Little Giant Ladders Reviews 2022! Which one is best for you?

There's no doubt that homeowners require different tools for their projects. Not only this but the professional cleaners and other workers also required essential tools while working. Among all the important tools ladder is on the top for sure. It helps in getting the DIY projects done in no time. Well, are you looking for the best ladder for 2022? Why not go for little giant ladders then? We are here with the top little giant ladders and all the details related to them.

Little giant ladders are no doubt best due to lightweight, premium quality, sturdy construction, high durability, and whatnot. However, each of the tools varies from the other in terms of feature right? This is why you need to read the complete article to decide which ladder matches your requirements and meets your needs.

In this article, we'll give a detailed little giant ladders reviews including features, pros, and cons. Not only this, but we will also provide a genuine buying guide which surely helps the user in choosing the best from the rest. Let's move towards the details without wasting more time.

Top 3 Little Giant Ladders

Editor's Choice

1. Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Adjustable heights.
  • Multi-position ladder.
  • Excellent grip.

2. Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Ladder

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Premium quality.
  • Safe to use.
  • Extra-wide rungs.

3. Little Giant Velocity 15413-001

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Portable.
  • Highly stable.
  • Wide flared legs.

Buying Guide For 7 Little Giant Ladders:

We have mentioned the top little giant ladders above in detail. Among all, it will be hard for you to choose the one right? No worries we here at your rescue. After immense research, we have fathered the main factors that matter while buying a ladder for projects. Here are the points to keep in mind during purchasing a new tool:

i). Budget

First of all, check your account or wallet to find the amount you have. Spare the money that you want to spend on the ladder purchase. Select the items that fall under your budget limit. Do not choose a product that does not suit your budget.

If you are a homeowner then buying an affordable ladder will be a good deal. However, for professionals, we'd suggest going for the advanced ladders containing all the essential features.

ii). Project

One has to go for the ladder that suits their tasks. For example, if you buy the classic ladder which is no doubt good for indoor/outdoor tasks but still does not work well against the wall.

Similarly, extension and telescoping ladders aren't suitable for projects like cleaning gutters. Thus we'd suggest you go for the multi-position ladders to save money. A versatile ladder will easily convert into any required shape and does not cost you more.

iii). Material

The next factor to consider is the material of the ladder. There are different materials of ladder available in the market including aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Little giant ladders are already famous for creating ladders with different materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Choose the one that goes with your requirements. Well, aluminum is considered an idea for household tasks due to its lightweight and stability. Fiberglass is no doubt durable, sturdy and heavy as compared to aluminum. Those who work near electric power must go for the ladders made up of fiberglass due to their non-conductivity feature.

iv). Height

The user must check the height of the ladder before purchasing. For some tasks, you may require a small height ladder while for others a heightened ladder will be needed. Little giant ladders have the extension feature so you can easily adjust the height as per requirement.

View the 7 Little Giant Ladders Reviews, Below.


1. Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

First in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is the Little Giant Multi-Position ladder. It is one of the best ladders and is considered a best seller on Amazon. The ladder comes with the 300 weight loading capacity so whether you are lean or overweight this will be best for both.

This tool has more than 7600 ratings which show how incredible the ladder is. You can easily change this ladder from an A-type frame to an extension ladder as per your requirement. The next amazing thing is this ladder has an adjustable height that means the user can easily manage and change the height according to the need.

If you have to deal with the tasks at a lower level then choose the normal or mini height position and vice versa.

The ladder is equipped with locks that keep the tool in the same place. By having the locks user will never feel any instability while climbing up the ladder. With the rock lock adjuster, one can easily configure it to any shape of your choice.

It is embedded with the tip & glide wheels which aid in transferring the tool from one place to other. This ladder meets the ANSI & OSHA requirements that mean the tool is safe to use. It is hassle-free to use and has a sturdy buildup.

Users can easily fold the ladder and keep it at the corner without arranging any huge space. It has rubber grips for additional protection. With the tool tray on the top, you can also place all the essential things on it.


  • Good quality.
  • Easy storage.
  • Strong buildup.
  • Multi-position ladder.
  • ANSI & OHSA approved.
  • Simple to use.
  • Excellent grip.


  • Finger pinching issue.


2. Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Ladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Second, in the list of little giant ladders review is the little giant Flip N Lite ladder. Are you looking for a lightweight ladder? Then this one is for you. Most of the professionals and homeowners find it troublesome to carry the heavy ladders. This is the solution for everyone.

One can easily carry this tool from one place to other without being worried about weight. It is made up of aluminum which is already famous for its lightweight and premium quality. The ladder is sturdy enough to combat all the surface conditions and aids in doing any kind of task without hassle.

