Best Van Ladders to buy! [Reviews 2023]

Are you looking for the best side ladder for van? You've landed at the right place. Whether you need a ladder for your cargo or any service van here you'll find all the perfect ladders with detail.

Van ladders are the simplest and even secure way to reach the van roof for any task. For maintaining the roof, repairing or loading and unloading a ladder will be quite helpful for you. And if you want to protect your back from any pain then you must go to purchase the best van ladder to make your work easier yet hassle-free.

Van ladders are mostly needed by commercial van users as this tool allows them to get additional height as well as a rooftop for storage. These ladders are built to last long and ensure safety to the user. This is all you need to know about van ladder if you're a beginner.

However, we've used multiple ladders of different brands but ended up having the 5 favorite ones. We are going to share your genuine review about the 5 best van ladders along with the detailed buying guide so you can make a wise investment. Don't take leave without reading this complete article.

Top 3 Best Van Ladders

Editor's Choice

1. Surco 103B Black Universal Van Ladder


Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Super-Strong Ladder
  • Lightweight
  • Quite Stable

2. Surco 093C97 Van Ladder

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Robust Construction
  • Quite Safe
  • Anti-slip Cap

3. Prime Design AAL Ladder


Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Versatile ladder
  • Slip-Resistant feet
  • Superb durability

Buying Guide For 5 Best Van Ladders:

Selecting one from hundreds of products available on market is hard. This is the point where you are highly in need of a guide. No worries we are here for you already. We know how important it is to get proper guidelines before purchasing anything. We've summarized few important factors that a user should know before stepping out to make any purchase. Following are the factors:

i). Budget

First of all, you need to check your budget before going anywhere. Separate the amount you want to spend on purchasing the best van ladder. Now move towards the options you've. If you're a professional and need to deal with high-end work then choose the ladder equipped with advanced features. Otherwise going for an affordable one with all the necessary features is not a bad option at all.

ii). Quality

What'll be the benefit of spending thousands on a product that gets a break on very next week? This shows that quality matters the most. Add extra money if you need but never compromise on the quality. Always get the product with the high or at least good quality. To ensure safety and security do not settle for a ladder with a low or poor quality.

iii). Material

Ladders are available in different materials including aluminum, stainless steel, wooden, and fiberglass. Get the one that meets your needs. However, we'd suggest our customers go for the ladder made up of aluminum. Why? Aluminum is strong, easy to carry, hassle-free to store, and safe as well. However fiberglass, stainless steel, or wood is no less in terms of sturdiness.

iv). Safety

Always choose safety over anywhere. We've mentioned the ladders equipped with non-slip feet that ensure safety and security to the user. Find a ladder with excellent stability and safety to avoid any accidents. Check if the ladder is covered with rubber material to avoid slippage or not. We'd suggest you not use a ladder under the rain, or strong wind to avoid accidents. However, don't forget to get help with the side rails while climbing up or down the ladder.

v). Weight Capacity

This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a ladder. One has to check the load capacity ladder can bear to find if it fits your requirements or not. No matter whether you required a ladder to place items on roof or for roof maintenance in both situations a load capacity must be good enough to bear your and the essentials weight. Most of the ladder equipped with 300 pounds load capacity or more. Choose the one that goes with your requirements and weight load.

vi). Weight & Installation

What is the point of getting ladder for your ease when all it done is to drag your van down from one side? This shows the importance of a lightweight ladder. A tool should be portable enough so that you can easily fix it on van or carry it anywhere on the go. The portable ladder will help in doing work easily without any trouble. Next important thing is installation of ladder. It’d be wise decision to go for a ladder with hassle free installation to avoid the problems. Definitely a tricky installation will require professional and extra items for fixation and you’ll end up spending so much on one van ladder.

View the 5 Best Van Ladders, Below.


1. Surco 103B Black Universal Van Ladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

This is our best pick in the list of best van ladders due to premium quality, strong build, and user-friendly features. The tool is made up of thick gauge aluminum that makes it highly durable and strong.

When we say aluminum-made ladder that means the tool will have lightweight and stays with you for a longer duration as compared to others.

You'll not need to weld the ladder with the van as the mounting is quite easier with the stainless steel mounting parts. Due to such strong parts, you can easily fix the ladder with a van and use it for different tasks. The ladder has bright polished finishing that prevents rusting and makes it look super fresh.

No matter whether it's a sunny day or rainy the ladder will not lose any of its coatings while working under any weather condition. To ensure safety to the user the ladder comes with flat grooved feet. Don't worry it'll not add any additional weight to your van. As the ladder has a lightweight and you can easily store it anywhere.


  • Rugged construction.
  • Durable material.
  • Bright polish coating.
  • Lightweight.
  • User-friendly tool.
  • Super easy to install.
  • No bolting needed.
  • Good price.


