5 Best Welding Shirts Reviews 2023! Buying Guide

Welding is undoubtedly a dangerous activity and if you’re not wearing the right safety gear then you’ll end up having injuries. In welding, you deal with harmful fuel, gases and also expose yourself to sparks and heat.

You can wear helmets to protect your face and head, gloves to protect your hands but what should one wear to protect their body? A welding shirt is what you required. Welding is no doubt a difficult task but you can do it without harming yourself by wearing safety equipment.

That’s why it is quite necessary for every welder whether beginner or professional to wear protective gear. However, in this article, our main focus will be the best welding shirts.

Before moving forward let me tell you the importance of wearing a welding shirt. Safety is on the top no matter whatever task you’re doing right? During welding, there will be sparks and heat that could hit your body results in burns or other injuries.

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Thus to keep your body safe from direct contact with heat, sparks, or welding emissions you should wear a quality shirt. Keep in mind that we are talking about the welding shirt, not about the casual shirt you wear daily.

There are different welding shirts available online as well as in local stores. If you’re in search of the best welding shirts then you’ve landed at the very right place. Those who’re in hurry can check out two favorite products instead of reading this detailed article. The first best welding work shirt is Carhartt Men’s Big and the second favorite product is Revco Black Stallion.

Top 3 Shirts for Welding:

Carhartt Men’s Big Flame Resistant Twill Shirt

Main Features

  • Lightweight.
  • Premium quality.
  • Washable.

Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt

Main Features

  • Long-tail shirt.
  • Adjustable fitting.
  • Lightweight.

Carhartt Men’s Ironwood Twill Work Shirt

Main Features

  • Excellent protection.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Featherweight.

List Of 5 Best Welding Shirts:

1. Carhartt Men’s Big Flame Resistant Twill Shirt

2. Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt

3. Carhartt Men’s Ironwood Twill Work Shirt

4. Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

5. Bulwark Men’s Cotton Work Shirt with Sleeve Vent

Carhartt Men’s Big Flame Resistant Twill Shirt

Key Features

Are you looking for a lightweight yet best welding shirt? Well, this one is for you. During welding, every worker needs to wear a shirt that keeps them comfortable and cool. Have you been looking for summer welding shirts? We suggest you consider it.

This is the flame-resistant lightweight twill shirt. It is created with the material that wicks the moisture away. The shirt is also equipped with the anti-odor treatment that means you’ll never feel that bad smell while wearing the shirt for long period.

It is created with the 6 ounces fabric which is a combination of 88% cotton and 12% nylon. Due to such an amazing material combination, the shirt feels light and easy to use. You’ll never feel any discomfort while wearing it as the shirt design is stylish and quite comfortable. It is available in different colors so you can choose the one you like.

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To provide extra protection to the user the manufacturer added a button-down collar that keeps the neck safe. Moreover, the shirt has FR melamine buttons and long yet adjustable sleeves with buttons.

It comes with two chest pocket flaps and button closure as well. Furthermore, the shirt material prevents the user from sparks, shatters, and heat. It is undoubtedly the best protective welding shirt so far.


  • Premium quality.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable sleeves.
  • Two large pockets.
  • Anti-odor features.
  • Washable.
  • Equipped with a moist wicking system.
  • Meets the standards of NFPA 70E & NFPA 2112.


  • Flame-resistant properties aren’t durable.

Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt

Key Features

The second last product in our list of best welding shirts is Revco Black Stallion FS7. If you’re looking for a shirt made up of 100% cotton then we’d suggest you go for this one. It is created with the 7-ounce FR treated fabric of premium quality.

The shirt is equipped with flaps on the pocket where you can place anything of your choice. It is a flame-resistant cotton work shirt that is available in different sizes includes XS to XXXX-large. The shirt is available in two colors only include brown or gray.

It is designed to provide great resistance against flames. Due to the extra-long tail, the shirt will be stuck in and never disturb you while doing the tasks. The shirt has a lightweight that makes it breathable and easy to wear.

