7 Best 30 Gallon Air Compressors For Money! (2023 Reviews)

The job of a compressor is the provision of compressed air for multiple applications. This device offers its services in industries, home and automotive. They are used in a number of devices like nail guns, computers, air conditioners, and sound systems. Here we exploring Best 30 gallon air compressors for money. 

The parameters like CFM, running time and hp are very important in determining the efficiency of a compressor and the tank size is one of them. It is measured in gallons (read best 20 gallon air compressor reviews) and tells the air storage capacity. 

Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM

  • Portable Design
  • User friendly
  • Extremely Powerful

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

  • Reliable Power
  • Multitasking
  • Durability

Porter cable PXCMLC1683066

  • Powerful Compressor
  • Dual Voltage Motor
  • Essential Components

Things before you Buy best 20 gallon air compressors:

Some important parameters and features must be considered before buying a compressor because it will let you make a good purchase.

i). Hp

The power generate by compressor engine is highly valuable feature in knowing the working efficiency of the compressor. It is also very useful for choosing the compressor according to the type of applications either light or heavy.

ii). CFM

The volume of the compressor is essential to know as it tells the air flow rate. With high CFM the heavy duty jobs can be easily done. The greater air pressure enables the tools to work more effectively.

iii). Running Time

The running time or the duty cycle let us know the total working time of a compressor. With a greater running time, you will be able to make it work for longer times and reduce the resting time.

iv). Heat management

Heat may shorten the life of your compressor therefore there should be an arrangement for quick heat dissipation and efficient cooling. Well, the v-shaped cylinders are perfect for this purpose.

View the 7 Best 30 gallon Air Compressors for Money, Below.


1. Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Garage Mate 30 Gallon  

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Ingressol-Rand is one of the Best 30 gallon Air Compressors in 2022. With so much portability, high power, and thermal protection for the motor it deserves to stand among the best compressors. Further, the durable cast iron construction and low noise level make it more valuable.

Portable Design:

It offers good portability and handles on it enables an easy grip. Further, the semi-pneumatic tires make the dragging easy. The professionals will be satisfied with the facility to carry it to the job sites and is perfect for the DIYers as well.

User friendly:

The users prefer easy to operate devices and prefer features that add to their comfort and convenience. The attributes that make it user friendly are the quite operation, easy access to the drain valve, and, a pressure control switch.

Extremely Powerful:

It is obvious for the high power compressor to be efficient at work. It provides maximum pressure of 135 PSI. In this compressor the duty cycle is 100% that means it can run without any break. Also, a 30 gallon tank with high storage capacity enhances its worth.


The temperature rise due to overload may result in damage to the motor, Therefore, manual overload protection is provided for motor safety and longevity of the compressor. Further, the cast iron construction makes the compressor more durable.


  • The air capacity is good.
  • The operation is very quiet.
  • Well built with rugged construction.
  • Offers fast filling.
  • A large tank keeps the pressure steady.


  • limited portability is offered.
  • Oil needs to be purchased.


2. Campbell Hausfeld VT6271, 30-Gallon Horizontal Tank, Single-Stage

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Campbell VT6271 compressor is ideally powerful and user friendly compressor that can perform multiple tasks without any difficulty. It stands to be one of the most competent compressors for money in 2022. The higher CFM of 10.2 at 90 PSI and maximum pressure of 135 PSI.

Reliable Power:

An airflow rate of 10.2 CFM at 90 PSI, 30-gallonthe storage tank, and, the maximum pressure of 135 PSI enables us to run a high demand for pneumatic tools. Also, it gives a higher product life of 5,000 hours.

User-friendly Design:

Storage has been made easy by equipping the compressor with a horizontal ASME tank of 30 gallons, wheels, and handles. The wheels and handle make it mobile for easy transportation and storage at any location.


The compressor is capable of performing a variety of tasks and projects such as nailing, grinding, stapling, inflation, bolting, and paint spraying.

The above-mentioned tasks are just a glimpse of their versatility but actually, it has been designed to tackle any task with so much ease


The harsh environment at job sites, garages, and industries may set the compressor to damage. The cast iron construction is responsible for its longevity as it enables it to bear harsh environments and remain durable.


