7 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders in 2023!

32 Inch Safety safety ladder

  • Compatibility with Pool
  • Enhances Convenience
  • Durable Frame

Bestway 58042 Above Ground

  • Galvanized Metal Frame
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Steps
  • Safe Access

Summer Waves 36 Inch 

  • Height Compatibility
  • Quick Set-Up
  • Safe to use

Buying Guide For Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

There are some important criteria to make a valuable purchase of a pool ladder and we have discussed them in detail.

i). Height compatibility

The first thing to look for when buying a pool ladder is its compatibility with the pool height. Each pool ladder is designed specifically for a certain height of the pool. If you buy a ladder with an incompatible height then it would not fit perfectly into your pool wall.

ii). Easy and quick assembly

Make sure that the pieces can be assembled quickly and effortlessly. If the ladders step are connected in lesser time, your time will be saved. The pieces should come up with necessary fittings and offer convenient assembly to save your effort.

iii). Safety To Use

The risk of slipping is much higher if the feet are wet. For a pool ladder, a slip resistant feature is highly required. The rungs should slip-resistant to ensure safe climbing. Also, you should check the edges of the rung because if they are too sharp they can make you injured.

iv). Durability

The pool ladder should be more durable compared to the normal ladder because they tend to be more prone to corrosion. The reason for the increased risk of corrosion is continuous contact with water. Therefore, they should have the construction of stainless or galvanized steel. Further, the plastic used in making rungs should be a high impact plastic that is much more durable than the normal plastic.

View the 7 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders, Below.


1. 32 Inch Safety Step Above Ground swimming pool ladder

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The 32-inch safety ladder has been designed to fit perfectly with the deck. Therefore, it is the best above ground pool deck ladder. The ladder offers enhanced comfort, greater load capacity, and, side openings for water circulation on backside.

Compatibility with Pool:

There is only one specificity for the attachment of this ladder that is flat bottom pools. It is compatible with all the above-ground pools. Installation becomes easy with snap-together pieces.

Enhances Convenience:

Adding to the convenience of users, the inter and exit has become much easier with this ladder. This ladder will make you carefree of minor frustrations that occur due to ladder tripping and risk of slipping.

Durable Frame and Load Capacity:

The ladder is provided with a durable frame that is large enough and lets you see clearly in the water. Other than this it is rated for 400 pounds that very large weight holding capacity and speaks of the ladder's robustness.

Side Openings:

The ladder is equipped with side openings and their purpose is to circulate the water around back side of the unit to prevent algal growth. Also, it does not allow the pool chemicals to get the deposit within the ladder.

Wider Steps:

The mounting brackets are provided that helps to secure the ladder to pool or decks. The steps measure 31.5 inches×10.5 inches. The purpose of providing larger steps is to eliminate the risk of missing a step when you get in and out of the pool.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers walking comfort.
  • The load capacity is good.


  • Rails are flimsy.
  • Ladder is a bit shaky.


2. Bestway 58042 Above Ground pool ladder

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Bestway is an above ground pool ladder that provides safe access to the pool enhanced durability, and, provided heavy-duty plastic steps. Among above ground pool ladder reviews for different pool ladders, it appears to be a well-featured and competent pool ladder.


The compatibility of the ladder with the pool walls should be checked before using it. The pool frames are made up of different materials and are of different heights. A ladder can be compatible with a pool frame made up of certain material and a certain height. You will find their compatibility with steel frame pool walls and their height should be less than 0.91 m.

Safe Access:

You can easily and confidently get into the pool. The ladder has made your access to the pool safe and convenient. The ladder provides a sturdy footing and eliminates the fear of slipping.

Galvanized Metal Frame:

It is provided with rust resistant galvanized metal frame. Galvanization is the best way to prevent mechanical damage. Galvanized steel is very sturdy because it prevents rusting and corrosion and enables the longevity. Further, the galvanized metal frame will save the maintenance cost ensuring the durability of the product.

Heavy Duty Plastic Steps and Standing Platform:

The steps and platform are made up of heavy duty plastic and is robust enough to withstand heavy weights. No matter, if you are fat, the heavy-duty steps and platform having greater weight capacity are reliable enough to hold your weight.

