5 Best Welding Chipping Hammers in 2023!

The welding session is already tiring but there’s nothing worse than removing the ugly slag which is too stubborn to move from its place. To finish your tasks properly or you can say completely you’d require a chipping hammer. Because the work isn’t over until the obstinate debris isn’t gone entirely.

Still, you have an option to remove and take a sigh of if you have a good welding chipping hammer. Oops!! No other task could be more hectic than removing away the stubborn slag with an uncomfortable chipping hammer, specifically the one with poor grip and no shock absorption.

I’m sure you’re feeling my pain too. Are you also looking for the best welding chipping hammers? Most of us (the welders) are wandering around to get our hands on any good chipping hammer equipped with all the comfortable features before starting our task.

Well, I’ve been searching for these hammers for so long and found a few of the best chipping hammers. There are so many brands offering hammer with different features and selecting the best of all is quite difficult.

But cheer up!! I’ve already made detailed research and select the 5 best chipping hammers for welding from thousands of items. Honestly, I’ve used hundreds of hammers but these 5 are genuinely best of all. So stay with me till the end.

Are you on the run? Not have enough time to dig in the details? Never mind. Get yourself any of these two hammers including Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer or Lincoln Electric Industrial Hammer to make cleaning after welding easy as beans.

Top 3 Best Welding Chipping Hammers:

Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer

Main Features

  • Stays at one place.
  • Amazing grip.
  • Sharp tool.

Lincoln Electric Industrial Hammer

Main Features

  • Premium quality.
  • Multi-head design.
  • Anti-rusting property.

Hobart 770069 Welding Hammer

Main Features

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Budget-friendly.

5 Best Welding Chipping Hammers in 2023:

1. Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer (Best for Professional Welders)

2. Lincoln Electric Industrial Hammer (Good Choice for Fabricators)

3. Hobart 770069 Welding Hammer (Budget Friendly)

4. Pit Bull CHIH058 (Best Cheap Hammer)

5. Vaughan 185-10 WC12

Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer

Key Features

This is one of the most popular hammers in the welding industry. Whenever you get a chance to visit the steel industry you’ll surely find this magnificent item in their welding tools. The hammer is widely used by so many welders and has thousands of satisfied customers.

It is one of Amazon’s choice products and is considered the best welding chipping hammers. The hammer is created with high-end steel which is surely unbreakable. It is equipped with a comfortable handle made up of nylon-vinyl.

Don’t worry about the gripping issue as the hammer comes with an excellent handle that allows the user to grasp it easily. The hammer has 70% shock absorption and comes with the impact-reducing capability creating a perfect balance while cleaning the slag.

By that we mean you’ll not feel any pain in the hand and wrist while removing the stubborn debris. So at the end of the day, you’ll not have to deal with the hectic tasks and easily set the area before leaving. It comes with enough capacity to withstand the shock and pressure of every hit making it the special tool for chipping.

One end of the hammer has a medium width that allows you to break up the slag and remove it without any trouble. However, the other end is quite sharp equipped with a strong point that helps you to work in the corners or narrow areas.

Are you looking for a hammer for frequent chiseling of slag or spatter then go for this one. With this hammer, you can easily speed up the last stages of your projects and have high-end performance. Nevertheless, the price of this hammer is expensive and hardly affordable by all the welders.


  • High-end industrial grade.
  • Stays at one place.
  • Excellent shock-absorbing capability.
  • Amazing grip.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Narrow end to use in the corner.
  • Satisfactory width one corner.
  • Sharp tool.
  • Superb balanced hammer.


  • Expensive.

Lincoln Electric Industrial Hammer

Key Features

The Lincoln brand already has an excellent reputation in the world of welding. This product by Lincoln is created by keeping in mind the high-end industrial-grade quality and meets the demands of welders. Are you on a budget still wants to get rid of the removing debris hassle?

This is one of the best welding chipping hammers for you then. Most of the users praise the hammer’s weight and balance as the manufacturer creates it by keeping in mind the user’s comfort. It comes with a multi-head design including flat and cone style both in this hammer.

