How To Use Ladders On Stairs?

People need to use the ladder in stairs for different purposes. Usually, when people need to perform an activity on wall or ceiling such as painting, nailing, and, renovation, they use the ladder on stairs.

We should be familiar with how to use ladder on stairs? because you may face a situation that may force you to use ders on stairs.

Without having proper information you will be unable to use the tools properly. Some tools help in adjusting the ladder on stairs. The ladder adjustment tools include ladder legs, ladder aide, wedge style tools, staircase plat form and many more.

Also you can use the adjustable ladders such as multi position ladder in place of tools. But, if you become overconfident when using the tools with a thought that nothing bad will happen when you are using the tools and ignore the safety precautions then you may have to face the loss.

Safety instructions need to be followed whether you are using the ladder on the ground or stairs. Let's have a detailed discussion on how to use the ladder on stairs?

  Use Ladder Levelers:

The ladder leveler is attached to the ladders feet and is compatible with all kinds of ladders whether it is aluminum, fiberglass, articulating, and, extension ladder.

The feet are plated that enhances its grip on the carpet by digging it firmly into the carpet. 

The ladder is perfectly adjusted and remains leveled on stairs. You can use a livelock lever or any other similar tool for this purpose. It works on cement, carpet, and many other surfaces.

  Use Multi-Position Ladders:

The adjustable ladders are more often needed and helps you in many tasks that you have to perform on stairs like repair, painting, and, renovations. 

It has been designed to adjust the height on both sides and is capable of making adjustments with larger steepness. 

You can use it as wall ladders as well. When buying a multi-position ladder, you should prefer aluminum construction, maximum safety provided through triple-locking hinges, and, the ladder should be high enough to reach the ceiling. 

The multi-position ladders enable greater adjustment so that one person can perform a task on the topmost stair while the other person can work on last stair without any problem.

Also, these ladders have a higher weight capacity of nearly 300-pounds.

  Use Makeshift Scaffolding:

Makeshift scaffolding is an old method and it is still used in place of an adjustable ladder. It would eliminate the need for purchasing an adjustable ladder and save your money.

A custom platform can be created cost-effectively by using two ladders that enable you to reach the ceiling. 

For making make shift scaffolding two ladders will be required and you don't need to buy a much expensive ladder for this purpose. Setting the ladders with a larger distance in between them with result in a greater height difference.

You can use a step ladder with 2 or 3 steps as well. You should use strong materials to make a platform that can hold your weight.

  Using Ladder Aide:

Height on one side of ladder can be easily adjusted using ladder aide. In this way, one side of the ladder will be provided with adequate height so that that ladder height is fully adjusted and becomes stable enough to use on stairs.

Setting up a ladder aide is quick and simple and you don't need to build buy extra accessory. It comprises of three parts: the upright, the platform, and the base.

  Using Wedge-Style Tools:

The wedge style tool is designed to be placed under ladder's feet.

After placing the ladder on wedge style tool, one foot of the ladder will be placed on the tool at the lower stair whereas the other foot will be on stair. It is a versatile kind if the tool that doesn't require any installation. 

You can easily use it on the hill side, staircase, or level ground.

But one thing you may not like about them is the bulkiness that doesn't allow greater portability and provides lesser safety on the staircase.

See Here:

  Using The Staircase Platform:

If you don't want to spend money on purchasing expensive tools like ladder aide, ladder leveler, and, ladder legs and, wedge style tools or require a cheaper solution then you can use stair case platform that can be built at home or available at stores at reasonable rates.

  Safety Precautions:

You need to choose a right size ladder that makes it possible to reach the required height from your standing position.

Otherwise, there will be no benefit of having a ladder that is unable to reach high walls or ceiling.

Using a ladder on stairs involves greater risk than using it on the ground.

First of all, acquire the knowledge of using a ladder on stairs through manual or internet to avoid any accident that may occur due to the insufficient knowledge of using a ladder on stairs.

The risk of sliding is always associated with ladders whether you are using it on stairs or ground. The ladder can be protected from sliding only if the user properly follows all the safety instructions and climb carefully on the ladder.


The ladder is not only used on ground. They can be used on stairs as well with the help of certain tools that help to adjust the ladder feet on stairs and provide stable grip.

The users need to be familiar with these item before using the ladder on stairs these items include wedge style tools, ladder levelers, ladder Aide, and stair case platform.

We have already discussed these items in detail and here we are providing a brief overview. The ladder leveler helps the ladder to adjust firmly on the stairs and provides a steady grip on the stair.

The ladder aid provides one side of the ladder with additional height and that side will be placed in the lower ladder to adjust the ladder height. The wedge style tools helps in adjusting the ladder height and it is placed under the ladder feet.

Further, if you don't want to use a tool then you can also use adjustable ladders. Finally, you may be ready to use the ladder on stairs after acquiring enough information of how to use the ladder on stairs?

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