Best Step Stools For Kitchen in 2023!

Little giant ladder 10410BA

  • Lightweight
  • Slim Profile
  • More Safety

Polder LDR-3500RM

  • Multitasking
  • Weight Rating
  • Easy Storage

LivingSure Folding Ladder 

  • Anti-Slip Treads
  • Padded Side Rails
  • Multipurpose Use

Things to Consider Before Buy Best Step Stool For Kitchen

We aim to make you a smart consumer by imparting the basic knowledge of some important features that must be considered when buying a kitchen ladder.

i). Size

The step stool with slim design and compact size would be more suitable because it will save you space and offer greater portability. The stool with flat design should be preferred as it folds up thin enough to be stored in a narrow and tight space. Also, such a stool will be easy to transport because it fits well on the backside of your car and it will be handier.

ii). Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is the first thing you need to know because exceeding the weight limit will cause damage to the ladder. The weight capacity of the ladder tells you the maximum weight a ladder can bear. Also, you need to consider whether you need a ladder for heavy duty use or household use because both offer different duty rating.

iii). Material

You should look for the type of material used in the ladder construction because it determines the stability of a ladder. Make sure the ladder is made up of high quality airplane grade aluminum or iron because a ladder made up of cheap quality aluminum will not be durable.

iv). Number of Steps

Check the compatibility of stool with the height of your highest shelf or cupboard in your kitchen. A ladder with 3 to 4 steps will be suitable for most of your kitchen requirements.

v). Price

It should not be assumed that the ladder with higher price will be of highest quality. You should carry out the research and understand the criteria for buying the best step stool for kitchen.

View the 7 Best Step Stool For Kitchen, Below.


1. Little giant ladder system 10410BA Safety Step Ladder Four Step

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The little giant ladder may prove to be one of the best step ladder for kitchen because it offers many valuable features including slim design, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy construction, wide steps with slip resistant treads, integrated work tray, and, enhanced portability.


The ladder is light enough to be carried out anywhere and save your effort. Its lightness will give convenience in storage and transport making it highly portable to the users.

Slim Profile:

The lesser features an extremely thin profile that makes its storage easy. You can store it in narrow and tight spaces so that you don't have to a lot a larger space of your room for storage purpose.

Robust Construction:

The ladder and is a combination of strength and lightness. The corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy will give enhanced durable and keep the ladder lightweight and portable. The weight holding capacity of the ladder is 300-pounds.


The purpose of wide steps is to make climbing safer. The slip-resistant treads are responsible for stable footing. Also, it features a fold-up safety bar equipped with a tool tray.


The ladder is versatile due to the wide range of uses offered by it. It is perfect to be used at multiple places like home, shop, and, offices for a variety of applications. It can also be used in RV's, boats, and, camping.


An integrated work tray will become your helping hand when working. It provides you with space to keep the tools and equipment's making your task easier and enhancing the working efficiency. It will be easy enough to hang the paint cans and buckets with help of two hooks.


  • Steps are comfortable.
  • Well built.
  • Tray is very handy.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Perfectly sized.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to store.


  • Very heavy
  • Little expensive.


2. Polder LDR-3500RM Ultralight 3-step stool 52.5" Tall

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Polder LDR is a multitasking step ladder that is perfect for kitchen use. Therefore, it may be called as one of the Best Step Stools For Kitchen. It is light enough to carry around and strong enough to hold 225 lbs. This ladder has a very thin profile in folded state that saves space.


This step stool is made for giving an easy access to kitchen cabinets, selves, and high cupboards. It will your partner in kitchen and can also serve you at garages, shop, library, and, workroom. It can offer a variety of uses such as painting, cleaning cupboard, and changing light bulbs.

Lightweight But Strong:

The ladder is made up of extremely lightweight and high quality aluminum that accounts for its robustness and durability. It features non- skid steps and feet and an additional high rail. The distance from the floor to the top step is 24.5" and its full extension length is 71".

Weight Rating:

The weight rating for this stool is 225 lbs that fall in the ANSI type 11 duty rating. So, as per weight rating, the ladder is recommended for household use and unsuitable with heavy-duty applications.

Easy Storage:

Another good feature of this step tool is its compactness that makes the storage easy. It becomes 5" thick when folded and occupies very less space in your room or kitchen.


