7 Best 20 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews 2023!

Air Compressors provides compressed air which has a variety of uses. Its major application is at home, industries and automotive. You will see many types of compressors in market based on tank size, hp, and portability.

The compressors that are of household or automotive use are very lightweight and therefore more portable than heavy duty compressors. Whereas, the compressors for industrial use are heavy with greater tank size. 

The capacity of compressor tank is measured in gallons. Here we are discussing the best 20 gallon air compressors that definitely heavy compressors for industrial use. 

Industrial Air 1L 1682066

  • Two Years Warranty
  • Easy Operation
  • Leakage Prevented

NorthStar Single-Stage Portable

  • Portable and Versatile
  • Longer Pump Life
  • Safety Features

Campbell 20 gallon Compressor

  • Portability
  • Enclosed Induction Motor
  • Handles Multiple Projects

Things before you Buy best 20 gallon air compressors:

You must avail all the necessary information before buying a compressor and in this way, you will be able to make a smart choice.

i). CFM

CFM is the volume of your compressor. CFM is a factor that must not be ignored because with its help you get to know the pressure of airflow. Compressors with more efficient working capability provide greater air flow.

ii). Tank Size

The tank size tells the capacity of the compressor tank. If you require a compressor for industrial applications then you should choose a compressor with a larger tank size and if you require a compressor for automotive or household application the smaller tank size compressor is suitable.

iii). Hp

Hp tells the power of a compressor engine. If you need it for industrial use then you must consider a compressor with a higher hp because greater power would be required for the plants and electromechanics instruments

iv). Warranty

You must ask for the warranty at the time of purchase to avail the peace of mind and save yourself from disappointment. Long time Warranty with a money-back guarantee should be your priority.

View the 7 Best 20 gallon Air Compressors, Below.


1. Industrial Air 1L 1682066 MN 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air compressor

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Industrial Air compressor is a best 20-gallon air compressor used for heavy-duty industrial applications. The cast iron construction makes it durable and is provided with pressure gauges, quick set regulators, and, wheels to provide mobility. It is one of the best 20-gallon air compressors at a low price.

Improved performance:

The features like aluminum heat and valve plate, cast iron construction, and twin cylinder pump enable quicker heat release. The improved performance of the pump is due to the dual voltage induction motor

Easy Operation:

Gaining access to the various compressor components is not a difficult task. An easy approach to compressor tools and components like quick set regulators, pressure gauges, and on-off switch has been made possible with the help of on-board controls.


The wheels have been provided to make it mobile this compressor is well designed to be mobile. It is provided with a front handle as well to enable convenient transportation.

Two Years Warranty:

The manufacturers have understood the value of consumer's mental peace
A warranty of two years has been provided which is enough for consumers' satisfaction. 


  • The tires in the unit are robust.
  • The level of noise is quite low.
  • This unit offers a simple setup.
  • Leakage is completely prevented.
  • The pressure is well maintained.


  • The cooling solution requires upgrading.
  • Users don't have easy access to drain.


2. NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

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NorthStar single-stage compressor provides several features which promote longer pump life, enhanced durability of compressors, and, heat, and overload protection. The most amazing aspect of this compressor is a reasonable price which makes it the best budget 20-gallon air compressor.

Portable and Versatile:

The portability kit is delivered that includes a steel ball bearing provided with the compressor unit. The vertical shape saves space and makes its storage easy. This compressor is capable of being used at home and automotive as well

Longer Pump Life:

The compressors which get heat up in a short time period can't be trusted for long term use. The compressor is provided with a v style cylinder design which promotes enhanced cooling. The copper finned coolers are responsible for moisture reduction and heat dissipation.

Safety Features:

The low ampere draw in dual voltage induction motor provides protection from the current load and provides an easier start. The construction material of the reed valve is a heat resistant alloy that prevents overheating. A pressure regulator is also present to maintain the required pressure.


This compressor is so much durable due to the use of spheroidal graphite cast iron in its construction that provides greater robustness. Furthermore, the durable alloy rods make it stronger.


