7 Best Air Conditioners To Buy In 2023 (Reviews)

The appliances that are of our basic needs have to fulfil the criteria of convenience, reliability and comfort. People's want to approach a more convenient lifestyle makes them more choosy for the choise of household appliance.

The house hold appliances are going through continuous innovations and several new innovative features are being introduced with time. There was a time when only telecommunication systems used to have the label of smart but the technology has opened the doors for the development of several smart products including the household appliances.

Such an item of our basic necessity is air conditioner. In past consumers knew a type of AC as a simple cooling and dehumidifying machine that can eliminate heat and moisture.

But now that old simple cooling machine has been equipped with new amazing features such as portability, variable cooling capacity, intelligent system of sensors and wifi system. 

The portability allows the user to take it to the desired locations, whether he wants to use it home or at workplace it is his choice.The other feature of many AC is variable cooling levels which provides user a wide range of temperature options so that the user can choose the most compatible cooling stage with the surrounding temperature.

The wifi system in many AC connects your AC wifi with your smart phone and you can operate it from any place in your home. The self diagnosis error code is another unique function which uses error code display to indicate the disorder in any component of AC.

These are the several unique features of modern era air conditioner which adds to the comfort of the consumer. To satisfy the consumer's need several factors need to be considered and those factors that are related to the reliability of the appliance and long term use are most important one.

The air conditioners make use of such technologies which meant for auto protection from high voltage or they make use of anticorrosive technology like goldfin technology then they seem to be the trusted air conditioners for consumers.


  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Turbo Mode


  • Modern Look
  • Smart Remote
  • Energy Efficiency

LG LW10191VSM 9500 BTU

  • Modern Look
  • Smart Remote
  • Energy Efficiency

View the 7 Best Air conditioners, Below.


1. DAIKIN 17 SEER 9000 BTU Wall

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If you require comfort, energy saving and long lasting functionality of the appliance. The Daiken air conditioner is right choice for you. It's functionality makes you proud on your choice because of it's amazing attributes like ductless split system, it's turbo mode and smart inverter system for lesser energy consumption.

Smart Inverter Technology:

The smart inverter technology is associated with variable speed compressor. The required temperature or cooling level can be maintained with the help of ductless system which plays role in lowering energy consumption. The temperature variations are significantly reduced by using this technology .

Enhanced Comfort:

When you this kind of appliance with multiple cool features such as auto swing and comfortable modes. The heating and cooling is well maintained uniformly throughout the room. The inverter adjusts such settings required for extreme comfort.

Lesser Noise:

Loud noise is an annoying characteristic of many air conditioners and the user needs an air conditioner with a bearable noice level. That is why this air conditioner is a better choice as it has the indoor sound level as 37 db and indoor sound level as 51 db.

Turbo Mode:

The turbo mode helps the AC to reach the required temperature immediately by increasing the fan speed.The special feature of this air conditioner is turbo mode which helps in the rapid cooling and the AC has also been designed in such a manner that is compatible with every home design. Single rooms are the best choice for it's application.

Applicable locations:

It is applicable in living rooms, spaces where air flow is lesser, basements and garages.


  • It has efficient heating and cooling and the cooling effect is uniform through the entire area.
  • Easy installation and noise free operation are it's appreciatable features.


  • Complains have been reported fir it's line set as extra money was spent on it's repair
  • Wall brackets are often available with AC.


2. TOSOT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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The Tosot air conditioner is a modern design air conditioner with the power and voltage consumption of 100 watts and 110 V respectively and can work effectively in an area of 550sq ft. We are going to discuss it's unique features in more detail.

Modern look:

The design of this AC is perfectly compatible within your home interior. Many appliances still have that old and unattractive look which people find unfit for their beautifully decorated home. The demand of modern era is the modern design and attractive look that adds to the beauty of your home instead of exploiting the look of your interior.

Smart Remote:

The thermastat which is used for temperature control is present usually in the AC unit but you will be amazed to know that in Tosot the thermostat is present on remote control and it's obvious that the thermostat would sense the temperature around the remote. So in this way AC would provide cooling according to your surrounding temperature.

Amazing 3 in one Offer

Tosot has also planned an offer to make it's costumers extra happy by giving two extra features of a fan and a dehumidifier. The three features give you pleasure of three different appliances in cost of a single appliance.

Choise for AC size:

The choise of an appropriate size AC is essential but it is a difficult task. In most of the cases the costumers are confused about the size of AC. When a particular size is unable to serve the required area. The costumers become disappointed and find solution in buying a large AC unit which results in the increased cost electricity. You are provided a size chart with tosot AC unit which helps you figure out the best size for your room.