It has a large standing platform that means the tool is quite safe to use. Additionally, with the tool tray placing all the essential items nearer to you is possible. The tray is wide enough to carry all the important items easily. You can fold it simply when not in use to save space.

The next amazing thing is this ladder has enough capability to bear the load of 300 pounds easily. Not only this but using the ladder and installing it is quite hassle-free or you can say simply. Are you looking for a ladder for a high ceiling? Buy it then.

Don't worry about slippage problems because the steps are quite comfortable. With the extra-wide rungs, foot fatigue issues will never occur. The ladder already meets the standard of OHSA & ANSI that means it is safe to use.


  • Good quality.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable steps.
  • Extra-wide rungs.
  • Wide tray.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Safe to use.
  • No slippage issues.
  • Simple to fold.


  • Bad quality plastic hinges.


3. Little Giant Velocity 15413-001

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Third, in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is Little Giant Velocity 15413-001. Do you need a task that competes with multiple tasks? Well, this tool will be best for you. This is the multi-position ladder that can change into any shape as per your task.

The ladder comes with the ability to complete different tasks without any need for multiple ladders. Yes, you heard it right. With this single ladder, you can easily perform different kinds of tasks without any hassle.

One can use this tool as a step ladder, 90-degree ladder, extension ladder, or scaffolding ladder. No doubt it is a big win for professionals or homeowners to buy one ladder for all projects.

By choosing this ladder you'll be able to save money as well. How? You'll not need to buy different ladders to get your work done. It is made up of aluminum that means the tool has lightweight yet good quality. This ladder makes you able to perform work faster yet safer.

The ladder comes with wide flared legs along with dual-pin hinge locks for the ultimate safety and security of the user. Despite the lightweight, the tool yet has a sturdy construction. It is stable enough to work perfectly on any uneven surfaces.
Are you thinking about how much time will be needed to change the shape? Well, the ladder is easy to maneuver so reconfiguring it will be quickly yet easily.


  • Strong construction.
  • Superb quality.
  • Versatile.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe tool.
  • Rock lock adjustment system.
  • Highly stable.
  • Wide flared legs.


  • Risk of pinching fingers.

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4. Little Giant Ladder 13610-001

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Fourth in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is little giant ladder 13610-001. This is another masterpiece created by little giant ladders. Users can easily change this simple ladder into a step ladder, leaning ladder, and extension ladder. So many tasks but one solution to get your projects done on the go isn't amazing?

This ladder has enough capability to bear 375 pounds of weight easily. To save the ladder from scratching manufacturer install a rotating wall pad around it that will keep it secure. By having this feature your ladder will get a comfortable surface when leaning against the corners, surfaces, or drywall.

This ladder already meets the requirements of ANSI & OHSA and was also awarded the product of the year in 2019 by OSHA. This ladder is stable enough to make you feel safe when you climb over it. Are you a professional? Do you need a ladder for DIY tasks? This will suit you by all means. It is made up of nonconductive fiberglass which keeps you safe while doing tasks around electricity.

By using this ladder you can easily reach the narrow spaces due to the narrow rear section. That means you can get the tasks done between wall studs, roof ports, or ceiling trusses. This ladder comes with the field replaceable feet that means you can change the feet of the tool according to the surface requirement. The size of this tool is 6ft and the warranty is of 1 year.


  • Multiple positions.
  • Cushioning wall pad.
  • Narrow rear section.
  • Easy access to narrow space.
  • Non-conductive material.
  • Field replaceable feet.
  • Good stability.
  • 375 pounds weight capacity.


  • No platform for tools.
  • Rubber feet aren't satisfactory.


5. Little Giant Ladders 11903

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Fifth in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is little giant ladders 11903. This is a lightweight ladder made up of aluminum. Little giant designed this ladder solely for the user's comfort. It has a robust construction so don't worry about wiggling or breakage problems.

Users can easily increase the stability of this ladder simply by adjusting the handrail. The ladder is equipped with a top cap that contains a mobile phone holder, portholes, hooks, plus a try to keep all your essential items easily.

It is embedded with the extra-wide steps that make the tool comfortable for sure. By having extra-wide steps the chances of slippage get lower plus you can safely climb up or down the ladder. Moreover, if you've heavyweight and required more space while climbing up then this one will go for you.

When you're working in wet areas the chances of slippage increases right? Don't worry this ladder has slip-resistant feet that fix the ladder on a surface for long easily. It comes with rotating handrails that add stability and additional safety to the tool. By having this feature users can work confidently at heights without having a fear of fall.