  • Noise level is lower.
  • Air holding for long periods.
  • Tires and vibration dampers are nice.
  • It saves space.
  • Leakage is prevented.


  • Regulator should be upgraded to 3/8".
  • The poison of the drain valve is not suitable.


3. Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 Air Compressor, 20 Gallon, Portable

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Campbell Air Compressor ensures longevity, portability, safety, and efficient performance. It is a best deal on 20 gallon air compressor that can be used in a variety of DIY projects and garages. Having a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and air flow rate of 4 CFM it is a perfect compressor and the best thing is that it is the best budget compressor.


The induction motor is provided for better performance of the compressor and has a robust construction which provides the ability to bear harsh conditions. Further, the oil-free design saves maintenance cost, saves energy cost, and promote longevity of the pump.


It provides a sturdy steel handle for easy grip and wheels to move the compressor smoothly. Usually, the heavy-duty compressors are less mobile due to heavyweight but this compressor provides better mobility.

Handles Multiple Projects:

The ability to handle multiple projects makes it a multitasking compressor and its versatility will leave you amazed. You can use it for tasks like inflation, nailing, stapling, and painting.

Enclosed Induction Motor:

The top priority while designing this compressor is safety. For this purpose, the manufacturers have kept the induction motor enclosed and the protective measure has been adopted to ensure safe operation.


All the necessary items are included in the package and the package includes 17 piece accessory kit, 3 in 1 inflator gun, chuck, and gauge, and Air hose.


  • Provides good functionality.
  • They last for a long time.
  • The construction is good.
  • Offers better portability.
  • Noise level is low.


  • The weight is a little high.
  • Filling up takes time.


4. Pulsar PCE6200 Vertical Electrical Air Compressor, 20-Gallon

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Pulsar PCE6200, a 20 gallon air compressor should be your choice because it has the power of 4 hp and maximum airflow pressure of 150 PSI makes it a great performer and the most appreciable aspect is the 5% discount offer that is the best deal on air compressor.


When choosing a compressor with high hp then you may have to compromise on portability. The wheels are provided for mobility and you will be happy to easily drag it from one place to another.


A person who needs a compressor for heavy duty work then he should choose a powerful compressor. The power value for this compressor is 4 hp and the maximum pressure produced by it is 115 PSI.

Dual pressure gauge:

The dual pressure gauge is provided with two pointers one pointer sweeps 360 degree and tells the PSI whereas the other vernier pointer notice even a small change in pressure. It takes readings with more sensitivity and accuracy


Along with so many aspects, the manufacturers have also taken care of consumer satisfaction and provided 2 years warranty for this compressor. Now, you can easily trust this unit and purchase it with confidence.


  • The start-up is easy and simple.
  • The product is sturdy.
  • Shipping is very fast.
  • The recovery time is very fast.
  • Air flow is good.


  • The regulator assembly is less robust.
  • The working is satisfactory.
  • A loud sound is generated


5. Ironton Portable Electric Air Compressor, 20 Gallon Vertical Tank

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The ironton powerful 1.5 hp 20 gallon air compressor with airflow pressure of 4.2 CFM at 40 PSI and 23 CFM at 90 PSI. These parameters are quite satisfactory for good performance. Furthermore, there is a discount of 17% on its purchase and therefore, it is the best deal on air compressor.


The user feels lucky if he has a maintenance-free compressor like Ironton. It is capable of tolerating harsh environments and offers durability and longevity.


Portability is another advantage provided by Ironton and it matters a lot in providing the user with ease of use. The wheels provide good mobility and the user can easily drag it without much effort and inconvenience.


The great thing about this compressor is its versatility as the horizon of its application is vast enough. It is ideal for multiple tasks like airbrushing, spray paintings, dusting, air ratchets, and many other pneumatic tools.

Easy storage:

Storage is not a big issue with this compressor because it has been designed in a vertical shape to occupy less space. The rubber grip handle makes movement easier and you can easily change the storage location.


  • Portability is good.
  • Storage is easy.
  • Good for pneumatic tools.
  • The airflow rate is good
  • Maintenance cost is saved.


