7 Best Clamp Meters For 2023! (Buying Guide and Reviews)

If you are an electrician you will understand how crucial a clamp meter is for daily operations.

With this instrument, you can easily measure the current flow in any conductor without having direct contact. This shows the importance of this tool so you must not compromise on the selection.

Finding the best clamp meter is not too tough because there are so many high-end products available in the market.

However, we understand how frustrating it could get when you can't choose the best from the rest. No worries, we have got you covered.

We have picked the top 7 products for you so you can choose the one that goes with your requirements.

Don't have enough time to go through the whole article?

No worries just have a look at the best yet affordable product Fluke 323 which we choose for you.

Editor's Choice

1. Fluke 323

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • True RMS sensing
  • CAT IV rated
  • Affordable

2. Etekcity MSR

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Excellent durability
  • LCD screen
  • Lifetime warranty

3. Uni-T B4Q094 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Versatile
  • Diode assessment
  • Portable

Buying Guide For 7 Best Clamp Meters:

A clamp meter helps you to check the current flow without any hassle. With this device, you can safely check the current. It has mainly two types of AC clamp meter and DC clamp meter.

We have mentioned the best ones above. After reading the descriptions of all the above-mentioned devices you might feel confused about which one to choose.

No worries we have got you covered. We already pick the best factors to consider that will help you to find the perfect one. Here are the points to keep in mind while purchasing the best clamp meter

i). Budget

First of all the factor which is the most necessary one is to check your budget. Go for the product that suits your budget.

We have mentioned the affordable as well as the expensive one above so you can buy the one that falls under the budget level.

ii). Safety

Safety comes first even before anything. This is the foremost feature that you need to consider while buying the clamp meter.

One can easily check if the device is safe or not through the build quality and material. Moreover, the above-mentioned clamp meters have already passed the safety tests.

You can still check the specifications to find out if the product is safe to use or not.

iii). Clamp Size

The clamp size is the other factor to keep in mind while choosing the clamp meter. One can measure the size through the opening ends.

However, the range of opening is from 17mmto 45mm. Every clamp has its size so the ranges vary accordingly. You can wrap the clamp around your hand for your convenience as well.

Choose the one that goes with your needs.

iv). Resistance

A resistance limit means the ability of the device to stop the flow of current. Through this, you will get the idea about how difficult a current can flow through the conductor.

Some have the maximum resistance of 4-kilo ohms while others have 10-kilo ohms. If you need to deal with the heavy machines then go for the high resistance one.

Moreover, if you required the device for daily usage then a clamp meter with small resistance is preferred.

v). LCD & Backlit

Having a clamp meter with the backlit LCD will save you from the hassle.

With this feature, you can check the readings on the screen easily. Moreover, by having a backlit feature you will be able to find the readings at night as well.

View the 7 Best Clamp Meters, Below.


1. Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The first product we have on the list of Best Clamp Meter is fluke 323. What could be best than getting a device which is accurate and have strong construction at such an affordable rate?

This device steals the spotlight due to such accurate measurements and a budget-friendly price. You can easily review AC as well as DC with this clamp meter.

This product contains True RMS sensing which means this is a 3-in-one tool that measures AC or AC voltage.

It is no doubt an impressive feature but there is so much more which will surely win your heart. You can easily connect your phone to this device through the fluke connect measurements.

It has enough capability to measure the AC up to 400amps and DC up to the maximum voltage of 600 volts.

However, the dimensions are no doubt precise. It follows the IEC standards and is highly versatile. It is the best multimeter for electricians.

Due to the audible continuity sensor, you will easily get to know the electricity in the circuit that eventually eliminates the hassle of guesswork.

Moreover, it perfectly measures the electricity up to 33mm. One can take the measurements without any interruption which saves your time as well.

Don't worry about any noise because this meter will work quietly. You will never feel any pain or discomfort while this device due to the ergonomic design.


  • Easy to operate
  • True RMS sensing
  • Meet the IEC standards
  • Excellent audible feature
  • CAT IV rated


  • Hertz measurement isn't possible
  • Doesn't measure DC amps


2. Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter

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The second product we have on the list is etekcity MSR. If you are looking to buy the best clamp meter for HVAC then this one is definitely for you.