  • The compressor is powerful.
  • No air leakage is observed.
  • The output regulator works well
  • The gauges are very accurate.
  • The storage is easy.


  • No air or leakage
  • These is much use of plastic.


3. Porter Cable PXCMLC1683066 30-Gallon

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Porter cable is a single stage compressor with twin v cylinder design. It is a powerful 1.6 hp compressor with an additional advantage of dual voltage motor. All these attributes make it the best portable 30 gallon air compressor for the money in 2022 and it is a better option for buy and sale both.

Pump Design:

Porter-cable is an oil-lubricated single-stage compressor having cast-iron construction. The piston engine with two cylinders organized in v configuration and provide higher horsepower than a single-cylinder engine.

Powerful Compressor:

The pump is equipped with heavy duty induction motor of 120 to 240 V and the motor generates 1.6 hp, that makes it a powerful compressor. The airflow rate is 6.2 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI and the maximum pressure is 135 PSI.


The pneumatic tires give excellent mobility and you can easily drag it anywhere according to your requirement. Keeping it at the home garage or taking it to the job sites is definitely your choice.

Dual Voltage Motor:

The advantage of a dual voltage motor pump is a dual voltage option which enables it to run on two different voltages. You can use it with a 120-volt outlet and for a 240-volt outlet as well.

Essential Components:

The porter compressor comes equipped with pressure gauges, quick set regulators, quick connect air outlet, and an on/off switch. All these components enables the compressor for effective performance.


  • The compressor is well made.
  • Provides a quiet operation.
  • No leakage in connections.
  • The tank capacity is good.
  • Perfect for air tools.


  • The drain valve is difficult to open.
  • The compressor isn't oil-free.


4. Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon Air Compressor

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The industrial Air compressor is a twin-cylinder compressor with 1.9 hp and 5.7 CFM. The flexibility of dual voltage is an the extra benefit from the manufacturers. It is ranked among the Best 30 gallon Air Compressors for money in 2022 and is definitely a good pump for buying and selling.

Reliable power and performance:

The twin-cylinder pump is made up of cast iron and the two cylinders double the volume of output air. The pump has an aluminum head and valve plate for quick release of heat. The induction motor plays a significant role in enhancing the working efficiency of the pump

Easy Operation:

The ease of operation is helpful in making the instrument user friendly. The on/off switches or the onboard controls help in easy operation.

In order to make an easy approach to quick set regulators, gauges, and tanks the onboard controls can be used.

Maximum Portability:

The pneumatic wheels, help in flawless movement. The heavy-duty compressors are hardly mobile without wheels but the pneumatic wheels have made transportation an easy task.

Dual voltage motor:

The voltage flexibility is an additional advantage of this pump. The dual voltage motor makes the pump compatible with two different voltages. You have the option of using the pump with 120-volt and 240-volt. 


  • Less noise is created
  • Excellent mobility is offered.
  • The pump is robustly constructed.
  • The recovery time is quick.
  • No air loss is observed.


  • The drain valve needs to be better.
  • Wheels are pneumatic instead of solid


5. De Walt DXMLA1983054 Air Compressor

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De Walt DXMLA1983054 is a 30-gallon air compressor with 1.9 Hp and a maximum pressure of 155 Psi. It is ranked among the Best 30 gallon Air Compressors for money in 2022 for sale. High power, high portability, and, dual voltage option make it an ideal 30 gallon compressor for sale and pupurchase.

Efficient and Reliable:

The reliability for long-lasting use develops due to its rugged cast ironon construction and the heat dissipation has been made quicker with aluminum head and valve plate. The high flow regulator is responsible for 20% extra torque. Further, induction motor has a effects on the pump efficiency.

Easy Operation:

The quick and easy access to different tools and components is provided by the onboard regulators. The tank, guages, quick set regulators, and quick connect air outlet are not far from your reach and you have better control over them.

Maximum Portability:

Mobility has become easier for many heavy-duty compressors and the credit goes to pneumatic wheels. Further, the handles aid in transportation making the movement more convinient for the user.

