5 Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs in 2023!

Are you looking for the Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs? Decorating stairs is pain task work. It's time consuming, messy, and expensive. It can be hard to find the right tools and supplies. That's where we come in! We reviewed 5 best adjustable ladders that are perfect for decorating stairs.

Our goal is to provide you reviews with high quality products at affordable prices so you can focus on getting the work done instead of worrying about how much it costs or where to find one. 

You can use any random ladder on stairs for any purpose. Normal ladders that we use for different tasks do not come with enough stability to maintain the balance on stairs. This means a user should go to buy a special ladder to get done with the stair-related tasks.

We'll discuss a genuine reviews of the top 5 best adjustable ladders that works amazing on stairs and helps you in doing the work without hassle.

Before moving towards the review let me tell you what is the benefit of choosing a specific ladder that suits your task requirements. A strong ladder comes with enough capacity to hold your weight and create more balance than the weaker ones.

With the right ladder, you can easily climb up, balance yourself, and even hold the necessary items that require decorations. Without wasting a single minute's let's jump towards the reviews of the best ladders for decorating stairs.

Editor's Choice

1. Little Giant 12022-801 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Quite Versatile
  • Multiple Positions
  • OHSA & ANSI standards

2. Werner MT22

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Affordable
  • Double-Riveted Steps
  • Superb Quality Product

3. Toprung Model-17ft 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Pretty Stable
  • Good Build quality
  • Versatile

Buying Guide For 5 Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs:

Before you go to purchase any ladder we are here with the few crucial features that you need to know. These features are important to consider before purchasing a ladder. However, these factors will help you choose the Best Ladder For Decorating Stairs on the go.

It'll be hard for you to go straight to shop without knowing which feature is important and which things you need to ignore. So have a look at our buying guide to get a better idea about what to purchase.

i). Material

First of all, you need to check the material of the ladder that matters the most. If the material is cheap or of low quality then you'll end up having breakage or damage to the ladder or yourself. These days ladders are mostly made up of aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel. However, some of them are also constructed with wood.

We would suggest you go for the ladder made up of aluminum. Why? Because the aluminum ladders are strong, durable, and portable. You can easily move them anywhere without hassle. Make sure to not use them around electricity as aluminum are a good conductor.

However, if you need to deal with the tasks nearby electric wires then we'd suggest you go for the fiberglass ladder. The fiberglass is a nonconductor and quite sturdy more than aluminum. But the only disadvantage is fiberglass has heavyweight and not portable like aluminum. You can also go for the wooden ladders that are also heavy but works well around electricity.

ii). Load Capacity

First, you need to keep an eye on the weight of the ladder. As to perform different tasks you'd need to carry the ladder around. Thus a heavy ladder will break your back so better go for the portable ones.

The next thing you need to check is how much weight a ladder can carry to find if it'll be suitable for you or not. Most of the ladders come with the 300 pounds load capacity that is good to go for domestic purposes or professionals as well. Choose the one that suits your tasks and requirements.

iii). Balance & Safety

The next feature which is the important one is safety and balance. Never compromise on your safety while purchasing a ladder. If a ladder does not have good balance or choosing an unstable ladder will put you in trouble.

Better consider the balance if you don't want to break your leg. Make sure to check if the ladder has anti-slip feet to provide resistance against slippage. By having footpads on ladder feet the tool will stay in its place and will not get unstable at any cost. The lesser the ladder shake safer it'll be.

View the 5 Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs, Below.


1. Little Giant 12022-801 Multi-Position Ladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

We put this model on the top of the list of the Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs. Why? Because Little giant always comes up with a tool that is of high quality, excellent construction, highly versatile, and durable.

To be honest, if you're a little giant ladder user you'd know that this brand never compromises on quality. This is adjustable ladder, made specifically for stair-related tasks and provides ultimate stability to the user. The tool is created with solid aluminum which is quite durable and tough to use for the tasks like stair decoration.

Don't worry about the stability as the ladder is equipped with the wide flared ratchet leg leveler that adjusts the tool according to the surface. The levelers will allow you to adjust the leg's height according to the surface. In this way, things get easier and hassle-free for you. Another amazing thing is you'd not need to spend more on buying a leveler because the ladder already has it.

This model is quite versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. Moreover, the tool has multiple positions, which means you can convert it into a step ladder, extension ladder, trestle & plank, or 90-degree ladder as per task requirement. To fix the position you are required to make sure to adjust the metal rock lock for safety and stability.

If you use it as an extension ladder that the maximum height will be 22ft which is quite good. It already meets the standards of OHSA & ANSI so you don't need to worry about safety.

The next incredible feature of this ladder is weight hold capacity. It can easily carry 300 pounds of weight means you can take all the necessary tools along while climbing up.


  • Strong construction.
  • Wide flared ratchet leg levelers for excellent stability.
  • Metal rock lock adjusters for safety.
  • 300 pounds weight load capacity.
  • Safe to use.
  • Meets OHSA & ANSI standards.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Multi-positional ladder.
  • Tip & glide wheels for easy transport.


  • Heavyweight.


2. Werner MT22 Telescoping Ladder

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The next trusted manufacturer is Werner that comes with sturdy products. We choose Werner MT22 for our list of the Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs due to its good quality, versatility, and affordability. Yes, this ladder is available at a cheaper rate as compared to the above one. Despite the price, the product is quite safe and meets the 1A ANSI rating already.

