5 Best Stair Ladders to buy in 2023!

Working on the stairs is not an easy job especially when you're using a chair for it. One wrong move could be fatal for the user if you choose a chair for working on the stairs. But with the best stair ladder, you can easily be done your work. To easily perform your tasks a durable and safe ladder will be required. A stair ladder helps to create a balance and reduces the risks of falls or damage.

However not all the ladders go well with the stairs. You need to choose the specific one for it.

I've tried different ladders for stairs in the past few years and have worst as well as a good experience with them. 

In this article, I'll share the Top 5 stair ladders that work tremendously for me and I'm sure will benefit you too. Without wasting a minute let's move towards the detailed buying guide and products pros and cons.

Top 3 Best Ladders for Stairs

Editor's Choice

1. Little Giant Ladder 15413-001 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Super-Strong Ladder
  • Lightweight
  • Quite Stable

2. NSdirect Telescopic Ladder

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Robust Construction
  • Quite Safe
  • Anti-slip Cap

3. OT QOMOTOP Ladder 17FT 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Versatile ladder
  • Slip-Resistant feet
  • Superb durability

Buying Guide For 5 Best Stair Ladders:

Before stepping out to purchase the stair ladder you need to know few crucial features which play a vital role in buying the best. Without considering those important factors it'll be hard for you to land the best ladder for your requirements. So here's is the buying guide that you should consider to get a better idea about what things are important to look for on a ladder.

i). Material

This is the foremost thing that you should keep in mind while shopping for a stair ladder. The ladders are made up of stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass mostly choose the one that goes with your requirement.

If you need to deal with the heavy tasks then go for the fiberglass one as this material is the strongest one as compared to others. When it comes to portability nothing can beat an aluminum-made ladder that has not only lightweight but also excellent sturdiness.

Those who are working nearer to the electrical wires should not choose aluminum-made ladders and go for the fiberglass one or the ladder made up of wood. Wooden ladders are no doubt the safer option to choose while working with electricity.

ii). Weight Load

Next comes the weight-bearing capacity of a ladder. But before that check the weight of the ladder itself so that you can easily carry it around. We'd recommend you go for the lightweight ladders that will make your job easier.

Then go to check the load a ladder can bear to find if it suits your requirements or not. The ladders that are made up of strong material can handle a lot of weight as compared to the other ones.

iii). Balance

Balance is another important factor you should consider while purchasing a ladder. While working on the stairs balance and stability matter the most otherwise you'll end up injuring yourself.

If you don't want to fall on the floor and break your leg then get the ladder that ensures superb stability and balance. Go for the ladder with the slip-resistant feet and foot pads to keep it in one place. In this way, the ladder will shake less and help you more in the task.

View the 5 Best Stair Ladders, Below.


1. Little Giant Ladders 15413-001, Multi-Position Ladder

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First, in the list we have a little giant ladder 15413-001 that's no doubt one of the best stair ladders. You know why? Let's start with my favorite one. This super-strong ladder is made up of aluminum which is already famous for its sturdiness as well as lightweight.

Due to premium build quality, this ladder lasts longer than others. It is quite stable to use for tasks related to stairs. Most of the users think that buying a heavyweight ladder will be more stable than the portable one. But this isn't true because a lightweight ladder can also make you feel stable and safe.

One can use this ladder for hours without being worried about breakage or any scratches on the floor. Due to its lightweight carrying this ladder from one place to other is not difficult. Another amazing thing is you don't need to worry about storing this ladder due to its compact design. Do not worry about carrying the additional tools along because the ladder can hold 300 pounds of weight easily.

This product is equipped with an innovative lock mechanism that sets the ladder in its place. What you need to do is to set the ladder at your required height and lock it that's all. The cherry on the top is a dual-pin hinge system that makes the setting quite easier and hassle-free.


  • Sturdy buildup.
  • Aluminum structure.
  • Easy lock system.
  • Dual pin hinge system for adjustment.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wide legs for stability.
  • Comfortable steps.
  • Holds 300 pounds of weight.


  • Ladder joints might get rusty with time.


2. NSdirect Telescopic Ladder

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Most people use a ladder to get stability and this is the commonest feature every other use demands. The accidents occur due to shaky ladder that's why we bring the most stable ladder here. By using this ladder you'll not face any problem. Why? It is equipped with anti-slip caps that keep the ladder in its place on all types of ground.

The ladder has an aluminum robust construction and lightweight. That's why this tool is considered the best lightweight ladder in the market. You can easily fold it into a small structure that makes the storage easier and hassle-free. Why get a ladder that can only be used for the stairs? How about purchasing a product that helps you in other tasks too?

This is one of them. You can use it as an extension ladder, step ladder around the house or on stairs, and double-sided ladder. Choose the shape that goes with your needs.
It is quite safe for multiple purposes and gives you enough confidence to perform each task safely. Each step is 3.2 inches wide and the herringbone design ensures ultimate protection as well as safety.

Whether you need to deal with the tasks indoor or outdoor this will goes with all. Adjust the frame as per requirement and lock the required shape on the go. A support bar will help you in completing tasks safely. It is one of the best stair ladders due to such useful features.


