7 Best Greenlee Multimeters for 2023! Buyers Reviews and Guide

No matter whether you are new in the world of electronics or a professional multimeter will help you to fix all the electronic issues on the go. Among all the top manufacturers we choose Best Greenlee Multimeters this time for a review. 

To get the detailed information related to Greenlee Multimeters, read the complete article.

No doubt their models are best in terms of safety, accuracy, protection, measurements, and display. 

By using these devices all your projects will get safer, easier, and quick.

The next amazing thing is a multimeter is available at pretty incredible prices, and getting a useful tool at such a rate is hard.

Anyone who is working in the electronic world can use this device to measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, conductance, capacitance, and whatnot.

There is one issue. What? Well, so many models created by different manufacturers are available in the market then how to choose the best from the rest? No worries. We have got you covered already.

Moreover, we will also provide a detailed guide that will help you to choose the Best Greenlee Multimeter. 

Editor's Choice

1. Greenlee DM 820A

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Thermocouple
  • Data Hold Feature
  • Lifetime Warranty

2. Greenlee DM-210A

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Backlit LCD
  • Automatic/Manual Modes
  • Beepjack

3. Greenlee TK30A

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Easy To Use
  • Product is Safe
  • Good LCD

Buying Guide For 7 Best Greenlee Multimeters:

When you are going to perform multiple electronic projects then getting the best device is the ultimate choice.

One has to get a device that helps you to measure resistance, voltage, capacitance, conductance, continuity, and diode testing.

However, a multimeter can help you to resolve the troubleshooting issues on the go. This shows the importance of this device. So now let's move towards the next important thing that is a selection of a multimeter.

We come up with the important factors to consider after reviewing multiple devices. Make sure to read the complete factors to choose the Best Greenlee Multimeter.

i). Budget
ii). Accuracy
iii). Display
iv). Data Hold
v). Auto Power Off

i). Budget

The foremost factor to consider is the budget you have. Before reaching out to any website or shop first you need to decide how much you can spend on the multimeter.

Well if you want us to recommend the budget limit then we'd suggest going for some high-quality products which are a little expensive but contains all the updated feature.

ii). Accuracy

Why we get a digital multimeter? Well to find the accurate measurements instead of guessing the readings with a lot of errors. 

What will be the use of spending so much on a device which is not even accurate? This is why you should consider the accuracy of the device before buying it. One has to get the device with zero errors.

However, we'd suggest you go for a true RMS feature that hides the ghost voltages to provide measurements with accuracy.

iii). Display

What if the display of the multimeter is a blur? You will find it useless right? Because what will be the benefit of a digital multimeter? This shows the importance of having a clear display.

Well, how about getting a multimeter with the backlit display? This will be the best of best. So we'd suggest our customers go for the backlit LCD with a clear screen.

iv). Data Hold

The advantage of having a device with this feature is you can look back to the taken measurements at any time. This will help you to capture the readings when you are in a rush so you can check them later. 

However, with the offset mode, you can even check the variation in measurements as well. Isn't it amazing? Make sure to get a device with the data hold or data logging feature that will save you from troubles in the future for sure.

v). Auto Power Off

Saving battery life is important while using a device. How about getting a device that saves you from the hassle of switching off after every use? Yeah, you heard it right.

There are so many multimeters available in the market which has an auto power-off feature that means the device will shut down automatically when not in use. This feature will surely save the battery and saves you from low battery issues.

View the 7 Best Greenlee Multimeters, Below.


1. Greenlee DM 820A

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First on the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee DM 820A. The device is based on True RMS which means you will never face ghost voltage issues while using this product.

Moreover, the true RMS feature will eliminate the errors and provide you the real measurements on the go. One can check the current, resistance, voltage, frequency, and capacitance with this device.

However, you can also use it for diode and continuity testing. Furthermore, the backlit display will help you to check the readings without squeezing the eyes. This shows how user-friendly this product is. 

You can select the ranges automatically and manually as per requirement. Moreover, it has two modes including a non-contact and single lead test mode.

This product comes with the crest capture which means it has the recording of min, max, and average measurements. 

Are you looking for a device to check the temperature? This one is for you. However, most of the products created by Greenlee have a lifetime warranty.

With the data hold feature, you can check the measurements later if required.


  • It has true RMS.
  • The device has a data hold feature.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It contains a thermocouple.
  •  Two voltage detection modes.
  • The device has a backlit LCD.
  • It has a high quality.


  • The backlights stay for a shorter period.


2. Greenlee DM-210A

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The second Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee DM 210A. This tool helps you to measure the frequency, current, resistance, and voltage.

You can also use it for continuity and diode testing.

It comes with two modes of voltage detection includes non-contact and single test lead.

Are you a beginner? You don't know how to place the lead? No worries you will get notified about it through the beepjack.

The device has an automatic and manual range selection option so you can easily select it accordingly.

If you are getting out of time or running late no worries you can use the data hold feature to check the measurements later.

Don't worry about purchasing a new multimeter every month because this device has a lifetime warranty.

With this device, you can measure the temperature by using the probe that comes in the pack.

Due to the backlit LCD, you can easily read the measurement which makes it a user-friendly device.


  • It has a backlit LCD.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Data hold feature.
  • Dual modes auto/manual.
  • It contains offset the mode.
  • It comes with a beepjack.


  • Dont have rubber protection.


3. Greenlee TK30A

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Third, in the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee TK30A. This is an electrical kit that includes a manual ranging multimeter, carrying case, and a voltage detector.

The multimeter comes with an easy-to-read display that aids you in keep a check on readings without any trouble.

You can check the frequency, capacitance, battery testing, temperature, duty cycle with this device.

