Best Chainsaw Chaps & Pants for Money! Top 7 Picks Reviewed 2023

Chainsaw is one of the powerful tools used by woodworkers to cut large trees. It is made up of large blades which are sharp enough to cut large trees, branches, hard logs on the go. While using a chainsaw the foremost thing that matters the most is your safety.

For that purpose what you required is a face shield, hearing protection, skin protection, safety glasses, and chainsaw chaps. If you are a beginner and do not know about the best chainsaw chaps then let me explain. Chainsaw chaps are the legwear that is designed to protect the user from any cuts or injuries. It is created with rigid fabric to provide the ultimate protection.

After reviewing the chaps created by multiple manufacturers we are here with the top rated chaps which are best from the rest. We choose the chaps based on user safety, protection, fabric, and design type. We hope that you guys will get your desired product from the items we are going to discuss below. Make sure to read the complete article to get the best.

Editor's Choice

1. Husqvarna 587160704 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Famous Brand
  • Excellent Quality
  • UV-protected Coating

2. Husqvarna 531309503 

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Lightweight
  • Industrial Brand
  • ANSI & CE standards

3. Forester Portective Chap

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • High-Quality Mesh Visor
  • Double Face Protection
  • Rain and Neck Protector

Buying Guide For 7 Best Chainsaw Chaps:

Are you a beginner? Have you been looking for a buying guide? Well, we are here at your rescue. Most people do not care about buying the chap until they see any accident. Don't ever do this and buy the chap along with the chainsaw to save yourself from any harmful incident. However, if you are looking to buy a good quality product then you will have to some additional charges.

But never settle for less when it comes to your safety. Buying the chaps is the same as buying life insurance for yourself. Are you starting a new project or going to cut the woods then make sure to buy a high-quality chap before that. Don't worry we are here with the exclusive points that will help you to get the best from the rest.

i). Budget

First of all, check if you have enough budget to purchase the expensive chap or you need to settle for the affordable one. We'd suggest you go for a good quality product containing all the safety features that save you from any accident. However, getting the affordable one is not bad if you deal with small tasks like trimming trees, etc.

ii). Mobility

While buying a chap don't forget to check if the product allows you to move hassle freely or not. Don't get the chap that is too tight and restricts your movement. Get the one that delivers a good range of motion and allows the user to move, run, climb without any hassle. Mobility is the main feature for those who are dealing with the cutting of trees or wood. Don't get the one that limits your movement.

iii). Coverage

The next factor to consider while purchasing a chap is coverage. Make sure to check if the chap completely covers the exposed part or not. Some chaps resemble an apron while others are a trouser-like chap. Decide the product according to your task requirement.

iv). Safety

What is the use of purchasing a chap if it does not provide protection or safety against the damage? One has to check if the product is UL certified and meets the requirements of ASTM, ANSI, and all the certifications. This shows that the product is made up of high quality and will do its job perfectly.

v). Fit

Before purchasing the chap one has to check the fitness of the product. Make sure to check if the chap adjusts the leg completely or not. Before choosing the chap check if it fit the leg or has a good size to protect the leg flap. There are so many chaps that come with adjustable straps. Get the one that adjusts perfectly according to your leg size.

View the 7 Best Chainsaw Chaps & Pants, Below.


1. Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Let's start with the best chainsaw chaps list from Husqvarna 587160704 which is one the top in terms of features and performance. Without any doubt, these chaps are the best and safest product to use while cutting the trees.

However, this product is available at a high price but one should never compromise on safety. It is made up of 1000 denier polyester and is covered with PVC coating for high protection. This chap meets the requirements of ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM.

One can easily choose the size required because it is available in various sizes. Are you a professional? Do you love to do woodwork? Well, this chap is best for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional contractors.

It does not only protect your front but also has enough capability to keep your back safe as well. In this way, your entire lower limb will be protected. Don't worry your movement will never be restricted after wearing this because the material is flexible.

You can easily move forward, backward, bend or even climb the trees or hills by wearing this chap. It will not take a whole day to wear or take them off. This product is comfortable enough to wear on the go.

Moreover one can easily adjust the chap as per requirement. It will keep you safe from the debris and you don't need to put yourself under stress about the chaps tearing. We have mentioned almost all the benefits of using this chap but there is a flaw as well.

