10 Best 12v Air Compressors Reviews in 2023!

Compressors are the source of compressed air which offers huge application. Its use extends from household application to industries. The compressors vary according to application. The compressors being used for automotive purpose will not be heavy enough as industrial compressors.

Here we are discussing which is Best 12v Air Compressor and which is mostly required for the automotive purpose and other lighter applications such as infalling basketball, toys, and mattresses. Lets have a glimpse at some of the most competent portable 12v Air compressors.

MOICO Air Compressor

  • Bright Emergency light
  • Thickened Inflatable Tubes
  •  Antishock Technology

Fylina Auto Air Compressor

  • High accuracy
  • Fast Inflation 
  • Copper 22 cylinder

Viar 00088 88P

  • Vehicle compatibility
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Pressure Monitoring

Things before you Buy The Best 12v Air Compressors:

When buying a compressor, you should be familiar with some essential criteria of their purchase to save yourself from disappointment. Here, we are discussing the important aspects that need to be considered.

i). CFM

The CFM value as tells the air flow rate of a compressor and is an essential criterion to judge the efficiency of a compressor. If the CFM of a compressor is larger it is able to provide greater airflow.

ii). HP

The HP is the power capacity of a compressor and it tells you how powerful a compressor is. A compressor with larger HP would have greater efficiency and will give the enhanced performance.

iii). SCFM

The SCFM is the volume of your compressor. The air flow pressure is specific to each SCFM. You can observe the SCFM of your compressor on the engine plate. The greater airflow will enable fast inflation.

iv). Overload Protection

The tire of each vehicle has a loading capacity and if the load exceeds the loading capacity the tires will be overheated. To prevent the over heating thermal protection feature is required and the user can have a safe drive.

v). Vehicle Compatibility

Some portable 12 volt compressors will be suitable for heavy vehicles like trucks and others are best suited for lighter vehicles. So, you must see the engine capacity of a particular vehicle.

View the 10 Best 12v Air Compressors, Below.


1. MOICO Portable Air Compressor Tire inflator

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MOICO Portable compressor is a Best 12v Air Compressor equipped with amazing features such as bright emergency light, protection features, and antishock technology. Therefore, it will prove to be the user's choice.

Bright Emergency light

To prevent any kind of hazardous incident emergency light is provided with compressors because the user may have to travel in dark areas. The led light provided with it is brighter than 4 led lights.

Continuous inflation

It has been designed for quick cooling and its cooling design promote continuous inflation up to 15 minutes and has an inflation speed of 35L/min. Such long inflating time enables it to inflate many tires

Thickened Inflatable Tubes

The tubes are well built and the manufacturers have followed the protective strategies. It has been made waterproof with double-layer protection. The leakage is fully prevented by its protection feature.

Antishock Technology

Its design increases resistance to shock making it more durable. Its provided with rubber bases having enough friction and is less slippery.
Rubber bases eliminate the need to hold during inflation.

Easy to use

The long wire has an easy approach to all the tires which makes the handling easier. The metal connectors are easily connected and they can be easily installed within two minutes.


  • It is quieter than many other compressors
  • The motor is very powerful and can inflate at 10 PSI in about 30 seconds.
  • It is very lightweight and portable to use.
  • The flashlight is a good bonus.


  • It is a bit expensive.


2. Fylina Auto Air Compressor Tire Inflator

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Fylina is a 12V DC portable air compressor is second position in Best 12v Air Compressor list which has many advanced features along with basic features. Equipped with led light and auto-shutoff feature and functions as a multitasking inflator It is a perfect compressor and deserves to be the consumer's choice.

Fast Inflation and auto shut off

It offers very quick inflation and requires only in 3 to 4 miminutes to reach from 0 to 35 PSI that is a very satisfying speed. Also, there is a facility of auto shut off on reaching the preset pressure.

High accuracy

The air pressure control system is remarkable and is responsible for high accuracy The bright display enables you to observe variation in pressure so that you can better control the pressure. The pressure control system ensures pressure accuracy.

All metal Copper 22 cylinder

The upgraded copper 22 cylinder has played a great role in enhancing its value. The copper cylinder provides protection from abnormal current, conservation of power and prevents oxidation. Non oxidation is a gift of new fiber material. 


  • It is a good quality compressor at a reasonable price.
  • It inflates the tires very quickly.
  • It is small enough and doesn't require much space.
  • The auto shut off feature is convenient.


  • It is quite loud while pumping.


