5 Best Ladder Ball Sets! [Reviews 2023]

Summer comes with longer days, good weather, and different opportunities like going outside for multiple tasks or enjoying any traditional yard games. In this weather every kid and adults both looking for some exciting games to play in their yard.

Most of the people are now bored of the old games like horseshoes or cornhole so it’s high time to switch to any other games full of fun. To enjoy something different you’d need certain things. A ladder ball set is one of the unique items that you can set up in your garden to entertain the kids or adults for hours without boredom issues.

Before moving forward let me tell you what a ladder ball set is and how it works? A ladder ball is mainly a game in which two teams can play to score points only by throwing the golf set balls to the target frame. It is designed like a ladder that’s why we call it a ladder ball set.

Each of the frames equipped with 3 rungs with certain points that a team will get after hitting the target. For those who are brand new to this game no worries, you’ll get the idea about how to choose the right yet best ladder ball set and every detail in the buying guide.

In this article, we’ll share the 5 best ladder ball set in detail so you can choose the best from the rest.

Top 3 Ladder Ball Set:

Rally & Roar Ladder Toss

Main Features

  • Safe gaming set for kids.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Sand-filled base.

Eastpoint Sports Go

Main Features

  • Simple storage.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Quality.

Franklin Sports Professional Ladder Ball set

Main Features

  • Professional quality.
  • Sturdy buildup.
  • Easy transport.

List Of 5 Best Ladder Ball Sets:

1. Rally and Roar Ladder Ball Toss Game

2. EastPoint Sports Go

3. Franklin Sports Ladder Ball Set

4. Triumph Premium Ladder Toss

5. Viva Sol Premium Outdoor Ladderball Game

Rally & Roar Ladder Toss

Key Features

This brand already made a name in the gaming world after constructing such quality sets as foosball tables, tabletop pool sets, and dartboards. When it comes to outdoor gaming the brand does not disappoint customers in terms of quality and construction.

This is the premium ladder ball set that works perfectly for adults as well as professionals.

It is made up of heavy-duty PVC tubing that lasts long so you can say this is a one-time investment. The target ladder is made up of PVC having a solid thickness that easily holds the heavy usage.

This is the excellent PVC ladder golf set equipped with the sand base containing six bolas and comes with the blue-orange carrying case.

Assembling this incredible yard game is quite easy and hassle-free. By using the carrying case you can safely take the set from one place to other. Due to the weighted base user will not require any stakes to keep the ladder in its place.

Are you looking for the best ladder ball set at an affordable rate? This one will be perfect for you then.


  • PVC solid construction.
  • Sand-filled base.
  • Hassle-free assembling.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Budget-friendly ladder ball set.
  • Bolas are comfortable to use.
  • Safe gaming set for kids.


  • Pipes heat up while using under direct sunlight.

Eastpoint Sports Go

Key Features

Our 2nd best pick is Eastpoint sports go in the list of best ball set ladder. You know why? Let me explain. We choose our products based on the two key things including material quality used for balls and the target ladder.

Gladly this product comes with premium quality and sturdy material that matches our requirements. This is made up of tough material and strong enough to withstand the game for years without breaking or even cracking issues.

Similarly, the balls used in this set are constructed with robust material but do not cause any damage to the user. These balls ensure safe playing without causing any injury to the players. This product is giving the best of both worlds to the players in terms of quality, safety, construction, and whatnot.

The target frames are constructed with steel offer super amazing durability, hassle-free setup, easy to carry, and Simple Storage. You can even fold the leg down while carrying the tool around. It comes with the built-in sliding score that’s super exciting for sure.

The ball has 6 sets that you can divide as 3 per team having the same weight as golf balls. However, the balls in this ladder set are made up of soft material with rubber coating filled with sand for easy hitting. This is why the set is considered the safest ladder ball set in the market.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Soft-touch balls
  • Amazing quality
  • Built-in scoring system
  • Safest ball set
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Highly portable


  • Some users complain of no holes in the sidebars

Franklin Sports Professional Ladder Ball

Key Features

This is another best ladder ball set with professional quality and strong buildup. The set is designed to provide ease to the user. You can easily set up or taken down the ladder ball without any tools.

Whether you want to take it along for vacations or like to play the game on the beach this suits you in every situation. While using it you’ll not need to take any tools in your bag to assemble the set. The entire game set can easily pack in the storage bag for stress-free yet simple transport.

When it comes to durability the ladder ball doesn’t disappoint us at all. It is made up of premium quality steel that is strong enough to withstand every game for years.

Due to sturdy buildup, you don’t need to worry about breakage while taking the game set to the beach, garden, ground, or anywhere. Each piece to set up the game set will be included in the box.

It comes with the carrying case, 6 ball bolas including 3 red and 3 blue golf sets. Each bolas are constructed with robust rope and balls are soft to touch. The ladder rungs are covered with different colors to add fun and attraction to the game.


  • Super easy assembling.
  • Robust buildup.
  • Carrying bad included.
  • Superb regulation size.
  • Easy transport.


  • Few users complain of rungs discoloration.
  • Quality isn’t good.