The chaps are heavy. However, after wearing them for more than one time you will eventually feel comfortable but initially, you will feel heavy. It is no doubt the best go-to brand for every product.

This is the best chainsaw chap for the money.


  • High-quality material.
  • PVC coating.
  • Adjustable waist.
  • Perfect length.
  • Covers your front and back properly.
  • UL certified.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Washable.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Heavyweight.


2. Husqvarna 531309503 Classic Chaps

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Second, in the list of Best Chainsaw Chaps is Husqvarna 531309503. It is available at an affordable price and available in multiple sizes as well as colors. The design of this chap is quite good.

However, the product is not full-sized but has an apron-like shape. It covers your legs and resembles an apron. This means you have to wear this chap on your clothes and strap them on your legs for protection.

The chap will work as a shield and keep your legs safe from any damage. The chap has 5 layers made up of 600 denier polyester and has PVC coating. Not only has this but the chap also had Tek warp protection layers.

It is versatile and allows you to adjust the waist up to 38. The length of this chap starts from your waist and ends at your ankle. It acts as an outer shell that protects the leg from injuries.

One can easily wear this chap without any extra effort. Some people find it uncomfortable to wear any additional item on the clothes. Gladly, this product is quite comfortable to use and will never put you in any trouble.

However, the chap might increase your body temperature but that's okay if you are getting all other amazing features at such an affordable rate. Are you looking for a low price chap? Do you have a tight budget? Then this one is for you.

Moreover, it has lightweight so you can easily walk, climb, or perform any task while wearing it. This is the best cheap chainsaw chap.


  • Sleek finishing.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Strong buildup.
  • Affordable.
  • Large in size.
  • Available for waist up to 38.


  • Users might face the slippage issue.


3. FORESTER Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps

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The third in the list of Best Chainsaw Chaps is forester protective chaps. Are you looking for a lightweight chap? Do you need a product that is easy to wear and does not make your lower limb heavier? Then this one is for you.

It provides an excellent range of motion so users can easily walk, run, climb while wearing this chap. However, this product is best for those who use chainsaws for trimming. Due to its lightweight, it does not have enough capacity to withstand complicated tasks.

It is also best for those who like to do woodwork as a hobby. Nevertheless, the product has still enough capacity to protect the user from minor injuries. The main function of this chap is to protect the trimmers'leg from any kind of flying debris, wooden pieces, and others.

However, we'd still recommend the reader to wear thick jeans before putting them on. It is certified by UL and meets the standard specifications of ATSM. Not only this the chap also meet the requirements of OHSA regulation.

It is made up of material that is oil and water-resistant. The waist is quite adjustable so you will not need to compromise on the size. It is hassle-free to wear this chap and take it off due to the zipper closure.


  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Waist is adjustable.
  • Best for the trimmers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hassle-free to wear.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Extra visibility protection.
  • Excellent range of motion.


  • It does not work well for heavy-duty tasks.


4. Forester OEM Arborist Forestry Professional Cutter's Combo Kit Chaps

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Fifth in the list of Best Chainsaw Chaps is forester OEM chainsaw chap. This is the combo kit that contains all the essential items for the chainsaws. The kit includes glasses, helmet, and safety chaps that provides you the ultimate protection to the users.

Are you looking for the best kit containing every item? Well, this one is for you. If you don't have enough time to buy each product separately getting this all in one package will be a win-win situation for you.

Now, let's move towards the pants features and talk about it specifically. The chaps meet the regulations of ANSI, ATSM, CLASS E, G&C Screen standards, and ISEA. This shows that the product has been tested to find if this chap provides the ultimate safety to the user and gladly it passed all the tests.

The outer layers or you can say the outer shell is created with pure 100% polyester which provides incredible resistance against chain cuts. It comes with a length of 37 inches and the waist range is from 35-40. This shows that the chap will fit almost everyone for sure.

The next amazing thing is the product is oil and water-resistant.


  • Oil resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Protection.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable waist.
  • Good quality.
  • Ul certified.


  • It does not work well for heavy tasks.
  • Slippage issues.