The installation is simple as for any window AC. The same steps are required for installation and if you don't know the steps you can take help of the user manual and in case of any difficulty in installation you can approach the tosot team and they will help you in fixing the AC.

Sleep mode:

You would have comfortable sleep with sleep mode which adjusts temperature to a level that is most suitable for your sleep and it doesn't fluctuate through the whole night and the noise free operation let's you enjoyed an undisturbed and relaxed sleep.

Multiple Air blow direction:

This feature of Tosot helps you in availing dual direction air blow. The AC is provided with two horizontal louvers in order to perform this action. The AC can also be made to swing which results in air stream flowing in multiple directions.

Energy Efficiency:

You can see energy star on your totso AC which indicates that it is energy efficient as well and will reduce your electricity consumption. UL-certification makes it a safe choise for your home.


  • It can serve a larger area of about 680sq.
  • Installation instructions are well explaned in the manual.
  • It is lighter than the other same size AC therefore mounting and dismounting is easy.


  • It is sufficiently loud and create distrubance.


3. LG LW10191VSM 9500 BTU Dual Inverter

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LG dual inverter AC can be applied to an area of 450 sq.ft for effective cooling and functions on an operation voltage of 115V. It is a good choice because it has the benefit of dual inverter which enhances it's value.


Installation has been made easy by providing a kit that that helps you to install the AC.

Multiple Speeds:

You are provided with 4 different cooling levels and 4 stages an speeds.

The multiple cooling stages provide you a wide range of choice and those appliances that function following your desire becomes your favorite therefore multiple options have been provided in this AC.

Energy saving:

The energy star unit that has been provided in this AC  due to which your energy consumption will be reduced. The remote control provides easy control over temperature and it's better working efficiency enables you to control the temperature from any corner of your room.

Auto Restart Feature:

It also has an auto restart feature. Whenever there is a power cut off, you don't need to restart it manually the auto restart feature will save your effort by restarting again automatically.

4 Way air blow direction:

Cooling effect can be made much more enjoyable if the air blows in different directions. You will be extremely fascinated by such kind of action by this AC. You can adjust the direction of air according to your requirement. You will feel lucky while enjoying the multiple modes of your AC that also has features of fan and dehumidifier.

Environmental Safety:

We must consider the environmental safety factor while choosing any appliance. This AC uses R32 referigerant which is safe for the environment. The lesser quantity of referigerants are required for it's function which ensures the lesser green house gas omission.


  • Inverter model is good as it is quiet.
  • Smart features add to it's worth making it more valuable
  • The remote control displays fan speed and people have found it helpful.


  • It is unable to work on GFIC outlet.


4. BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU

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Make your summers pleasant with your new portable air conditioner that will enhance your comfort along the whole summer and it's guaranteed that you are going to miss summers even in winter. You must feel yourself lucky while enjoying it's some of the most wonderful features such as it's efficient cooling and low noise and better energy efficiency.

Extremely Powerful:

This is an 8000 btu air conditioner which means it is extremely powerful. Such a high power results in  it's better working efficiency which makes the user satisfied by providing high cooling effect.

Cooling capacity:

It has the ability to give cooling effect in a 200 sq area which is the largest has the ability to provide cooling effect in a 200 sq area which is the largest limit for it's cooling effect. Usually such an air conditioner is suitable for small rooms. When you apply it in small rooms it's cooling effect can be better enjoyed.

Easily Installed:

The portability of this air conditioner makes it makes is easy to install. The weels ate attached to it so that you can easily drag it to the location where you want to install and at the end of summer you can simply unhook it for next time summer.

Cleaning and usage:

The AC can be operated with remote control and it is provided with an led display and timer so that you can control the temperature. You only need to slide the filter and then wash it. Cleaning once or twice a month id enough.

Multiple functionality modes:

The AC is provided with multiple functionality modes such as cool, fan and dehumimying modes. All these functions are provided within a single device that makes the user happy by providing multiple choice.


  • This AC provides multiple benefits like self evaporation, energy efficiency and easy cleaning.
  • Portability is an extra advantage which makes it's installation easy.
  • Provided with multiple functionality modes so that you can have multiple choice regarding functionality.


  • It's cooling effect is limited to 200sq. It means it would work effectively only in small rooms.


