10 Best Ladder Stands of 2023! [Buying Review Guide]

A hunter wishes to have the best ladder stand. The ladder stand is the most essential asset of a hunter and he never wants to compromise on the quality of the stand because the stability of the stand is linked to his safety. Further he finds comfort, convenience, and safety features that are needed for efficient hunting.

The ladders stands can be of many types like tree stand, climbing stand, and hang on stand. The hunter selects a type of stand based on his likeness and flexibility. Here we are discussing some of the best ladder stands.

The Jayhawk 20

  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Safe and Stable
  • Locking System

The comrade X 18 

  • Seating Configuration
  • Quick Access to Tools
  • Shooting Rails

Guide Gear 20 

  • Durable Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • Comfort and Safety

Buying Guide For Best Ladder Stands

You need some basic information to purchase a ladder stand. The information provided below will enable you to make a valuable purchase.

i). Safety and Stability

Safety is the first thing to care about when purchasing a hunting stand. Make sure that the stand is provided with strong straps and locking system such as a jay hawk locking system. In case of a climbing stand, there must be strong stirrups that remain strongly attached to the platform.

ii). Comfort

To enjoy hunting with comfort, you should look for a well-cushioned and soft seat, padded armrests, and footrests. A stand with these attributes will let you enjoy hunting for a long period.

iii). Larger Platform

If you want a larger platform, you must look for a stand with a flipping seat because you can flip the seat to make the platform wider. The larger platform provides the hunter with larger standing space and he can set his target by adopting any suitable position. For example, he can lean as well to set his target.

iii). Silent Stand

The noise may create problem in hunting, therefore, you should choose a silent stand. Some strategies are adopted to, reduce noise. The silent stands are equipped with padded shooting rails and armrests. Further, the critical parts of stands like aluminum tubing are filled with customized foam that reduces noise.

iii). Adjustable Shooting Rail

The adjustable shooting rail enhances the efficiency of shot. The hunter needs the rail to be adjustable to adjust his target adjusting the rail at the most suitable position.

View the 10 Best Ladder Stands, Below.


1. X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladder stand

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X-stand is a source of enhanced comfort safety and stability and its jay hawk locking system makes it further valuable. The X-stand has been provided with two seats, that makes it a best two-man ladder stand. Due to the presence of an effective Jayhawk locking system, it is also the best lock on ladder stand.

Enhanced comfort:

The Jayhawk's safety of the system is admirable. The flex mesh seat with a 39-inch width and 17-inch depth provides you with enhanced comfort and your body fits perfectly on the seat that is wide enough. When you wish to fully use the platform you have the option to flip the seat. The footrest is also provided with a flip feature.

Safety and stability:

The stealth silences eliminate noise by preventing metal on metal contact. The X-force expanded metal has been used in the construction of footpads that promote safety and stability. Further stability and strength is provided through oval tubing and the weather defender no-slip grip is used for noise prevention.

Locking system:

You may easily lock the ladder stand on the tree. The locking system of the stand is sturdy enough to prevent shaking or swaying. The tightening of the ratchet straps makes the dual jaws locked to the tree. The user feels quite safe and stable when he walks up through the stairs and while sitting on the seat.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Shooting rail is useful.
  • Very comfortable.


  • The stand is heavy.
  • Instructions aren't well-written.


2. X-Stand Treestand, The comrade X 18' Two Man Ladder stand

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X-stand treestand provides the users with a wider platform and the smart seat configuration allows better hunting. You have the opportunity to go on a haunt with your hunting fellow because the X-stand is the best 2 man ladder stand.

Wide Platform:

Stand up on the platform with greater convenience with the help of seat flipping option. Platform can be used fully by flipping up the seat and in this way you get a wider space to stand.

Seating configuration:

The platform has been designed in a v shape and the seating configuration allows better hunting. The seats are positioned for different angles of view. The two hunters can enjoy a wonderful hunting experience simultaneously.

Quick access to tools:

For efficient hunting, you need quick access to your equipment and accessories, and comrade is provided with a middle console that allows easy and quick access to the hunting accessories.

Shooting rails:

Each hunter is provided with an independent shooting completely adjustable rail. These rails have been provided with options of removal and flip back. For proper silencing, the stand is equipped with padded rails and armrests.


  • Provides better safety.
  • Tubing is very strong.
  • The seating is comfortable.
  • The stabilizer system is good.
  • The stand is silent.


  • Price is high
  • The stand is heavy.


3. Guide Gear 20' 2-Man durable Rail Ladder

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Guide gear gives convenience through easy assembly, padded armrests, adjustable support bar, and dual ladders. It can be regarded as the best two-man ladder that is the source of greater comfort, convenience, safety, and stability.

Durable Construction:

The stand has a dual rail ladder for more convenience. Good quality steel has been used in the construction of this stand and the solid construction guarantees stability with long-term use.

Easy assembly:

You can easily assemble the ladder sections as they are pinned together. The assembly would not take much of your time and you will quickly be free to start hunting.

