7 Best Roof Ladder Hooks! Reviews of Popular Hook Brands for 2023

Are you looking for a secure method to fix your ladder roof? Do you need an incredible tool to fix the top of your ladder?

By using the ladder hooks you can simply save yourself from any kind of hassle. Each one of you could need a ladder in any year of your life and most of you might experience it once a life for sure. Whether you want to clean the windows, decorate the house, fix the bulbs, or for any other task a ladder is required.

To reach out to the roof safely you'll need a roof hook or you can say ridge hook. As mostly the ladders require some accessories for stability when you put them on the roof for any task. A large strong roof hook will make your ladder safe yet stable.

The market is fortunately full of all kinds of roof ladder hooks so unfortunately, it is hard to select the best from the rest.

No worries we have got you covered. After reviewing multiple hooks we are here with the best roof ladder hooks. In this article, we'll discuss the top hooks in detail so you can easily select the best from the rest. Let's discover the best piece now.

Top 3 Best Roof Ladder Hooks

Editor's Choice

1. Qualcraft Ladder Hook 2481

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Incredible Features
  • Durable Hook
  • Convenient Ladder

2. Tie Down Engineering Roof

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Fixed Rolling Wheels
  • Strong Buildup
  • Rubber T grip

3. Acro Building 11082


Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Heavy-Duty Hook
  • Superb Durability
  • Adjustable Pitch

Buying Guide For 7 Best Roof Ladder Hooks:

Buying the best from the rest is hard when you've no one to guide you. No worries we have got you covered already. We'll make it fun for you to choose the best of all. After reviewing so many products we gathered few factors that matter the most when you're going out to purchase a tool. Here are the points that you should keep in mind during buying the Hook Roof ladders.

i). Material

The ladder hooks come with multiple materials including steel or aluminum with plastic or rubber wheels. By choosing the hook ladder made up of steel that ensures superb strength your ladder will never move from its place.

These are considered as best for the high-end task especially. Those who are looking for a lightweight yet high-quality ladder hooks should go for the aluminum one. The roof wheels are mainly made up of rubber or plastic that allows you to move them on the ladder easily.

ii). Budget

First of all, check your budget to select those that fall under your budget limit. We have mentioned the hooks that are available in mid to affordable ranges.

Choose the one that suits you by all means. However, if you're a homeowner and need to deal few tasks only then going for the affordable one will be best. For professionals, we'd suggest choosing the advanced-level hooks.

iii). Quality

Some of the users need to deal with the tasks where the roofs are wet. That means you'll need high-quality rusting-free hooks right? We have mentioned two hooks that combat any weather condition easily.

The quality of the ladder hook matters the most no matter whatever tasks you need to deal with. We'd suggest you go for the tool with sturdy construction and high quality to avoid breakage issues. Plus do not compromise on your safety even if you need to spend extra on purchase.

View the 7 Best Roof Ladder Hooks, Below.


1. Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook with Wheel

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First in this list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is qual craft ladder hook 2481. This is considered as the high-end ridge hook equipped with incredible features. Are you looking for a hook to prevent slippage?

Then this one is for you. It delivers an ideal method to secure the top of the ladder without any hassle. What you need to do is to fix the 2 hooks on the top 2 rungs of the ladder to fix the roof edge.

The hooks are equipped with wing nuts and covered with powder-coated steel. By tightening the wings your ladder will stay firmly at its place. However, the coating of the ladder will keep it safe from any damage and make the tool durable. These hooks come with wheels that make them convenient to use.

Whether you have a ladder made up of fiberglass, wooden, or aluminum this hook will work perfectly with each one of it. Moreover, the hook shows compatibility with the single or extension ladder.

One can easily fix it between the top rungs of ladders. No matter what the rung style is D or round the hooks will work perfectly for both. One has to get two hooks per ladder for incredible stability.

It is a durable and convenient ladder tool embedded with wheels.
Don't worry about damaging the roof while using the hooks because it is quite safe to use.

When it comes to buildup the hooks are sturdy and will never break in the middle of tasks. Don't worry about the adjustment because installing these hooks is quite easier yet hassle-free.


  • Easily fit multiple types of ladders.
  • Strong buildup.
  • Durable
  • Flexible enough to adjust.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable.
  • Secure and safe.
  • Non-slippery material.
  • Good quality.
  • Hold ladder firmly.
  • Wheels for portability.