5. Midea U Inverter window air conditioner 12000 BTU

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This air conditioner with u shaped inverter is having a wifi associated with it and brackets for installation and a remote  is provided in order to control it.This AC is a unique one because of a different type of inverter and the window opening flexibility. We are discussing all of it's features in detail to know the other factors inhancing it's uniqueness.

Low energy cost:

The DC inverter that has been used in this AC has played significant role in reducing the energy consumption and can save the energy upto 35% whereas the traditional inverters increase the energy cost.

Quiet operation:

Another major benefit is that it operates quietly. Noise making is an extremely frustrating character of many AC but you will be glad to listen that is noise level is lower than 42 db. The credit for such a low noise level goes to the U shaped inverter. While having sleep or watching telivision it would not disturb you.

Window opening flexibility:

This inverter which has been designed in a unique way let's the fresh air come in and prevents exhaustion that is crated by most of the air conditioners. You can maintain a cool, fresh and exhaustion free atmosphere.

Wifi Control:

You would be able to control your AC with the help of your smart phone and it's really simple. You just have to download the mideaAir app in your android or iOS and use this app to control this AC. If you wish to control through voice command then it's also possible. Google assistant and alexa can be helpful for voice command.


  • Energy is better saved through U shaped DC inverter.
  • Advantage of window opening for fresh air and wifi system facility makes it superior to traditional AC.
  • Sufficiently low noise operation is also a great benefit.


  • The reporting system for power consumption is not available.


6. Samsung AR18JV5DAWK Triangle Inverter Split AC

The white colored Samsung AR18JV5DAWK is a type of split AC that has a capacity of 1.5 ton. It uses a potential of 230 volts and power of 1310 watts. The Samsung AC are equipped with inverter technology that plays significant role in energy saving. Like other Samsung AC this AC AC has also been designed in a triangular shape and the advantage it's shape is the rapid air circulation  and to a larger area. Let's have a look on it's unique features in detail.

A unique design:

This AC has been designed uniquely in a triangular shape. This shape enhances it's working efficiency to a significant level. It contributes to the energy saving as it increases cooling effect without the consumption of extra energy. Because of the triangular shape the inlet is larger width which draws air effectively. You can feel the cooling effect in each everywhere in your room.


In order to win the costumer's trust warranty is the major factor. The warranty of 10 years is given to the costumers to make them enough satisfied with the reliability of the appliance.

No Requirement of Stabilizer:

The amazing features of this triangular design samsung AC is that you don't need stabilizer. Sudden voltage ups and down results in the disorder of electrical appliances and therefore the stabilizer is the key requirement of many appliances but the saving of stabilizer cost seems blessing. It is a  feature that you would only find in tringular design AC.

Ripid cooling mode and Auto temperature adjustment:

The Samsung AC is provided with a rapid cooling mode that creates cooling immediately but it knows the temperature adjustment and adjusts the temperature to the desired one. Also this automatically happens and there is no need of manual operation.

Energy efficiency:

The digital inver with an EER 10.1 had been used. It is an energy efficient inverter as it adjusts the  required temperature without the rapid on and off system so due to this reason the energy is saved. Also it consumes lesser energy and you can comfortably enjoy the cool environment for long periods.

Virus free environment:

 The contaminants like dust, viruses and bacteria removed through easy filter. The handling and cleaning of the filter is very easy. You can comfortably lift it and fix it again  on AC after cleaning.

Easy cleaning and handling:

In many air conditioners it's difficult to take out the filters because of their location. Easy filter is easy to access as it present outside , on the top.

There is no need to take out the cover by applying strong force. The laboratories in Korea and japan have tested the filters that has antibacterial coating for filtering dust, viruses and bacteria present in air.


  • It is provided with good and unique feature of triangular design which makes it energy efficient
  • Additional advantage of health care through Anti bacterial filter.


  • Reduced throw and water dripping within 6 months usage have been reported.


7. LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

LG 2 ton split inverter AC has a dual inverter compressor  and it's dual rotary compressor in which two rotatory motors are used with variation in  speed that offers more stable operation. The energy saving and a wide range higher cooling are it's best features.

Advantage of inverter compressor:

 It has a variable speed compressor which knows power adjustment. It is energy saver that relys on heat load for making power adjustment.

Anti cossosive protection:

Ocean black is a serves as a protective barrier which is applied to it's outdoor and indoor unit. It is an anti-corrosive materials which can increase the life of air conditioner by protecting it from such air contaminants which promote corrosion.


This AC is also appreciative in matter of capacity. As it's capacity is 2.0 tonnage. It can effectively work in large rooms.