Triumph Premium Ladder Toss

Key Features

Lastly, we have a triumph premium ladder toss in the list of best ladder ball sets. The product comes with the 4.5 out of 5 stars and excellent reviews by the users.

Do you wants to add fun to any outdoor gathering?

Set this premium quality ladder ball-set in your yard and make the time memorable. This product contains incredible two PVC ladders, drawstring and six soft bolas. The next exciting feature is this product does not need any special tool for assembling.

It is considered the ideal option for kids or families with infants due to its superb durability and safety.

You can easily place the whole kit together in seconds and to keep everything steady in its place just use the pressure joints. We call it a kid-friendly tool due to the super soft bolas and another amazing thing is you can take this ballset anywhere.

As the storage bag is included in the package so moving this item is easier yet trouble-free.


  • Strong PVC ladders.
  • Hardware free assembly.
  • Safe for the kids.
  • Soft bolas.
  • Highly portable.
  • Easy to store.


  • Not long lasting.
  • Construction isn’t satisfactory.

Viva Sol Ladder Ball

Key Features

Are you looking for the best ladder ball set for beach days? We have the perfect solution to kill your boredom at beaches. Viva Sol Ladder Ball is a beautifully crafted set that comes with the carrying case and is covered with beach sunset colors.

This ladder ball set is made up of stained hardwood covered with powder coating steel rungs to ensure durability. Each rung has a shade of sunset along with an attractive logo.

The next exciting feature about this ladder toss is the built-in bottle opener. Yes, you heard it right. You can enjoy your drinks while playing the game to kill the heat. Isn’t it the best addition for hot summer days? Whether you want to set it up in the backyards or shoes this will look equally attractive and exciting.

No matter how hard you play on it this will never break or tear apart due to such solid construction. The walnut-stained hardwood keeps the set new whenever you take it out for playing so no worries about scratches or anywhere.

It is equipped with two ladders and six bolas having lightweight that makes the set portable. Setting up and carrying this product is quite easy and hassle-free.


  • Robust construction.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Built-in bottle opener.
  • Simple setup.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Carrying case included.


  • Unsatisfactory regulation size.

How to Choose Best Ladder Ball Set?

The ladder ball set is the best game for people of every age whether a kid or an adult everyone enjoys playing it. For this purpose what you need to do is to purchase a game set that goes with your game requirements.

What’ll be the use of purchasing a ball set which breaks after one game? So it’s better to consider few factors while purchasing the best ladder ball set.

1. Ladder Material

First of all, check the material of the ladder before purchasing to choose the right one. The ladder set is made up of wood, plastic, steel, metal, or their combination.

Every material comes with its perks and disadvantages. Plastic is a weather-resistant material having lightweight while metal is the most durable one. Similarly, wood is considered a portable and attractive material for ladder sets.

However, powder-coated steel is strong and withstand every weather condition. Now you need to check which material suits your requirements and then get the needed one.

2. Bola Material

Now the next important factor to keep in mind is to check the bolas material before making any investment on the ladder set. Bolas are those two spheres that joined with each other through a rope.

Most of the products come with golf balls as bolas which have the perfect size and weight that’s why considered best for throwing to a target. The balls of most ladder sets come with a rubber coating filled with sand to create a soft touch. Never go for the hard balls because you’ll end up having injury or damage.

3. Stability & Safety

What will be the benefit of a ladder set if it’s not stable and safe? It is important to keep the ladder at its place when you throw the bolas at the target area. It’ll be awful if the ladder drops down after bolas hitting the target. This shows how crucial it is to consider stability.

Similarly, user safety is the next important factor to check before purchasing. Most of the ladders have sharp edges or the bolas are very hard that are not quite safe for the kids or even for adults. That’s why make sure to check the ladder set and bolas material before buying.

4. Installation

Buying a ladder set with hassle-free installation makes a user happy. There’s no benefit in purchasing a tricky ladder set that requires a professional for setting up.

What is the advantage of putting yourself in hassle when you can easily purchase the ladder with a simple setup? We’ve also mentioned the set with hardware-free assembling so you can even save yourself from purchasing extra tools for the set.


Q1. Define Ladder Ball?

If you’re new to this game this is the quick information you’d need related to ladder ball. This is a lawn game in which players throw the bolas that are golf size balls hanging between the two ropes. You need to hit the target with the bolas to make any score. This is the best game for people of every age, weight, physical ability in short for everyone.

Q2. Where the ladders place in the ladder ball?

The ladder is 15 feet away from the ladder ball. For those who are playing this game for time pass or fun then the measurement doesn’t matter for them.

Q3. How many balls are in the ladder ball set?

Almost 12 balls are used in every ladder ball set. Each player gets three bolas and every bola is equipped with two balls. Thus 6 balls per team or person and a total of 12 balls per game. It’ll be a wise decision to get extra bolas to use in case of any damage or if the previous bolas are misplaced.


Ladder ball is a fun game and quite easy to learn for people of every age. So why not just make a setup and start playing this fun game? A ladder ball set is all you required to have fun in your holidays or to enjoy a summer evening with your kids.

We have mentioned the 5 best ladder ball set in detail above so you can choose the one you required. However our best pick is Eastpoint sports go due to its premium quality, sturdy construction, lightweight and hassle-free setup.