Load Capacity:

The load capacity tells the amount of weight a ladder can hold. All the ladders have a particular load capacity. When using a ladder, you must take care of its load capacity and never exceed the weight above its weight capacity. Otherwise, your step may break or crack.


  • The ladder is light enough
  • Never feels wobbly.
  • Good for the price
  • Easy for kids.


  • Filter pump link is weak.
  • The ladder should be wider.


3. Summer Waves 36 Inch Heavy Duty above ground pool ladder

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Summer Waves 36 inch heavy duty pool ladder features high duty rating, quick assembly, and slip-resistant safety features. We have mentioned it among the best above ground pool ladder reviews due to its valuable features.

Height Compatibility:

To fit the ladder properly on the pool, it should be compatible with pool's wall height. The ladder should be used for pools with a 36-inch wall height. Therefore, you should check whether your pool is compatible with the given ladder.

Safety and Duty Rating:

The plastic steps have been mat slip-resistant for stable footing and enable safe use. The galvanized rust resistant metal has been used in its construction. The steps are rated for heavy-duty use. The greater weight capacity will allow the heavy weight people to climb on it fearlessly. The manufacturers have suggested to use them with quick set or frame pools.

Quick Set-Up:

It saves your time and effort as the pieces are assembled in lesser time with sufficient ease. In small amount of time the ladder is ready to use. The quick assembly is quick to set up and it takes less than 10 minutes to connect the pieces.


The grey colored 3 step ladder has a height of 36 inches and is provided with 90-day warranty. The warranty provided by the manufacturers is enough for the consumer’s satisfaction. Once trusted the item will be reliable to them. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very well made.
  • Safe to use.
  • The height is perfect.
  • Offers stable footing.


  • Need to be studier.
  • Too narrow for adults.


4. Bestway BW58330-19 Flowcear above ground pool ladder

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The bestway BW58330-19 offers safe clambering, easy and quick set up, and, higher durability. The reason for including this ladder among the best above ground pool ladder reviews are some of its very useful features.

Safe Clambering:

The manufacturers have prioritized the user's safety by making the ladder safe to use. It offers convenient and safer clambering as the chances of injury and spillage is negligible when you clamber over the sides. It should be used for 42 inch and 33 inch pool walls.

Easy and Quick Assembly:

You are provided with easy to understand instructions and all the essential fixtures come along with the ladder. By reading the easy instructions you can construct the ladder quickly. You just have to connect the pieces and then install the ladder in the pool.


A ladder that is always in contact with water needs to be much more durable as the rate of corrosion will be much more in water. The metal frame is corrosion resistant and will last for a long time without the need for maintenance. This gives users peace of mind because the ladder will last a long time.


After completing the assembly, they should be hooked up over the wall of your pool. Make sure that half of the ladder is underwater and the other half is in contact with the dry land.

Avoid Jump:

This ladder is not designed for jumping. Carrying out such activities can make you seriously injured. So, it is better to use the ladder for the purpose for which it was designed. Don't allow the children to be alone in the pool and guard them when they are in the pool.


  • The ladder is sturdy.
  • Good for the price.
  • Disassembles easily.
  • Safe for children.
  • The high folding option is good.


  • Platform is missing.
  • The ladder shakes a little.


5. Bestway 58334E Ladder, 36" l For above ground pools

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Bestway 58334E has been included among the best above ground pool ladder reviews due to its brilliant features. The ladder allows easy access to the pool, supports wet feet, and, durable construction ensures longevity.

Easy Access:

A pool ladder should be able to provide users with adequate comfort and convenience in climbing. It is easy and safe to get in and out of the pool with this ladder as the double-sided ladder enables easy climbing.

Supports Wet Feet:

If the feet are wet, the risk of slipping is higher. It has been designed to minimize the risk of slipping and provide the user with enhanced safety. The ladder has slip-resistant plastic steps to make you a confident climber and swimmer.


Another very valuable feature of this ladder is its durable construction as it is made up of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and ensure long term use. The A-frame pool ladder frame is designed to serve you for years without the need for maintenance.

Designed For Above Ground Pools:

You should use this ladder for an above ground pool. Another important aspect to consider when installing the ladder is compatibility of ladder with pool height. Keep in mind that the height of the pool wall should be 36" (3 feet) or lower. 


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • Light enough to carry.
  • Height is good.