Gas refill notification

When the gas filled in AC is gets sufficiently low and if the maintenance is required. The detection system can detect this problem and informs in the form of notification which is visibly displayed on the AC.

Swing action:


The ability of swing vertically and horizontally through which the air stream is made to flow uniformly and the entire area is evenly cooled.

Quiet operation:

Another major benefit is that it operates quietly. Noise making is an extremely frustrating character of many AC but you will be glad to listen that is noise level is sufficiently low.While having sleep or watching telivision it would not disturb you.


The air conditioners using referigerants other than R32 emit sufficient amount of green house gases which is an environmental hazard. We must keep the aspects of environmental safety in our mind when we choose electronic appliances. But you don't need to worry while choosing this appliance as it  uses R32 referigerant which is completely echo-friendly.


  • Low power consumption that 0.8 unit per hour
  • The high cool mode immediately lower the temperature in about 30 minutes


  • The AC is much expensive and installation is also costly
  • The size of AC cord is too small.


Q1. How can I reduce energy costs of AC?

There are some features in many AC which allow lesser energy consumption and if you want to reduce energy cost you need to consider these aspects when buying an AC.

Energy star: The blue energy star is the certificate for energy efficiency. The brands with blue energy star sufficiently reduce electricity cost.

EER and SEER ratings: These ratings tell the energy efficiency of an AC unit. The higher rating shows higher energy efficiency.

Energy saving modes: You should look for an AC with energy-saving mode. The energy-saving setting allows the compressor to turn off when the space gets sufficiently cold.

Q2. Which refrigerant is most suitable for your AC?

R32 is most suitable refrigerant for AC because it is echo-friendly and   it leaks to a small extent so the gas refill is required after a long time.

Q3. What is the benefit of copper condensers over aluminum condensers?

Copper is a better heat exchanger than aluminum so it is a better choice for compressors.

The copper metal is more durable than aluminum therefore the copper condensers are long-lasting and the aluminum condensers need repair in 2 to 3 years.

The corrosion rate is also low in copper. The corrosive chemicals, fumes and gases present in air can easily damage aluminum condensers.

Q4. What is SEER rating and why is it important to know SEER rating of AC?

The SEER rating is the ratio of the energy output to the power that an AC consumes. It is important to know the SEER because it tells the energy efficiency of an AC unit. The unit of energy efficiency measurements of SEER rating is BTU.

Q5. Why is an inverter AC different from a normal AC?

The inverter adjusts the speed of compressor according to the surrounding temperature and maintains that temperature. Inverter compressors have variable speed. In normal AC the speed of compressor doesn't change the temperature can't be adjusted according to the surrounding.

Q6. How can I choose correct size of AC for my room?

You can easily select the right size by visiting Energy star website. The BTU chart is available there which will help you select the correct size according to the area of your room and your local climate.

Final Words:

Making smart choices while purchasing is itself an art. You need to focus on many key factors while buying a particular item so that whatever you buy is exactly compatible with your requirements. For making an accurate decision the prior knowledge of the features of that particular items essential.

We have discussed so many different kinds of air conditioners and each of has some specific features which will help the costumer to make right choice for them.

Since buying buying an air conditioner just by looking at it's apparent features like variable cooling stages, smart sensors and wifi control would not be an smart choice because such electronic appliances like AC needs inquiry at a deeper level.

Likewise when you intend to purchase an AC you must find out it's power consumption, compressor quality , autoprotection features and  environmental and health impacts  is really important.

Because the household appliances need to be reliable and long lasting so while purchasing an air conditioner you must find out if it's condenser is made up of pure copper or any other metal because for long term use copper condensers are reliable.

The second thing you must consider is it's power consumption to have an idea of it's energy efficiency. Also find out if any energy saving technology has been used or not. Another most important aspect that you need to have information of is the presence  auto-protection feature because if this feature is absent a sudden high voltage at it's statup can get it out of order. Many AC possess auto-protection feature which makes the use of low initial startup voltage.

Now let's consider the most important feature that is the health and environmental impact because there are certain factors like the type of refrigerant used in the air conditioners that have the direct influence on environment.

We all know about the disastrous effects of greenhouse gases therefore we must ensure that the AC we are purchasing uses the echo friendly R32 refrigerant. Also you need to prefer an AC having  environmental safety technology like EPAG which removes the dust and pollution and creates cleaner atmosphere.  For long lasting functionality of the appliance inquire for the presence of anti corrosive technology like goldfin.

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