Due to the cone style, you can easily use the hammer in any corner to remove the debris without putting a lot of pressure. Due to the large spiral handle, the shock and pressure after every hit will distribute equally results in no pain/ fatigue in hand.

Moreover, the product is mainly created by considering the hardness of the structures that stick to the surface while doing welding tasks. By using this hammer you’ll be able to take off all the slag in no time.

This tool is mostly liked by professional fabricators due to the super safe design and high-end grip. It is created with heat-strengthened steel to ensure durability and excellent performance. The hammer has magical tip angles that work with the speed of light to clean the area in a short period.


  • The chisel tip is flat.
  • Premium quality.
  • Made up of heat-treated steel.
  • Multi-head design.
  • Anti-rusting property.
  • Shock absorbing handles.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Superb grip.
  • Amazing balance and weight.


  • The hammer doesn’t work properly to remove large stickers.

Hobart 770069 Welding Hammer

Key Features

The third pick for the best welding chipping hammers is Hobart 770069 welding hammer which is undoubtedly a useful tool. It is recommended by many professionals due to the high quality and comfortable handle. This is a standard welding hammer equipped with a wire brush. The hammer is equipped with wound-spring handles that work to reduce the shock and heat.

If you’re looking for the best anti-shock welding hammer then go for this one. It is surprisingly good in absorbing shock while doing chipping. In addition, the unique feature of this unique hammer is the weld cleaning wire brush that is attached to the tool.

Some of the users aren’t happy with the wire brush. Honestly, this brush works perfectly to make cleaning easier and faster for you. Like, you can easily finish the whole residue removing task with the same tool and also the hammer has a solid grip.

By that we mean, the handle will not come out after one hit and assist you till the end. With this product, the user can finish the inflexible slag removing tasks effectively and fastly. Moreover, if you ever need to replace the wire brush, just take it off and replace it with the new one.

And the plus point is you’ll not require any high-end tool or professional assistance to remove the old brush or to fit the new one. You might not feel the ultimate comfort while using this tool but still it’s one of the superb yet affordable options.


  • Solid construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wire brush attached with it.
  • Wonderful shock-absorbing springs.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Long-lasting tool.
  • Durable.
  • Replaceable wire brush.


  • Uncomfortable handle.

Pit Bull CHIH058

Key Features

The second last product in the list of best welding chipping hammers is PitBull CHIH058. Well, this hammer offers the same feature as the above ones but there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. And that is the price of this incredible product that gives a tough time to all the other hammers.

Despite the low price, the product has amazing quality, solid construction, good comfort, and impressive performance. However, don’t expect it to work like Estwing or Lincoln but still, you can use it to remove the sticky debris without any trouble.

With this hammer, you can chip away all the slag you need to remove. In addition, the hammer comes with enough capability to beat high-end chipping and hammering without the need for sharpening. Nevertheless, with time you might require to sharp the tool as per the task requirement.

It contains a double-sided head including a chisel and the pointed one too. Those who don’t require so much brushwork on welds should go for this affordable option. Like if you need a hammer merely for chipping purposes then I’d recommend you to buy this product.

Plus, if you have a tight budget and looking for a hammer at the lowest price possible then nothing could be more perfect than this. Even though, the price is low still it wins so many welder’s hearts.


  • Low price.
  • Double-sided head.
  • Impact-absorbing springs.
  • Very portable.
  • Handy equipment.
  • Low-vibration impact.
  • Long hammer.


  • The steel grip isn’t satisfactory.
  • No brush included.

Vaughan 185-10 WC12

Key Features

Lastly, we have Vaughan 185-10 WC12 on the list of best welding chipping hammers. This unique hammer comes with a solid structure and is equipped with remarkable features. With the hammer, you can easily remove the slag without wasting so much time.

The hammer is equipped with a special handle that has enough capacity to absorb the high-end shock without breaking your bone. Due to the solid wood handle, gripping is satisfactory and you hold it for a long period without having any pain in hand.