  • Not good for roofs with ridge vent.


2. Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone 65005 Ladder Hook

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Second, in the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is Tie Down Engineering Roof. It is made up of steel with yellow zinc plated construction. What is the use of zinc-plated construction? Well, the yellow zinc plated steel will increase the longevity of the ladder and save it from damage as well.

The tool comes with a Rubber T-bar for incredible grip and aids in securing the ladder. It contains fixed rolling wheels considered as the ideal method to secure a ladder.

Are you looking for a hook to fix the extension ladder? Do you need to stabilize the single ladder? No worries this tool will help you in every way possible.

These are one of the safe roof hooks that even work well with the telescoping ladder. By fixing the hooks with the top two rungs your ladder will stabilize and does not move from its place.

Whether the roof has a peaked style or any other this tool will work perfectly with each of them. By using the hooks pair you'll get better stability and security.

Don't worry about damaging the metal roofs or shingles while using these hooks. Why? Because they have a rubber T grip that prevents any kind of damage to the roofs. With the wheels rolling up your ladder to the rooftop is hassle-free and easy.

However, with these wheels, you'll get better control over the ladder while climbing up or down.

Do you have a metal roof? Are you looking for roof hooks to stabilize the ladder on it? We'd suggest you go for these pairs of hooks. This tool has a strong buildup and will help you to comfortably climb up the steep roofs.


  • Zinc-plated coating.
  • Easy to install.
  • Versatile.
  • Best Hooks For Metal Roofs.
  • Very secure.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Superb grip.
  • Long-lasting hooks.
  • Stabilize the ladder completely.
  • Comfortable.


  • The wheels of the hooks are wobbly.


3. ACRO BUILDING SYSTEMS 11082 Acro Roof Ridge Ladder Hook

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Third, in the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is Acro Building 11082. These are high-quality hooks made up of metal. Are you looking for a hook that works perfectly at any height? Well, this one is for you then.

The acro building hooks are considered as best for wet surfaces or any icy areas. You don't need to buy a pair of hooks just one tool per ladder required.

It is advised to use these ladders for the round rungs or D rungs. What you need to do is to attach the hooks with the peak of the steep roof or at the ridges of any steel roof as per requirement.

Not only this, but you can also use the hooks for the ridge vents on shingle roofs. The tool can bear a load of 300 pounds at least. Due to such incredible quality and strong rod around hook users should not worry about safety or durability.

The hook has a robust construction and excellent durability that eventually increases longevity. It allows safe climbing on any tilted roof simply by attaching the hook to the peak of the ladder. Don't worry about installation because you will not need any professional guidelines. Just read the manual construction and you're all ready to go.

Moreover, the hook has a locking arm along with the pitch adjustment to fix it with the ladder easily. Whether you need to work on chimneys or any antenna these hooks will work perfectly.

You'll not need to spend hours on fixing it because the hooks attach├ęs quickly yet safely. Moving the ladder on the roof is hassle-free with the fixed caster.


  • Easily fix on the vented ridge.
  • Excellent swivel bar.
  • Heavy-duty hook.
  • superb durability.
  • Hassle-free to install.
  • One hook per ladder is required.
  • Safe to use.
  • Incredible locking arm.
  • Adjustable Pitch.


  • Tightening the hook is tricky.

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4. Todeco Universal Roof Hook for Ladder

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Fourth in the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is sotech hook 330 lb. Are you looking for a long-lasting tool? Then go for this one. The hook comes with a superb rubber grip that holds the ladder for a longer duration.

To get the perfect product you need to give attention to their details right? So without wasting a second let's move towards the superb detailing of this hook. It is made up of a unique design that allows the user superb versatility, excellent reliability, and durability. We assure our customers that this hook will last longer than others.

It is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy which provides ultimate strength and durability. Due to aluminum construction, the hook will be safe from corrosion or rusting issues. It is considered safe for use in bad weather conditions as well. One can use these hooks in the watery areas due to no rusting issues.

The hook comes with such a unique shape that makes it able to withstand the heavyweight easily. Due to the T grip bar, the hook will stick to its place without harming your roof.

However, with the large wheels present in the middle of hook maneuvering it will be easier yet hassle-free. Another amazing feature is this tool is EN131 certified which means the hooks meet all the safety requirements.


  • Excellent reliability.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Corrosion-free.
  • Superb weight load capacity.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Multifunctional.
  • EN131 certified.
  • Incredible gripping.
  • Safe to use.