3. Viar 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

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Viar 00088 is a 12V portable air compressor with a CFM value of 1.47 and the amp draw is 20 amps. Alligator clamps attached to the battery are used to provide the power to the compressor. Suitable for small trucks and vehicles of 33 inches.

Convenience for consumer

It provides convenience in many ways. First of all the user doesn't need to visit a mechanic for air filling. Its portability enables you to carry it with you on a journey. The lightweight and small size make handling easy.

Oil-free compressor

There are several benefits that oil-free compressors offer over oil lubricant compressors such as less maintenance, energy-saving and cold start. With all these features oil free compressors provide extremely low noise level.


Besides, its use as a car tire inflator it can be used as an inflator for many other inflatable items. This versatility accounts for its use in multiple places like for automotive, at home, and any other place where there is a need for inflation.

Vehicle compatibility

You should take care of one thing when using this inflator and that's vehicle compatibility. It can not be used randomly for any vehicle.You can't use it for vehicles having 33-inch tires such as trucks, SUVs and, ATVs.

Pressure Monitoring

In order to avoid the problem of overinflation, a gauge is attached to the top of the compressor which helps you to monitor the pressure. For this purpose, the compressor needs to be shut off and you can note the reading.


Items that come with the compressor includes 10 Ft power cord, Air hose, 3 Pc inflation kit, and power indicator. All these items are provided to help the user enabling them to carry out the operation without any difficulty.


  • The pump does a good job and is fairly quick.
  • The carry bag is compact and is a good addition to package.
  • Hose and power cord are long enough.
  • It has a great size, portable and durable.


  • The pump gets fairly hot till the end.


4. EPAuto 12 V DC Portable Air compressor

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EPAuto comes at 4th position Best 12v Air Compressor category  that operates that 12V DC and has a fast inflating fpeed of 1.6 CFM. The maximum working pressure is 70 PSI. Equipped with pressure gauge, backlight, and overheat protector. In short, it is a complete package.


You can easily start the compressor by inserting the plug into the cigarette lighter socket but you must keep one thing in mind that it can be only used for 12V DC cigarette lighter socket plug and not for 110 V.

Multiple uses

It has been designed to be used in tasks like for inflating vehicle tires, basketball, mattresses, and toys. The additional adapters have needle value for basketballs/balls and long cone adapters for inflatable kayak and swimming pool accessories.


It is suitable for small cars and midsize SUVs. Don't try to use it for heavy vehicle tires like trucks. It can serves an engine of upto 3.5 L and not more than that. So be careful with engine size and check compatibility with vehicle when using this compressor.

Controlling Overinflation

Overinflation can be harmful to the health of the tire. The overinflation protection feature known as auto shutoff provides efficient service by shutting off the compressor on reaching the maximum pressure value.

Controlling Overheating

When the tire gets overloaded it gets sufficiently heat up as well. The overheating may result in tire damage. Therefore a overheat controlling feature is essential for car tires to make the engine shut off automatically when overloading.


  • It is fast and quite.
  • It has the best cable management system.
  • The auto push button works very well.
  • Setting the desired pressure is also very easy as the numbers scroll rapidly.


  • The carrying bag is not good enough.
  •  The threads inside the attachment hose need to be a little harder.


5. FORTEM Digital Tire Inflator

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Fortem digital tire inflator with a maximum pressure value of 150 PSI is a very lightweight compressor with portable design to bring convenience in handling. Several important features like pressure monitoring, auto shutoff and satisfying running time of 8 mminutes adds to its worth.

Easy to operate

This compressor does not follow a complex method of operation. Using it is quite easy. First of all, attach a hose to the tire. The second step is to set the pressure you need and at last turn on the switch to start operation.


Its service is not just for a car tire.You will be happy when looking this compressor fulfilling your many other needs.It can be used for many other tasks like inflating mattresses, balloons, toys, and sports balls.


The facility of back-light allows its use during the night and in dark places. This compressor is provided with a bright flashlight. So you don't have to care about any potential hazard that occurs due to insufficient light.

Premium construction

It is made up of lightweight plastic that makes it enough potable and the manufacturers ensure the durability of the material. It has been designed to tolerate high pressures and helps in maintaining the rapid airflow.


The brands give warranty to win consumers' trust. This compressor is provided with a full year warranty to make the consumers fully satisfied and confident about their choice.


The compressor ir is delivered properly with with all necessary items.The package includes one extra fuse, one carrying case, and, 3 nozzle attachments.


  • It is faster, quieter, and has better features than many other compressors.
  • It is simple to use and has a user-friendly design.
  • It comes in a nice material carry case.
  • The LED light is very bright


  • It is a bit noisy
  • The digital display is not easier to read.