5. Oregon Protective Chainsaw Chaps, Adjustable

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Sixth in the list of Best Chainsaw Chaps is Oregon protective chainsaw chap. This is the 8 layers protective wrap for the workers to save them from any injury.

It is made up of breathable material so you will not get skin rash due to excessive sweating. The chap has an adjustable waist up to 46 this shows that the product can easily fit everyone.

Moreover, you can even adjust the length according to your height. The adjusting limit is 36 inches only. Does the chap get dirty? No worries you can easily wash it on the go. It meets the requirements of ATSM and has an open back.

It resembles the apron but easy to wear and hassle-free to take off. However, don't expect high-end protection from this chap against the heavy-duty chainsaw tasks. But it is quite good for small tasks.

The quality of the 8 layers is good so don't worry about tearing issues while wearing the chap.


  • Comfortable.
  • Washable.
  • Waist adjustable.
  • Length adjustable.
  • 8 layers protection.
  • ATSM certified.


  • Buckle slippage issues
  • Not suitable for the tough tasks


6. LABONVILLE Premium Chainsaw Chaps

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The seventh in the list of best chainsaw chaps are Labonville premium chainsaw chaps. It is made in the USA and meets the regulations of OSHA.

The product is certified by UL and also meets the requirements of ANSI. This shows that it is quite safe to wear this chap while doing woodwork.

It comes with the additional protection of nylon Cordura and XTRA H.D. Due to the urethane coating, the chap provides the ultimate safety to the users.

This is the flame-resistant chap made up of high-quality material that lessens the chances of severe injury which could occur by using a chainsaw. 

The product is convenient to use and allows the user to adjust every part of the chap according to the leg size. Don't worry about the size issues because it is available in a variety of sizes choose the one that fits you.

Moreover, if you feel that one side gets dirty you can easily reverse it as well. However, don't forget to wear thick pants under it because it has an open back.

It is created with polyester that makes the chap a lightweight product and allows you complete mobility as well.


  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable waist.
  • Durable.
  • Safe to use.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • UL certified.
  • Flame resistant.


  • It gets too hot while performing any task.
  • Straps have low quality.


7. Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Eighth on the list of best chainsaw chaps is forester chainsaw safety chap. This product is available in forest green color and has the same style as above mentioned product.

Due to the apron style chap, you have to wear any thick pants inside the apron. It has lightweight so don't worry about moving or running while wearing this chap.

This chap provides the ultimate protection against heavy-duty tasks. It is made up of high-quality fabric and has oil yet water-resistant capability. With the adjustable waistline, users can easily adjust the chap according to their size.

It is created with four-layer fabric which makes the chap lightweight yet safe to use. You can even place your phone or any important thing in the pockets at this chap.

If you are looking for a chap that provides light protection against small trimming tasks then get this one.


  • UL certified.
  • Protection.
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable waist size.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Oil resistant..


  • Does not protect heavy tasks.
  • Not best for the electric chainsaws


Q1. Which material is used in chainsaw chap?

The chaps are made up of tough and strong resistant materials that protect the legs from any damage. Some are made up of polyester that makes the chap lightweight and easy to wear.

Q2. Which size is best for you?

You might be thinking about which is the best size for you then let me explain. The size of the chap mainly depends on the height and waist size of the user. Measure your waist and check the height of the product if it fits yours then get the one.

Q3. What are the certifications to check before buying chap?

Before buying the chainsaw chap one has to check if it is certified with UL or not. Get the one with UL certifications and those who meet the standards of ASTM, ANSI, and OHSA.

Q4. Which features make the chainsaw chap good to buy?

If you are looking for the main features that one has to consider while purchasing the chap then here is a quick overview. One has to check the quality, area of chap, comfort level, material, and warranty before getting the chap.

Q5. Why get a lightweight chap?

Those who have enough capacity to carry the weight of heavy chap should for them. Otherwise buying the lightweight chap will be a good decision.


We have mentioned all the important details related to the best chainsaw chaps 2022 above. If you are working with a chainsaw on daily basis make sure to buy the best chainsaw chap as soon as possible.

One has to be careful because safety comes before anything. We have selected the chaps which are good for the professionals and for those who use a chainsaw as a hobby.

Make sure to check the reviews completely and then buy the one that meets your needs. However, we'd suggest you go for Husqvarna 587160704.

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