Best Angle Grinder for Welding to buy in 2023! Top 5 Reviewed

Whether you’re a welder or a metal worker a good grinder is all you need during the tasks. This is the most common tool used in every trade and undoubtedly one of the most desirable items. With the grinder, you can perform light yet heavy-duty tasks without any hassle.

Thanks to this tool, for helping every worker out there in doing their job perfectly. If you’re new to this welding or cutting world then let me explain to you the use of angle grinders. Well, an angle grinder is handy equipment used for shaping or cutting metals, for smooth welding, to remove rust, and to grind grooves.

By seeing the grinders available in the market you might think that each model is similar. But the truth is each item is equipped with different details and you need to select the one that goes with your requirements.

However, tool companies have always been trying to come up with something different results in a pool of products available in the market. Though finding the best angle grinder for welding is a tough task but we’ve already sorted out this issue.

After reviewing multiple grinders we are here with the 5 best angle grinders for welding so you can shortlist the perfect one easily. Moreover, we’ll also help you in choosing by providing a detailed buying guide. Those who’ve no time to dig out the details can simply go for two of the best grinders including Hitachi G12SA3 or Makita XAG04Z.

Top 3 Angle Grinders For Welding:

Hitachi G12SA3

Main Features

  • Fast RPM.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Supreme quality.

Makita XAG04Z

Main Features

  • Handy design.
  • Battery-powered tool.
  • Agile feels.

Black + Decker BDEG400

Main Features

  • Spindle lock.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy to use.

List Of 5 Best Angle Grinders For Welding:

1. Hitachi G12SA3

2. Makita XAG04Z

3. Black + Decker BDEG400

4. DEWALT Angle Grinder DWE402W

5. DEWALT Angle Grinder DCG405B

Hitachi G12SA3

Key Features

Hitachi G12SA3 is undoubtedly the best angle grinder for welding in the market. We choose it as a top product in our list due to its supreme quality, strong buildup, and high-end performance. It comes with the 4 ½ inches grinding wheels considered perfect for cutting and grinding. The product is quite handy and does not cause any pain in your hand no matter how long you hold it.

Moreover, it is considered one of the best angle grinders for professionals and not suitable for beginners. The grinder is equipped with an 8Amp motor comes with a maximum power output of 1900W. This means you can easily use this grinder for the toughest cutting and grinding tasks.

It is one of the powerful tools with excessive torque and high RPM. You can increase the speed according to the project requirement. However, the grinder has enough capability to take your grinding tasks to the next level.

Another amazing thing is the product design. As it is based on the ergonomic design that means you’ll feel high comfort and ease while using this grinder. The product comes with auto-stop brushes so the tool will switch on or shut off automatically.

In this way, the worker will be safe from any kind of damage. It contains coil protection that protects the motor from any abrasion particles entry. This angle grinder has a spindle lock so you can easily and quickly change the disc as per requirement.

Losing or tightening the grinder for better performance is hassle-free. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty angle grinder then go for this one.


  • Supreme quality.
  • Wheel locking nut design.
  • Super safe to use.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Auto-stop brushes.
  • Fast RPM.
  • Comfortable product.
  • Super high torque.


  • Expensive.

Makita XAG04Z

Key Features

The next we have in the list of Best angle grinders for welding is Makita XAG04Z. Most people prefer the battery powdered tool while using the angle grinder. This product comes with a 5amp battery that lasts for a longer duration and will surely surprise you with its performance. Most of the users complain that the battery-powered grinder doesn’t provide sufficient torque but you’ll not face this issue while using this grinder.

It has high power and excellent performance as compared to the other tools. This is one of the comfortable grinders in the market. Those who’ve faced a tough time in dealing with uncomfortable grinder should choose this one to work efficiently.

Due to the lightweight and soft feel, you can easily carry the product around to different work locations without dragging the power lead along. It is equipped with 4 ½ inches wheels and equipped with automatic speed change technology that adjusts the speed and torque.

In addition, it comes with the active feedback-sensing technology that works to turns the motor off in case if the wheel stops.

The grinder is an embedded BL brushless motor that removes the carbon brushes which keep the BL motor cooler. In this way, the motor will run longer. As the BL brushless motor is electronically controlled so you can use the energy to match the RPM and torque.


  • Handy design.
  • Excellent gripping.
  • Highly safe.
  • BL brushless motor.
  • Battery-powered tool.
  • Active feedback sensing technology.
  • Agile feels.
  • Automatic speed change technology.


  • High price.

Black + Decker BDEG400

Key Features

Black + Decker BDEG400 is the third-best angle grinder for welding comes with 4.5 out of 5 stars and has an excellent rating. If your main concern is affordable price then go for this one. Besides the budget-friendly rate, this product has excellent performance.

It is equipped with the 6amp motor that makes the tool very powerful than other items available on market. This brand is already known in the market for affordable products but high quality and supreme performance.

It is equipped with a metal gear case which is quite durable and has longer life. To change the accessories easily you can use the spindle lock. It comes with a narrow body that offers a comfortable grip.

Moreover, you can easily control the grinder with the 3 position side handles. When it comes to safety the grinder doesn’t disappoint us at all.

You can easily adjust the power according to the application without putting in a lot of effort. The tool operates at 10,000 RPM which is high enough to cut or grind the metals on one go.


  • Affordable.
  • Satisfactory RPM.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spindle lock.
  • 3 position handles for comfort.
  • Durable casing.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy to use.


  • Low torque.

DEWALT Angle Grinder DWE402W

Key Features

The fourth product we have in our list of best welding carts is the klutch compact welding cabinet. This is a solid welding cart that offers you to store the safety gears and other accessories in the compartment that has a lock.