It comes with a load capacity of 300 pounds that is enough for stair decoration-related tasks. The tool works great on stairs that's why we selected it on the second number in our list. The ladder comes with 22-foot telescoping rungs which are easy to store and takes less space than others. It can easily convert into different positions like extension ladder, 2 person step ladder, stairway ladder, and scaffold.

The ladder is equipped with double-riveted steps covered with non-marring feet that ensure safety and reduces the risk of slippage. Moreover with the soft push knobs changing the position and adjusting the versatile ladder is hassle-free. One can easily adjust the side of the ladder and make sure to place one side on the step and the other on the ground while using it on stairs.

However unfortunately you can't adjust the height of the legs like the above-mentioned ladder. When it comes to building quality the product doesn't disappoint us at all. It is made up of aluminum which is already famous for its sturdiness & durability. Overall this ladder is a reliable and superb quality product that you can use for stair-related tasks.


  • Adjustable ladder.
  • Good quality.
  • Reliable tool.
  • Slip resistance feet.
  • Soft-touch push knobs.
  • 300lbs load capacity.
  • Stable & safe.
  • Versatile.


  • Too heavy to use as a step ladder.


3. TOPRUNG Model-22 ft. Aluminum Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly yet best ladder for stair decoration? We have one for you. This is perfect for all those who are on a budget and required a reliable yet safe ladder for stair decoration.

It is available in different sizes so you can easily choose the required one. When it comes to safety the ladder doesn't disappoint us and ensures excellent safety to the user.

It is pretty stable when you use it on stairs and suitable for all the tasks like decorating, painting, changing light bulbs, or hanging frames.

The ladder is made up of aluminum and the build quality is good enough to rely on. Same as the above-mentioned products this ladder can easily handle a load of up to 300 pounds.

Moreover, the tool is versatile but comes with fewer options as compared to the tools discussed above. The next incredible feature is you'll not need to set a huge space for storage.
It can easily fold up and store anywhere on the go. One can use it as a step ladder, stairway ladder, extension ladder, scaffold frames, or wall ladder.

It is a safe choice due to wider rungs that allow the user to stand comfortably. With slip-resistant feet, the danger of slippage is very low. Overall the ladder is pretty stable with wider legs and comfortable rungs.


  • Multiple usages.
  • Good quality.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Comfortable tool.
  • 2-year warranty life.
  • Easy storage.


  • Bulky ladder.


4. Vulcan Ladder USA 3600735401986540 Stepladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Are you looking for a good Adjustable Stair Ladder? Do you require a versatile yet best ladder for stair decoration? We choose the good one for you. You can easily transform it into 23 different styles according to the task requirement.

With the no-pinch hinge lock system changing the ladder, the shape is a piece of cake. Don't worry about pinching your finger as this will never happen while setting this ladder. Wider the base more will be the stability and vice versa. It comes with a wide base that reduces the chances of wobbling or slippage.

The ladder is made up of aluminum that means you don't need to worry about any scratches that'll impossible to get on this tool. No matter for how long you use this ladder still it'll look new every time you open it. Isn't it amazing? The manufacturer does not compromise on stability and makes it a durable yet stable tool so far. Overall this is a good option for those who required an all-rounder or need to use a ladder for different tasks.


  • Highly versatile.
  • 23 different types in one ladder.
  • No-pinch hinge lock system.
  • Premium aluminum alloy construction.
  • Durable.
  • A wide base makes it more stable.
  • Strong buildup.


  • Expensive.
  • The scaffold position isn't secure at all.


5. Little Giant 10110

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

A best ladder for stairs is the one that best suits your needs. A variety of factors go into choosing a best ladder for stairs, such as height of stairway, weight capacity, type of materials used in construction, and the best features.

Lastly, we have Little Giant 10110 on the list of the Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs. This is perfect for those who required a ladder that can easily reach a chandelier or the one that helps you to reach the height around the stair.

This ladder is available in 17ft and has heavyweight as compared to the other. While using this ladder you can easily adjust the height as per requirement and then lock it with the lock tab.

To change the height you can easily release the locking tab and adjust each leg according to the height to get stability. The ladder is made up of premium quality aluminum and will remain scratch-free throughout the year.

It does not only meet but exceed the standards made by ANSI & OHSA. This shows how safe the ladder is and how stable it'll work. Overall this is a good option for those who required a long ladder that can reach the height of their choice easily.


  • Excellent height.
  • Superb quality.
  • Lock tab for secure adjustment.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Anti-slip tabs for high protection.


  • Not portable.
  • Users aren't satisfied with the top locking hinge pin.


Q1. What is an adjustable stair ladder?

An adjustable ladder is one that you can alter easily. With the adjustable ladder, you can change the ladder height or legs height as per task requirements. It'd be a better option to choose an adjustable ladder if you want to decorate your home, or need to hang a painting on the wall.

Q2. Is it necessary to adjust the ladder while cleaning the gutter?

Well, it depends on the task. If you are placing a ladder on an uneven surface then it'd be required to adjust the legs to maintain balance and make it more stable.

Q3. Is it safe to use an aluminum ladder?

Yes, a ladder made up of aluminum is quite strong and stable. The best thing is the ladder will never get scratches and always look new whenever you use it. Moreover, the aluminum ladder is quite portable and easy to use.


When it comes to working on the stairs Decoration and painting you'd have different options for best ladders.

We mentioned the 5 Best Ladders For Decorating Stairs above so choose the one that you required.

For those who required a strong ladder with premium quality then we'd suggest you go for Little Giant 12022-801. This is our best pick due to super amazing construction, excellent quality, impressive stability, and safety.

However, if you're looking for an affordable ladder then go for Toprung ladder 17ft.

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