  • Folds up nicely.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Solid construction.
  • Safe to climb.
  • Extremely stable.
  • Locks and unlocks easily.
  • Takes little space.


  • Lacks built in the tool tray.
  • No hook for paint bucket.


3. LivingSure Folding 4-Step Safety Ladder-Kitchen and household use

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LivingSure is one of the best step ladder for kitchen due to its valuable features. It features slip resistant treads, padded side rails, and, convenient folding design. Therefore, we thought it must be included in the list of items required for writing best kitchen ladder review.

Ladder That Lasts:

The durable steel construction promote durability for the long term use. The durable steel makes it strong enough to hold 300 pounds. The ladder feels stable when climbing due to the robust construction.

Anti-Slip Treads:

You feel safe and secure when climbing because of the anti-slip treads. In addition to the anti slip protection the ladder is provided with extra-wide steps. The steps are 10 1/4 long and 15" wide to give comfort climbing.

Padded Side Rails:

The rails are dual padded for a comfortable grip. The padded rails not only provide a comfortable grip but also protects against slip. Your floor will be protected from scratches due to the presence of non-marring rubber feet.


Convenient Folding Design:

The ladder is designed to fold flat and offer convenience in storage. The flat-folding style makes it compact to occupy lesser space in your room, kitchen, or the back seat of your car for convenience in transportation.

Multipurpose Use:

Its application is not only confined to the kitchen because it has a wide range of uses. The ladder offers multiple uses and suitable for home, shop, offices, library, kitchen, and many more places. 


  • Solid and reliable.
  • Good for price.
  • Steps are wide
  • Safe to climb.
  • Stores easily.
  • Folds up easily.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • The hook isn't automatic.
  • Lacks painter's tray.


4. Xtend & Climb SL3HLight Slimline 3- Step Ladder

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It was necessary to include Xtend and Climb among other valuable ladders while writing best kitchen ladder reviews because it has many valuable features including slim design, high portability, and, strong construction.

Slim Design:

A slim design adds to the worth of a step stool as the slim design makes its storage and transport easier. The step ladder is made up of aerospace anodized aluminum to make it lightweight so that the combination of lightweight and slim design enhance its portability. Further, the use of plastic is minimal in its construction.

Weight Limit:

The weight limit for this ladder is 225-lb and falls ANSI type 11 duty rating. According to the weight rating, it is recommended for household use and the heavy-duty task should be avoided with this ladder.

Ladder Dimensions:

The ladder is designed to occupy minimum space on folding. The ladder folds flat and dimensions in the folded state are 17. 2 inW× 2.5inD × 51.5inH. The maximum height of this ladder on extension is 8.5 feet.


  • Easy to store.
  • Super lightweight
  • Very slim.
  • Robustly constructed.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Very tall.
  • Looks stylish.


  • Steps are not wide.
  • A bit wobbly.


5. Gimfy 2 Step Stool, Folding Step Steel Stepladder

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Gimfy step stool can be your good kitchen companion as it is equipped with many important feature including safety locking system, wide pedal and non slip design, and convenient handgrip. With enhanced safety and solid construction it deserves to be the user's choice.

Safety and Stability:

You would not feel foot ache or discomfort when standing on the ladder for long periods because the stool is equipped with wide steps for standing comfort. The solid metal steel construction ensures stability. The steps are provided with non-slip rubber for stable footing and the ladder feet have non-marring rubber pads. For additional security the ladder features.

Robust Construction:

The corrosion is prevented by the finish coating of the high grade solid metal steel. The finished steel that is rust-resistant will ensure longevity by enhancing the durability of the ladder. The stool is rated for holding 330 lbs of weight.

Safety Locking System:

It is essential for you to check if the metal lock is locked in place before using the step ladder. At the time of folding, the lock must be pulled and the back of the metal pedal will be lifted. This secure locking system makes it safe for kids, adult, elderly people.

Saving Space & Lightweight:

The stool is extremely lightweight as it weights only 15-lbs. It opens or closes quite easily providing the consumers with convenience in handling. It folds up nicely and its folding dimensions are 17.7L × 3.1W × 39.8" H. On folding, it becomes slim enough to be stored in tight spaces and save space.

Wide Pedal and Non-Slip Design:

The dimensions for standing platform are 15" × 10.2" and features non slip rubber pattern on the step. The steps are wide enough to give comfort and safety in standing.