This brand is already famous for its high-quality tools and devices. No doubt this product is superior of all due to the high-end features embedded in it. Getting a digital clamp meter with such easy functions isn't it amazing?

Due to the shutdown feature which switches off the device automatically after 15 minutes, you will be able to save battery and increase the unit's lifespan.

With the auto-ranging property embedded in this product, you can easily register the 600 Volts AC/DC. Moreover, it aids in measuring resistance as well as AC with incredible precision.

You can also check the continuity or perform the semiconductor diode tests quickly. Furthermore, the feature that already steals the spotlight is the ability of the device to measure AC at a maximum range of 26mm.

Placing the device in the carrying pouch you will get a higher level of protection. With the data storage function, one can even check the previous recordings or references which you might forget or missed.

Don't worry about the reading it will be easily visible on the LCD screen. It comes with the data logger system.

The device has a capacity of 400amps and you can check with the length of the wire 28mm. The tests handle probes are so comfortable to use and have excellent grip.


  • Assessments are precise
  • The clamp size is amazing
  • AC and voltage measurements
  • LCD screen
  • Durable tires


  • Lead tips are not sensitive


3. Uni-T B4Q094

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The third product we have in the list of best clamp meter is Uni-T B4Q094. Having a comfortable clamp meter that you can easily carry around will help you in performing tasks easily.

This is one of the trusted products which you can even wrap in your hand. However, it allows you to measure the AC and DC voltage without any hassle.

The next amazing thing is you can check the continuity and resistance with this device as well. The cherry on the top is this product provides an accurate diode assessment as well.

You can complement the continuity reading by pressing the button. On top of that, the product has enough potential to collect multiple readings on the go. Regardless of the size, Uni-T has a superb jaw capacity of 17 millimeters.

Moreover to save the battery and unit's life the device switches off after 15 minutes. The next incredible feature is you don't need to check the battery level after every measurement whenever it gets low the indicator will switch on.

It contains two AAA batteries and an LCD screen which aids in easy to read measurements. However, it can measure 100amps only but still consider as the versatile clamp meter.


  • Low battery indicator
  • Resistance and continuity check
  • Diode assessment
  • LCD screen
  • AC and DC voltage measurements


  • The current measurements are limited


4. Tacklife Clamp Meter

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The fourth product we have in the list of best clamp meter is the tacklife clamp meter. It comes with a capacity of 6000 counts for the testing of AC/DC.

If you are looking for an affordable multimeter then this one is for you. It comes to a withhold capacity of 50mm. When you are done with measurements the buzzer sound will be on.

Due to the NCV light, you can easily differentiate the voltage intensities. One can easily measure the capacitance, resistance, and frequency of the conduction element with this clamp meter.

Furthermore, you can also use it for the diode and continuity tests. If you are a professional you know the processes for the tests above mentioned.

Moreover, it shows the CAT III flexibility with the 600-volt ratings with the pollution standard at level 2.

Don't worry about the voltage spikes this device has already surge protection to save you. Due to the backlight LCD, you can easily check the measurements even at night without any hassle.

Furthermore, a user can also record the data in it so if you miss anything just simply check the records to find the related information.

With the low battery function, you will not need to keep a check on the batteries all the time because this will make you alert about replacing batteries when required.

Do you need to make the measurements at night? No worries the LCD flashlight in this model will help you by all means. With the dust-free cover, your meter will stay safe.


  • CAT III compliance
  • NCV sensitive detection
  • LCD backlight and flashlight
  • Easy reading and recording


  • Smartphone compatibility issues


5. Ideal Industries 61-746 Clamp Meter

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The fifth product we have in the list of best clamp meter is ideal industries 61-746. This brand is serving us for 100 years and has a great name in the world of electronics.

The device comes with the ability to measure the 600 amperes and already has an excellent rating on Amazon. One can easily measure up to 600 volts without making any contact with the device.

Due to the hook tip jaws, you can easily handle this equipment.

Moreover, it has a nifty screen that allows you to hold the data for a long so you can easily keep the measured information and check the previous record if needed.

The clamp meter contains double 1.5V AAA batteries that come along with the package.

