10 Best Attic Ladders in 2023!

The retractable ladder or stairways are called attic ladders and these ladders are helpful in giving an easy access to attic places.

As we need a particular type of ladders for a specific application, the ladder for attics are also specially designed to be suitable for attic use. Here we are reviewing the best attic ladders to make you capable of selecting a good attic ladder.

WolfWise 8.5FT

  • Smart-Close System
  • One button retraction
  • Easy portability

Telestep1600ET OSHA

  • Superior Safety
  • Requires less space
  • Easy to use

Fakro LST 860432 

  • Very sturdy
  • Well-engineered
  • Good for the price

Buying Guide For Best Attic Ladders:

The best way to make a better choice of an attic ladder is to acquire the prior information of the ladder’s features. Let’s have a detailed look on these features.

i). Compatibility With Opening:

It is essential to check if the ladder you are choosing for your attic fits nicely into the opening. It is better to check if you require an attic ladder for the small opening, larger opening, or, rough opening.

ii). Height Compatibility:

The ladder should touch the floor and can be well-adjusted in between the ceiling and the floor. It will be better to choose a ladder with adjustable height so that it will be perfectly compatible.

iii). Safety:

Safety is one of the most essential criterion of selecting a ladder. A ladder should be equipped with appropriate safety features such as rubber padded feet for traction and slip-resistant rails for stable footing. Also if the ladder is certified or meets the safety standards of ANSI or OSHA.

iv). Durability:

The ladder must be durable because durability ensures the log term use. The foremost criteria for durability is strong construction. The ladder should be construed from high quality material like airplane grade aluminum or iron.

View the 10 Best Attic Ladders, Below.


1. WolfWise 8.5FT Newly Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

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The Wolfwise is one of the best attic ladders of 2020 because it features smart closing system, easier and pinch free one button retraction, high portability and considerate design. With all these features it deserves to be consumer's choice.

Smart-Close System:

The smart closure system promotes safer closing because the structure have been upgraded. The ladder retracts slowly and the smoother retraction saves your hands from the pinch.

One button retraction:

The extension is quick and safe and would not take much of your time. The ladder can retract quickly in 5 to 8 seconds from its full extension.


The high-quality airplane grade 6061 aluminum alloy has been used in its construction providing the ladder with enough strength. It can hold up to 300 lbs and can be recommended for heavy-duty use.

Easy portability:

The length of the ladder reduces to a quarter of its original length when it is retracted. Such a the smaller length makes its storage easy and makes it more portable. It offers ease in transportation as it can be stored in a lesser space in your car.

Considerate design:

The ladder is very well made having a considerate design. It is provided with a carrying handle with a closure strap to provide ease in transportation and storage.


  • Easy to use.
  • Stores easily.
  • Easy to extend.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Very well designed.
  • Offers great portability.
  • Safe to use.


  • Caps are a bit  slippery.
  • Steps are narrow.


2. Telestep1600ET OSHA Compliant 16 FT Black

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The telesteps offer high strength and durability with superior safety. The one touch release mechanism for easy and safe retraction. Further, the safety certificate from ANSI and OSHA ensure reliability. It fulfills all user's requirements, therefore it is one of the best attic ladder to buy.

Strength and durability:

The telesteps ladder are constructed from superior quality aluminum alloys and these alloys are not derived from scrap aluminum. Instead, their raw material is pure ingot which provides it with great strength and durability.

One touch release mechanism:

The ladder has been engineered to have a fully automatic extension and retraction system. It features a one-touch release mechanism which makes the retraction easy and safe. The reason for the slow retraction are the internal silicon bushing slowdown system.

Superior safety:

Telessteps have swivel silicon feet that have been designed to sit flat on the ground. There is a locking indicator on either sides of the rung and these indicators indicate if the bolts are locked in position to ensure that the ladder is safe to use.


Telesteps is a reliable brand and the certification from OSHA, EN-131, ANSI, and, TUV GS ensure its safety and reliability. 


  • Safe and sturdy.
  • Offers easy retraction.
  • Requires less space.
  • Light for the size.
  • Very durable
  • Very stable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Little expensive.
  • Rugs are slippery if wet.


3. Fakro LST 860432 Insulated steel scissor Attic ladder 27-inch

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Fakro is one of the best attic ladder to buy because it features an innovative hatch opening system. It offers higher heat insulation and convenience in use.

Easy to use:

Fakro folding attic ladder has been designed to be highly convenient providing the users with ease of use and you don't have to expensive staircases. The ladder fits well into the small opening due to the folding system. The stairs are designed in hape providing the ladder with a new and innovative look. The S-shaped strings can also be used as handrails.

Heat insulation:

The thick rubber gasket is located between the boards and used to provide full heat insulation to the ladder. An R-value of 5.2 prevents heat loss providing full heat insulation.

Hatch opening mechanism :

High quality pine is used in the construction of ladder box. For smoother and slower opening, a unique hatch opening mechanism is employed. After full opening, the ladder would not slam shut ase the hach would be held in place by a hatch mechanism. The ladder is made slip-resistant by designing steps with embossed pattern.