  • Anti-slip cap.
  • Multipurpose ladder.
  • Portable.
  • Handrails for support.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Easy adjustment.
  • Hassle-free storage.
  • Wear-resistant.


  • The ladder isn't user friendly.


3. OT QOMOTOP Ladder 17FT

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Are you looking for a ladder that is easy to use? We have one for you. OT QOMOTOP Ladder 17ft. You can use this ladder in 5 different shapes according to the task requirement. This is why the ladder is considered the best stair ladder. It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum that is scratch-resistant and shatterproof material.

This is a regular ladder that doesn't require much maintenance. Carrying it anywhere is quite easier due to two wheels which are on the back. While using a ladder for any stair related task make sure to lock the wheels to avoid fall or slippage.

This product isn't as light as the aluminum-made ladders mentioned above but still not the heaviest one. For storing the ladder folds it down so that you can easily store it anywhere on the go. Due to such a lean shape, you can even store it in your closet as well.

It has Slip-Resistant feet and flared ends to provide excellent support and stability. The ladder can easily hold 300 pounds of weight. With the flexible wheels moving this ladder is quite convenient.


  • Versatile ladder.
  • Carry 300lbs weight.
  • Quick storage.
  • Flared legs for support.
  • Shatterproof & scratch-resistant.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Superb durability.
  • Slip-resistant feet.


  • Heavyweight.

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4. Werner MT-13

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This is one of the decent ladders we have on the list of best stair ladders. It comes with all the basic features that a good ladder required to have. Those who're looking for something easier on hands and a ladder with good balance then go for this one.

It is equipped with a plush knob that is soft to touch so that you can easily adjust the ladder on the go. The ladder has 13ft in height so you can use it at home or professionally as well. By using this ladder you can safely reach the walls from stairs. Make sure to adjust the height of the ladder as per your need and requirement.

A ladder with the flared legs or wider bottom ensures superb stability and this is one of them. Due to the broad bottom, the ladder stays stable at its place no matter whatever the height adjustment is.

It is quite versatile comes with 13 different heights so you can choose the desired one as per task requirement. Don't worry about slippage as the ladder feet are equipped with a slip-resistant cap to keep you safe while working.


  • Sturdy buildup.
  • Non-slip feet
  • Wide flared bottom for excellent stability.
  • 13 different height adjustment.
  • Excellent balance.
  • Soft to use the plush knob.
  • Hassle-free adjustment.


  • Users complain that the ladder gets shaky at times.
  • Quality isn't satisfactory.


5. Little Giant Ladder 12026-801

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Lastly, we have a ladder from the most amazing brand named little giant ladder 12026-801. This product is equipped with excellent levelers that allow you to work safely on uneven surfaces. With the handy lever working on any surface isn't a hassle anymore.

No matter how uneven the ground is the ladder will still work to provide ultimate stability and safety. It provides excellent balance so you'll not face the wiggling issue in the middle of any task.

This is the type 1A ladder that means it can easily hold 300 pounds of weight. The higher the load capacity more durable the product will be. If you're tall and looking for a ladder that can hold you without putting you in any trouble then go for this one.

It is a long-lasting tool due to the aluminum construction which is sturdy enough to combat all types of tasks. While using this ladder you'll not face scratches, breakage, or bending issues. For those who need a ladder with excellent longevity can choose this one.


  • Aluminum construction.
  • Long-lasting.
  • No bending or scratches.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Quad lock hinge.
  • Hands-free adjustment.
  • Best for uneven surfaces.


  • Little bulky.
  • Quality isn't satisfactory.


Q1. What are the safety tips for using a ladder on stairs?

Here are a few tips that you should follow while working on the stairs:
1. First of all, get yourself a ladder that suits your task. Every task requires a different ladder whether you go for a multi-purpose ladder or buy the one that meets the task needs.
2. Don't forget to follow the manual instructions that come with the ladder box to avoid any kind of mishap.
3. Clean the ladder timely to avoid rusting or corrosion
4. Check the load capacity and do not cross the load limit while using it.

Q2. What is the benefit of adjustable legs?

With the adjustable legs, you can easily set the ladder according to the ground. Let's suppose you're standing on an uneven surface than with the adjustable legs you can easily stable the ladder accordingly. Similarly, adjustable ladder legs will make stair-related tasks easier for you.

Q3. Which is the best ladder material?

The ladders are available with different materials including steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Choose the one that goes with your needs. Each material for different situations like if you're working nearby electric wires then go for the ladder made up of non-conductive material like wood or fiberglass. Likewise, those who need a lightweight ladder should go for the aluminum material.


Using a ladder that's not made for the stairs is very unsafe. That's why it is necessary to purchase the right ladder for you. Get yourself a ladder that goes with the task requirement and does not put you in any trouble.

Safety is very essential that's why to buy a ladder that is stable and protects you while working with stair-related tasks.

Different brands come up with different products but all aren't reliable. That's why we'd recommend you go for the ladders mentioned above. This is our trusted list in terms of safety, quality, construction, and stability. Hopefully, you'll easily buy the right ladder for yourself.

We'd suggest you go for Little Giant Ladder 15413-001 equipped with superb stability, safety, and excellent quality. Rest is your choice. Have a safe day at work!!

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