  • Some users aren't satisfied with the ladder's attachments.


2. Surco 093C97

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We choose another product in our list of best van ladders from the amazing brand Surco named Surco 093C97. This ladder is made up of heavy-duty stainless steel means you'll not need to worry about any breakage issues.

The tool has such a strong buildup that ensures safety and security to the user. It is covered with an electro-polished finishing that helps in keeping the material in its true condition. By that, we mean no need to take stress about any scaling.

Scratching, or fouling as the polishing will not help to enhance the strength of the material. This is a four-step ladder with the ultimate strength to bear your weight and the tools that you need to place on the van roof.

To provide safety to the user the ladder is equipped with non-slip feet. When it comes to installation the ladder doesn't disappoint us at all. You'll not need help from any professional just read the instructions given and fix the ladder accordingly.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Impressive coating.
  • Superb strength.
  • Easy to fix on van doors.
  • Super buildup.
  • Secure tool.
  • Non-slip feet.


  • Heavyweight.


3. Prime Design AAL Ladder

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The third product in the list of Best Van Ladder is Prime Design AAL Ladder. The tool is made up of high-quality aluminum that allows the ladder to last for years. Due to robust construction, you don't need to worry about breakage or tearing apart issues. To install this tool you'll not need any drilling or bolting. Yes, you heard it right.

The ladder can be installed within 15 minutes without any hassle. Each rung went through rigorous testing and prove to hold the weight load around 441 easily. Isn't it amazing? You can easily take the essentials along while climbing over this ladder for any purpose.

Moreover, the ladder ensures safety to the user due to its high durability and sturdy quality. However, carrying it from one place to other is plain sailing. As we all know aluminum has a lightweight that makes it highly portable.


  • Aluminum construction.
  • No drilling required.
  • Installation within 15 minutes.
  • Portable.
  • 441 load capacity.


  • Quality isn't satisfactory.

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4. Thule Van Ladder 9Step

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Are you looking for the best van ladder which is easy to store? We have one for you. Thule Van Ladder 9STEP has got 5 stars on amazon showing how customers like this product so much. It is made up of superb quality aluminum and is available in silver color.

This is mainly a telescopic ladder that comes with the fixation kit that makes it super easy for the user to install and use the ladder. With the roof-mounted accessories, you can fix it on the van ladder without any trouble.

You can extend the ladder up to 8.5 feet if required. Fixing it to the vehicle wall is simple yet hassle-free. With the magnetic fixation kit, the ladder gets extra stability as well as strength.

It is equipped with an air pressure system that helps the user in closing the ladder safely yet easily. Moreover when not in use you can easily store this ladder anywhere due to its compact design.


  • High quality.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy storage.
  • Safe tool.


  • A bit heavy.


5. Yvan Telescoping Ladder

Read Customer Reviews Here >>

Lastly, we have Yvan Telescoping Ladder in the list of Best Van Ladder. This ladder is created from superb quality aluminum alloy. Due to the oxidized surface the longevity of the ladder increases. To improve the capacity and stability of the ladder the manufacturer has added plastic parts to it.

This tool can take a weight load of 330 pounds easily. It comes with the one-button retraction that allows you to change the ladder from unfolded to compact shape on the go.

Don't worry about safety as the ladder is equipped with an intelligent locking system in each rung. This means you'll not need to worry about instability while using this ladder. Moreover, some of the tools cause pinching finger issues but you'll not face this problem on this ladder.

It is quite easy to carry and have lightweight so you can move around without hassle. One can store this tool anywhere like under the bed, in the storeroom, behind the cabinet, or anywhere on the go.


  • Premium quality.
  • One button retraction.
  • Intelligent locking system.
  • Featherweight.
  • Space-saving tool.


  • Plastic parts aren't good.
  • Construction isn't satisfactory.


Q1. What is the use of the van ladder?

With the van ladder you can easily approach the luggage you keep on the roof. Moreover, a van ladder will help you to free the storage space in the wheel. It aids in loading the roof with the packages you don't want inside the vehicle. You can also use a ladder for the van roof maintenance and to clean the debris over it.

Q2. Explain ladder rack?

The ladder racks are used to expand the storage and load-bearing capability of trucks or cargo vans. These are attached to the top of cargo vans to safely place the packages and make them legally secured.

Q3. Where we can place the van ladder?

One can easily fix the van ladder on the back of the van or at the side of the van. However to get easy access to the roof you can even attach it to the door. A van ladder will help you everywhere you go.


A van ladder is best for all those who need to put save the storage space inside vehicles or want to maintain the roof for any reason. However, most of the trucks and cargo vans required a ladder to put extend the storage space by easily approaching the roof.

We've mentioned the 5 best van ladders above so you can choose the best from the rest. However, if you want our suggestion then we'd recommend you go for Surco103B due to sturdy buildup, stability, and safety.

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