Comfort and safety:

For the sake of hunter's comfort, the ladder support bar is made adjustable and the armrests have been padded. The shooting rails are covered with a blind. Further, the two ratchets give stability to stand and enhance safety.


The dimensions for the platform are 55" x14'and the dimensions for the seat are 36"x 14'. The weight capacity of the stand is 500 lbs that are good enough to withstand heavyweight.


  • The stand is sturdy.
  • Height is pretty good.
  • Stands don't rattle.
  • Provides better safety.
  • The stand is well-built.


  • The seat should be thicker.
  • The seat should be wider.


4. Guide Gear 17.5 Deluxe two Person hunting ladder

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Guide Gear is a durable ladder stand that offers enhanced comfort and convenience through seat flipping feature, padded backrest, and easy to assemble ladder section. All these features makes it the best ladder tree stand.


Guide Gear stands us made up of sturdy steel that ensures increased durability for longer life of the stand. You can rely on it for the sake of your safety and security and make most of your hunting job fearlessly. It has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Comfort and convenience:

The stand is fascinated with flip-up a seat, non-skid meshed platform, shooting rail, and, padded backrest for superior level of comfort. The dimensions of the seat are 38.75 and for mesh, the platform is measured 40" x30.25". The easy to assemble ladder sections are pinned for further convenience.

Safety and stability:

The ladder stand is provided with all those features that allows successful hunting. The foot platforms is extra wide provides more convenience in standing. You will be carefree and can better focus on your task. The 2 looped ratchet straps allow firm and stable attachment. Further, the stand has a 2-full body arrest system.


  • Platform is large enough.
  • The seat is wide.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Offers good stability
  • Installation is easy.
  • Safety harness works well.


  • The cushion is less comfortable
  • The manual is a little vague.


5. BIG GAME LS3811 17' Warrior Dxt Ladder stand

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The big game ladder offers firm support with a stable mounting system and extreme silence with no metal bar contact. It appears to be the best ladder for bow hunting due to the presence of an adjustable shooting rail.

Firm support:

The Big game is provided with a mounting system that is the source of stability and support. The stand includes two 1" stabilizer straps, one ratchet strap, and, steel tubing. The stand can be mounted effectively on the tree using stabilizer straps.

No metal bar contact:

The flex lead seat and backrest have been integrated into the stand. The flex seat eliminates metal bar contact because of the saggy bottom. It is also capable of handling elements.

Adjustable shooting rail:

The stand is well designed to give a better hunting experience to shooters and bow hunters both. The stand is also equipped with a shooting rail that helps the hunters in bow hunting. In order to take a perfect shot you can adjust the shooting rail.

Comfort and portability:

Inspite of having solid construction it is enough portable. The greater weight holding capacity of 300 lbs exhibits its robustness. Along with robustness it also provides comfort through flex tec seat and back rest. 


  • Very well built.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes in great price.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Highly stable.


  • The platform isn't large.
  • Needs, better packaging.


6. Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand

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The summit tree stand is equipped with a wider platform, quick draw cable system, and rapid climb stirrups. The quick cable attachment and reduced metal to metal contact features have added to its value. The purpose of rapid climb stirrups is to make it one of the best climbing stand.

Wider platform:

It has a wider top to provide you with little extra space when standing on the platform. Its weight is just 21 lbs that help you to easily pack and carry it around.

Reduced metal-to-metal sound:

Most of the time the parts of the stand such as aluminum tubing are responsible for the noise. The custom engineered expanding foams are filled in the crucial components of the stand to eliminate the noise generated as a result of metal to metal contact.

Quick Draw:

The cables can be attached quickly with the help of a quick cable attachment system. The quick cable system works by inserting the cable into the bracket when you pull the cable lug it makes the trigger lock automatically into the place.

Rapid Climb:

The Rapid Climb stirrups perfectly fit in your boot and allow the quicker and safer climbing. It makes you reach the required height easily. With the help of stirrups, your boots remain firmly attached to the platform when you intend to climb. 


  • The food clamps are good.
  • The stand is quite.
  • Offers good portability.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Very well-built.


  • Base isn't much larger.
  • The backpack straps are brutal.


7. River Edge RE554, Big Foot XL Classic, Hang on a tree stand

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The River edge stand features a larger platform, dual post-flip-up seat, and ultra-quiet attachment. This stand with all these features appears to be one of the best hang on stand.

Large Platform:

A large platform provides the user with the advantage to take an appropriate shot because the hunter has a larger space which allows him to lean and he can adapt his desired position for a better shot.

Dual Post-Flip-up seat:

It is provided with a dual post seat design. The dual seats offer flip-up for the widening of the platform. The manufacturers have taken care of the hunter's comfort seats are padded. The hunter is allowed to take either shots or standing shots.

Ultra-quiet attachment:

It offers an extremely silent strap attachment. As metal on metal contact creates noise, the straps are attached without metal on metal contact promoting noise reduction.

Included components:

All the essential tools are delivered with the stand. It comes with a manual, bolts, and, safety harness. The straps are not included in the package and the stand fold flat.


  • Strongly constructed.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Height is good enough.
  • The seat is comfortable.
  • Hanging is easy.