Duty rating:

The ladder is suitable for professional use as it is rated for heavy duty applications. It can hold a weight up to 300 pounds. Also, the ladder comes with a 2 years of warranty


  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Well-engineered.
  • Good for the price.
  • Pulls up and down easily.
  • Very stable.


  • Little heavy.
  • Steps are little slippery.


4. Fakro Lwp 66802 Insulated Attiic Ladder for 25 × 47-Inch Rough Opening

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Fakro LWP is one of the best attic access ladder. It is easy to use and offers convenient installation. You will find it to be safe enough for climbing as it is equipped with adequate safety features. The heat insulation system and hatch opening system are its valuable features.

Ease of use:

The users are provided with maximum ease of use as FAKRO fulfills the criteria for maximum convenience in handling. The cost of installing a staircase is also saved.

Conveniently installation:

The ladder also offers quick fixing system to make the installation quick and easy. Only two people are required for its installation. The height adjustment is also a very easy task. In short, you will find it to be a highly convenient ladder.

Heat insulation:

The thick rubber gasket is located between the boards and allows heat insulation. The R-value of 5.9 ensures that there will be a minimum loss of heat.

Hatch opening system:

As, the ladder box is made up of high quality pine, it is strong enough to be long lasting. The ladder is also equipped with hatch's opening mechanism which makes the ladder open slowly and hold the ladder in position when fully opened.

Safe climbing:

To make the ladder safe for climbing, the steps have been designed with grooves cuts to ensure safety by eliminating the chances of slippage.

Comfort and safety:

The maximum weight of 300 pounds is easily held by the ladder. If you need additional comfort and safety, a red metal handrail will help you in acquiring comfort and safety. A two-year warranty makes it a reliable product for the consumer.


  • Very safe
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Excellent design.
  • Includes necessary tools.
  • Folds up easily.


  • Lacks mounting hardware.
  • Footpads are not included.


5. Werner Ladder AA1510, Ladder aluminum Attic, 250 lb

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Werner ladder is built for for a height ranging from 7 ft to 9 ft. It is light and trong and offers an easy set up. It fits well into small openings and is one of the best attic ladder for smal opening.

Light and strong:

The weight holding capacity for Aluminum ATTIC is 250-lb and the aluminum construction accounts for its lighweight. The ladder is quite lightweight but strong enough to hold such a high weight.

Easy to set up:

The ladder is is easy to use and set up. Users will find it to be very convenient in opening and closing due to the included assist pole.

Fits well in small openings

The ladder is designed to fit into small openings. You can install it in closets, hallways, and, other tight spaces. The access through the smaller opening is made easier with the telescopic design ladder. The ladder comes with hardware for doors.


  • Good for small opening.
  • Robustly built.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe to climb.
  • Good for price.
  • Offers good holding capacity.
  • Easy to use.


  • Instructions lack label.
  • The ladder is a bit narrow.


6. Louisville Ladder 22.5 by 54-inch Wooden attic Ladder

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Louisville ladder ofers an easy access to ceiling compartment and t is one one of the best attic pul own ladder. It offers secure handling and maximum safety in climbing as it meets the safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.

Offers easy access:

The high storage places are accessible through these sturdy and compact ladders. This ladder is designed to be used in tight areas providing the user with convenience to reach ceiling compartments such as attics.

Secure handling:

This ladder eliminates the need for staircases and saves space as well. The ladder easily folds and unfolds without making a noise. You are allowed to safely open the ladder using the T-Handle grip.

Maximum safety:

The holding capacity of the ladder is 250 pounds. The purpose of equipping the ladder with grooved steps is to ensure safety when climbing by minimizing the slippage. The heavy-duty hinges are reponsible for the smooth opening and keeps the ladder stable in an unfolded state allowing maximum safety. Further, the full grip hand rail would enable an easy grip making it safe for handling.

Safety standard:

The reliability of the ladder is justified, as it meets the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA. So, consumers can trust the Louisville ladder due to safety and reliability.


  • The ladder is stable
  • Good for price
  • Very safe.
  • Offers easy handling.
  • Hinges ensure easy opening.
  • Installs easily.
  • Saves space.


  • Little flimsy.
  • Two-person installation.


7. Telescoping ladder 12.5 Ft Extension Telescopic Ladders

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A telescoping ladder stands among the best ladders for attic. It features advanced mechanisms such as hydraulic system and one button retraction sysem. Also, the ladder highly versatile and safe.

Retracts with one button:

The ladder safe and easy to handle as it offers slower retraction mechanism. The retraction of the ladder is possible with one push button that allows safer and secure retraction.

No more pinched fingers:

With the blessing of a hydraulic system that forms air pockets to make the steps move slowly. It tells that the hydraulic system will make the retraction slower and your fingers will be protected from the pinch.

High stability:

The ladder is equipped with all those features that enhance its stability. For example, it is solidly built using the aluminum alloy in its construction, it is provided with slip resistant traction feet, and, wider steps for the stable footing.