  • Robust quality.
  • Slip-resistant feet.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Extra-wide steps.
  • 375 pounds weight capacity.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Rotating safety handrails.


  • Users are not satisfied with the leg of the ladder.
  • Hooks aren't up to the mark.


6. Little Giant Ladder 16826-818

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Sixth in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is little giant ladder 16826-818. This is another multi-position ladder made by the little giant. By having a versatile ladder half of the problems will be solved already. Moreover, this is a one-time investment so you will not need to spend more on buying any different-shaped ladder.

It can easily convert into an extension ladder, step ladder, 90-degree staircase, or trestle & plank by simply pressing a single button.

It is equipped with safety rails that extend horizontally to support the standoff position. By having these railings users will get additional safety while working on the top of the ladder. You can also use this ladder in a vertical position as per your project requirement.

Are you working on any uneven ground? No worries, this ladder will make the adjustments by using ratchet leg levelers. It comes with dual-position accessory ports that increase the usability of the ladder and help the user in putting all essential items around.

This ladder is strong enough to bear the weight of 300 pounds easily. It already meets the requirements of OHSA & ANSI that makes the tool secure and safe. With the palm buttons, you can easily change the position and size of the ladder.

The ladder contains a rapid lock to keep the ladder at your desired position. Moving this ladder from one place to other is hassle-free due to tip & glide wheels.


  • Multi-position ladder.
  • Safety rails.
  • Palm buttons.
  • Patented rapid lock.
  • Tip & glide wheels for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable leg leveling.
  • Wide tray for tools.


  • Customer service is poor.
  • Internal springs are not accurate.


7. Little Giant Ladder 12026

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Seventh in the list of Little Giant Ladders Review is Little Giant Ladder 12026. We choose another multi-position ladder for our customers. Why? These ladders are versatile enough to help people in getting their work done on the go.

Not only this but buying a multi-position ladder will save your money and it will be more like a one-time investment.

You can easily change this step ladder to an extension ladder and then to a trestle & plank, staircase, or 90-degree shape. One can alter the ladder into the desired shape through the metal rock lock. It can hold 300 pounds of weight easily.

Moreover, the ladder already meets the standards of OSHA & ANSI. This means the tool is safe to use. Don't worry about dealing with this ladder because it comes with easy maneuverability. After using the tool easily store it in the corner or any space available.

When it comes to the quality the ladder does not disappoint us at all. It has the sturdy quality and strong construction to carry the heavyweight without breakage. Moving it from one place to other isn't a hassle due to tip & glide wheels.


  • Palm buttons for adjustment.
  • Metal rock lock.
  • Tip and glide wheels for transportation.
  • Easy to store.
  • Simple maneuverability.
  • Comfortable standing platform.
  • Wide tray.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Poor construction.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Leg leveler isn't included in the package.


Q1. How to store a ladder?

Some ladders required less space for storage while others need huge. One has to store the ladder in a protected space to save it from any kind of damage. The little giant ladders have easy to fold feature so what you need to do is to fold them and keep them at any safe place.

Q2. What is good in little giant ladders?

Well, the little giant ladders are famous for their high quality, sturdy construction, and lightweight. Not only this, but a ladder made by a little giant provides the ultimate security and protection against electric power as well. The little giant ladders are stable and support you completely in every task.

Q3. What is the tallest height a little giant ladder can go?

One of the little giant ladders can easily extend to 21 feet. However, each of the ladders has its specifications so check their details before purchasing to get accurate information.

Q4. Which material is best fiberglass or aluminum?

Both materials are no doubt amazing but fiberglass is considered as much stronger than aluminum. The aluminum ladder is no doubt fairly resistant against but fiberglass is much more resistant than others. However, fiberglass also saves the user from electricity.

Q5. What is the warranty life of little giant ladders?

The little giant ladders come with a lifetime warranty. However, longevity mainly depends on the user. If you keep the tool with proper care then definitely it will last long.


The Little Giant Ladders Reviews 2022 will help you decide which ladder is best for your needs. Take a look at our reviews and see which one is right for you! We hope that after reading this article, you’ll be more informed about the different types of Little Giant Ladders and how they can benefit your home or business.

It might seem like a daunting task to find the perfect ladder but we’ve made it easy by providing all of our research in one place! If you need additional information on any of these products, please feel free to check out their individual reviews at where they are available for purchase online. 

We recommend Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder. It has been a popular choice among homeowners because it offers multi-position capabilities so that you can easily adjust to any height or configuration.

This model also features an extra wide base, making it more stable than other models on this list.

For those with limited storage space in their home, we recommend the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite. It’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to store away when not in use. Good luck with finding what works best for you!

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