How To Use An Extension Ladder?


Without the prior knowledge of the usage it is unsafe to use any ladder. The extension ladders are nonself supporting ladders that features few sliding sections for length adjustment. When using an extension ladder, it is important to remember that it is not self-supporting.

Therefore, much care needed when using it and it will be better to take another person to grip the ladder for additional support. Our topic of discussion is how to use an extension ladder?. This question can not be answered in a single sentence.

Instead you have to be familiar with all the important criteria and safety precautions that make your climbing safe and secure. Ignoring any of these essential criteria when climbing a ladder may cause immense injury and sometimes ladder accidents lead to death as well.

So, it is better to acquire knowledge that may help you to better understand ladder use. Here we are going to discuss the basic steps for setting up an extension ladder, the essential criteria to ensure safety and stability and important precautions when climbing an extension ladder.

We hope that this discussion will provide enough guidance by answering the question of how to use an extension ladder?

  Setting up an extension ladder:

First of all, look around if there are open windows, extension wires that may create trouble. Also observe the ground surface if it is smooth or not because the ladder would not be placed properly on uneven surface.

The extension ladder has a rope and you have to pull the rope for its extension.

The next step is to, check the safety angle and the easiest for checking angle and make sure it is 75°.

Shake the ladder to see if it is stable and you can step on it safely and confidently.

Now start climbing on the ladder and maintain three points of contact that is on hand two foot and two hands and one foot.

  Criteria for using an extension ladder:

i). Safety Angle

You can simply check the angle by standing upright so that your feet touch the ladder feet. Extend your arms to touch the ladder at the right angle. If you are able to touch it without any difficulty. Also, you can measure the angle using an online app. A popular online app is NOISH that is most commonly used. The safety angle is 75° that is the one fourth of the total working length of the ladder.

ii). Pre-Inspection Of The Ladder

It is important to understand the condition of the ladder before using it because if there is any damage, it can lead to severe injury. Therefore, you should look carefully if there is any crack on the step or if any step is bent. All parts of the the world ladder like rails, steps, and feet should be properly checked.

iii). Ground Smoothness

Another important issue that needs your attention is the ground smoothness. It will be difficult to place the ladder on an uneven surface and if you place the ladder on such a surface it will be an unstable installation. The user will feel the shaking of the ladder due to instability. It is better to use an instrument like bubble leveler to check the smoothness of the ground.

iv). Safety Features

You have to check if the ladder is equipped with essential safety features because these features will allow the safe climbing and promote ladders' stability. Look for the safety features like anti-slip protection, padded rubber feet, stabilizers, and, slip-resistant rails and steps.

  Things to care about when using an extension ladder:

i). Avoid Using Ladder Near Power Source

It can be dangerous to use the ladders near power lines because the extension ladder usually have metal construction and we know that the metals are conductors of electricity. So, be careful and observe if there is any power source or extension wire near your ladder.

ii). Consult an Expert

For proper inspection you must contact an expert and do not depend on your inspection skill because an expert will inspect in a better way to ensure safe climbing because he may have better information and better inspection skill as compared to a nonexpert.

iii). Extend The Ladder Carefully

There are few things to keep in mind when extending a ladder. You should not overextend the ladder and make sure that some of its sections are overlapping. You should avoid going higher than the fourth rung because it may cause instability. Also, you need to avoid to take the ladder down in an extended state.

iv). Avoid Its Use On Ice

To use the ladder on surfaces that are very slippery like ice may cause trouble by making the user injured. Therefore, it is recommended to use rubber protection that will minimize the chance of slipping and provide greater stability to the ladder feet.


We aim to make you a confident climber by imparting the basic knowledge for the us of extension ladders. This discussion is to make you familiar with all the essential criteria and safety precautions to make the ladder use safe and secure.

When users don't follow these guidelines they suffer from the loss. Here we are supposed to brief the above discussion. It was all about setting up the extension ladder in a proper way important guidelines that make the use safer, and things that you must take care of.

The important criteria for making the use safe is checking the safety angle, proper ladder inspection, the safety features of an extension ladder, and ground smoothness. Future you have to take care of a few more things when setting up and climbing the ladder.

The first thing to check is the presence of a power source in the surrounding of your ladder. Another thing is to consult an expert for the proper inspection of the ladder. Also, you have to use rubber protection when using it on a slippery surface. When you follow all the above guidelines then you don't have to worry for your safety.

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