  • The top steps are high.
  • Shakes a bit.


6. Confer 6000X Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder for decks

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The confer 6000X heavy duty ladder features high load capacity, enhanced durability, and, high safety standards. The ladder fits perfectly with your pool or deck and is one of the best above ground pool deck ladders.

Suitable Height And Load Capacity:

The ladder is suitable for 48" to 54" deep pools. It has a duty rating of 300 lb. These two things must be considered before buying a pool ladder. If the ladder height is lower than the recommended pool height, it would is not adjustable with the pool. Also, weight greater than 300 lbs may damage or crack the steps.


The need for durability is higher in the pool ladder as they are in contact with water that may increase the process of rusting and corrosion. The ladder is made up of the rust-free resin that protects against damage and prolongs the life of the ladder.

Safety Standards:

The safety is more essentially required in case of pool ladder because they are meant to support wet feet that offer greater chance of slipping. The ladder fulfills the safety standards of ANSI/APSP that provide users with peace of mind in an matter of safety. The ladder also includes barrier and decks that follows the standards set by ANSI.


  • Robustly constructed.
  • The load capacity is good.
  • Perfectly fits with the pool.
  • Attaches to deck easily.
  • No wobbling.


  • Plastic edges are sharp.
  • Rails should be studier.


7. Intex Deluxe Pool Ladder with Removable steps

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The Intex deluxe pool ladder is compatible with a 42-inch pool and provides the user with the facility of the quick detachment of ladder steps. This extraordinary feature accounts for its inclusion in the best above ground pool ladder reviews.

Height Compatibility:

Each ladder is recommended for a particular height of the pool. The compatibility of ladder height with the pool wall must be checked at the time of purchasing the ladder. Otherwise it will not fit will the pool and you’re the money will be wasted. This ladder is designed for a 42-inches pool.

Easy Removal:

This ladder is provided with an additional feature of step removal. The replacement of steps has been made easier by making the steps easily removable. For the removal of steps, you need to assemble the steps at the base and then lock them into place.

Quickly Detachable Steps and Frame:

The steel frame, the hi impact plastic steps are removable. When you don't want to use the pool or if you are an occasional user then this feature is immensely valuable for you. Also, you would not feel any hassle when detaching the steps as it has been designed to detach quickly and easily.


  • Packaged and labeled well.
  • The locking system is good.
  • Steps are easy to put together.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Safe to use.


  • The ladder is wobbly.
  • Top is narrow.
  • The varnish is not durable.


Q1). What do we need a pool ladder?

The pool ladder is required to get in and out of the pool easily and safely.

Q2). Which features must be present in a pool ladder?

The foremost features that must be present in the pool ladder is a safety feature. Other than a safety feature durability, quick and easy assembly, and, higher load capacity are essential features of a pool ladder.

Q3). Why is height compatibility necessary for pool ladders?

The pool ladders are recommended for the specific height pool. If you purchase a the ladder that is incompatible with the pool height, it will not be adjusted perfectly with the pool.

Q4). Why do we need to know the load capacity of pool ladders?

The load capacity shows how much weight the ladder can bear. Each ladder has a particular load capacity. If it carries more weight than its capacity, its steps will be broken.

Q5). How do we know if the ladder is durable?

The ladders should be provided with features that make it durable. For example, the ladder should be made up of rust-resistant material like stainless steel or galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion and the plastic used to make steps should be durable enough like hi-impact plastic.

Q6). How do we know if the ladder is safe to use?

When purchasing a pool ladder you should look for the safety features like slip resistance. The rungs should be slip-resistant to ensure safe climbing. Also, the edges of the rungs should not be sharp enough to cause injury.


We have discussed 10 best above ground pool ladders and selected a few of them as the best above ground pool ladder based on features and performance.

The best above ground pool ladder is a 32-inch safety pool ladder that offers enhanced comfort, greater load capacity, and, side openings for water circulation on the backside second-best above ground pool ladder is Bestway 58042 that features heavy-duty plastic steps and galvanized steel durable construction. 

The third best above ground pool ladder is Summer waves that feature durable frame construction and quick assembly. All the remaining ladders are also equipped with valuable features but they are simpler than our top 3 ladders and the simplest among them is Intex deluxe that has been kept at last rank.

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