Dual voltage option:

One more flexibility with this compressor is the dual voltage operation provided by the dual voltage motor. The user can use the 120 or 240-volt outlets according to his requirement. 


  • Noise level is very low.
  • Fills up rapidly.
  • No problem of Air leakage.
  • Well built and robust.


  • Reaching the valve is difficult.
  • The oil drain plug makes hassle.


6. Northstar 459382 Gas-Powered compressor

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Northstar is a v-shaped cylinder compressor that features reciol backup, low voltage oil shut down. and step type piston rings for increased compression. Further, the engine uses LVT technology for better performance. These attributes make it the Best 30 gallon Air Compressors in 2022 for sale.

Low vibration and durability:

The pump is engineered using low vibration technology that ensures the longevity of the pump with better and smoother performance. The LVT pumps hardly require maintenance and users enjoy maintenance free operation for the long term.

Longer pump life:

If you want a longer pump life and save maintenance cost then there is need of effective heat management system for quicker heat dessipation.

This compressor has a V-shaped pump which promotes effective cooling snd ensure a longer pump life. Further, the cast iron construction provides better durability.

Greater power output:

The pump has been designed for more efficient and faster fuel intake and promotes more effective combustion to generate high power output. The high power by OHV( Honda overhead valve) engine is responsible for the more efficient performance.

Portable and versatile:

The ability to be easily mounted in vehicles gives the convenience of travel along with this compressor. It has the ability to be used in a variety of tasks like performing roofing work, repairing vehicles, and using it for multiple inflation purposes.


  • The recovery time is fast.
  • Excellent durability is offered.
  • Very reasonably priced pump.
  • Good for heavy truck repair.
  • Air remains stored for a long time


  • Needs to be more portable.
  • Noise level should be lower.


7. Campbell 30 gallon 2 stage air compressor (XC302100)

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Campbell is a 30 gallon a compressor that offers 4.1 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.9 CFM at 90 PSI. It is a competent compressor which offers longevity, dual voltage option and versatility. It is one of the best 30 gallon portable air compressor in 2022.


The reason for longevity is the oil-lubricated motor and two-stage pump.
Both of these features ensure long term use with less requirement for maintenance and enhanced durability.


It has the ability to tackle a wide range of tasks and ensure equal efficiency in any task or project. There is no limitation for lighter application or heavy duty applications.

Dual voltage motor:

You can enjoy the facility of dual voltage motor which allows the compressor's operations on two different voltage providing the user with dual choice of the 120-volt outlet or 240-volt outlet


Safety is the foremost requirement for any electronic device. The protection is provided through a completely enclosed metal belt guard.


  • The compressor is versatile.
  • Construction is solid.
  • Wheels give void mobility.
  • The price is great.
  • The pressure is well maintained


  • Compressor is noisy
  • Shipping is disappointing
  • The on/off switch is weak


Q1). What is the advantage of a dual-stage compressor over a single-stage compressor?

The two-stage does the compression job better than the single-stage compressor, saves operating cost, and controls overheating through intercooling stage.

Q2). Why should we prefer a V-shaped cylinder compressor?

The v-shaped cylinder compressor makes the heat dissipation faster and promotes effective cooling. This can be very helpful to prevent overheating and increasing pump life.

Q3). What is the benefit of a dual pump motor?

The dual pump motors offers the option to run the compressor on two different voltages. The user can choose either a 120-volt outlet or the 240-volt outlet.

Q4). Why is LVT technology useful?

LVT technology increases the output of the engine through quick fuel intake and more efficient combustion for high power generation.

Q5). What is the benefit of the twin stage compressor?

The twin stage compressors use two compressors connected in parallel and make the volume of air double. It's helpful in running the high pressure demanding air tools.


We have observed several compressors and selected a few of them on the basis of reasonable price and efficient performance. One of The Best 30 gallon Air Compressors is Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2 having portability, high power and manual overheating protection.

The second most eligible compressor is Campbell Housefeld Air Compressor it offers high power, versatility, and durability. The third most eligible compressor is Porter cable PXCMLC1683066 due to its intelligent pump design, high power, and durability.

All the remaining compressors are also good performers but they are simpler and the simplest among them is Campbell two stage which is at last rank.

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