7 Best Data Logging Multimeters in 2023! Buying Guide and Reviews

Finding the Best Data Logging Multimeter that suits you by all means is hard but no impossible. There are so many brands offering the data logger Multimeter but the difficult task is to choose the best one.

These multimeters are those that hold the data for a long time so you can check them later in case of any issue. Who needs this type of multimeter? Those who deal with high-end industrial tasks on daily basis must get this one. This multimeter will save you from the hassle for sure. With this multimeter, you will be able to find the little problems before they get bigger and creates an issue.

Now the point is how to get an accurate product instead of wasting time and money on any useless item. No worries, we have got you covered already. Are you a professional electrician? Do you need to deal with so many tasks daily? Are you looking for a device that saves you from the bigger errors? Well, you have landed at the right place.

Read the article to get the perfect device. If you're in hurry then direct jump to Fluke 287 Multimeter.

Fluke 287 Multimeter

  • Backlit LED
  • True Rms Feature
  • Safe To Use

Mastech MS8264

  • Budget Friendly
  • Resettable Fuse
  • Automatic Switch

Sperry SDMM10000 

  • Lightweight
  • Large LED
  • Easy To Use

Buying Guide For Best Data Logging Multimeters

Are you confused after reading all the super amazing features of the best data logger multimeter  mentioned above? Do you want some guidance to select the best from the rest? No worries we have got you covered. Don't stress yourself just follow the tips we are going to share with you.

We know how fuss it creates when you are surrounded by all good products but need to choose one. After immense research, we have made a guide for our valuable customers that will surely help you in selection. Here are the factors that you must consider while choosing the best logger multimeter:

i). Budget

First of all, before stepping towards the feature to consider check your budget. Do you have enough budget to get the expensive one? Are you looking for a budget-friendly product?

Ask yourself these questions and get the answer by checking the amount you have. Then move forward to select the best one. However, we have mentioned the expensive as well as affordable products above so you can easily choose the one that falls under your budget limit.

ii). Accuracy

Why do you need a multimeter? This is the device that we use to measure the current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, etc. What if you get a product that does not provide accurate measurements? This will be a waste of money right? So what matters the most is the accuracy of the readings.

We already mentioned the devices with auto-ranging and true RMS feature that helps to take accurate measurements by removing the ghost voltages. This is how you will get the error-free measurements. So choose the device that comes with superb accuracy.

iii). Display

If the display is too small or blur then what is the use of buying the digital multimeter. Right? So get the product with the large display and good contrast that helps you to check the readings without squeezing the eyes.

Moreover, we'd recommend you to go for the backlight display which aids in taking the measurements even at a darker time. However, the products we have mentioned above have a backlight display and a large screen so choose the one that you like the most and suits your budget as well.

iv). Weight

While checking the devices you need to hold the product for a long period. If the device has heavyweight then it will cause pain in your hand and make you uncomfortable as well.

To save yourself from this hassle get yourself a device that is portable so you can carry it easily. By having a lightweight multimeter you will be able to perform all the tasks without developing pain anywhere in hand.

View the 7 Best Data Logger Multimeters, Below.


1. Fluke 287 Datalogging Multimeter

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First in the list of Best data logger multimeter is Fluke 287 multimeter. With this multimeter, you can get the auto as well as manual ranging that helps to save you from errors.

Furthermore, you can measure voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, temperature, pulse width, conductance, and duty cycle. Due to the data log feature don't worry if you miss any reading because you can get all the data on the go. 

Moreover, the device has a True RMS feature which aids in providing accurate readings so don't worry about the ghost voltage issues. You can measure linear or non-linear loads without any issue due to true RMS.

The log data feature of this device includes a maximum, minimum, average, real-time clock, data hold, data export, and real-time clock. Furthermore, it comes with an LCD backlit display that helps you to measure even in the dark time.

You can even connect it with the fluke mobile app which enables the test tools to work. It is quite safe to use and aids in increasing productivity. Through the mobile app, you can even share the images with other members for any reason.


  • It has a data logging feature.
  • The device has a Backlit LED.
  • It comes with a True Rms Feature.
  • You can connect it to the mobile app.
  • It helps to increase productivity.
  • This product is Safe To Use.
  • It has low maintenance time.


  • The batteries are not up to the mark.


2. Mastech MS8264

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The second product in the list of Best Logging Multimeter is Mastech MS8264. This is the digital multimeter which helps you to check the measurements without any hassle.

Safety comes first so don't worry the device already got the CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V ratings that make it the safest.

The product has automatic indications to represent the functions as well as symbols. Due to the auto power-off function, the battery will be saved as the device will shut down automatically when not in use. You can perform the continuity test and diode test without any hassle.

Moreover one can check the voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature, Capacitance, and more. Furthermore, due to the backlight LCD, you will be able to check the measurements even at night.

However, you can easily find the old record in case of any issue due to the log data feature. Are you a professional? Do you need a multimeter for DIY? No worries this device will help you for sure. Mastech is an affordable product for all those who have a tight budget should consider this.


  • It is Budget-Friendly.
  • The device has a data logging feature.
  • The product comes with a backlit display.
  • It comes with an Automatic Switch on/off.
  • It helps you to measure the diode and continuity test.
  • This multimeter has a Resettable Fuse.


  • The warranty life is not satisfactory.


3. Sperry SDMM10000

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Third, in the list of Best data logger multimeter is Sperry SDMM10000. It comes with the capability of Bluetooth connectivity through which you can control the device with your phone.

Due to this feature, you can easily check the pictures on your phone or laptop. One can connect it with the iOS as well as Android system.

Are you looking for a budget friendly device? Well, this one is for you then. It is considered as the smart multimeter due to the Bluetooth connectivity feature. 