The shirt already meets the standards of ASTM 1506 which means it fulfills the common safety requirements made by OHSA. Each snap of the shirt is of metal making it highly durable to use. You can easily adjust the shirt fitness according to your ease.

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  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Adjustable fitting.
  • Long-tail shirt.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in two different colors.
  • Meets the ASTM requirements.
  • Flame-resistant cotton shirt.


  • It doesn’t have high color.
  • Shoulders are tight.

Carhartt Men’s Ironwood Twill Work Shirt

Key Features

We’ve selected another product for our list of best welding shirts from the Carhartt store. The product comes with 4.2 out of 5 stars and so many satisfied users. This is the reason we’ve put this shirt on the third number on our list.

If you’re looking for the best welding shirt for summer or need a cotton shirt to wear while welding then goes for this one. This shirt weighs 8.5 ounces only available in four different styles so you can easily choose the one that goes with your requirements.

It is manufactured by using the higher quality material equipped with enough power to stop the heat, sparks, and spatter. In this way, nothing will come in direct with your body. However, you can rely on this shirt in terms of getting additional protection during welding.

While wearing the shirt, you’ll not feel any weight on your shoulders that boost your performance and increases motility. A product that claims to protect you from the heat will lessen the burden already results in a higher productivity level. It is equipped with triple seam stitches that make it stands out from other products.

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This means you can withstand heat, sparks, spatter without compromising your comfort level. To provide additional support to the neck the shirt has spread collars and a left pocket flap along with two chest pockets.


  • Excellent protection.
  • Three different styles.
  • Triple seam stitches.
  • Extra neck protection.
  • Budget-friendly rate.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Featherweight.


  • No wicking system.

Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

Key Features

The fourth product we have in our list of best welding carts is the klutch compact welding cabinet. This is a solid welding cart that offers you to store the safety gears and other accessories in the compartment that has a lock.

This is one of the best welding shirts and an award should be given to Lincoln for creating such a premium quality shirt. How about wearing a shirt that protects you from the fires and flames plus prevent them from reaching out to you? If I’d you I’ll love to have this shirt honestly.

It comes with 4.6 out of 5 stars and has super amazing ratings on Amazon. This shows how much love the shirt has received from the users. You can resist buying this shirt due to the exclusive features.

It is made up of 9 ounces FR Tan and khaki cotton that will make the shirt manageable while dealing with the flames at any different level. We mention that the shirt is made up of khaki material but that does not mean it is heavier or pulls you down in any way.

The material used in the production of this shirt is breathable and lightweight so you can easily wear it and move freely. It is designed in a way to provide ample room for the airflow that keeps you safe from the sweating issues and you’ll stay cool throughout the welding task.

Another reason for considering this shirt is its lifespan. This company is already famous for its long-lasting products and premium quality. The manufacturer ensures that the fabric used in this shirt is equipped with anti-dew as well as anti-coating properties.

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Due to these properties, the shirt will not only get additional protection but also lasts longer than others. To lowers, the chances of tearing or breaking the shirt are tailored with the multi-layer pattern and equipped with a reinforced neck.

Each cuff and the button come with extra protection which is quite impressive. However, the shirt’s cuff is adjustable and embellished with chrome-plated metal snaps that provide additional protection to the forearm as well as wrist.

In addition, you can easily store anything in the large chest pocket and flip up the collar to keep the neck safe. Washing the shirt is simple and easier same as the causal ones. It is one of the best cheap welding shirts.


  • The shirt shows great compatibility with every welding type.
  • Supreme quality.
  • Washable in the machine.
  • Super protection at collar and cuffs.
  • Breathable material.
  • Affordable.
  • Lasts long.
  • No wear & tear issues.
  • Excellent protection.
  • Anti dew & anti coating feature.


  • Not suitable for high amperage welding tasks.

Bulwark Men’s Cotton Work Shirt with Sleeve Vent

Key Features

Lastly, we have Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant Shirt in our list of best welding shirts which is best for those who required a stylish and premium quality shirt for welding. Honestly, the main reason for choosing this shirt is the brand name. It is from one of the best yet largest flame resistant clothing brands named Bulwark.

