder Aluminum Extension

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Lifewit is an aluminum extension ladder having robust construction.The ladder offers greater versatility in positions and applications. It is safe to use and stores easily occupying less space.

Sturdy Construction:

The ladder has strong and durable construction as rustproof heavy duty aluminum alloy has been used in its construction. It has a weight holding capacity of 330 lbs that enable heavy-duty use.


The ladder offers multiple positions for use. You can adjust the in any of the four different positions that include scaffold position, step ladder position, standoff ladder position. When you need to adjust the ladder position, make sure that the ladder is placed on the ground.

Safe to use:

The ladder is provided with an automatic safety lock, operating hinges, stabilizer bars, and, rubber protective paddings. The purpose of equipping the ladder with all these safety features ensure safe climbing.


You can perform multiple tasks with its help. It enables you to change light bulbs, reaching high places, cleaning cabinets, exterior and anterior painting, and many more jobs. It is suitable for both household and professional use.

Easy to store:

The ladder is easy enough to store as it becomes quite short when folded. You can take it anywhere as it can be stored easily in your car or truck. 


  • Strong but lightweight.
  • Extends and folds easily.
  • The ladder is versatile.
  • Safe to climb
  • Easy to store.
  • Feels stable.


  • A bit difficult to open.
  • Steps are narrow.
  • Sometimes, the joins jams


Q1). What is the most important criterion for the selection of a roof ladder?

The most important criterion for the selection of a roof ladder is the height compatibility of the ladder with the roof because if it is not high enough to reach the roof then it will be of no use.

Q2). What may happen if we ignore the duty rating of a ladder?

Ignoring the duty rating may result in the damage of rungs and it can be more dangerous while climbing resulting in harm to the user's safety.

Q3). How to select a safe and stable ladder?

To select a safe and stable ladder, check out if it is equipped with appropriate safety features. Also, it should be certified by organizations ANSI or OSHA. The feet should be provided with rubber pads for stability and the steps should have a strong construction.

Q4). Which type of ladder is suitable for electrical work?

A fiberglass ladder will be suitable for electrical work because it is a nonconductor Remember, never choose a ladder made up of metal for electrical work.

Q5). Why are leveler legs used?

The leveler's legs are attached with ladder feet to adjust the height of the feet. It is required when you need to use the ladder on an uneven surface.


The choice for the best roof ladders was made based on the features and performance. The little giant ladder is the best roof ladder that comes with many valuable features like a pal. button, rock lock, adjustable leveling legs, and tips and glide wheels.

The second best roof ladder is the Louisville ladder that features d-shape rungs and Mar resistant rail caps for better safety.

The third best roof ladder is the Werner D-732 that offers base fly separation option, rung replacement option, and, greater damage resistance. 

All the remaining ladders are also very competent but they are simpler than our top three ladders. The simplest ladder among them is the lifewit that has been placed at last rank.

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