How To Hang A Ladder On A Wall?

The best way for the storage of the ladder is to hang it on the wall. It will save your space and make storage easy. To hang the ladder on the wall, you have to learn how to hang a ladder on a wall?

Also, the ladder will be safer on the wall as there can be a chance of damage by hit when placed on the ground. The method is very easy and every one of us can easily do this job.

You don't need to waste your money by calling a professional for performing an extremely easy task. You just need to buy few things and follow the instructions properly when making a step for ladder hanging.

  instructions for How To Hang A Ladder On A Wall?

i). Choosing hooks with platform

The first thing you need are ladder hooks that are easily available at the construction stores. The ladder hook aids in hanging the ladder on a wall.

The ladder hooks have brackets that are provided with a bottom platform.

Use a measuring tape to find out the width across both side rails. Now, visit the construction store to purchase hooks with platforms and make sure that the platform is longer than the ladder's width.

The requirement of hooks varies with the size and weight of the ladder.

You will have to purchase 2 hooks for or a ladder with a height equal to or less than 6 feet. 3 hooks will be required for a ladder more than 6 feet in height.

The ladder having a weight less than 25-35 pounds can be hung vertically. Using one hook will be enough to hang such a ladder.

ii). Use a stud finder to find studs in the wall

The next step is to find the stud in the wall using a stud finder. A stud is used to hang a ladder on the wall. To use a stud finder, turn it in on and find your stud by moving it over the wall.

The presence of a stud will be indicated by a notice or the lightening up of the stud finder.

If the stud finder is unavailable then you should knock on the wood that is another way of finding a noise. You would feel the emptiness of the wall through the kind of sound that is produced when knocking an empty wall and if there is a stud a flat sound will be produced.

iii). Creating set up for hook installation

The next step will be the drilling of the wall and you would drill into the studs that you have found with the help of a stud finder.

The requirement is one hook for every 6 feet of the ladder. The ladder will be placed against the chosen hanging position of the wall.

After that, the wall will be marked at a height of 2-3 feet from one end of the ladder and then mark other side of the wall corresponding to the opposite ladder rail of the ladder.

Using the scale or leveler the marks should be adjusted to the ladder with even support across the hooks. The pencil marks need to be parallel with the floor.

For this purpose, a level should be used. Adjustable will not be a problem in case of vertical adjustment or if you are using 2 hooks.

iv). Drilling the hook

Use a 6.4 cm screw to drill the hook into the wall with the help of a drilling machine. Fix the screw firmly with your fingers while you are holding the hook with the help of your non-dominant hand.

Set the power on the lowest level. Now, start driving the screw into the wall through the stud.

Drilling should be performed until the screw is fully secured to the wall.

The hook may have more than one hole, in such case, you should drive the screw in both the holes. 

A wall plug will be helpful in case of a concrete wall. A diamond drill will let you make a pilot hole so that you can easily perform screwing.

v). Repeat the process for other hook

The second hook will also be drilled in the same way by placing the hook over another stud. After placing the hook on the stud, take the drilling machine and start driving the hook into the wall.

The method for drilling each hook is the same and you should use a level so that you can install the hooks in a straight line.

Usually, two hooks are installed for this purpose but you can also install a third hook in the middle of the two hooks.

If you want to hang the ladder vertically then there be no need to perform this step again because a single hook will be enough to hold the ladder vertically.

vi). Store horizontally

For better weight distribution, always hold the ladder close to the center otherwise, one hook may have to bear a larger weight. Now hand the ladder on the wall by using the top rails.

When you use a single set of hooks then you have to hang the ladder using the top rails.

If you wish to hang it by the bottom rail then you should use the second set of hooks. When you intend to install the second set, you should keep a distance of 1-2 meters between both the set of hooks.

vii). Store vertically

To hang the ladder vertically, you will have to hang the ladder by placing its step over the hook.

Before hanging the ladder, the side rails should be closed and the ladder should be locked. Remember, vertical storage does not allow the use of bottom steps.

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One of the easiest and safest method for the ladder storage is to hang it on wall. The set up for ladder hang out comprises of few simple steps.

There is no need to be a professional to perform these simple steps.

You need hooks, screws, stud finder, and a drilling machine for this purpose.

The hooks will be required to hang the ladder and the hooks will be installed with the help of screws and drilling machine. A stud finder will help you find the studs in the wall.

Further, pencil measuring tape and leveler are essentially required when performing DIY. The main purpose of all the above discussion was to teach you the valuable method that eliminates the need to call a professional and saves your money.

As a result of all the above discussion, now you are well aware of how to hang a ladder on the wall?

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