The shirt is created with 100% cotton and is highly durable. When it comes to wearing the shirt does not put any burden on your shoulder due to the lightweight. You can use it while doing any vigorous work without being worried about tearing issues. The shirt is made up of premium quality material that ensures user safety and security.

It comes with a two-piece lined collar that provides extra protection. Moreover, the shirt has a seven-button closure design and is quite comfortable to wear. In addition, the shirt has two chest pockets equipped with button flaps closure.

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Don’t worry about stains on your shirt you can easily wash them off in the washing machine. User’s safety and comfort are the top priority of the manufacturer this is why you’ll get ultimate protection from sparks, heat, and spatter while wearing this shirt. Last but not the least; the shirt has 4 colors so you can choose the best one you like.


  • Excellent fitting.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • Washable in the machine.
  • Best to use in every weather,
  • Protect you from sparks, heat, and spatter.
  • Made up of 100% cotton.


  • No wicking system is present.
  • Users complain that material shrinks after wash.

What to Consider Before Selecting Best Shirts for Welding:

Selecting the best shirt for welding might be a difficult task but not the impossible one. Getting a quality product will last long and protects you from all the dangerous sparks.

However, there are some important factors that you should have to consider before buying welding work shirt. Here are the things that one should keep in mind.

1. Material

The first and the most crucial factor to consider is the material of the shirt. if you want to purchase a quality shirt then make sure to check the material of the product. The quality, lifespan, and protection everything depends on the material of the shirt.

Welding shirts are created with different fabrics and you’ve to purchase the top-notch quality shirt. However, if you go for the poor quality material then it’ll make you uncomfortable and provide less or no protection.

In addition, make sure to check the material you’re purchasing can be used in every season and in every weather condition or not. The common fabric used in welding shirt production is cotton and the other ones are nylon or polyester.

2. Design

Make sure to check the knit of the shirt before purchasing. One has to purchase a shirt with strong knitting. Check all the designs created by the manufacturer and select the one you like. After that find the knit and stitches of the shirt if it’s strong then go for that shirt otherwise move to the next option.

The longevity of the shirt also depends on the design and the stitching. In addition, don’t’ forget to look for the wicking system, anti-odor, collar, and cuff adjustable features, etc.

3. Budget

Most of the manufacturer gives the guarantee that shirt will never have any defect and in case if you find a defective piece then you can return them at any time. So check the shirt properly before purchasing as most of the brands do not have any money-back guarantee option. There are affordable as well as expensive shirts available in the market.

So this means you can get a quality product without breaking your bank. However, if you’re looking for additional protection and advance features then go for the expensive one otherwise affordable shirts are also good.


Q1. Which is the best shirt for a welder to wear?

A welder should always go for the shirt made up of 100% cotton or 100% wool that saves them from sparks, heat, or flames. One should check if the shirt has fire-resistant properties or not. Never go for the ordinary shirt with no protection against fire or flames. In addition, the shirt should be full sleeves and have a collar plus buttoned cuffs.

Q2. Can we use a denim shirt for welding?

Yes, you can use denim-made shirts for welding. Honestly, all the shirts which are made up of cotton, denim, or wool are good for welding. However, we don’t prefer to use nylon or polyester shirts for welding.

Q3. Why should a welder not wear a polyester shirt?

Polyester shirts are not suitable for welding tasks. Because polyester is a synthetic material and can easily catch fire results in burns or sparks. This is why one should avoid wearing polyester while doing welding tasks.


Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional safety is equally important for both. This is why you need to buy yourself a high-quality welding shirt that features excellent protection, adjustable fitting, and flame-resistant properties.

Place your safety on the top of everything. We’d recommend you use protective equipment and safe clothes to protect yourself from the harmful effect of welding. Above mentioned 5 best welding shirts are suitable for every welder out there. Choose the one that goes with your budget and requirements.

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