Safe and versatile:

The ladder has an extension height of 12.5 Ft and can hold up to 330 pounds. You will be able to perform multiple task using this ladder such as changing the bulb, cleaning the window, and, reaching your attic or roof. For the consumer's peace of mind, the ladder comes with a 1year warranty and money-back guarantee.


  • Extremely versatile.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Safe to climb.
  • Great price.
  • The bag is thick.
  • Pulls up easily.
  • Very sturdy.


  • Little hard to pull down.
  • Feels unsafe above 10 feet.


8. Ohuhu 12.5 ft Aluminum Telescoping ladder

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Ohuhu telescopin laddr is ranked among the best attic ladders of 2020. It offers one buttonretraction for safe operation. The ladder is strongly built and offers rock solid stability for long term use. Also, it is versatile enough to be used in variety of applications.

One button retraction:

The ladder features an effortless closure system is known as one-button closure. The ladder contracts easily and smoothly when you push the button.

Strong construction:

The high quality aluminum alloy has been used in its construction.The ladder can support 300-pounds. Therefore, the ladder is strong enough to, withstand heavy load and light enough to be carried anywhere without consuming much strength.

Rock solid stability:

The base is held in place with the help of non-slip end caps and the ladder becomes much more stable. Further, the extra-wide steps are responsible for safe climbing. It fulfills the safety standards of EN131 and SGS.

Safe to use:

The ladder is designed to save your finger from getting hurt as it allows pinch free contraction and extension. The section are kept still and doesn't retract again by intelligent locking pins.

Extreme versatility:

The height of ladder is 12.5 Ft. The ohuhu Telescopi ladder can fulfill many of your needs. You can use it for changing bulb, painting, and, cleaning the window. 


  • Easy to extend.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Takes little space.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to climb.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Lightweight.


  • Wobbles a little.
  • Lacks rubber at base.


9. Youngman 301001 Telescopic Loft Ladder Aluminum 2.9 Meters

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Youngman ladder is ranked among the best attic ladder of 2020. It offers multiple height adjustment, enhanced safety, strong construction, and, easy installation. Its features will make you satisfied and you would not regret for your choice.

Strong construction

The ladder is very stable as it is manufactured from anodised alumnium. The purpose of using the good quality material in its construction is to ensure durability and strength so that you can rely on the product for long term use.

Multiple height adjustment:

The ladder provides the users with multiple adjustment options and you are able to adjust its height to three different lengths. The multiple height adjustment feature will make it useful for various needs.
Enhanced Safety:

The ladder ensures enhanced safety because it is equipped with appropriate safety features such as rubber padded feet to promote traction and give protection to the floor.

Easy to install:

For this ladder, installation is not a difficult task. The ladder offers an easy installation and operates very nicely to save you from hassle of calling a professional for this purpose.


  • Fits nicely.
  • Very strong.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stable enough.
  • Good space saver


  • Instructions are not clear
  • Little heavy.


10. Fakro LWP 66803 Insulated Attic Ladder for 22x 54-inch Rough openings

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Fakro Lwp 66803 is ranked among the best attic ladders of 2020. This ladder is a valuable choice that will be easy to install, save energy cost, and, comes with a suitable warranty of 2 years.

Easy installation:

Installation is not a problem with this wooden attic ladder as it is very easy to install and can fit nicely in a rough opening of 22x 54-inch.

Compatible height:

The ladder is made adjustable to fit perfectly in height The ladder is suitable to fit ceiling height between 7 feet, 10 inches, and 10 feet 1 inch.

Energy saving:

The ladder also saves energy as it has a wooden door frame that has an R-value of 5.9. The doors are well balanced and offers easy and smooth opening and closing. It has a weight capacity of 300- pounds.


To make the product reliable and gain consumer's trust, the manufacturers have given a arranty of 2-years so that you will buy this laddrr with peace of mind.


  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very strong.
  • Fits nicely.
  • Offers high safety.


  • Lacks mounting hardware.
  • A bit expensive.


Q1. What is an attic ladder?

An attic ladder is a stairway ladder that can be pulled down through ceiling and makes your access to attic space easier.

Q2. What is the advantage of a hydraulic system in ladders?

The hydraulic system in retractable ladder is responsible for the slower retraction and it slows down the retraction by creating air pockets.

Q3. Why should the ladder retract slowly?

The ladder should retract slowly because if a retractable ladder retracts faster there are chances of finger pinch whereas the slower movement of steps promote a pinch free operation.

Q4. What is the advantage of intelligent locking pins?

The intelligent locking pins will keep your ladder in position keep it from retraction again after it is opened.


We have selected the best attic ladders based on the performance and features.

The wolfwise has been selected as the best attic ladder because it equipped with smart closing system, considerate design, and, pich free one button retraction.

The second best attic ladder is the telesteps because it is highly strong and durable and offers safe climbing, The one touch release mechanism allows easy retraction and makes it a safe choice.

The third best ladder is Fakro that features a hatch opening mechanism. It gives ease in handling and better heat insulation.

All the remaining ladders are also very competent and ranked among the best attic ladders but they are simpler and the simplest among them is the Fakro lwp that has been placed at last rank.

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