This device allows you to measure the AC/DC voltage up to 600V.

Don't worry about your safety while measuring the current because the tool is certified with CAT III & CAT IV.

With the carrying case, you won't feel the hassle of taking the device from one place to another in your pockets. There is no chance of misplacing due to the case.

The next amazing thing is this multimeter comes with a lifetime warranty.

Moreover, with the presence of a non-contact voltage detector, you will be able to check the voltage without touching the device.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Non-contact voltage detector.
  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • The product is safe.
  • It has a good LCD.
  • A lifetime warranty.


  • Some claim the poor documentation.


4. Greenlee DM200A

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The fourth product in the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee DM200A. You can use this device for continuity and diode testing.

You can find the resistance, voltage, frequency, and current with this product.

It has a 6000 count backlit display which helps you to find the measurements without wasting a minute.

Don't worry when you put the lead into the wrong place because the beepjack will notify you to save you from any mishap. One can select the ranges manually as well as automatically.

It has a protective boot to save the device from any fall.

However, the device is durable to use and has high quality.

Due to the auto power-off feature, the multimeter will switch off automatically when not in use to save battery life.

You can check whether the battery is low or not through the indicator.

It is also certified with CAT III that makes it safe to use.


  • It has a data hold function.
  • It shows a low battery indicator.
  • It comes with a backlit display.
  • The product is safe to use.
  • It has boot protection.
  • This tool is easy to use.


  • It does not have any port.
  • The quality is not satisfactory.


5. Greenlee 510A

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Fifth in the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee 510A.

This multimeter has a strong build-up and provides the ultimate protection to the user.

However, in terms of functionality, this device provides accurate measurements to the user.

Due to the True RMS technology, the ghost voltage will be eliminated and the user will get accurate readings on the go.

Furthermore, due to the auto-check voltage feature, you can easily resolve the issues related to the live wires.

However, you can take the measurements from microamps to 8A. One can use this device to measure frequency, capacitance, continuity, and resistance.

With the backlit display, you can easily check the reading even at a darker time.

One can set the ranges manually or automatically as per choice.

It contains the maximum-minimum and peak hold to record the data that you want.


  • It has a true RMS feature.
  • The device is compact.
  • Data hold feature.
  • The device provides accurate measurement.
  • It has a backlit display.


  • It is unable to handle multiple diodes in series.
  • The tool does not register PWM outputs.


6. Greenlee DM830A

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The second last product we have on the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee DM 830A.

It comes with the true RMS feature that provides accurate measurements. However, due to this feature, the errors will be removed.

Furthermore, you can do the diode and continuity testing with this device.

Due to the beep jack feature, you will be notified on time about any issue.

Moreover, the backlit display will allow you to take the measurements even at the night.

The data hold feature in this device will help you most of the time while taking measurements.

How? Well, this will help the user to record the measurements and check them later if required. 

You can check the changes in measurement through the offset mode.

Due to the lifetime warranty, you don't need to worry about the device's technical issues.

This product has a low impedance mode to select the voltage, resistance, continuity automatically.


  • It comes with true RMS.
  • The product has a backlit LCD.
  • It contains the offset mode.
  • Low impedance mode.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Holds an audible beepjack.


  • The protective boot is not accurate.
  • It does not have an auto power-off feature.


7. Greenlee 810A

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The last product we have on the list of Best Greenlee Multimeter is Greenlee 810A.

It has a true RMS feature which means accurate measurements with no error. You can use it to measure the current, voltage, resistance, frequency, and capacitance.

With the backlight display, you can check the readings when the dusk covers the sky. It has 10,000 counts display.

Don't worry about inserting the device improperly because you will get notified through beepjack.

Moreover, the product has an automatic and manual range selection option.

Are you looking for a device at an affordable rate? Go for this one. The product has a proper input option and a USB interface as well.

With the carrying case, you can easily take the device from one place to another.

It has a data hold feature that helps you to capture the measurements on the go.

With the relative offset mode, you will easily check the variation in measurements.


  • It has a backlit display.
  • Offset mode.
  • Data hold function.
  • It is affordable.
  • A beepjack feature.


  • Some customers are not satisfied with the quality.
  • The product does not contain auto power off.


Q1. Name the best multimeter for home use?

Greenlee is one of the best multimeters with all the basic features that will help you to perform all the tasks with ease. However, almost every product created by Greenlee contains all the important and same feature addition and subtraction based on the model and price.

Q2. Is getting a cheap multimeter will be beneficial?

Yes, you can get an affordable multimeter for your tasks that contains all the main features used while taking the measurement. A cheap multimeter is no doubt good and worth it for sure. You will get what you pay for so don't expect so much from a budget-friendly or cheap device.

Q3. How to choose one from Greenlee multimeters?

As we have mentioned earlier that most of the products created by Greenlee contain the same features. Some features vary based on price. However, you should go for the product that meets your requirements and budget.

Q4. What is the use of the auto power-off feature in the multimeter?

Well, this feature will help you to save battery life. How? While performing tasks some time you may forget to switch off the device that leads to low battery issues. So getting a device with the auto power-off feature is a good decision.

Q5. What is the purpose of offset mode?

This mode will help you identify the issues on the go. However, by switching to this mode you will get to know about the changes in measurements to find if the variation is normal or due to any issue. This is how this mod works.


We have mentioned the Best Greenlee Multimeters in detail above. However, you can choose the one that goes with your requirements.

Well, we'd suggest you go for Greenlee DM820A due to such amazing features including data hold, true RMS, auto power-off, low battery indicator, and accuracy.

You can check other devices to make the best choice.

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