The second last product in the list of best angle grinders for welding is DEWALT Angle Grinder DWE402W. It comes with 4.8 out of 5 stars which are quite impressive. The product is equipped with 11 Amp AC/DC and has 11000 RPM that makes the tool powerful.

Due to the high-end motor, you can easily remove materials and comes with excellent overload protection. It has a dust ejection system that makes the grinder highly durable by removing dust and debris article plus blocks them to enter into the motor.

With the quick-change wheel, you can freely remove the wheels. It comes with a one-touch guard that offers 360-degree rotation results in cutting/grinding with just one action. And the matching wheel flange will help you to use common accessories when required.

We choose this in our list due to the good size to power ratio, paddle switch, and excellent safety features. With the paddle switch, the user will be safe from any accident. Due to this switch, the grinder will not off or on accidentally.

Unfortunately, this product isn’t for those who are looking for a comfortable tool. Otherwise, those who required a 4 ½ inches grinder should go for this one.


  • Superb rating.
  • Excellent torque.
  • Superb size to power ratio.
  • Dust ejection system.
  • Quick wheel changing.
  • One-touch guard.
  • Faster material removal.


  • Uncomfortable to use.
  • Not have adaptable hand positions.

DEWALT Angle Grinder DCG405B

Key Features

The last product we have in the list of best angle grinders for welding is DEWALT Angle Grinder DCG405B. Are you looking for a user-friendly tool? We’d suggest you go for this one. This product has high performance and is equipped with the 8.5amps machine.

It is equipped with a brushless motor that saves you from changing brushes. The tool comes with brakes that stop the wheels efficiently within 2 seconds or even less.

This motor has 2 brakes one activates when it sensed a pinch or stall and the electronic brake comes into action when the maximum force is applied to stop the wheels.

It comes with an emergency clutch that works if you jam the disk. Moreover, with the power loss resent you’ll be safe from sudden power disruption or accidental restarts.


  • Highly durable.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Satisfactory performance.
  • Efficient brakes.
  • Secure to use.
  • Simple disk change system.
  • Superb torque.


  • Not comfortable.
  • Do not have any paddle switch tiring.

What To Consider Before Buy Best Angle Grinder For Welding:

While purchasing the grinder there are a few things that everyone should consider. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner to purchase an angle grinder for welding you should keep in mind these basic things to save yourself from any hassle.

By keeping in mind these major things you’ll be able to get yourself the best angle grinder for welding in no time.

1. Size

By seeing the disc and wheel size you’ll get to know whether the device is powerful or not. In addition, the sizes of both disc and wheels will also tell you the tool’s capacity. The larger the tool, the more powerful it’ll be and vice versa.

We’d suggest you go for the product with maximum disc size if you’re dealing with high-end work that requires more power. Moreover, to get your task done precisely go for the small discs and wheels. Furthermore, those who are dealing with tight spaces should go for the compact angle grinder. Similarly, the higher the volume large the disc will be needed.

2. Power

Another important factor is a power source that one has to keep in mind while purchasing the best angle grinders for welding. Most of the angle grinders available in the market come with a corded or battery power source.

Some are also compressed air powered. One has to check the power source before buying to save you from any trouble later. The cordless tools are quite expensive while the corded ones are affordable. Don’t forget that cordless units mainly depend on the battery charging but can easily reach the lighter or tighter spots without dragging the cords along.

3. Speed

You can assume the performance of the grinder by checking the speed. The average angle grinder comes with 5000 to 10,000 RPM. However, the faster the speed more desirable will be the results and vice versa.

Those who’re not experienced can’t handle the high-speed grinder. What to do then? Well, we’d suggest you go for the product with variable speed settings. In this way, you’ll be able to select the speed range according to your task and comfort level.

Still, if you don’t get the tool with variable speed ranges then go for the one with the speed that you can easily handle without causing any damage.

4. Comfort

One has to check if the tool is comfortable enough to hold in hand for hours or not. Always go for the grinder which is based on the ergonomic design. By that, we mean the product that creates by keeping in mind the human hand.

Sadly, not all the products are based on ergonomic design. This is why you should get yourself the tool that is easy to carry and comfortable to use. Otherwise, you’ll end having injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or inflammation.

5. Budget

Angle grinders are available at an affordable yet expensive rate. You should purchase the tool that goes with your budget. Some people believe that inexpensive products will have bad quality.

But this isn’t true. Several manufacturers offer amazing items at an affordable rate. Choose the one that goes with your requirements and falls under your budget limit.


Q1. What is the use of a handguard?

While using the angle grinder hand protection is a must. Most of the users ignore this factor while purchasing a tool. But handguards are equally important features to look for while making purchases. With the handguard, you can save yourself from cuts, sparks, and splinters.

Q2. Is it possible to cut metal with an angle grinder?

Yes, you can cut the metals by using the angle grinders. As the angle grinder is quite versatile used for cutting, polishing, sharpening, sanding, and cleaning. The metal outshines when you use an angle grinder over it. However, to get the desired cut we’d suggest you go for the cut-off wheel.

Q3. How to remove the angle grinder disc?

You can easily remove the angle grinder disc within few minutes. To remove it, you need to power off the tool or if you’re using a battery-powered grinder then remove the battery and then do the rest.


Undoubtedly there are various products available in the market but the 5 best angle grinders for welding we mentioned above are the most reliable and trusted ones.

We already suggested our two top products in the introductory section. Choose the one that goes with your needs and task requirement. Don’t forget to share which one you like in the comment section. Best of luck!!

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