Convenient Handgrip:

Handling has been made easier with a convenient hand grip. It enables you to maintain balance while climbing and the softness of the handgrip makes the ladder comfortable and easy to carry around.


  • Very sturdy.
  • Comes in perfect size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handling is pinch free.
  • Steps are wide.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multipurpose.


  • Lacks built in tray.
  • Wobbles a bit.


6. Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool with handgrip

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Rubbermaid can be listed as on of the best kitchen step stool because it is strong, safe, offers wide range of applications. Further, the non marring feet and handgrip add to its worth.


The step stool is designed to reach little heights such as kitchen cabinets, shelves, windows, and cupboard. It is suitable for tasks that require a little extra height.

Strong and Stable:

The ladder is strong enough to hold 200-pounds of weight and features strong plastic steps. The robust steel frame, strong plastic steps would make the climbing safer for you and you will feel that the ladder is very strong and stable when standing on strongly built plastic steps. Also, it comes with 1 year warranty.

Other Features:

The other important feature of this step stool includes a non marring feet, a handgrip that will make the climbing and handling easy, and, a self- locking platform.

Ladder's Dimensions:

The dimensions for ladder are 44.75 inch (L) by 3 inch(W) by 21 inch (H). TThe ladder weighs 13.25 pounds and has a maximum standing height of 27.25 inches.


  • Very tall.
  • Well built.
  • Requires less space.
  • Offers secure standing.
  • Feels durable.
  • Holds a lot of weight.
  • Folds up easily.


  • Very heavy.
  • Handle has sharp points.


7. Richards Homewares Folding Two Step Stool-Lightweight and portable

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Richards Homewares is a folding step stool that may be regarded as one of the best kitchen step stool because it is perfect for small tasks related to kitchen. It is light and portable, versatile, and, well built.


The ladder is designed to give convenience in reaching the top shelves, cabinets, or, windows. As you climb up the little stool, the hard to reach spaces will be under your approach.

Dimensions For Stool:

The stool becomes quite compact in a folded state and its dimensions in a folded state are: 21.625" ×25.75 × 1.75". The dimensions for an unfolded state are: 20.2" L × 21.5" W × 17.2" H.


The stools is suitable for a wide range of uses. You can use it to reach the high shelves in your kitchen, for painting or cleaning the walls, or, for opening and closing of the windows.

Lightweight and Portable:

Due to its lightweight, the stool is very portable and you can take the maximum advantage of its portability by transporting it from one location to another. It weighs only 6.2 lbs. As it is extremely lightweight and easily stores in less space, you can store it on the backside of your car and carry it around wherever you want.

Built Up of Strong Materials:

Constructed from high quality materials that ensure durability. The robustly built stool can easily hold a weight upto 300-pounds. Further, the steps are extra deep wide enough to provide comfort and safety.


  • Very compact.
  • Folds up nicely.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Tall enough.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multipurpose.


  • Expensive.
  • Lacks anti-skid tape.


Q1. What are the applications of a step stool?

A step stool offers a huge application as it is used in offices, home, kitchen, and shops. It can be used to perform a variety of tasks such as opening cupboard, reaching high shelves, and, cleaning windows.

Q2. What is the advantage of a step stool that folds upl flat?

The step stools that folds up flat can be stored in narrow and tight spaces because the flat folding design is slim and compact and saves you space.

Q3. How would you choose a good step stool?

A good step stool comes with features like a slim design for easy storage, wide steps for standing comfort, anti-slip features for slip protection, reasonable price and, suitable warranty for consumer's peace of mind.

Q4. Why should you look for the duty rating of the step stool?

The duty rating of a step stool tells whether a step stool is suitable for heavy duty or light duty applications. Using a step stool with the opposite duty rating may damage your ladder.


We have reviewed the best step stools for the kitchen and selected three of them as our top step stools based on the performance and features.

The best step stool among them is the little giant ladder because it features corrosion resistant aluminum alloy construction, slim design, integrated work tray, and, wide steps with slip resistant treads. 

The second best ladder is Polder LDR that is lightweight, strongly built, and, has slim profile. The third best ladder is the livingSure that offers padded side rails, features slip-resistant treads, and, convenient folding design.

All of the remaining step stools are also very competent but they are simpler than our top three step stools and the simplest among them is Richard homeware that has been placed at last rank.

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