6. VacLife Air Compressor Tire inflation, DC 12 V PoPortable Air compressor

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Vaclife is the DC 12 Volt air compressor that offers quick inflation and a wide range of use. The features like auto shut off adds to its value. It has been designed to make the consumers content by meeting their various inflation needs.

Quick inflation

This inflator knows the worth of your time. It provides a quick and efficient service by inflating your vehicle tire in a blink of an eye. You don't have to wait because it only takes 2 or 3 seconds to do this job.

LED light

There may be chances of hazards when using the compressor in dark Therefore, the pump is equipped with led light that enables it to be used in dark. This measure has been adopted to prevent danger and to ensure safety.

Wide Range of use

It offers a wide range of use with extra nozzles and long power cord. There are three extra nozzles in this compressor and satisfy users with multiple options. Using it you can inflate bike, basketball, toys, and many other inflatables.

Auto shut off

This feature has been introduced to ensure instrument safety. The auto shut off feature that allows the user to preset the required pressure. On reaching the preset pressure the compressor automatically shuts off.

Service help

ASAP will gladly help you in case of any issue with the product and it gives a money back guarantee. Such a cooperative service seems to be a blessing for costumers that gives value to customer satisfaction. 


  • It has lots of good features and is user friendly. 
  • The digital display feature is good enough because it enables to see the pressure of tire.
  • Its long cord is very helpful.
  • It has a fast inflating speed.


  • There should be a carry bag with it.


7. Helteko Portable Air Compressor 12 V DC

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Helteko comes with Led and long cord for user's convenience. The material used in its manufacturing is ABS plastic and heavy-duty metal. The measurement of pressure is possible in PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG. It has an airflow rate of 150 PSI and a bearable noise level of 50 dB.


It can be used for a variety of inflating items and it makes this item more fascinating. It is multitasking and can be used for cars, bikes, toys, and many other inflatable items. So, the users will enjoy this feature a lot.


It is perfectly fit for automotive use being portable and light enough to, carry on road trips. Due to its lighter weight, the users enjoy the ease of handling. In short, this compressor guarantees consumer's convenience.

Tire safety

The exceeded tire pressure may result in wear. This inflator fills up your tire with gas in limit and in this way overinflation is prevented. It enables you to have a good gas mileage and ensures a long life for the tire.


The whole package includes 3 extra nozzles, a fuse, a bag, a digital air compressor and user manual. By including user manual in package they have arranged a proper source of guidance for users.

Important note

One important think to remember is that this compressor is only suitable for 12 V 10 A cigarette lighter. Furthermore, give it rest for suitable time period. Adopting these measure will increase the lifespan of your inflator.


  • It is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • It has easy to read the digital-led readout.
  • After setting the unit for the pressure it remembers the unit when turned off.
  • The flashlight is pretty bright


  • The unit gets fit in the carry bag with difficulty.
  • Price is higher than other similar compressors.


8. Kensun AC/DC Tire inflator Portable Air Compressor

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The Kensun AC/DC inflator is multipurpose tire inflator and is suitable for two different power sources. Along with compatibility for dual power source, it has all the basic features that are required for the satisfactory operation of a compressor.

Dual power source

The ability to be compatible with two different power sources makes gives it an edge over many other portable compressors. It can be operated with 110V AC wall outlet and a 12 V DC cigarette-lighter connection. This feature enables its use at home and car both

Separate compartment for accessories

You would not face trouble in storing all the accessories because the compartments for keeping air hose, cords and accessories are present in compressor. To further increase the convenience for the user, a zipper carry bag is present.


The small size also provides the ease of storage and making it more portable. You don't need much space to keep the compressor. Due to its small size it can be stored at car or vehicle trunk and lighter weight provides ease of handling.

Pressure guage

. The user can continuously observe the pressure which can be useful in preventing overinflation. Kpa, BAR, and PSI arethe units that can be used for pressurere measurement. The guage provides clear visualization and can read up to 120 PSI pressure.


It offers a huge application and is considered a versatile compressor. It can be used to inflate multiple items such as toys, basketballs, and car tires. In short, a single inflator is able to fulfill your multiple needs. 


  • It comes in its own storage bag.
  • The AC feature is convenient enough to run.
  • The pressure gauge readings are accurate enough.
  • It works on both AC and DC.


  • The display needs to be better.
  • Cords are a little short.


9. HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor for CarTires, 12 V DC

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Hausbell is a very well built portable air compressor with an airflow of 35L/min and has a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI. The overheat protection safety feature has added to its value and a satisfactory working time of 10 minutes

Pressure Monitoring

In compressors, thee pressure monitoring system is of great importance because it lets the users know the exact pressure of the tire.
The maximum working pressure for Hausbell is 150 PSI which is satisfactory enough.

Auto shut off

It has a special safety feature called auto-shutoff which gives protection from excessive pressure. When the preset pressure is achieved by the inflator it automatically shuts off and ensures long-lasting use.


It has a 9.8 feet long power cord and 3 extra nozzles.These are the necessary attachments for the inflator and are essentially provided it.
Along with them a fuse and user manual for guidance is also provided.

Easy setting

The digital pressure gauge enables you to set values and it is quite easy. You have option of - and + present on pressure gauge. Use - for lowering the value and + for increasing the values and if you want to change the unit then you should press the M button.


The backlight is an essential feature that is extremely required during night time. Working without sufficient light can be a potential risk. Therefore, manufacturers have solved this issue by providing a backlight.


  • It is an accurate, fast inflating, lightweight, and reasonably priced.
  • It is enough portable and has a stylish look.
  • The compressor comes with all kinds of connectors to match with any transportation.
  • It takes less than a minute to inflate the tires


  • The cable is always in the way of digital display and you always have to push it away to read the digital display
  • The cables are short enough.


10. Joyroom Portable Air Conditioner

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Joyroom is a 12v Air Compressor which is equipped with a digital pressure gauge and Flashlight and suitable for a huge number of inflating items. It offers a flow rate of 35L/min and running time is 8 mmiminuteshe maximum pressure value for this compressor is 150 PSI.

Maximum working pressure

The maximum working pressure of this 12 V air compressor is 150 PSI and this is a satisfactory value for pressure. It is capable of inflating P185/R14 tires in less than two minutes at the preset pressure of 0-28 PSI.

Auto shut off

Equipping a compressor with safety feature is more important than anything else. There is risk associated with excessive high pressure and that is why auto shut of feature has been included along with other essential features of this compressor.

Bright LED Flashlight

It may seem an ordinary feature but the fact is that it is an essential feature because people may need to use compressors in dark. For the sake of protection from any potential hazard backlight is provided in these compressors.


It comes with 10 ft power cord and inflatable adapters and these are essential attachments for compressors. You can use it for multiple types of vehicle. It can be used for other items like toys, air mattresses and footballs as well.


It brings some useful items like backup fuse, nozzle adapters and user manual. The additional items like fuse is provided for back up saves you from misery in case of any issue with these items.


  • It inflates very well.
  • Works for a long period of time without overheating.
  • This little compressor is very powerful.
  • It doesn't require much space.


  • It needs to be built more firmly
  • The cord is short.


Q1) What are the applications of best 12 V compressors?

The 12 V compressors are the lightweight weight and portable compressors that are used for light applications such as for inflating vehicle tires and other inflatable items like toys, sports balls, and, swimming accessories.

Q2) Why should we look for an overheating protection feature in a 12 V compressor?

Overheating is the result of overloading which must be prevented. When the load exceeds the loading capacity of tires the sufficient amount of. heat is produced.

Q3) Why should we check the vehicle compatibility for 12 V compressors?

We should check the vehicle compatibility because some of the portable compressors are suited for lighter vehicle tires and some are suited for heavy vehicles.

Q4) Why is it important to know the power consumption of a vehicle?

It is important to know their power consumption because if a compressor has a high power consumption it may damage your vehicle's battery.

Q5) What is the use of pressure gauge in 12 V compressor?

It measures the pressure when you are inflating tires or any other inflating item and enables you to monitor the pressure to prevent overinflation.

Q6) What does the duty cycle tell us?

The duty cycle tells the running time of the compressor. It means how long will a compressor work before shutting off.  It is expressed in percentage.

Final Words:

We have discussed 10 Best 12v Air Compressors but we have given priority to a few compressors over others due to their superior performance and advanced features. 

The best among 12v Air Compressors is MOICO Portable Air Compressor because it is provided with advanced protection features which makes it waterproof and schock proof.

The second most competent compressor is Fylina Auto Air Compressor because it is a great performer and has a copper 22 cylinder which protects it against the high current saves power and, prevents oxidation. 

Our third best performer is the Viar 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor that provides convenient operation and fast inflation. All the rest are also great performers but they are simpler than these top three and the simplest among them is Joyroom. Therefore, we have kept it at last position in list.

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