  • Needs a bit more portability.
  • Noise level should be lower.


6. Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air compressor

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The high power and higher capacity of 1.8 hp and 20 gallons respectively and an easy start feature further adds to its worth. The best thing about this compressor is its lower price that is $398. Therefore, it is the best budget air compressor.

Ultra-quiet and long-lasting:

Louder noise is unbearable for most of us and the surety of long-lasting use makes us peaceful. It is 80% quieter and the induction motor offer a longer life that is 3 times a normal compressor.

High power and high capacity:

The power produced by induction motor is 1.8 hp and recovery time is only 70 seconds. There will be no break in operation for longer time period. The user can carry out continuous operation due to the larger tank capacity of 20 gallons.

Easy cold start:

Provides an easy start in cold weather and at low voltage. The protection is provided by Q235B alloy metal housing with heavy duty design. Further the 8-inch rubber wheels are provided for mobility.


The package arrives with essential accessories. Along with the stealth SAQ-12018 Air compressor unit an electric cord, a user manual, and, Limited after lifetime service will be given to you.


  • Quieter than other compressors.
  • The tank capacity is good enough.
  • The pressure is held nicely.
  • Recovery time is fast.
  • This unit is well built.


  • Having a Manual drain valve.
  • The tank needs a long time to fill up.
  • Regulator knobs are made up of plastic.


7. Craftsman 20 Gallon Air Compressor,  Oil-Free

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The craftsman Air compressors with 175 maximum PSI offers efficient performance because they are very powerful and generates 1.8 hp. One more interesting thing about this compressor is its reasonable price which makes it a best budget 20 gallon air compressor.

Efficient Performance:

The efficiency of any compressor largely depends on a few parameters and pressure and tank size are two of them. With 175 psi maximum pressure and a larger capacity tank makes it an effective performer.


Its better recovery time is the result of high SCFM of 4 at 90 Psi. Also the engine is very powerful and generates 1.8 Hp. This higher hp value broadens its application and enables its use at home and at industries both.

Sturdy and durable:

The stainless steel has been used in its construction which provides great durability and makes it capable of withstanding harsh environments. The oil free pump adds to its durability by eliminating the maintenance needs.


Accessories that come with this unit includes a 6 feet cord, 2 Weick couplers, one ball drain valve, and one plastic filter. It seems that they have taken care of consumers need.


  • Works well with air tools.
  • The compressor is very powerful.
  • Easy to adapt.
  • The tank size is large enough.
  • The compressor is Well built.


  • Creates a little noise.
  • Creates a little noise.
  • Recovery time should be reduced.


1) Why is it important to know the tank size of the compressors?

The tank size will help you to make a correct selection according to the application. If you need a compressor for industrial use then you should prefer a large tank size compressor otherwise purpose small tank size is enough.

2) Why should we prefer a v style cylinder design?

The V shape cylinder design enables faster cooling and responsible for high-speed performance because engines have improved aerodynamics.

3) Why should we prefer induction motors over other types of motors?

Induction motors have many advantages over DC motors such as more robust construction, maintenance free, and reasonable price. That is why we should prefer induction motor.

4) Why do compressors use pressure regulators?

It is essential to control the pressure of gas in compressors. Therefore, the compressors use a pressure regulator to maintain a constant pressure.

5) What is the benefit of keeping the induction motor enclosed?

Induction motors are kept enclosed for safety purpose.

6) What is the main purpose of a dual pressure gauge?

It measures even a minute change in pressure. So, the main purpose of using the dual gauge is enhancing the sensitivity of measurement


We have discussed 7 20-gallon air compressors which are undoubtedly appreciable but based on the superior performance along with the reasonable price the best 20-gallon air compressor among them is Industrial air compressor with durable cast iron construction and equipped with quick set regulators.

The second most competent 20-gallon air compressor for price and performance is North star compressor with higher hp, high portability, and advanced safety features.

The third most competent compressor is campbell that offers safety, portability and longevity. All the above mentioned compressors are superior to those in lower rank the simplest among them is a stealth air compressor that has been kept at last rank.

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