You can easily detect the troubleshoot problems with this device as well. Moreover, the smart data log feature will help you to save all the data according to the date and time so you can check later. This is small in size and portable as well so you can carry the product easily anywhere.

Furthermore, the device is safe to use and already got the CAT III ratings. It comes with just a single control button that removes the hassle of changing settings with different dials.

With the large LCD, you can easily read all the measurements. It is such a strong device and comes with adjustable lead tips.


  • It is Easy To Use.
  • The device is strong.
  • It has Lightweight.
  • The product comes with a Large LED.
  • It provides accurate measurement.
  • The device enables Bluetooth Connectivity.


  • The leads are not replaceable.


4. Southwire 10604T

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Fourth in the list of Best Data Logging Multimeter is Southwire 10604T. This product provides accurate measurement due to the True RMS feature. This feature removes all the ghost voltages and provides you the authentic readings on the go.

Moreover, the device has a built in light that enables you to work even in dark times without any hassle. It comes with a backlight display which helps you to take the readings at night time or even in the darker areas.

Due to the mobile app feature, you can see the measurements on your phone in detail as well. With the mobile app, one can quickly check the readings plus record as well as save them on the go.

The app is only compatible with iOS and Android. Furthermore, the device got the CAT III 600V ratings and considered a safe product to use for different tasks. It helps you to measure current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and whatnot. The display is good enough to read every measurement without squeezing the eyes.


  • It has a backlight display.
  • The device comes with a mobile app feature.
  • It is durable.
  • The product is safe to use.
  • It removes the ghost voltages.


  • Some are not satisfied with their true RMS feature.
  • The safety feature sometimes fails.


5. AstroAl Digital Multimeter

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Fifth in the list of Best logging Multimeter is AstroAl Digital Multimeter. It allows you to measure the voltage, continuity, resistance, current, capacitance, transistors, and temperature. With this product, you can test the frequencies and diodes.

It has a true RMS feature which removes the ghost voltage. Furthermore, the device comes with an auto-ranging feature that provides accurate measurements by eliminating errors.

Moreover, with the large backlit LCD screen, you will never find any trouble in reading the measurements. The backlit screen will help you to take the readings even at a darker time.

Taking measurements was never so easy before but this device makes it hassle-free due to the stand and hanging magnet that enables you to check the devices without any issue. Are you working in any industry and need to deals with tasks all day long? Well, this one will surely aid you in performing all the tasks on the go.


  • It has a large display.
  • The device has a rugged construction.
  • This product comes with true RMS.
  • It has an auto-ranging feature.
  • This multimeter is easy to use.


  • The magnetic feature cause trouble as it picks all the surrounding metals.
  • Some claim that it does not measure the frequency up to the limit mentioned by the manufacturer.


6. Triplett 9065

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The second last product we choose in the list of best multimeter with data logger is Triplett 9065. This comes with the logging property that means you can hold the data for long in this device to check later. Due to this feature, you can rule out the issues before they start creating trouble for you.

It is based on the True RMS feature that eliminates all the ghost voltages to show you the authentic measurements only. You can check the AC/DC voltage to 1000V and AC/DC to 10A with this product. It has a superb display with excellent color contrast that makes the readings easy to see even in darker times or from distance.

You can measure the temperature, capacitance, duty cycle, pulse, frequency, conductance, and dBV as well as dBm. Furthermore, the device got the certification of CAT IV 600V which means you won't get any shock while measuring the devices.

The next amazing feature is this product is waterproof which means you can take this device out even when it is raining outside. It comes with a rechargeable battery.


  • It has a data logging feature.
  • The device comes with a superb display.
  • This product is waterproof.
  • It is safe to use.
  • The multimeter is based on true RMS technology.


  • The device gets slower in a few modes.
  • Clips that attach with probes are quite large.



Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The last product in the list of Best Data logger multimeter is OWON OW18B. It comes with the Bluetooth connectivity option that means you can easily connect the device with your laptop or phone to see the results on the big screen.

However, with a large display, it will be easier for you to check the measurements without squeezing the eyes. Furthermore, the device has a flashlight which is a good feature to utilize in darker areas. It can only support connectivity with windows, android, and iOS.

You don't need to make any contact with the electronic devices as the product has a non-contact voltage sensor that enables it to take the measurements when you get close to the device.

One can measure the AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, diode, capacitance, resistance, frequency, duty ratio, continuity, and temperature with this device. Furthermore, the product has an automatic recorder that saves all the measurements so you can check later in case of any error.


  • It enables Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The display is up to the mark.
  • It comes with an automatic recorder.
  • This device is based on a non-contact voltage sensor.
  • It is safe to use.


  • Some claim that it does not connect with the OWON app.
  • The users are not satisfied with the data logger.


What is the use of a data logging multimeter?

Well, the data logger multimeter will save you from the big problems. How? Due to holding data feature, you will have a record of the measurement you took before to check in case of any issue. Furthermore, sometimes you are too busy to focus on each reading so this feature will help you to check the missed readings later.

Which factors are the main to consider while buying a multimeter?

Here are the factors that you must consider :

First of all, check the budget you have.

Go for the device which provides accurate measurements.

Don't forget to check the display.

Make sure the battery life is good.

The device must be lightweight.

How to test the multimeter if it's bad?

To check the multimeter whether is good or bad first set your multimeter in the resistance reading mode. Take the probes leads and touch them if they show zero-ohm then it is fine. Otherwise, if the reading comes over one ohm then you should fix the problem.


In this article, we have mentioned the Best data logging multimeter in detail. Choose the one that goes with your budget and meets your requirements as well.

However, we'd suggest you go for Fluke 287 Multimeter which comes with a superb display, good logging feature, accuracy, and safety. Some users are not satisfied with the battery life but it mainly depends on your usage and how you keep the device.

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