Due to the automatic shut down feature, you will be able to save battery. However, the clamp meter will be shut down automatically after 10 minutes if you do not use it. 

Don’t worries about the low battery issue because you won't need to check the battery level again and again the device will automatically inform you through an indicator present on the screen.

It has passed the CAT III safety compliant.

The item's weight is 8 ounces only so you can carry it without developing any pain in your hands. Due to the ergonomic based design, you can hold it for a long without trouble.


  • Automatic shutdown
  • 600V measuring capability
  • Low battery indicator
  • Hold data for long


  • Smartphone compatibility issues
  • It does not have any carrying case


6. KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS

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The second last product we have in the list of best clamp meter is KAIWEETS clamp meter T-RMS.

This product is used to measure the AC/DC, voltage, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode and resistance, temperature, and continuity perfectly.

If you are looking for a product to measure all the above-mentioned things then go for this one. It stands at CAT 3 in terms of safety. The clamp mete provides you the one-hand operations. 

You can calculate the true RMS at least 6000 counts with this device.

Moreover, the product is quite easy to use and you can utilize it for home projects or other medium level operations. The item's jaw comes with the maximum voltage and current measured value.

This product is light in weight and small in size so you can easily hold it for a long.

Furthermore don't worry you will never feel any issue while carrying this product due to the good portability feature. Moreover, with the non-contact detection, you can check the wires without making any contact with them

If you switch it on but not performing any operations then this will automatically switch off after 15 minutes.

With the Func button, you can easily switch to AC or DC. It has a black and white display plus a jaw size of 1 inch only.

The device has a low battery indicator as well to inform you when the batteries get low or need to be replaced.

It has a double color backlit display. One can also measure the liquid, gas, and solid particles temperature due to the K-Type thermocouple feature of this device.

It has 2 AAA batteries and a dust-free cover for device protection.


  • Low pass filter for frequency accuracy
  • Two color backlit LCD
  • NCV defective function
  • True RMS feature


  • No dual screen


7. UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The last product we have in the list of best clamp meters is UEI test instruments. T

his is mainly the mid-level digital clamp meter where you can easily read all the measurements on the go. It can take the maximum reading of 400 amperes.

The meter can detect the voltage from 24 to 600 volts.

Moreover, with this device, you can measure the frequency as well as duty cycles.

Furthermore, the product allows you to do the diode and continuity test without any hassle. It comes with a maximum capacitance of 4000 microfarads.

This meter can stand with a resistance capacity of a maximum of 40 million ohms. The automatic power and off saves your time as well.

Furthermore, the clamp meter contains 2 AA batteries and a dual-screen.


  • Automatic on and off
  • Excellent resistance capacitance
  • Dual free pouch
  • Dual screen
  • Durable batteries


  • The screen doesn't have a backlit
  • You can't connect it with smartphone


Q1. What is the accuracy level of a clamp meter?

Some clamp meter comes with the feature of eliminating the false reading that aids in giving the accurate measurement without including the ghost voltage.

However smaller the measurement, fewer chances of error and more is will be accuracy.

Q2. Which is better a clamp meter or a multimeter?

A clamp meter is mainly to check the current while a multimeter is used to find the resistance, voltage, and a low current value.

Clamp meter can easily measure the higher currents as well but when it comes to accuracy multimeter wins the battle.

Q3. Who needs a clamp meter?

Those who deal with the AC/DC measurement tasks or looking to buy the device which helps them to find the current readings should go for the clamp meter.

It helps you to find the readings from the small as well as heavy machines. However, choose the clamp meter according to your requirements.

Q4. How to choose a clamp meter?

One can choose the clamp meter by keeping in mind the following features:

  • Safety
  • Resistance
  • Accuracy
  • LCD
  • Voltage measurements.


Fluke 323 is the best clamp meter among the above mentioned devices due to such amazing features including measurements from the heavy-duty device, smartphone connectivity, old recording, 1000 ampere rating along with excellent versatility.

Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 3 years. Thus it has all the features which make the product the best from the rest.

However, the top 3 products we choose include etekcity and Uni-T as well. Choose the one which you like and don't forget to tell us about your choice in the comments section.

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