The overall weight of this tool is light creating an incredible balance and making the chipping easier. To protect the tool against rusting the hammer has powder-coated finishing. The durability and strength of this hammer are quite satisfactory. It aids you in removing the slag without any complications.


  • Excellent resistance against shock.
  • Powder-coated finishing.
  • Remove slag hassle-freely.
  • Strong material.
  • Good grip.
  • Reliable tool.


  • Not suitable for heavy jobs.
  • Quality is low.

Main Things To Consider Before Buy Best Welding Chipping Hammer:

Before purchasing the chipping hammers there are some factors that you should be taken into consideration. From features to work efficiency, different factors play a major role in finding the best chipping hammer for welding.

However, there are so many different yet best chipping hammers are available in the market but choosing the right one mainly depends on your personal preferences. Most hammers are equipped with the perfection to clean the slag in no time. Although, this buying guide is created to point out the main things to consider before making any purchase.

1. Shock Absorption

A product needs to withstand the shock effectively otherwise there’s no use for it. To provide you the ultimate comfort and to allow the user to work consistently without hurdle a hammer should have the shock absorption feature.

However, each product comes with a different level of impact absorption so you can’t expect the same effectiveness from every welding chipping hammer. Let’s start with the spring handles that separates your hand from the main rod with the unique spring.

This aids the hammer to absorb shock amazingly without putting your hand in any pain. Some people find the spring handle hammer uncomfortable to hold. In addition, there are the traditional style hammers equipped with anti-shock features that save you from fatigue.

Most of the welders find them better to control and hold without hassle. Choose the best style that suits you in every way and allows you to do the tasks effectively.

2. Comfortable Handle

If the handle isn’t comfortable the hammer will be useless. Some said that the handle comfort does not matter if you use the chipping hammer rarely. But for those who have to deal with the stubborn slag regularly or more often, the handle should be comfortable.

Otherwise, you’ll end up having pain in your hand and experience unpleasant feelings while doing the tasks. Well, it depends on your personal preference but I’d suggest you always go for the tools that are comfortable to use.

3. Size

The chipping hammers come in different sizes so choose the one that goes with your task requirement. Some hammers have different parts and each part has a different size while others are equipped with the same size for every part.

The larger the hammer more slag it’ll be removed and the additional force it’ll require due to the heavyweight. Get yourself the right size by keeping in mind your strength and the hammer weight you can carry easily.

4. Durability

Every welder wants to have a durable hammer that lasts long rather than the one that leaves you in the middle of the tasks. The durability of the hammers solely depends on the material used to create them as well as the design plus the quality.

Hammers are mostly made up of metallic material but to find the durability you need to check the head design and the handle. According to my experience, those hammers that have a gap between handle and head aren’t so durable. And I’d recommend you go for the chipping hammers created with the high-quality steel equipped with multi-head design and have no gap in between.


Q1. Which is the best material for a hammer handle?

Well, the hammers that come with the spring and wooden handles are considered the best for chipping. These handles are equipped with great anti-shock and anti-slip features. In addition, the spring or wooden handles offer excellent grip as well.

Q2. How to sharpen the chipping hammers?

Chipping hammers are made of heat-treated steel so you’ll have to go for filing to sharp them. For this purpose, you can use slow speed grinder along with the grinding lube.

Q3. What is the use of a two head hammer design?

The two-headed hammer mostly comprises of the chiseled head and the other is pointed one. With the pointed side of the head, you can easily reach the narrow corner or tight spaces and these hammers are more flexible to use than others.


We’ve mentioned the best welding chipping hammers out of these 5 effective products already in our intro paragraph. Now bringing it to an end, you can say that the chipping welding hammers are best for the stubborn slag removal.

You can consider them the most beneficial tool to use for the sticky material. However, choosing the right hammer by keeping in mind your task requirement is your job. Above we’ve already discussed the important factors to consider before investing that help you in selecting the best from the rest. Best of luck!!

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