  • The seat lacks a cushion.
  • The platform isn't large.


8. Summit Treestand Summit Viper Steel Climber

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Summit treestand is one of the best climbing treestand that is featured with rapid climb stirrups for quick and safe climbing. Further, the larger platform provides extreme convenience in hunting.

Strength and load capacity:

The construction of the stand needs to be extremely robust to promote safety and stability. The steel construction makes it a stronger stand that can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

Convenience in hunting:

It gives the convenience of taking shots by providing larger space. The larger platform allows the hunters to adjust the shot by choosing the most appropriate position for them. For further assistance, stirrups are provided for quick climbing.

Efficient climbing:

The quick draw cable retention system is a valuable asset for efficient climbing. The hunters may quickly and safely attain their required height while their boots are strongly attached to the platform through stirrups.

Quick Draw:

You can attach your cable using a quick cable attachment system. The quick cable retention the system will secure your cable to the tree. Pulling the cable lug that is inserted into the bracket will make the trigger lock automatically.


  • Feels very sturdy.
  • Arrest harness gives security.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy to climb.


  • The stand is a bit heavy.
  • The platform is smaller.


9. Lone wolf Alfa Hang On ll Treestand

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Lone Wolf is an extremely quiet, roomy, lightweight, and easy to use hang-on stand. Due to these features, it is one of the best hang-on stands that is provided with self leveling seat and platforms.

Self-leveling seats and platforms:

Additional convenience is provided through self-leveling seat and platform. The stand is compatible with all types of hook accessories. The self-leveling platform provides users with the opportunity to preset multiple stand locations that make the hanging easier and quicker.

Seating comfort:

The hunters who want to spend a long time hunting need adequate comfort. The users of this stand will be lucky to enjoy the comfort of a large contoured foam pad.


The users are provided with great portability because it is just 14 pounds easy to lift and carry around. Despite having enough lightweight, it can hold up to 35 pounds.


The platform size is 30" x 19.5, seat measures 14"x12, and height is 21". It fits trees that are 4"x -22 in diameter. The weight of stand is only 14 pounds.


  • Lone wolf is super light.
  • The stand is well built.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The platform is bombproof.
  • The platform is wider.


  • The seat is less comfortable.
  • The stand is expensive.


10. Millennium Treestands M100U Ultimate Tree Stand

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Millennium treestand features larger platform, safety link, and powder coating construction feature. All these features are the reason for hunter's safety, stability of the stand, and, comfort. Therefore, it is one of the best tree stands.


The safety of the hunter is ensured by the safelink rope. The hunters can easily climb up the ladder stand an hang on stand and the descending from the ladder stand has been made safer as well. The safe link is a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and a carabiner.

Large Platform:

The large platform allows for suitably adjusting the position for the gunshot. Therefore, the seat is provided with a flip option to satisfy the hunter whether he is performing rifle hunting or bow hunting.

Smart construction:

The aluminum has been used as a construction material for the stand and the powder coat finish is the most innovative feature that has been used to make the stand immensely durable.


The stand has the holding capacity of 300 pounds. The width of platform 20 inch and depth measures 38 inches.. Seat has width of 22-inch and a depth of 16-inch. The height of seat from platform is 17-inch.


  • Extremely agronomic.
  • Very portable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • The stand is very silent.
  • Easy to hang


  • The seat is very low.
  • Little heavier.
  • Costs high for the size.


Q1)..What is the advantage of larger platforms?

The larger platforms provide the greater space to stand for the convenience of the hunter. He can better adjust his position for the shot by leaning and adopting any other suitable position.

Q2). What strategies are adopted to prevent metal to metal contact?

Metal to metal contact can be prevented by filling the stands' crucial component with customized foam, equipping the stand with padded shooting rails, 

Q3). How can we make climbing safe?

The climbing can be made safer and quicker with the help of rapid climbing stirrups. These stirrups remain attached to the platform during climbing to provide firm support and stability.

Q4). What is the benefit of adjustable shooting rails?

The adjustable shooting rail can be suitably adjusted according to your wish and you can take a better shot by adjusting the rail at the most appropriate position.

Q5). Why should we prefer a stand with flip-up seats?

We should prefer a stand with a seat flipping option to make the platform wider that provides the hunter with convenience in standing and greater space to adopt any position for a shot.

Q6). How can the stand be more durable?

The stand that uses innovative construction feature like a durable powder coat finish can be more durable and will serve you for a long time without any damage.


The selection of the best ladder stand is based on safety, stability, comfort, and convenience. The best ladder stand among all of them is The Jayhawk 20 ladder stand that features enhanced comfort, reduced noise, and greater stability. The efficient locking system adds to its stability. 

The second most eligible ladder stand is an The comrade X 18 that features a larger platform, smart seating configuration, and quick tool access system.

The third most competent ladder stand is Guide Gear 20 that features durability, convenient assembly, and, better safety.

All of the remaining ladder stands are also very competent but they are simpler than these stands and the simplest among them is the Millennium stand that had been kept at the last position.

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