  • Mounting hardware isn't satisfactory.


5. Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

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Fifth in the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is Werner 15-1 roof hook kit. Do you need an affordable ladder accessory? Are you looking for a budget-friendly tool? This one is for you then.

The tool can be folded easily so you can place it anywhere in the corner when not in use. It has lightweight so carrying and attaching the hooks on the ladder is plain sailing.

Setting the hook on the ladder is not a hassle anymore just read the manual instruction and do everything steps by step. It is very small in size that makes the hook easy to use and allows hassle-free mounting as well.

If you're a professional and require portable hooks for your daily tasks then these will be perfect for you. One can easily use this tool on a different type of ladder due to its highly versatile nature. No matter what the size of the hook is, still this tool can handle a good amount of weight.


  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Compatible with different ladders.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe to use.


  • No matching nuts or bolts are included in the package.
  • Not suitable for long heights.


6. Woodeze Ridge Hooks With Wheels

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The second last product in the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks is woodeze ridge hooks. If you need a hook that maintains a balance between performance and convenience then this one will suits you perfectly.

Not only this but due to such incredible balance the user will do all the tasks confidently. Same like other hooks mentioned above you can also use it for multiple types of ladders. When it comes to pricing the hooks do not burden you more which means you can easily buy them while staying within your budget. Those who want to do the handy tasks or if you're an amateur then this one is for you.

The most amazing feature of this tool is the reliability. It is made up of high-quality material that provides superb shaping and allows the tool to support ladders easily. For those who have a heavy ladder looking for some handy equipment then this one will suit them as well. With the weatherproof coating and durable material, the tool will be rusting free plus have a longer life.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Rusting free.
  • Weatherproof coating.
  • Reliable and safe.
  • One-time investment.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Longer bolts are required to make them functional.
  • Quality isn't satisfactory.


7. Acro Building Products Chicken Ladder Hook 11610

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Lastly, we have acro building 11610 on the list of Best Roof Ladder Hooks. This tool is made up of superb quality and robust steel which makes it durable for sure. For the safety of the user, the hook is equipped with a reversible locknut.

With the convenient T-bar, you'll get an excellent grip over the ladder so the chances of wobbling or falls will be reduced.

These hooks are considered as best for the chicken ladders and show great computability with them. It can easily access the hard-to-reach areas. One can use these hooks as a climbing aid for the ladder with a height of 24 inches.

You can easily combine them with the chicken ladders lengths including 6,12,18 or 24. Rolling up on the ladder is easier with the wheels attached to the hooks. It will not damage your roofs and allows you a safe climb.


  • Good for on/off working.
  • Best for chicken ladders.
  • Made up of robust steel.
  • Sturdy quality.
  • Superb tough.
  • T-bar provides excellent grip.
  • No damage to the roof walls.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Only good for the chicken ladder.


Q1. How to fix hooks on the ladder?

Here are the few basic tips that you need to follow to fix them perfectly:

  1. Make sure to attach the hooks to the top two rungs and tightened them.
  2. Roll the wheels across the tiles instead of hanging them loose.
  3. Make sure to pull the ladder up to the roof while the wheels facing down.
  4. If you need to clean the chimney or whatever the task is don't forget to place the ladder two to three feet away.

Q2. Which is the normal roof pitch?

Well, there's no such standard pitch for it but most of the homes come with the 18-36degrees of roof pitch. However, below 18 degrees is the flat roof while above 36 degrees is the steep roof.

Q3. Can we get off the ladder once reached the roof?

This depends on the roof on which you're working. If you're dealing with the steep roof then getting off from it will be dangerous as this will cause slippage or falling. So what you need to do is to move the ladder to each point where you need to work instead of getting off from it.


Roof Ladder Hooks are a must for any roofer. They can help you get your ladders safely on and off the roof without hassle or injury.

In this article, we have mentioned all the details related to Best Roof Ladder Hooks. We discussed the high-quality expensive yet affordable products equipped with incredible features above. 

We hope you have found the perfect roof ladder hooks for your needs and use. We know it can be difficult to find the right size or style of hook, but don't give up! With all these options available on Amazon, chances are that you'll find one that will work for your home project.

Choose the one that goes with your requirements. However, we'd suggest our customers go for Qualcraft Ladder Hook 2481 due to its high quality, sturdy buildup, excellent gripping, and superb safety.

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